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The Absolute Book
The Absolute Book | Elizabeth Knox
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Taryn Cornick believes that the past is behind her her sisters death by violence, and her own ill-conceived revenge. She has chosen to live a life more professional than personal. She has written a book about the things that threaten libraries insects, damp, light, fire, carelessness and uncaring. The book is a success, but not all of the attention it brings her is good. There are questions about a fire in the library at Princes Gate, her grandparents house, and about an ancient scroll box known as the Firestarter. A policeman, Jacob Berger, has questions about a cold case. There are threatening phone calls. And a shadowy young man named Shift appears, bringing his shadows with him. Taryn, Jacob, Shift three people are driven towards a reckoning felt in more than one world. The Absolute Book is an epic fantasy, intimate in tone. A book where hidden treasures are recovered; where wicked things people think theyve shaken from their trails find their scent again. A book about beautiful societies founded on theft and treachery, and one in which dead sisters are a living force. It is a book of journeys and returns, set in London, Norfolk, and the Wye Valley; in Auckland, New Zealand; in the Island of Apples and Summer Road of the Sidhe; at Hells Gate; in the Tacit with its tombs; and in the hospitals and train stations of Purgatory.
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The Absolute Book | Elizabeth Knox
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#bookreport Well I finished two books this week which is about average for me - but considering it was a 4 day week, we all had colds, I had two school events to attend and a bunch of kids to take trick or treating... not too bad!

The weather is wonderful here today - just a shame we‘re all sick - but still trying to sit in the sun, sip some Vitamin C and listen to the birds chirping Spring songs.

Absolute Book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Chilling Effect ⭐️⭐️⭐️

kspenmoll Get well soon! Sorry to hear you & yours are sick! 1mo
Centique @kspenmoll thank you so much! 1mo
Cinfhen Sorry you‘re all under the weather! Thanks for sharing your reading week. ♥️ 1mo
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CarolynM Hope everyone is feeling better soon💐 1mo
Reggie Oh, man. I bought Chilling Effect because Amanda and Jen kept talking about it. 3 stars. Dang it. 1mo
Cathythoughts Just seeing this post now & hope you are all better 👍❤️. I‘m not a big fantasy reader but The Absolute Book sounds interesting. I will try a sample on kindle 🤞🏻 1mo
Centique @Cathythoughts oh thank you Cathy! 😘 I don‘t know if that one will be quite your cup of tea - it is fantasy, but quite a literary one - but you never know unless you try! 1mo
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The Absolute Book | Elizabeth Knox
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I really enjoyed this but I can‘t think of anyone else to recommend it to! It‘s a clash of a fantasy world with a contemporary one, written in a literary style. Perhaps if you liked Lev Grossman‘s The Magicians but wanted it to be less like Hogwarts and more Cormoran Strike?
Anyway, Knox does a fabulous job of imagining the other world; the gods and fairy folk and the way their magic works is deftly woven and enchanting. ⬇️

Centique I did feel the beginning was very jumpy - and it feels like there are scenes and characters in the contemporary world that aren‘t as fleshed out as they could be - or they get lost as the narrative expands. Maybe that‘s purposeful and I just didn‘t get it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So it‘s delightful but complicated and ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2mo
Centique Also #chunksteralert 653 pages in 4 days @Cinfhen 😂😂 That‘s up there for me! 2mo
Cinfhen You can always tag @Reggie He‘ll read anything 😘😂❤️😜 2mo
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batsy What an intriguing review! Out of the books you mentioned I only know Hogwarts 😂 The premise of this sounds so refreshing. 2mo
Jas16 This sounds really good. Stacked! 2mo
Centique @Cinfhen I dunno. I think this might be out of his wheelhouse this time! 🙃🙂 2mo
Centique @batsy it is refreshing! Cormoran Strike is the hero of the mystery series JK writes under the name Robert Galbraith. This has got a police/mystery side to it too. The Magicians is often compared to Hogwarts because it has a magical University - but it‘s a lot more literary/philosophical than the comparison to Hogwarts suggests! (I‘m just being confusing now aren‘t I?!!) 2mo
Centique @Jas16 I hope you like it. And hopefully you‘ll be able to sum it up better than I have! 2mo
Reggie @Cinfhen Lololol, why do you make me sound like a book dumpster? 😁@Centique yeah, doesn‘t sound like my jam, although your review is lovely. 2mo
Cathythoughts Hi Paula , Sorry not to have emailed you yet. Going to the shop with my phone today ... my emails not sending 🤷🏼‍♀️. If it takes much longer , would it be ok if I emailed you from my husbands phone ? Thanks X Cathy 2mo
Cinfhen Ha!! Love that #BookDumpster @Reggie I just feel like you‘re an #AdventurousReader 😘 2mo
Cinfhen @Centique seems my favorite #AdventurousReader took a pass on your book 😜 2mo
Centique @Cathythoughts hi Cathy. That‘s absolutely fine! Good luck with your phone 🤞🤞 2mo
Centique @Cinfhen @Reggie I love that! Anyhow #tothineownBookSelfbetrue 🙏🙏 2mo
Cinfhen Nice hashtag 🙌🏻 2mo
Cathythoughts Great hashtag 👍❤️ 2mo
CarolynM I've just posted about giving away some books as I reorganise my library. I'm sure you understand why I'm not offering to post to everyone. If there's anything you want I'd be happy to post to you. 🙂 1mo
rohit-sawant This sounds awesome! 1mo
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The Absolute Book | Elizabeth Knox
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This book is complete madness and yet I‘m thoroughly enjoying it. ALSO first day out on the water this summer. Look @Reggie we have a replacement boat 🎉🎉🎉 Thank the lord the drama of the stolen boat has concluded. Gorgeous day - the water‘s turquoise coloured from a distance, clear up close, and this beach is pebbled and grey. Been watching paradise ducks on shore and terns diving for fish. 🦆🦅🐟🐠 Glorious.

monalyisha So jealous! Our Fall is pretty but 1) it‘s not Summer & 2) it‘s so rainy & dreary today! 2mo
Centique @monalyisha I‘m jealous of a pretty Fall though! I have very few trees around that change colour. 😍 2mo
CarolynM Saw this one in the bookshop on the weekend and thought of you. It sounds good. 2mo
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Centique @CarolynM I‘m enjoying it but I don‘t know if I could recommend it to many people, I was so confused by the first few chapters! 🥴 2mo
JennyM Beautiful 2mo
chaoticgoodhufflepuff What a gorgeous place to read! ❤️ 2mo
Reggie Lol, what a contrast as a chilling wind is trying to blow our house down right now. What a lovely looking day! 2mo
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