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"N" is for Noose
"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton
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Kinsey Millhone should have done something else--she should have turned the car in the direction of home. Instead, she was about to put herself in the gravest jeopardy of her career. Tom Newquist had been a detective in the Nota Lake sheriff's office--a tough, honest cop respected by everyone. When he died suddenly, the townsfolk were saddened but not surprised: Just shy of sixty-five, Newquist worked too hard, smoked too much, and exercised too little. That plus an appetite for junk food made him a poster boy for an American Heart Association campaign. Newquist's widow didn't doubt the coroner's report. But what Selma couldn't accept was not knowing what had so bothered Tom in the last six weeks of his life. What was it that had made him prowl restlessly at night, that had him brooding constantly? Selma Newquist wanted closure, and the only way she'd get it was if she found out what it was that had so bedeviled her husband. Kinsey should have dumped the case. It was vague and hopeless, like looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead, she set up shop in Nota Lake, where she found that looking for a needle in a haystack can draw blood. Very likely, her own."N" Is for Noose: a novel in which Kinsey Millhone becomes the target and an entire town seems in for the kill.
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"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton
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Another great addition to the series I love all the snarky comments sadly the need for girls to prove ourselves has not yet gone away

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"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton

I‘ve actually never read this one. What a great surprise. Wonder if there are any more I somehow failed to read. I feel like I have been given the most wonderful gift. it is a good one. The plot is very intricate and detailed. The characters are well written and fascinating. This is the best of the series I think.

"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton
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1. Nightmarchers
2. Nearly Headless Nick
3. Nettles
4. Nachos
5. Nox
6. Nissan Altima 😂
7. Nearly Departed
8. Natasha
9. Nice to meet you!
10. Newt
11. Nose
12. Notebook

#scarathlon #teamslaughter

"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton
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This was a fun quiz. Thanks @RealLifeReading 😊

Mary Norton - I loved the borrowers as a kid.

Nienor - The tragically fated sister of Turin.

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman at his best.

The Naturalist - serial killer or grizzly bear attack? Sounds interesting to me.

The Name of the Wind - the start of Patrick Rothfuss' masterpiece.


JazzFeathers Quite a remarkable list 😁 8mo
RealLifeReading Oh the Borrowers were books I read and reread as a kid! I loved all the quirky names of the characters 8mo
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"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton
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1- Night Stalker
2- Nordan, Lewis
3- Night Court
4- Nut Roll

#manicmonday #lettern @JoScho 🌷

JoScho 💛💜💛 1y
britt_brooke I loved Night Court! 1y
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"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton
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This is all of Saturday‘s #bookhaul that‘s not destined for my #sockswap match. Yes, that‘s laundry to be put away on the bed in the background. It‘s been that kind of day.
This month‘s reading was a little light, but I do have several books in progress FWIW.
-Alice in Wonderland & Thru Looking Glass 😺
-The Nightmare 😱
-The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues 💙
#adulting #aprilwrapup #hopintospring #aprilbookishmadness

vkois88 Sounds like a good line up... I'm curious about your Book Club Journal though. What's it like?? 2y
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"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton
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I think my Goodreads review is accurate. It's good but not great

Missusb I so don't remember this one specifically, but I kept going, so I must have thought it was ok. 3y
EllanaRose @Missusb Kinsey is hired to look into the final weeks of a detective that died. He was working on two murders at the time and there was talk of an affair. And it was OK, but it was *just* OK, you know? 3y
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"N" is for Noose | Sue Grafton
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#TBT last year at this time I was trying to figure out where I left off in this series. Turns out I re-read two of the books. But I love every minute of Kinsey's sleuthing!

Suzze I'm on S. Reading slowly as Z will be it, I assume! 3y
Bookzombie I love this series! I re-listen to them often. One of my comfort series. 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Suzze I'm up to T and will probably listen to U soon. I've listened to most of them rather than reading them. I love the narrator. And I agree with @Bookzombie - it's a comfort series! 3y
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Bookzombie @BarbaraTheBibliophage I love the narrator too! 3y
ValerieAndBooks I just posted a throwback Thursday about this series. I keep telling myself I should re-read from the beginning, now that Grafton is near the end of the alphabet! 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @ValerieAndBooks You should! I'm getting more interested in finishing from Litsy posts! 3y
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