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The Song Is You
The Song Is You: A Novel | Megan Abbott
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By the author of Dare Me and The End of Everything On October 7, 1949, dark-haired starlet Jean Spangler kissed her five-year-old daughter good-bye and left for a night shoot at a Hollywood studio. "Wish me luck," she said as she crossed her fingers, winked, and walked away. She was never seen again. The only clues left behind: a purse with a broken strap found in a nearby park, a cryptic note, and rumors about mobster boyfriends and ill-fated romances with movie stars. Drawing on this true-life missing person case, Megan Abbotts The Song Is You tells the story of Gil "Hop" Hopkins, a smooth-talking Hollywood publicist whose career, despite his complicated personal life, is on the rise. It is 1951, two years after Jean Spanglers disappearance, and Hop finds himself unwillingly drawn into the still unsolved mystery by a friend of Jean who blames Hop for concealing details about Jeans whereabouts the night she vanished. Driven by guilt and fear of blackmail, Hop delves into the case himself, feverishly trying to stay one step ahead of an intrepid female reporter also chasing the story. Hop thought hed seen it all, but what he uncovers both tantalizes and horrifies him as he plunges deeper and deeper into Hollywoods substratum in his attempt to uncover the truth. In the tradition of James Ellroys The Black Dahlia and Joyce Carol Oatess Blonde, The Song Is You conjures a heady brew of truth and speculation, of fact and pulp fiction, taking the reader on a dark tour of Tinseltown, from movie studios, gala premieres, and posh nightclubs to gangsters, blackmailing B-girls, and the darkest secrets that lie behind Hollywoods luminous faade. At the center of it all is Hop, a man torn between cutthroat ambition and his own best intentions.
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There‘s a tiny scuba diver in my mug today! All is right in the world.

ElishaLovesBooks That is so cute! 2y
trazo Great tea infuser 🍵 2y
[DELETED] 206653737 That‘s such a cute infuser!!! 2y
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[DELETED] 3803335244 Love your infuser (edited) 2y
Ddzmini Just doing a little repairs to the bottom of your boat...(cup) 😝 2y
hes7 Cute! 2y
Kimzey Love it! 😍 Makes me smile. 2y
MsLeah8417 That scuba diver is fabulous 2y
SandyW You're right... So far he and Nessie are my favorites. 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @trazo so cute, right? 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @ForeverNerdy it‘s adorable 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @Ddzmini hahaha 😂 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @Kimzey me too! It‘s adorable! 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @MsLeah8417 yes! One of the best in my mum‘s collection 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @SandyW they are really cute 💙 2y
jveezer I love all your (mom's?) tea steepers. I a tea nut and have an on-line tea business! Mostly single origin straight tea. If you like that type of tea, check out leavesofcha.com. Send me an email on the contact link if you visit the site! 2y
tammysue Love this 💖 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @jveezer I‘ll check it out! We love tea in this household, though we don‘t live in the US 2y
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My buddy is really comfortable inside my mug.

Hollie So cute! 2y
Christine11 Love your mug ! 😊 2y
tif That mug 😍😍😍😍 2y
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SandyW 😀 2y
vkois88 I need/want that mug!!! I love Disney and belle is my favorite princess bc... duh... 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @Christine11 favorite mug ever 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @vkois88 I got it from an etsy shop! (edited) 2y
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Still sick, so more tea. Today, the strainer is my buddy Nessie.

Scurvygirl 💙💙 2y
cobwebmoth Sorry that you're still sick, but I love Nessie.😊 2y
AlaMich I really enjoy Abbott‘s older books, like this one and Die A Little. I don‘t really care for her newer, contemporary-setting novels. 2y
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DebinHawaii Hope you feel better soon! 2y
tammysue Feel better! 😊 2y
SandyW Sorry you're still sick. I have to thank you though... I spent a lot of time last night looking at tea strainer on the internet. Nessie is perhaps my favorite. Yours? 2y
Zelma Adorable strainer! Hope you feel better soon. 2y
TorieStorieS I have a ladle that matches your tea strainer!!! 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @cobwebmoth I‘m feeling a lot better 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @DebinHawaii I am feeling better! 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @AlaMich I read You Will Know Me and liked it well enough, but the setting of this one is more interesting 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @DebinHawaii @whatshesreadingnow I‘m feeling better now 😊 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @SandyW Nessie‘s my favorite as well, but a close second is the scuba diver that comes with a tiny oxigen tank. ❤️ 2y
AlaMich @TheAnitaAlvarez Another really good one of hers is 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @Zelma it is adorable! 😊 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @TorieStorieS my mum also has the ladle (and got two more for her sisters, because they were cute). 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @AlaMich I‘ll look it up! 2y
JennyBookworm Yay! The Nessie strainer!! Love it ❤️ 2y
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Looks like I‘ll end showing off my mum‘s entire collection of tea strainers while I‘m sick. 🤧

monogamist_reader Awesome mug!! 2y
SamHeartCoffee I. Love. That. Mug!! 2y
jmtrivera I have that strainer! But I NEED that mug! 2y
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SandyW So sorry that you are still sick, but I'm a huge fan of your mom's tea strainers, so I'm looking forward to the additional posts. 😷🍵 2y
JosieG I hope you feel better soon! (And that tea strainer is super cute!) 2y
dragondrool Hope you're better soon! 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @SandyW I‘ll keep it up even when I get better😂 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @JosieG I know, right?? 2y
lildeb_8 Feel better soon! 2y
SandyW Oooh, Thank you. I'll be stalking your feed until your through! 😀👀👀👀 2y
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Still sick, so more tea and reading in bed it is! How cute is that strainer?

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I hope you feel better soon!!! 2y
starlight97 Is that a submarine? 😍 2y
SilversReviews Very cute!! 2y
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JennyBookworm LOVE the strainer! ❤️ I'm using my Loch Ness monster strainer atm. #getwellsoon ! 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @starlight97 a *yellow* submarine! 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @JennyBookworm my mum collects them, I‘m sure there‘s a Nessie one there too. Actually, I think she got it when she visited me in Scotland last year 2y
Libby1 Get well soon! 2y
BookishMe Wish you speedy recovery! 2y
JennyBookworm @TheAnitaAlvarez Oh, I love Scotland! I went there for a class in college and it was so beautiful! 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @Libby1 I hope so, colds are annoying 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @JennyBookworm It is! And so interesting to explore 2y
SandyW I hope you're feeling better soon, but I'm loving these tea-strainer photos. I'm not into collecting things, but I may see a collection starting here! 2y
TheAnitaAlvarez @SandyW it‘s my mum‘s collection, really 2y
minkyb Sorry you are sick but that tea strainer is marvelous! 2y
ghosthost Hope you feel better soon. 💜 2y
Oldschool_millenial There's a tea shop one of the towns next to where I grew up. It has a WIDE selection of tea and tea accessories--including strainers 2y
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A young #Hollywood starlet goes missing on her way to a shoot in this atmospheric, noir-ish mystery that exposes the grime beneath the glitz and glamour of show business. #maybookflowers

EvieBee I heart Megan Abbott! 3y
Brie @EvieBee84 Me too! 3y
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"Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores." - Roy Batty ???

read_diverse_books Oh no! 😱 Hope you can tame the stack-beast easily. 3y
Josie Haha uh oh!!! I'm sure this isn't the first time this has happened, though! Your book cave is beyond impressive. 3y
stacybmartin Hope you were clear of the falling books this time! 📚🤕 3y
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Dorianna Oh dear! I hate it when that happens. 3y
Christy Reading is dangerous :) 3y
Gayan Did you run for cover? 😂 3y
LitHousewife What a wonderful opportunity to lose yourself in that stack of books. You must be meant to read one of those now. 😝 3y
Megabooks Yikes! 3y
Soubhiville Oopsie! 😬😳 3y
squibblesreads Silly children! Stay in your places! Who ever said reading wasn't a high risk activity 😂🙈 3y
balletbookworm Was it cat-assisted? Or just ghosts again? 😂 3y
Suzze I'd take that as a sign....not to make smaller piles but to read those books! They jumped out at you. 3y
[DELETED] 2232195534 Yep! I've had that happen. I second the suggestion that one of the 'fallen' is meant to be read next. 😉 3y
NerdyRev Oh noes! 3y
BookBabe 😱 3y
Paisley 😮🚑🚧 3y
LauraBrook Oh no! Are they all okay? 3y
ReadingEnvy 😱 3y
quirkyreader When mum is away the cats will play. 3y
Mc_cart_ny I will never stop being amazed by how many books you have, you could open your own library! 3y
Abcdefghijklmnop Whoops! 😂... hope there were no injuries of the people, furry or bookish kind. 3y
BethFishReads My book towers are always falling 3y
Liberty @BethFishReads The struggle is real. 😂 3y
Dragon Book quakes happen be prepared 😀 3y
Lizpixie I've bruised feet to prove mine fell over, the grandkids is banned from the library without me coz he pulled them over on himself last time, don't need to send him home with bruises.🙄 3y
LittlePixels This picture makes me happy inside ❤️ 3y
Kappadeemom Maybe they need Life Alert. 3y
Carol Cat climbers strike again? 3y
Allie So nice to not be alone with this 3y
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