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Out of Africa | Isak Dinesen
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Sleepytime tea and books. I love summer and having the option to read as late as I want. #teachersoflitsy #teatime

LapReader I‘m looking forward to our winter holidays for the same reason. 6mo
TheNeverendingTBR Sleepytime tea ❤️ 6mo
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Murder at Mallowan Hall | Colleen Cambridge
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This #TeaTime magazine‘s #cozycorner book sounds like a lot of fun.

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Tea Time | M. Dalton King
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When hubby‘s working late, I like a cup of #tea to tide me over until dinner. #fortheloveofbookmarks

Yes that‘s a teabag tag and string as a built in bookmark.

Nute The teabag tag as the bookmark….what a nice touch to the design of this book! (edited) 1y
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I finally got my new tea cups! The bottom right was a "shitty mystery" where they send you a random tea cup and a roll of toilet paper ?. #teatime

BethM So great. 2y
Jas16 Love these so much! Where did you get them? 2y
LouBeth @Jas16 vulgarteacups.com 2y
TheLibrarian How cool! I bought something similar for a friend before. At the bottom it said “You‘ve been poisoned” 😂 2y
JazzFeathers Love the art deco one 😊 2y
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Pachinko | Min Jin Lee
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I‘m about 100 pages into Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. I can‘t believe I let this one languish on my TBR shelf for so long..!

What are you reading this week? 📖

#mondayreads #currentlyreading #booksandbreakfast #teatime #pachinko

'Salem's Lot | Stephen King
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The perfect sunday!
A good book, an excellent tea in my favourite mug and 'London Calling' by The Clash (my favourite rock band) in the background ❤❤

Happiness often comes from attention in small things. (Wilhelm Busch)

#sunday #dayoff #reading #teatime #SalemsLot #StephenKing #myfavouritemug #LondonCalling #TheClash

TheNeverendingTBR The Clash! ❤ 2y
Ast_Arslan @TheNeverendingTBR I love them till I was a teen 😍😍 2y
TheNeverendingTBR @Ast_Arslan I've listened to 'Lost in the Supermarket' about 265543 times 👌 #fav 2y
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Ast_Arslan @TheNeverendingTBR me too! Together with Koka Kola 😍 or Guns of Brixton (Paul's voice 🤩). It's hard to me to find just one song. London Calling album is absolutely my fav! 2y
Kenyazero Looks relaxing. Love the mug! 2y
Ast_Arslan @Kenyazero thank you! My friend took this for me and I took one with Usagi and Misaki (Junjou Romantica... idk if you know Nakamura's works) for her ❤ it's a beautiful mug and a nice memorie too ❤ 2y
Kenyazero @Ast_Arslan aw, sounds like a good memory! And I love Nakamura's work 😉 2y
Ast_Arslan @Kenyazero 👍👍🤩 great tastes 2y
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Teatime: tales & rhymes | Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)
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I‘m treating myself to a hot cup of Bigelow‘s French Vanilla black tea and some reading this morning. I‘m trying to be more mindful of how I spend my time by actively doing the things I love. Restful and quiet moments like this help me recharge. 💕
#mindfulness #teatime #kindle

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About half way through and absolutely loving this book. Such a great book about bees and the massive impact they have on the environment and humans. Interesting that what we see happening in bees could be a prediction for what happens to humans. I've now read about synergy of chemicals and such in bees and how important bees are to our food sources - all in relation to colony collapse disorder. And - Pumpkin Chai is back!!

#NonFiction #TeaTime

BiblioLitten I have heard good things about this book. 2y
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I‘m having some night night tea with pumpkin spice chai and local organic raw honey!! I‘m going to sip on this while I decide on what cozy mystery to read!! #teatime #valeriantastesobad #justcoveritup

ChasingOm The Tazo pumpkin spice chai is one of my favorites! I buy boxes of it each fall, lol. 2y
Seekingtardis @ChasingOm me too!! I also like the Trader Joe‘s tins as well when I can‘t get Tazo!! I love pumpkin, the smell and taste! 2y
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The Keening | Margaret Pinard
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YES to this shift in the weather—Portland rain is back! And fog and gloom and cool and mist and ☺️☺️☺️
Such a better reading backdrop. #Teatime!
Also, making some FUN social media graphics for my first in the series book. 🤗💖🤞🏾

#potoftea #portlandfog #cozyreading #pdx #cozybooknook #booksandtea #clouds #keening

Yes that‘s a #MyLittlePony.

PurpleTulipGirl The streets are damp here on the coast, due west of you, but we haven‘t had much rain in weeks. The marine layer is hanging around a bit more, though. 2y
MargaretPinardAuthor Doesn‘t it feel restful, @PurpleTulipGirl ? I think it‘s delicious! A little early perhaps, but welcome 🤗 2y
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