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Well, this short book is such a revelation about the enigmatic and intriguing European eel, Anguilla Anguilla. Svensson disperses the science, culture and myth of the eel through the centuries with short chapters detailing his experiences of eel fishing with his father in Sweden. Some of the science stories are absolutely mindblowing. I knew nothing of eels before.

AllDebooks I really enjoyed the stories behind some of our greatest minds trying so hard to discover the eel's lifecycle and mostly being defeated. Aristotle, Sigmund Freud and other eminent scientists dedicated years of their lives to studying this elusive creature. Today, little is known about the reproduction of eels. Herein lies the rub that despite extensive research this little, evolutionary miracle is still very much a mystery. 14h
AllDebooks The book can be a little repetitive in places on the whole 'we just don't know' discourse. There is also a segment in the last chapter on environmental change and the risk of extinction that irritated me greatly. Svensson is discussing the highly endangered eel but goes on a tangent about the dodo and Bering's sea cow, which seems completely irrelevant to the eel's status or preservation. It reminded me of a little padding to extend the word count 14h
AllDebooks Given how well this creature has evolved over the centuries, the best thing we can do for the eel would be to reverse the effects of pollution and climate change; restore their habitats to a healthy status and leave these creatures be, to do what they do best, which is survive.
SamAnne Great review @AllDebooks. I esp. agree with your last comment. I enjoyed the book. I didn‘t like his one throwaway comment about maybe we can farm eels like salmon and that is such a good thing. Salmon farms might provide us with cheap salmon but those farms have wreaked havoc on wild salmon habitat, spreading disease to wild salmon that have to swim past the farms. And are full of antibiotics. “Say no to drugs. Don‘t eat farmed salmon!” 11h
AllDebooks @SamAnne thank you. I agree 💯 we shouldn't be farming anything intensively. Salmon farming has cause so many catastrophic problems. now
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The Night Watchman | Louise Erdrich
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Finish the tagged for my #AAM choice @Soubhiville

Read 20 chapters of Middlemarch cos I'm seriously behind #Pemberlittens @BarkingMadRead

Start Peach blossom spring for #literarycrew #buddyread @Librarybelle

Thank you for hosting another #20in4 @Andrew65

Soubhiville You can do it! 18h
Andrew65 Great to have you with us, best of luck. 😁 17h
Librarybelle Yay!! 9h
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North Atlantic books Pub 16/05/23

This collection of essays, poems and prompts gives the reader encouragement to extend their own creative prowess. Be this, in an attempt to help themselves or communities, it is an empowering read. Each section starts with a poem and ends with a suggested ritual.

AllDebooks I was out of my comfort zone reading this book, which is a challenge. However, I really did find a lot to enjoy in this volume. It is not a book I would have chosen to read ordinarily, but the description sparked my curiosity and so, here we are. While the spellcasting was not for me, I found great depth in the essays on a wide-ranging themes. Particular standouts for me were the Audre Lorde section, Enchantment and Inigluu.
SamAnne Hmm…doesn‘t look like my normal jam but I‘m intrigued. 15h
AllDebooks @SamAnne that was exactly my reaction. I did skim read the bits I wasn't interested in. 14h
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The voting form is open for our Sky-themed Feb/March read. I will close voting at 8pm (GMT) on the 27th of January. All are welcome to join us. Please do let me know if you wish to be added or removed from the tag list.



Erinsuereads I'm going to step out of natural listy for the time being! I'm so up to my ears in fiction right now 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 1d
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Ann_Reads Voted. 🙂 1d
AllDebooks @Erinsuereads oh no, sorry to hear that. I do understand tho. Hope to see you back with us in the future. Happy reading x 1d
PuddleJumper I'm going to bow out. I really like the idea but my library isn't as well stocked with non fiction so I often can't find the titles 1d
TheBookHippie ☑️ 1d
AllDebooks @PuddleJumper that is frustrating. I had a similar problem, so subscribed to Scribd. Never looked back as their non-fiction catalogue is immense. Hope to see you back at some point. Happy reading x 1d
Jess861 That was a hard decision but I managed to vote for one. 1d
BookwormAHN Voted ✔️ 1d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Voted! My library doesn‘t have all of them, so that was the deciding factor in which one got my vote. They all sound so good!! 1d
Soubhiville Voted. 🙂 1d
Chrissyreadit Voted 1d
daena Voted! 1d
Cazxxx I would like to join please 😊 1d
AllDebooks @Cazxxx that's great! Welcome to our little green corner of Litsy x 22h
AllDebooks @Cazxxx we have another buddy read too plus a #Naturalitsybingo2023 Check out #Naturalitsy to see what we've been up to x https://litsy.com/p/MGRZM2RkdjY3 https://litsy.com/p/SXU1S3FITTdp 22h
Cazxxx @AllDebooks Great thanks! The bingo looks like a lot of fun so I‘ll definitely join in with that. Nature books are one of my favourites 😻 22h
AllDebooks @Cazxxx that's fab. There's also a setup on Storygraph to track books for bingo board. https://app.thestorygraph.com/reading_challenges/a6eb2b14-8f0d-4d1a-bee9-fbd5c5d... 21h
Cazxxx @AllDebooks Oh great thanks, I‘ll sign up for that. Looking forward to lots of nature books 😊 21h
jlhammar Just voted! So many wonderful choices. I've already read We Are The Weather, Owls of the Eastern Ice, The Ravenmaster and Under a White Sky - all great! 19h
Graywacke Did some googling and … then voted based on the title 😊 18h
Hooked_on_books So are we still reading Poseidon‘s Steed or is that out? I‘ll read it regardless, but want to wait on the group to start when I pick up my hold if we‘re reading it together. 🙂 4h
AllDebooks @Hooked_on_books yes, I said I would run all 3. So, we will read PS first, followed by the Rachel Carson bio as per schedule. I'll run the sea theme winner, alongside those. https://litsy.com/p/SXU1S3FITTdp 2h
Hooked_on_books Oh great, thank you! I missed that post somehow. 2h
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I've closed suggestions early as we have 30+ recommendations!! I'm putting together the voting form now. All those who offered more than 1 book 🙈, me included... I'm going to put forward the shortest book you suggested, as it may take a while for us all to source the winning book.
I will tag everyone in the voting form, so keep em peeled 👀

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I really enjoyed this exploration of nature, time and the changing of the seasons. For a short volume, it offers a plethora of wisdom, folklore and suggestions on connecting with nature by being more in tune with the cyclical changes of the year.

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I completely forgot to update on Monday. I finished Demon Copperhead and David Copperfield, a result in itself #chunksters
Bailed on An intro to English poetry 😴
Still dipping into Holly McNish's delicious anthology and the tagged.
I did get distracted by 2 excellent #Netgalley reads Weyward and The wheel of the year.

All on all, a success. Although the journal still awaits 🙈


Andrew65 That‘s brilliant, well done 👏👏👏🙌🍾🥂🥳🥰 I think we all get distracted at times 🤷‍♂️ 17h
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Our last week with the eels!

Discussion thread will be posted on Saturday. Have a great week.

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#Naturalitsy Post 2

We'll start with Poseiden's steed over weeks 1 - 3 before moving onto the biography of Rachel Carson (tagged) over weeks 4 - 8. I'm going to keep separate tag lists for both reads so please comment which ones you'd like to be tagged in. I don't want to be annoying 🙈

Please see my previous post for details of our other #buddyread

All welcome to join us


jenniferw88 Just Poisedon's Steed please. Trying my best not to buy any more books! 4d
jlhammar You can tag me for both. Thanks! 4d
TEArificbooks Put me down for Poseidon‘s steed 4d
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SamAnne Tag me for both! 4d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm My library has both so please tag me for both. ❤️ 4d
tdrosebud I have Poseidon's Steed so will definitely join for that. The biography will depend on if I can get it from the library. Like Jennifer, I'm trying not to buy books right now. 4d
BookwormAHN Please tag me for Poseidon's Steed 😺 4d
rockpools Hi Deb. Can I opt out tags for both of these, for now? Hope to join in the sky read and look forward to following the conversations - will probably pick up these at a later date. Thank you 😊 4d
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Phew, done! 😅 Go for it. Please post all your suggestions for our sky themed book below.

Also, please look out for #Naturalitsy for 2nd post re Poseiden's steed and Rachel Carson.

All welcome to join in.


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AllDebooks I hope that's all of them. Apologies if I've missed any. 5d
AllDebooks All my previous comments with suggestions are those of those of the person tagged in the preceding comment. I hope that makes sense. Didn't want to get taggy trigger finger, lol! 5d
jenniferw88 Eek! I can't narrow my 4 down! I'll put them in my preference order. 1. 4d
Soubhiville Well, there goes my TBR exploding again 😆 4d
AllDebooks @Soubhiville lol 😆 and mine. It's going to be a very tough choice 4d
AllDebooks Excuse me but, Goddammit!!! 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚 4d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Lol! Yes! Feed the TBR Monster!! 😈🤣 4d
tdrosebud My first choice would be Mind if the Raven. I'm open to any if the others if I can get my hands on them without buying. 4d
Hooked_on_books Mind of the Raven for me! 4d
bnp I'll vote for Goshawk summer, though I'm also interested in 4d
jenniferw88 There's also this one, which was a 5 🌟 in 2021 4d
Blackink_WhitePaper I can see already various apt suggestions. I would like The Ravenmaster / Conversations with birds / 3d
AllDebooks I'm going to close all suggestions now as we have 31 books. To narrow this down for voting, if you've made more than 1 suggestion (myself included), I will select the shortest book to vote on. Bare with me while I check through page numbers. I'll get back to you all with a voting form asap 🙈📚📚📚📚📚😅 #NaturaLitsy 2d
TheKidUpstairs There are some really awesome suggestions here! 1d
AllDebooks @TheKidUpstairs Ikr!!! I can't make a decision 😫 1d
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Here's my thoughts on our February/March read. Please do let me know yours.

A - I did say I would read our January runner-up (tagged) as a short #buddyread
As Rachel Carson struck a chord with so many of us in our current read, I suggest a biography.

B - For those not interested in A, I suggest we have a vote for Sky themed books. I'm using the #NaturaLitsyBingo2023 board for theme inspiration.

All welcome to join us.


AllDebooks I am happy to run with all 3 🙈 over Feb/March. Let me know your thoughts. Now for the tag list 😅 5d
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MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I‘m waiting on my copy of Poseidon‘s Steed from the library, so that one‘s a go for me. I haven‘t been able to nail down a book for the sky prompt but am also interested in Carson, so I‘m split on those two. I guess whatever everyone else votes for works for me. 😅👍 5d
AllDebooks Just to confirm, as always, this is a relaxed group meant for relaxation, enjoyment of nature and connection. I don't want you to stress over 'keeping up' with a rigid schedule. X 5d
AllDebooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I will put up a seperate post for sky suggestions to vote on, depending on what others want to do. 5d
AllDebooks @Hooked_on_books thanks, noted 😊 5d
AllDebooks I'll post a separate thread for suggestions once I have an idea of people's interests. Please comment on this thread if you're interested in option A, option B or both. 😀 5d
Soubhiville I don‘t mind a biography. I can make a bunch of bird recommendations for sky, when you‘re ready for them 🙂. It would be cool to read about clouds, I don‘t think I‘ve ever read much about the actual sky. 5d
bnp I'm interested in option B, and have two titles to recommend. 5d
Jess861 I also wouldn't mind a book to do with the skies. Space, birds, clouds, or weather would all be interesting (not that this list narrows it down 😆).

Unfourtunately I'm going to have to skip Poseidon's Steed as I can't seem to find a copy. If anyone has any leads to a hard copy (in Canada) let me know! My library doesn't have a copy sadly.
TheKidUpstairs @Soubhiville I love the idea of a cloud book. This one looks really cool: 5d
TheKidUpstairs @Jess861 I'm in Ontario, and I haven't been able to find a copy either! One of my librarians is an ILLO master and even she couldn't track it down. 5d
BookBelle84 Another possibility, one I enjoyed and found very interesting is this one. 5d
BookwormAHN I like both ideas. I'm still planning to read Poseidon's Steed but I'd also like to read a sky book. 5d
jlhammar Wonderful ideas! They all sound good to me. 5d
Julsmarshall I‘m down for whatever but my library does hav Poseidon‘s Steed 😄 5d
CaitZ I'm having a hard time getting Poseidon's Steed, so I'll sit that out. I'm interested in a Sky book for March 5d
Chrissyreadit Or any good book about bats 5d
Graywacke I plan to pick up Poseidon‘s Steed as a kindle book when we start. I would like to finish that before starting the next. But I would love to read something by Rachel Carson. No sky suggestions, but i‘m curious. 5d
Soubhiville I found a couple sky related and not bird themed ones I‘m interested in: 5d
Soubhiville I have a copy of Poseidon‘s Steed, but if others are having a hard time getting it I don‘t mind read it on my own. 5d
daena I am open to all choices here 5d
AmandaBlaze For those interested in Poseidon's Steed, the Kindle copy is only $5. 5d
TEArificbooks I am definitely more interested in bird books for the sky prompt. The birding without borders looks great. I read The Big Year a few years ago and absolutely loved it and the movie. I also have been looking at 5d
Blackink_WhitePaper I can‘t find the books mentioned in optionA. So going with option B, though A looks very interesting 🤨 5d
AllDebooks Thank you all for the great responses. I shall close comments on here for now. Look out for a separate post later tonight/early tomorrow. I will tag you. 5d
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This illustration is ao beautiful. Happy Lunar New Year

batsy I just saw it on twitter and thought the same ❤️ 5d
TalesandTexts So precious 5d
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I'm really enjoying revisiting this amazing book, the last in Macfarlane's trilogy on landscape.

A free choice for #NaturaLitsyBingo2023
One of a non-fiction trilogy for #Serieslove2023 @Andrew65 @TheSpineView


bnp This is wonderful on audiobook. I re-listen to parts of it periodically. 6d
AllDebooks @bnp me too. He's one of my favourite narrators. Loved his narration of The dark is rising 6d
TheSpineView Awesome! 6d
Andrew65 Well done. Always love trilogies 👏👏👏 6d
jlhammar I look forward to finally reading this in November! I've had it on my shelves for ages. 6d
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Week 3 - discussion thread for chapters 11 - 14. What stood out for you this week?

I have to say Rachel Carson is one of my heroes, so I loved this segment.

Please do let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the tag list.

I will be posting re Feb/March reads tomorrow 😊

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rockpools I think I‘d nominated Under A Sea Wind for this quarter‘s read (I‘ll get to it one day), but was really glad to read this first and get his take on why Rachel Carson was such an amazing science communicator. Not entirely sure how neatly it fit into the book, but happy it was there! And I did enjoy the eel trap section. 6d
BookwormAHN I also loved learning about Rachel Carso. 6d
TEArificbooks The Rachel Carson book sounded intriguing. I also liked learning about those long living eels that never metaphorically changed because they were contained. And the part about how we can‘t even breed eels in a lab (maybe that was in a chapter for next week). 6d
Addison_Reads Rachel Carson was my inspiration to study marine biology, so needless to say I loved this section. 6d
Chelsea.Poole I also enjoyed learning a little about Rachel Carson.
I‘ve had her books on my list to read for a long time and never gotten around to it. Maybe we‘ll read one for #NaturaLitsy 😉
Hooked_on_books First off, I‘m glad that eel is not a traditional thanksgiving food! 😝 I also enjoyed reading about Carson, but two things struck me in that chapter. The first was his repeated assertions that she anthropomorphized the eel, when he included a quote from her specifically stating that‘s not what she was doing. He also seemed insistent that humans are separate from/superior to animals while at the same time showing that our understanding of 👇 6d
Hooked_on_books animals has changed drastically. I wonder why he needs to hang onto this idea? An incredible book that everyone in this book should read about animal senses, that fits right in with the contents of this chapter, is Ed Yong‘s An Immense World. It‘s absolutely phenomenal. 6d
AllDebooks @Hooked_on_books Can you imagine, the pardoned eel? 😂 That is a good point and irritated me. I'm planning on reading the Ed Yong book for #NaturaLitsyBingo2023 6d
TheBookHippie I‘ve read all of Rachel‘s books. I just reread Silent Spring with our Bookclub and we had a water scientist activist come talk about what threats we face. Fascinating. I‘ve sent her a message to read this book. I think Rachel is so underrated for her contributions - so many people have no clue who she is. 6d
TheBookHippie @Hooked_on_books I agree - he must have a reason? And thanks for the book rec! 6d
wanderinglynn Although Carson claimed she was not anthropomorphizing the animals in her story, that is what she did because she, a human, imagined what the animals (birds, fish, eels) thought & felt. She did described the scenes and the anthropomorphizing was minimal—it wasn‘t to the extreme that say Walt Disney did with a mouse named Mickey. For example from chapter 2, two birds “forgot the long flight of the night before in the excitement of the hunt.” 6d
wanderinglynn I think Svennson presents the eel as a symbol not only of the challenges and limits of science and the mystery of nature, but also of how relationships to nature (like that he and his dad) enhance the human experience, and of the fragility of nature and human blindness about what damage humans have done/are doing to the world. 6d
jlhammar @AllDebooks The pardoned eel! Love it 😂 @Hooked_on_books I have the audiobook of An Immense World currently checked-out, but haven't started it yet. Do you think it will work okay in that format? Looking forward to it. 6d
ElizaMarie Behind behind but still loving it so far :) 6d
jlhammar I also enjoyed the Rachel Carson section. I read Silent Spring many years ago, in high school, and am very interested in trying this biography 6d
jlhammar The life cycle of eels is just so fascinating! That “its aging seems tied to something other than time“ I thought the stories of the old eels in captivity were kind of haunting. How “if the eel isn't free to go to the Sargasso Sea, it won't undergo the final metamorphosis, won't turn into a silver eel, and won't become sexually mature. Instead, it waits, patiently, for decades, until the opportunity presents itself or it runs out of strength.“ 6d
Graywacke Rachel Carson stood out for me too. His take on her is very inspiring and I‘ve never read her. But also he covered a lot of different stuff in this chapter and I like how he mixes so much up without overwhelming the reader. I enjoyed his exploration of the Bible, Pilgrims and other literary stuff. And i feel so sad for those poor trapped eels living a hopeless hundred years. 6d
Graywacke @jlhammar yeah, how sad. Appreciate the quote. 6d
jlhammar I haven't watched it yet, but am looking forward to this PBS Nature documentary:
jlhammar @Graywacke I also really enjoyed the part about the symbolism and myth of the eel in the Bible and elsewhere. Really interesting. 6d
Julsmarshall Loved the Carson bits, didn‘t love some of the other literary bits. That one about the pregnant woman and all the vomiting-I had to take a break. Was it just me? I did think the Thanksgiving part was fascinating but I‘m quite thankful that we don‘t eat eel for the holiday. I loved the tidbit about how long they can live . . . then they killed the eel while studying its longevity 😱🤦🏽‍♀️Still enjoying this one, hard not to read ahead! 6d
CaitZ I found his interpretation of Rachel Carson's work interesting. I need to read more of her books. I think she was ahead of her time in the way she made science more accessible. I continue to be intrigued with eels and how much we don't know. 6d
TEArificbooks When I was looking up more about Rachel Carson, I noticed a new book out called. It might be a good fit for a later novel to read with the group. 6d
Jess861 I might have the unpopular opinion here but I didn't enjoy this section as much as I did the previous two. Although there are still some interesting parts in this section - it just didn't capture me like the first two. Loved the story about the Eel in the well and it is quite fascinating that they just kind of stop growing but keep living if they are misplaced. (edited) 6d
AllDebooks We all seem to be in awe of this incredible, adaptable creature, the eel, not the author! 😁 It has been a fascinating book club selection. As mentioned previously next month is free, apart from those of us reading 6d
AllDebooks I'm more than happy to run a #buddyread in February, of a Rachel Carson book if anyone is interested. 6d
TheKidUpstairs I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of Poseidon's Steed from a library for next month, but I do have some Rachel Carson at my library, so I'll probably read this one. Totally up for a buddy read if others are interested! 6d
TheKidUpstairs @TEArificbooks oooh, that one sounds really interesting! 6d
AllDebooks @TEArificbooks that looks absolutely amazing. I love nature, history and politics. All 3 in one book, I need it, like rn 6d
TEArificbooks @TheKidUpstairs I am having the hardest time getting a copy of Poseidon‘s Steed as well. It has been out of stock online everywhere. Finally Amazon said they had one copy I ordered it, they mailed it, but it got lost. Library doesn‘t have it. I finally just ordered a used copy on eBay hopefully that one gets here 6d
Aimeesue @wanderinglynn Yes! - the challenges/limits of science! I kept wondering if the scientists in Japan put the eels in wave pools. Kinda seems like a minute genetic difference (extra vertebrae) that divides Euro & American eels might just point to waves/tides having an effect on development? We like to think that if we throw enough science at a problem, we can fix it so it works for us. We rarely consider how it's going to work for, say, the eels. (edited) 6d
Aimeesue I enjoyed the part about the Brantevik eel a lot. Apparently it was common to put an eel in your well because it would eat bugs, vermin, etc? He did have some big eyes though! https://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/446/An-Eel-Was-Placed-In-A-Swedish-Well-To-Keep-T... 6d
wanderinglynn @Jess861 I didn‘t enjoy it either. I thought it lost steam & I skimmed a lot. Only some parts interested me, like the parts on Rachel Carson and some on the studies of eels . 6d
AllDebooks @Aimeesue Yes, stop with the science and leave them be 6d
AllDebooks @wanderinglynn @Jess861 I did find some parts repetitive in this section. Hated the bit about the eel in the well and in captivity. 💔 6d
Hooked_on_books @jlhammar I don‘t know who reads it, but it should absolutely work on audio. 6d
Hooked_on_books @AllDebooks The pardoned eel! 🤣 I didn‘t even think about that part! 6d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I‘ve never had eel, so I‘m not sure if my Thanksgiving feasts are missing out or not… 😅 The part that stuck with me the most was the trapped eel in the well. Especially when the author describes it as how a human would react to it as just one, long, painfully endless night. Ugh, made me shudder! I know he‘s specifically covering European eels, but I‘m curious to see if he‘ll ever touch on the Polynesian culture‘s relationship with the animal. 6d
Graywacke @Aimeesue thanks for the link with the video! 5d
Graywacke @AllDebooks i would really like to read Carson but i won‘t be able to join in February. I will try to read Poseidon‘s Steed. 5d
Aimeesue @Graywacke I really needed to see what a 150 year old eel looked like. Impressive little guy! I was also really struck by the part where they captured some returning eels and they were all "teenagers" developmentally, but hugely different in actual # of years old. That's kind of mind boggling. (edited) 5d
TheBookHippie My next book arrived and this was suggested Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells https://a.co/d/dtbw37m 👀🤣 5d
TheBookHippie @TEArificbooks oh I would definitely read that! @AllDebooks I‘d do this one! 👀📚📚📚 5d
AllDebooks @Aimeesue thank you for the link. I'm shocked at how different the eel looks with bigger eyes! Certainly, it's a lot less creepy. Still got Red Riding Hood in my head, 'all the better to see you with'. 😱 5d
AllDebooks @Graywacke @TheBookHippie I will do a separate post for the next read. Working on it now. 5d
AllDebooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm he does seem to be focusing on the European eel. Although it would be a shame not to cover the American eel, culture and traditions. Would be interesting to see how they differ from Europe. Let's hope he does in this last section. 5d
Aimeesue @AllDebooks That was my first thought as well! 😂 5d
Chrissyreadit @HookedonBooks I‘m going to get audio for An Immense World- I also agree that he discussed the mystery and intelligence of the eel but still sees human superiority as a given. I struggled with that. 3d
Chrissyreadit I enjoyed reading all these comments- I really felt sad about the eel in the well. But maybe he liked his privacy. At the same time I wish we had a greater respect for all living creatures and the earths environments. 3d
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The Night Watchman | Louise Erdrich
post image

I am starting this today for my first #AuthorAMonth selection , Louise Erdrich. It fills the prompt new to me author for #ReadySetRead

I'm expecting great things from a Pulitzer prize winner 😊
@Soubhiville @Clwojick

CuriousG One of my favourite Erdrich novels - enjoy! 7d
Clwojick Ooh. Good luck! And I love this cover 😍 7d
Soubhiville I hope you‘ll love it. 7d
AllDebooks @CuriousG @Clwojick @Soubhiville Thanks, pretty sure I'll like it. I've been meaning to read her books for years 🙈 This was the push I needed 😊 7d
dabbe Oh, how I loved this and was truly sad to leave Turtle Mountain! ❣️ 7d
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Untitled | Unknown
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This is on my bucket list 📚📚👻📚📚

Happy Friday 😊

batsy This is how I envision my afterlife, so it better not disappoint me! Lol 7d
Reggie Lol 7d
dabbe Ghostbusters! 🤣 7d
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Weyward: A Novel | Emilia Hart
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This blistering debut by Emilia Hart delves into the history of three Weyward women over three different time periods. Altha in 1619; Violet in 1942 and finally Kate in 2019. The narrative flits between each woman's story with glimpses back to the past and the echos the previous Weyward women leave on the next generation. An utterly spellbinding, captivating story with exceptional characters.
*TW below*

On a separate note, the nature writing that forms the background to these women's lives is outstanding, very similar to Barbara Kingsolver's style of writing. Hart has an evocative style that heightens the senses. I imagine this would be a brilliant audiobook.
Trigger warning - there are some scenes of domestic abuse, coercive control and rape.


I would highly recommend this exciting debut and can't wait to read more from Emilia Hart.
Thank you for letting me read this advance copy #Netgalley and #HarperCollins
Deblovestoread Great review…stacked!📚 1w
LeeRHarry I thought this one was an excellent read too - especially for a debut and I agree definitely Kingsolver vibes 😊 nice review! 1w
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#AuldLangSpine @monalyisha @jenniferw88

I'm not sure what I was expecting reading this lonely book that has been sat on my bookshelf for far too long. It certainly wasn't to be so moved, entertained or enthralled by Count Roskov and his Gatsby-like lifestyle as he's confined to house arrest at the Metropol, for being a Former Person. The story moves elegantly through the different stages of his life with great aplomb.

AllDebooks This story contains so much detail from Moscow's elite society pre Revolution, class, equality, liberty, politics, war, hotel escapades and assignations. All written with the driest of wit and vitality. Loved this and highly recommend it. 1w
Karisimo An all time favorite for me! 1w
Bren912 I fell in love with this Gentleman!!! Great read! 1w
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AllDebooks @Karisimo @Bren912 I really did enjoy it so much. All the time I was reading, it played in my head like one of those Cary Grant/Katherine Hepburn screwball comedies. Loved it and I'm quite sad it's over. I shall miss the Count! 1w
jenniferw88 Glad you loved it! I'm hoping to get to another of yours but have got to finish Alan's diaries first, as they're all on my Kindle and don't want to be flicking between 2 on there. 1w
AllDebooks @jenniferw88 Are you enjoying it? I got it for Christmas and read a little every other day. I'll definitely be reading more from your tbr, not just in January either. We have very similar taste and I trust your judgement. 😊 Next up 1w
jenniferw88 @AllDebooks Yes, he's making me laugh, just got to the start of the Harry Potter films and Love Actually! 1w
Sapphire Madly Deeply is on the list for my husbands non fiction group at the public library. I am planning to read it and go with him for that one. Looking forward to it. 1w
AllDebooks @Sapphire 😊 Enjoy! 1w
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3.75⭐ #Netgalley

An absolute delight to read and travel with these writers through an anthology of stories.
I will be seeking out other volumes of Monkey - New writing from Japan.

Demon Copperhead: A Novel | Barbara Kingsolver
post image

⬇ ⬇#Copperheads @Cinfhen 5⭐

This is a phenomenal retelling of Dickens David Copperfield masterfully brought into the 21st century. Kingsolver uses the framework of Copperfield's story set to the problems of our society. Her story is set in the Appalachian mountains and surrounding areas. Her hero, Demon Copperhead, is followed through childhood towards adulthood as he handles all manner of difficulties and triumphs.
⬇ ⬇

AllDebooks The cast that supports his story is as extraordinary as he is. Kingsolver rages against the unfairness of our modern age, poverty, inequality, lack of opportunities, alcohol and drug addiction. A particular thread explores the scandal of oxycontin misuse. It is quite tragic, scandalous and infuriating that so many of our contemporary problems reflect those of Dickens time, still, after all this time. As always, Kingsolver writes evocatively about 1w
AllDebooks about the natural world, so much so that it almost stands as a constant character, in itself.
The book is a delight to read as a standalone story or with a knowledge of David Copperfield.
Cinfhen Stunning review!!! Glad you enjoyed this book. So what‘s next??? 1w
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AllDebooks @Cinfhen thank you 😊 I'm obvs revisiting DC, as it's my fave Dickens. About to start a Louise Eldritch for #AAM & for #NaturaLitsyBingo2023 1w
AllDebooks **Erdrich 🙈 1w
Cinfhen Nice!!! Keep me posted 🧡 1w
LeeRHarry Fab review 😊 - I have set aside some time this weekend to really get stuck into it. Seeing as Kingsolver is a fave author of mine I was highly anticipating this book and after all the glowing reviews I‘ve since read I know it‘s going to be as amazing as I expected it for be! 😊 1w
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Week 3 reading schedule- Chapters 11 - 14.

A discussion thread will be posted on Saturday. Happy reading & have a great week. 📚 😊

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It's my 1st bail of the year. I'm so disappointed to hate this book, I found it dull, dry and uninspiring. I learnt so much more from Paul Tran discussing how poetry works through form in 10 minutes, than over an hour reading this book.


Aimeesue Thanks for the link. That was great! 2w
AllDebooks @Aimeesue it's so good. I bet it's a riot in their classes! 2w
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#Naturalitsy #activism #righttoroam

Yesterday the High Court banned the right to wild camp on Dartmoor, favouring the landowner. Support #therighttoroam learn about the damage private land ownership has brought to our countryside. We need to fight back for our right to roam.

Illustration by #nickhayesillustration


SamAnne Damn. That‘s terrible. 2w
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#Naturalitsy #Climatechange

The Guardian's long read article by Rebecca Solnit is very concise, calling for more good news stories to combat despair & indifference.


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Here's our 2nd discussion thread. Are you still enjoying it? Has anything stood out for you?

What are your thoughts on the chapters 6 - 10.

Please do let me know if you wish to be removed/added from the tag list.

TEArificbooks The chapters on the Dane that found the breeding ground, and about the cultures of eel fisherman stood out to me. I honestly just don‘t care enough about eels to really “enjoy” the book, but I am learning a lot. So there was a part about how the fishing cultures are also trying to protect the eels now, because we as a society need to care or we will lose more species. And I think books like these help people care more. 2w
Hooked_on_books I loved seeing the process of how the breeding ground was found. I think science in motion makes it so much more interesting than just hearing the facts. I also like how the Swedish eel fisherman use traps rather than nets. This suggests an understanding of sustainability to me. This section didn‘t wow me the same way the first chapters did, but I liked it. 2w
Graywacke A bits and pieces section. Johannes Schmidt was insane…and it worked. @AllDebooks - you probably want to add your usual comments that tag everyone. 2w
See All 51 Comments
AllDebooks @Graywacke yes, I will. Just wouldn't work this morning. I'm having one of those days!! 2w
AllDebooks @Graywacke I loved that as a newly wed, he disappeared for years, chasing down the eels breeding ground. Obsessed!! He could have been home doing his own breeding! 😁 2w
TheBookHippie I‘m almost done with our section but have to say it‘s a smart read as in I‘m learning a ton and I enjoy perspective in this read a lot. I‘ve never even considered eels other than to avoid them so it‘s a win for me so far. It‘s very easy to read as well. (edited) 2w
TheBookHippie @TEArificbooks I agree 💯. Very close to how I feel reading this. 2w
TheBookHippie @Hooked_on_books I think the process is so helpful to understanding. Considering I‘ve never even thought of eels, it‘s good perspective. 2w
TheBookHippie @Graywacke sometimes insanity works ! 👀 2w
daena The fishing culture is a fascinating one and necessary to the discussion, so I‘m glad he touched on that. I think what makes his book smart is that he exposes a lot of interconnected themes that allows the reader to potentially dig further into. 2w
claudiuo @AllDebooks Just wanted to apologize that as always I am very bad at reading when planned so I haven't even started the book and can't contribute with anything. If you can keep me on the tag list, I'd appreciate it, I love reading everyone's thoughts. But on the other hand knowing I'm so bad at keeping with a schedule you may want to remove me. Either way I'll read the book, it sounds very interesting. Just not sure when 😁 2w
Graywacke @AllDebooks ah, i see. The delays are very awkward and frustrating. Litsy is really slow this past week. I post and then nothing shows up. Then several minutes later I see the post. In one case several hours later. 2w
Graywacke @TheBookHippie apparently 🙂 2w
Graywacke @daena yes, the interconnected themes are fun. An odd perspective on a lot of different stuff. 2w
AllDebooks @claudiuo please don't worry. It's all very relaxed and meant to be no pressure. You can always comment on the threads when you get round to reading it. X 2w
AllDebooks @TEArificbooks I think a few of us feel a little icky about the eels. Certainly not cute and fluffy like pandas, there I said it 🙈 I'm fascinated with how many people struggled to understand eels. Slippery, elusive lil suckere 2w
sebrittainclark @daena I'm really glad the fishing culture was included too. It's an important part of the story that I wouldn't have understood otherwise. 2w
Aimeesue This section got me very interested in eel fishing, I must say. And the difference between European and American eels -extra vertebrae and how that plays out -was fascinating. 2w
Aimeesue While I was googling glass eels, I came across this article about eel smuggling. Eels in suitcases! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/baby-eels-poaching-trafficking-nova-s... 2w
AllDebooks @Aimeesue $1.3 million dollars!!! 2w
AllDebooks @Larkken sorry, I just noticed your tag didn't work 2w
AllDebooks I thought the descriptions and history of eel fishing were fascinating. I guess the fishermen are fighting to keep their traditions will motivate them to build on sustainability practice. 2w
Graywacke @AllDebooks 🙂 they are definitely not cute cuddly 🐼s. They‘re disgusting. 😂 2w
Graywacke @Aimeesue that the two types of eels are separated by current strength is really fascinating. And, wow, I didn‘t read the whole article, but that‘s big money (and cool picture topper). 2w
CaitZ The discovery of the breeding ground was interesting and the drive to find it relates to another book I'm reading Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy. I didn't find the fishing sections quite as interesting, but that is probably due to my not liking fishing. 2w
Julsmarshall I love reading about all the different historical elements and how they fit together. Eels, how they‘ve evolved, scientific discovery, ocean currents, land ownership and fishing rights, how the IRA and the Troubles fit in, and the cultural contexts of what we eat and how we capture and cook it. I never would have guessed that eels would be so fascinating! (edited) 2w
Aimeesue @Graywacke Those vertebrae really underline how slight genetic differences can change your whole life. 2w
Aimeesue @AllDebooks The money is crazy! And not so long ago eels were "poor people's food." 2w
Chelsea.Poole @CaitZ—hope you‘re enjoying, I LOVE 2w
Chelsea.Poole I was struck in the chapter about the Dane‘s odyssey to find out more about eel reproduction where the author mentioned the WHY of it all. Thinking about what drove earlier scientists to discover more about our world was a really interesting thought. The author imagines its an existential dilemma…finding out about eels also tells us more about ourselves. This made it much more interesting for me, as a devoted memoir reader. 2w
Chelsea.Poole @Julsmarshall loving the different histories explored too —it‘s an intersection for me as I‘m reading about the IRA from my #alspine pick as well : 2w
AmandaBlaze Sorry, I haven't contributed yet. I have an infection in both eyes, which makes it hard to read. I hope to catch up soon. 2w
AllDebooks @Chelsea.Poole I find it extraordinary that this little creature has captivated some of the greatest minds for centuries and there is still so much unknown. 2w
AllDebooks @AmandaBlaze oh no, that does not sound great at all. Wishing you a speedy recovery. As I mentioned above to @claudiuo please don't feel pressured. #NaturaLitsy is all about bringing people together through our love of the natural world not about rigid schedules. It's all very informal. X 2w
rockpools I‘m still really enjoying this, although this section was maybe a little less gripping. Loved learning about eel fishing cultures, and I had no idea of the importance of eels in Northern Ireland. His own experiences with his dad (especially the eel balls 😵‍💫) make it a very human, personal story as well. 2w
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I too was mostly intrigued by how the American and European eels start out in the same place but because of a seemingly inconsequential difference, end up on opposite sides of the planet. I love the bits about fishing and the memories he built with his dad. I love going fishing and hope to have moments like this with my child. 2w
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm @Aimeesue Thank you for the article! Blows my mind how much money people will spend on something I‘d never pay a dollar for. 😅 2w
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm @AmandaBlaze Hope you feel better soon. 🤗❤️ That doesn‘t sound fun at all. 2w
ElizaMarie Slightly behind (Chapter 7) because well, this is a rough week for me. But I am enjoying it so far. I love the fishing and the father/son aspect of it. I fished with my daddy (I was daddy's girl) and I just feel such nostalgia when talking about finishing. The eels so far are fascinating. I am the type of persons that “would know“ more about them and I am ashamed to say I was so unaware about how cool these creatures are! 2w
Caterina I loved that all of Schmidt's methodical work and obsessive dedication paid off! And learning about the Irish eel fishing collective was so cool. I love that they won such a big battle, yet I'm sad about how their traditions and those of so many other eel fishers are endangered now. But I always love learning about how local cultural traditions motivate people towards caring for our environment! 2w
AllDebooks @ElizaMarie I'm sorry you've had a tough week. Take it easy and be kind to yourself. I've never been fishing but finding the bonds with his Father very endearing. 2w
AllDebooks @rockpools the eelballs were gross 2w
AllDebooks @Caterina I loved this part of traditions and cultures 2w
wanderinglynn One small tidbit I found it interesting that a Danish company “lent” him a schooner. Sadly I can‘t imagine any company doing that today. 2w
BookwormAHN Okay, finally caught up. I've always thought that eels were fascinating so I'm enjoying this. But I love how his dad got the worms 😸 1w
AllDebooks @wanderinglynn Absolutely wouldn't happen today! @BookwormAHN 🙈 1w
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A bit of an eclectic reading pile for #JoyousJanuary hosted by @Andrew65
I also have reams of notes on my challenges to kick-start my book journal.
Here's hoping for a productive week!!

Andrew65 Looks like it should be a good week, good luck 😁 2w
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TheKidUpstairs I loved The Appeal, very excited for this one! 2w
AllDebooks @TheKidUpstairs it's even better 😊 2w
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Slug | Hollie Mcnish
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#Poetry2023 #Poetrymatters

I'll be starting Slug today. Thank you for all your amazing recommendations on my earlier post. I now have a reading list as long as my arm of poetry collections, anthologies, poet biographies & literary guides.
Fyi, just noted this article in the Guardian for new poetry collections in 2023. 😍


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Hey, at least it's Friday, right?

dabbe Friday the 13th! Littens will make it a lucky one, though!🍀 2w
Dragon That‘s me too! 💚🐉 2w
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Demon Copperhead: A Novel | Barbara Kingsolver
post image

Of course I'm taking part in #JoyousJanuary hosted by @Andrew65 are you?
Goals - 1) Finish tagged and start David Copperfield
2) Start reading a poetry collection
3) Start a non-fiction pick for #NaturaLitsyBingo2023
4) Finish planning and organising my reading journal, cos I still have notes everywhere 😅🙈

Andrew65 Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the Readathon. 2w
AllDebooks @Andrew65 Thank you for continuing to host them, I do enjoy them 😊 2w
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VOL 3 #Netgalley #NaturaLitsy

"My son and I took a walk ... for the first time in a long while. The sunset was so vivid we could almost touch it. I thought to myself—there‘s never been a world without a sky. The same was true of the ground, the sea, the light. No matter what happens on this earth, no matter how foolishly human beings act, the sky will always be there."
Cont. ⬇️⬇️

AllDebooks "A deep connection must exist between the sky and what remains of those we will never meet again." 3w
AllDebooks First story by Mieko Kawakami of 3w
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Demon Copperhead: A Novel | Barbara Kingsolver
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Oh my, the Christmas with Angus, their tree & THAT meeting with coach 😍 Talk about the agony and the ecstasy!!! I'm not crying, you're crying 😢


Cinfhen I love the friendship between the two friends. 3w
Karisimo That chapter at the truck stop when the hooker steals his money 😭 (edited) 2w
AllDebooks @Karisimo that was brutal 😢 2w
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Week 2 reading schedule. The discussion thread will be posted on Saturday.

Enjoy 😊

jlhammar I'm visiting family this weekend so will probably be contributing to our discussion thread late. Really enjoying the book so far! 3w
AllDebooks @jlhammar how lovely, have a great time x 3w
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#Weeklyforecast @Cinfhen

These are my next 3 books to start over the next week. Peach Blossom Spring is the monthly read for #Literarycrew #BuddyRead2023 @Librarybelle

The tagged is my 1st selection for my theme of the year - poetry.

Just need to finish Demon Copperhead, cos I need to know Demon is gonna be alright, y'know!! #Copperheads

Librarybelle Hooray! 3w
Cinfhen Gentlemen in Moscow was excellent a worthy read after Demon 🥰 3w
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AllDebooks @Cinfhen 🙌😍 3w
AllDebooks I started A Gentleman in Moscow last night @jenniferw88 I absolutely love it and cannot put it down. I'd forgotten how much I loved Russian literature, now want to revisit & read all the greats 2w
jenniferw88 @AllDebooks yay! It was a close call between this and Priory for being the top book of 2022 for me. 2w
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The Bone Library | Jenni Fagan
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An outstanding poetry collection that encompasses all manner of human life. At times gentle, others raging. Definitely looking for more of Fagan's poetry.

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#Bookreport @Cinfhen

I have already had some incredible reads since the start of the year & we're only going into week 2!
All of my completed books were 3.75 - 4 ⭐️ ratings.

About to start Middlemarch for #Pemberlittens. I'm halfway through Demon Copperhead & The book of eels, enjoying both immensely.

Up next tagged for #ALSpine & The Night Watchman for #AuthorAMonth
@monalyisha @jenniferw88 @Soubhiville

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A beautiful, evocative description of mythology/history of the land in Ireland.

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I admire her so much for coping with constant stalking from her ex and dedicating her career to helping others escape and deal with the aftermath of assault/rape. At times, this makes for difficult reading amid the description of her relationship. Her struggle to provide services on campus, her research on older women's experiences, the RMC presentation all reflect who she has become based on her experiences.
A harrowing but worthy read.

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Untitled | Unknown

My apologies to all Littens who followed #Midwintersolace I've lost my tag list of all those of you who wanted to be tagged in #NaturaLitsy posts .
Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.
@Yuki_Onna @Nelnjali @Catsandbooks @AmandaBlaze @ozma.of.oz @PuddleJumper @Readergrrl @ElizaMarie @IndoorDame

IndoorDame I‘m trying to keep my challenges to a minimum this year so not me, thanks for checking in! 3w
AllDebooks @IndoorDame thanks for getting back to me. Good luck with your challenges x 3w
Readergrrl I‘d like to keep trying! ❄️🌞🌝 3w
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AllDebooks @Readergrrl Yay, thank you x 🙌😍 3w
Catsandbooks I also am trying not to overwhelm myself with lots of challenges this year, so I'm going to pass. But I absolutely loved #midwintersolace and if you do it again I will definitely participate!! ❤️ 3w
AllDebooks @Catsandbooks No problem. Definitely doing it again, also a #Midsummersolace x 3w
Catsandbooks @AllDebooks Yay!!! 🎉 Can't wait! ☀️ 3w
AmandaBlaze I'm interested. 3w
AllDebooks @Catsandbooks 😍 @AmandaBlaze Yay, thank you and welcome to #NaturaLitsy 3w
AllDebooks @Readergrrl @AmandaBlaze #NaturaLitsy is very informal group of people brought together by our love of the natural world. Here's a link to our 1st discussion thread for our 1st read of the year https://litsy.com/p/eUNIYkVMZnFi 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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rockpools That last one 😮. I knew all of a sudden people were taking notice beyond Surfers Against Sewage, but I hadn‘t heard of these guys. It reads like a legal thriller or something! 3w
AllDebooks @rockpools Ikr, incredible story of standing up for the environment. SAS are an amazing organisation. They help communities set up Plastic Free towns by introducing changes, both personal and business, at a local level. I worked with others, before the pandemic to set up Plastic Free Clowne. Our next goal is to work with schools. https://www.sas.org.uk/plastic-free-%20communities/ 3w
rockpools @AllDebooks I didn‘t know there was a plastic-free community in my town! Have signed up to their mailing list. 3w
AllDebooks @rockpools YAY!!!! Get involved, it's so much fun. I dragged my kids to our organised commmunuty walks/litter picks/picnics. They were great days out. 3w
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Here we are, our 1st discussion thread for our 1st book of 2023. Are you enjoying it? Has anything stood out for you?

What are your thoughts on the chapters 1 - 5.

Please do let me know if you wish to be removed/added from the tag list.

Hooked_on_books I‘m completely drawn in by this book. The fact that eels don‘t develop reproductive organs until they‘re needed is extraordinary. If we can ever grow to understand how that works, there is the opportunity for amazing applications to human health and disease. I‘m also fascinated by the fact that no one knows where these eels die. That flummoxes me in the best way. 3w
See All 61 Comments
BarbaraBB Can you please remove me? I already feel I‘ve taken on too many challenges. Thank you so much and have fun with #Naturalitsy! 3w
AllDebooks @BarbaraBB of course, good luck with your other challenges. Thank you for participating x 3w
AllDebooks @Hooked_on_books Eels do have the most incredible physiology and life cycle. 3w
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm So far I‘m enjoying it. The history of humans all over the world being absolutely perplexed by multiple aspects of the eel amuses me to no end. Especially when someone is SO sure they know exactly how they operate, like Aristotle. 😅 It‘s humbling to know that even in todays world, we still barely understand the world around us and that it‘s still surprising us every day. 3w
Chelsea.Poole I‘m loving this book already. The writing style is working well for me…very informative, draws me in, yet doesn‘t get too bogged down with facts (thus far at least). Like @Hooked_on_books and @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I‘m amazed that we humans have yet to fully figure out what exactly this little creature is up to. Kinda makes me love it for that reason, like “yes! keep your mystery little eek!” 3w
Soubhiville I realized in reading this that I hadn‘t thought much about eels or their life cycles. Who knew they were so complex? I found myself thinking that maybe eels should replace butterflies when we learn about metamorphosis in the classroom. Their changes seem more subtle but also more complex. I agree that the difficulty in learning where they breed and die is fascinating. 3w
rockpools I wasn‘t overly enthusiastic to start this one if I‘m honest. But I totally agree with @Hooked_on_books - it‘s fascinating! The fact that no eel has ever been seen in the Sargasso Sea - 🤯. Sometimes it‘s fun to see where the limits of our knowledge lie. And I quite like the alternating between his personal story and All Things Eel. 3w
Jess861 I've quite enjoyed the first five chapters of this book. I've never really thought about eels or learning about them so I was excited when I saw this would be the first book we read. It is fascinating that eels can be so easily accessed yet it took so long to discover their reproductive organs and system and we still could learn so much more about them. I'm enjoying the writing style and the back and forth between his personal story and facts. 3w
AllDebooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I found this so amusing too. This little creature is able to confound the greatest thinkers to this day!! 3w
AllDebooks @Soubhiville that is an amazing idea. Would be great to study on paper but not so easy to replicate as a clutch of butterfly eggs hatching through their life cycle in a classroom. However, it does provide context of the complexity of life cycles, the biodiversity they need (and bring) to sustain life and highlights the perils they face at different life stages. 3w
TheKidUpstairs @Hooked_on_books @Soubhiville I was especially fascinated by the eels metamorphosis as well. The idea that each individual eel becomes what it needs to be only when it needs, depending on its own surroundings and experiences. 3w
AllDebooks @rockpools @Jess861 I agree, it is endleesly fascinating. I'm engrossed in the story of son and father, alongside the natural history of eels. I confess, I'm completely (was) ignorant about these complex creatures. I think I was traumatised, as a kid by the moray eel attacks in the movie The Deep. 😅 I'm really impressed with the amount of information, knowledge and experience this little book contains. 3w
AllDebooks @TheKidUpstairs it's astounding. The fact that this cycle can go on for decades, too, is fascinating. It made me wonder what impact climate change will have on them now. Will they stay at the stage they're at now, leading to a rapid deterioration in population numbers. I sincerely hope not. If there's one thing an eel is, it's a survivor!!! 3w
jlhammar I knew next to nothing about eels so this book is blowing my mind so far! Like many of you, I‘m loving how mysterious they are. And the fact that they can travel on dry land if needed yet also swim for miles a day at a depth of 3,000 feet below the surface is kind of amazing. 3w
sebrittainclark I'm finding it fascinating how mysterious eels are to us even today. The question of how to categorize eels is reminding me a lot of Why Fish Don't Exist by Lulu Miller. 3w
Ann_Reads I'd always imagined eels to be primitive but after reading about the various stages of development in their life cycle, they are quite sophisticated biologically. I really didn't give eels much thought prior to reading this book. 3w
Julsmarshall Just got this book from the library and will dive in today. I‘d love to be tagged, will try read most of that books 😄 3w
TheKidUpstairs @AllDebooks he does get into a bit about how climate change and other human involvement (primarily fishing) is affecting eels in later chapters. 3w
TheKidUpstairs @jlhammar oh my gosh, yes! The ability to snake across dry land blew my mind, too. The incredible distance they can travel, but then spend the vast majority of their lives in one location. I had no idea how fascinating they are! 3w
Chelsea.Poole @TheKidUpstairs so well put! It seems as if we humans could take note of their abilities and apply this concept to our own lives — ie: change when needed, be more fluid and less rigid in our thoughts and opinions. Lots to chew on here as I think more about these fascinating eels! 3w
jlhammar @sebrittainclark I loved Why Fish Don't Exist! 3w
Graywacke These comments capture how there are so many interesting aspects to this book so far. I fully admit I‘m not particularly interested in eels…well, that‘s overstating. I‘m mildly interested. But regardless I have thoroughly enjoyed the opening chapters of this book and his rumination on eels, the study of eels and his dad. I‘m really struck by the nature of the Sargasso Sea, the still spot caught between all those massive ocean currents. (edited) 3w
Graywacke And the Freud chapter was really entertaining. Dissecting 400 eels to find what doesn‘t exist, not realizing they metamorphose…terrific stuff. 3w
Graywacke @Hooked_on_books I‘m drawn in too! @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Aristotle surely was partially crazy, right? 🙂 That section was entertaining. @Chelsea.Poole agreed about the writing. It‘s terrific. 3w
Graywacke @Soubhiville Had no idea eels were so complex either @rockpools I wasn‘t excited either, but I‘m into now. it‘s pretty cool that there‘s so much we don‘t know @Jess861 I had never put any thought into eels either. 3w
Graywacke @TheKidUpstairs @AllDebooks Thinking and Aristotle and Freud, i hadn‘t considered the impact of climate change. I‘ll brace myself to be depressed 🙁 3w
Graywacke @jlhammar how do you study an animal living at 3000 ft of open water. Crazy, no? @sebrittainclark How are they classified? I was surprised he mentioned how close they are to fish. Didn‘t imagine that. @Ann_Reads Agree, who knew these brown muddy things living in little water hollows were such travelers or had some dramatic metamorphoses. Cool stuff. 3w
AllDebooks @sebrittainclark that's on my tbr list, especially now. 3w
AllDebooks @jlhammar Eels must be the most dynamic creature I've ever read about 3w
AllDebooks @Ann_Reads me neither. If I'm honest, I didnt think I would like this book. How wrong was I? 3w
AllDebooks @Graywacke I loved this chapter on chasing down the knowledge of eels reproductive cycle. I had no idea Freaud was a naturalist before switching careers.🤯 3w
AllDebooks @Julsmarshall Absolutely, welcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have so far. 3w
Graywacke @AllDebooks Freud. It‘s just so funny the penis-envy man failed to find a penis. 🤭 (on a phallic shaped fish!) 3w
AllDebooks @Graywacke LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just spat coffee everywhere 🤣 3w
Graywacke @AllDebooks sorry 😂 😂 3w
ElizaMarie @Soubhiville That sounds like a great idea! They are so complex! 3w
Ann_Reads @Graywacke Glad you said it instead of me. 😁😁😁 That chapter was equally disturbing and hilarious. (Not a fan of Freud's theories.) (edited) 3w
ElizaMarie Can you please tag me?

I am surprised at how little I knew about Eels and their lives. It just never was one of the animals I tried to learn about. I always thought they looked “cool,“ but to see that they are so adaptable to their environment is awe-inspiring. The human story that is woven into it is always delightful.

Thank you for including me int his wonderful #BuddyRead
CaitZ I'm fascinated by these creatures. I never had any idea that their lives were so complex and mysterious. I like the way the author weaves his encounters with science. 3w
Aimeesue I'm currently listening to The Night Ship which goes with TBOE very well, as eels and eely monsters are a big part of book. Leaning how unfathomable eels have been for thousands of years, and how dark & mysterious they seemed, it makes a lot of sense that there's a kind of mythology around them in many places. 3w
TEArificbooks Can you please add me to the tags as well. I never knew eels were so mysterious. The eel fishing and eating with the dad stood out to me. I have never had a desire to eat eel and after reading this I most certainly still do not want to eat eel. I did like fishing with my dad as a kid though, we never fished for eel. 3w
TEArificbooks I also liked the Freud chapter and how even though he never found the eel penis, he did learn things about the scientific process as use some of that knowledge later. 3w
TEArificbooks @Aimeesue that is good to know I will move that book up my tbr then. I will try to read it this month 3w
AllDebooks @ElizaMarie apologies, I lost my list of #midwinter solace littens carrying on with #naturalitsy added you now x 3w
AllDebooks @mdm139 absolutely, thanks for joining us x 3w
daena To add to all of the thoughtful comments before me, I am really enjoying the book thus far. I loved the authors story of how his family caught, prepared, and ate eel. His writing allows the reader to feel as though they are sitting at the kitchen table as well. Also, the whole Freud connection blew me away. The definitely don‘t teach you that bit in psych class! 3w
AllDebooks @Readergrrl this is what we're currently reading for January. In Feb a few of us will be reading 3w
AllDebooks @daena Svensson is a very warm, engaging writer, isn't he? I do think I'd have to pass on the eel donners though 🤔 3w
Caterina I'm loving it so far! It's informative but fun and easy to read, and good on audio. I told my husband about the Freud part, and it's been cracking us both up 😂 Freud futilely searching for eel penises, then switching to his whole penis-envy psych stuff 😂 And I love the mystery of eels, such cool little guys 😍 I love learning about the limits of our knowledge! 3w
AllDebooks @Caterina haha, love that you're both laughing at the Freud part 😆 3w
Julsmarshall This book is such a delight! I keep reading bits of info to my husband and he is as surprised as I am. Who knew eels were such cool, mysterious little creatures?! 3w
SamAnne I loved the Aristotle chapter, all the arguments over how eels reproduced: a window into the larger arguments going on over evolution, reproduction, etc in the scientific world of the day. While this book is about an entirely different eel species, I've worked a bit on Pacific Lamprey protection, a Pacific NW US eel that between ocean and rivers. Not as well known as salmon, but very important to Tribes. And a face only a mother could love! 3w
AllDebooks @SamAnne 😍 I loved how the complexity of the eels life cycle has confounded some of our greatest thinkers for centuries. Just keep swimming, little eels 😊 3w
TheBookHippie I‘m late😵‍💫🤣 so, I am terrified of eels they freak me out. Too snake like. However I‘m enjoying this learning a ton and sharing tidbits daily to my son! 💚 I‘d have never read this without this group so thank you! 2w
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie I don't think I would have read it either, certainly wouldn't have been a tbr priority. That would have been a shame. This little volume contains so much information! 2w
Chrissyreadit I‘m just finishing chapter 5- so have to read this thread- but this is so much more interesting than I expected!!! 2w
AllDebooks @Chrissyreadit I think this little book has surprised us all tbh. 😊 2w
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The Forest | Edward Rutherfurd
post image

Just nabbed myself this little deal for the #NaturaLitsyBingo2023 fiction prompt. As it's 900+ pages long, I'll probably use a few free choice prompts too.


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Demon Copperhead: A Novel | Barbara Kingsolver
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This book #Copperheads ?
"She was scared about leaving Knoxville. I couldn't believe it. I told her there's trees, mountains, rivers, birds singing in your ears, we've got the whole rest of the world over there, other than people, which are only one thing." p.139
@Cinfhen #Buddyread

Karisimo What‘s the timing/pace? I was thinking of starting this weekend! 3w
AllDebooks @Karisimo very chilled buddy read. No set time frame. Just a group of us reading together started by @Cinfhen Look for #copperheads 3w
Cinfhen The writing is just gorgeous and the tone, place, time is fantastic. This book is going to be a modern classic!!! 3w
Cinfhen I‘m happy to add you @Karisimo !!! It‘s SUPER INFORMAL!! Just sharing ideas/ passages - read at your own pace 💖😊 3w
AllDebooks @Cinfhen I think it's going to be my favourite book of hers. I agree, all the marks of a classic 3w
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Anyone else a fan? This short reel of Vincent Van Gogh's sketches is just what I needed today.

Image - The rock of Montmajour with pine trees, Van Gogh, Arles, 1888.


IndoorDame ❤️❤️❤️ 3w
batsy So lovely 💕 3w
JamieArc I‘ll be visiting the Van Gogh exhibit in Detroit for my birthday Saturday. Thanks for sharing ❤️ 3w
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AllDebooks @JamieArc oh wow, enjoy x 3w
AnneCecilie I read a collection of his letters a few years back and loved them. 3w
AllDebooks @AnneCecilie I have them too. 3w
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Now we've reached the end of #12booksofChristmas I'll share my books of the year. What a difficult decision it was!!! I have read some truly outstanding books this year. Here's hoping 2023 is as enlightening, educational and entertaining.
A blessed 12th night to you all x

The Witch and the Tsar | Olesya Salnikova Gilmore
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Joining in #12daysofchristmas hosted by @Andrew65
Listing my favourite books of the year over 12 days from my annual fiction and non-fiction reads.

Well, it's a wrap on an absolutely incredible year's reading. Happy 12th night to you all x


LeeRHarry I can‘t wait to read The Witch and the Tsar 😊 3w
AllDebooks @LeeRHarry I think you'll really enjoy it. It's an amazing story 😊 3w
Aimeesue The Slater is one of my favorites. This year I listened to the first season of his podcast which is excerpts from the book. I think they recorded some of it at his home because the opening has a crow cawing in it 🥰 3w
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Andrew65 Excellent choices. Thanks for playing along, it‘s been a good way to review the year. 3w
AllDebooks @Andrew65 It really has, I've really enjoyed it. Thank you for hosting 😊 3w
Andrew65 @AllDebooks Loved doing it, and thanks. 3w
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Every year, I set myself a reading theme for the year. It could be something I'm interested in or know nothing about. I've been doing this for around 12 years now & and I do find it very rewarding.
This year I've chosen poetry as it's not my strongest subject. So please, do throw any suggestions my way, poetry collections, biographies, textbooks, fiction. I'm pretty open to anything and everything.

Soubhiville And I like Rupi Kaur: specifically 3w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheSpineView could help you with this!! 3w
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shortsarahrose Definitely recommend this work of poetry 3w
shortsarahrose Novels in verse are another way to explore poetry that might be less intimidating. I‘ve been recommending this one to everyone since I read it last year 3w
AllDebooks @shortsarahrose oh I have this, I'm certain I got it for my daughter. Thanks 😊 3w
AllDebooks @Soubhiville thank you. I've read some of Rupi Kaur's work. I'll look out for Milk and honey at the library. I love the sound of Sparrow envy 😍 3w
wanderinglynn Mary Oliver. Two of my fave collections are Dog Songs and A Thousand Mornings 3w
rockpools Yes to what @shortsarahrose said! And I love the idea of a theme for the year. 3w
rockpools Obviously you need all things Alice Oswald 3w
rockpools And maybe some bee keeping poetry? 🐝 3w
dabbe I adore British Romanticism. Here is a link to two slides I used when I taught this unit to my honors sophomores. It looks like a website, but it was created in Google Slides, so click away if interested!

AllDebooks @dabbe Thank you so much, that is so kind of you. I shall be taking notes 😊👌 3w
JamieArc I am reading the tagged and am loving it, and I don‘t consider myself a poetry person. 3w
JamieArc Any Mary Oliver is a must with your nature interest. Two others I like are Billy Collins and David Whyte. 3w
AllDebooks @JamieArc thank you for the recommendations x 3w
AllDebooks @wanderinglynn thank you x 3w
AllDebooks @rockpools thank you x I love chosing an annual theme, it focuses my reading and I learn so much. 3w
Liz_M If you want to learn a little about how to analyze a poem, try 3w
Liz_M Also I love the podcast poetry unbound. There is a short preface about why the poem, he reads the poem, discusses the poem, then reads it again. Episodes are about 15 minutes. 3w
AllDebooks @Liz_M Thank you, I'll be buying the book and listening to the podcast. 3w
AllDebooks Thank you all. I'm completely bowled over by your response and all your amazing recommendations. I've noted them all. X 3w
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This autobiography is concise but retains a heartfelt admiration for Agatha. Wolsey manages to delve into the mysteries of Agatha's life a s a child and a young woman with compassion and empathy. An enjoyable, informative read.

post image

Listened to the audiobook narrated by Simon Armitage. Great narrative of a young knight of King Arthur's court, Sir Gawain as he volunteers to challenge the green knight and the ensuing quest and adventures.

dabbe This story was always the precursor to a whole unit on the Arthurian legends with my freshmen honors students. One of the best quest stories ever written (IMHO).😊 3w
AllDebooks I loved it, Im going to watch the movie at the weekend 3w
rockpools I‘m fairly sure this was the first book I ever bought on my kindle. Also fairly sure I still haven‘t read it! 3w
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AllDebooks @rockpools I think there's a danger Kindle books disappear into the ether!! Pretty sure I've forgotten about half of what I've got 🙈 3w
marleed Oh I requested this audiobook through my library and they purchased it. I loved it. At the time my new little grandson (now 2) was just named Gavan which derives from Gawain. I thought it would be fun to know the story so i could orally tell it to him. I haven‘t yet - to date he falls asleep to my long-time memorized reciting of The Owl and the Pussycat! 3w
AllDebooks @marleed I love this x 3w
bibliothecarivs Still making my way slowly through the book and loving it. Not going to finish it by tonight, which was my original goal. 3w
bibliothecarivs @AllDebooks are you going to watch the recent Dev Patel version? Have you seen it yet? If not, I'll pass along some advice - don't expect it to follow the poem too closely. I did, and I was disappointed upon first viewing. But after some time and consideration and several more viewings, it has grown on me a lot and is now in my top 10 films of all time. 3w
AllDebooks @bibliothecarivs yes, that's the film I want to see. I'm going in with an open mind. Thanks for the tip 😊 3w
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