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dabbe Good luck with that! 🤣❣️🐾🤣❣️ 3d
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The Therapist | B A Paris
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My baby things we should take a break from reading. #DogsOfLitsy

wanderinglynn Such a cute face! ❤️🐶 4d
ElizaMarie @wanderinglynn awe thanks! He is a grumpy old man. Doesn‘t let me take care of his nose as much as I‘d like. But I can corner him sometimes :) 4d
dabbe I. Can't. Even. That. Face!!! ❣️🐾❣️ 4d
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The ‘hound is ready to get this show on the road NOW PLEASE!!!

I‘m doing the print and audio versions of the appalling saga of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. I‘ve already seen the documentary series and the drama series but I‘m still hooked by this story.

#nelson #greyhounds #dogsoflitsy

Ruthiella That pup is prepared! ❤️🐶 4d
DogMomIrene She fascinates me too. I watched the documentary, but I couldn‘t get into the series. May try again. Looking forward to seeing how you like this book. 4d
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AlaMich @Ruthiella Custom made coat because greyhounds have such wacky bodies. (edited) 4d
LeahBergen Bundle up! 😆 4d
AlaMich @LeahBergen Today is warm! 35° baby!! ? 4d
batsy It's fashion! 😁 3d
AlaMich @batsy If it were up to me, Nelson would have a wardrobe of winter wear! 3d
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Saturday morning is perfect with coffee, the pup, and The Running Man ☕️ 🐕 📖

#currentlyreading #readingStephenKing #dogsoflitsy

White Horse: A Novel | Erika T. Wurth
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I have not heard one thing about this book, but I am digging it so far at 50 pages in!! Not much has happened, but the creep factor gets turned up with each chapter! #botm also Kevyn says happy weekend! #dogsoflitsy

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We're gonna have time to read today, right Mom? Yes, Sabrina. We will read. 🤓❤️🐾 #dogsoflitsy #greatdane

Cosmos_Moon I love your dog 😍 so beautiful! 5d
batsy Omg 😍 5d
SheReadsAndWrites Thank you! She's a huge love 🥰 @Cosmos_Moon @batsy 5d
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TrishB Awwwww 🐶❤️ 5d
ElizaMarie Sabrina!!!! You can‘t say no to her!!! She is gorgeous! 5d
mrp27 Dogs are the best reading buddies! 5d
AvidReader25 Look at that face!!! 😍 5d
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Book Lovers | Emily Henry
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I hope to finish the tagged book today, but right now, I‘m starting on my first #love project for #litsycrafters. And I couldn‘t help taking a pic of Max napping!

Catsandbooks Aww precious pup!! ❤️ 6d
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Boooorrrrrrriiiiinnggggggg - not for me. I thought it would have more geese. #audiobook #tob2023 #itcouldbethatiamjusttired #feelingexhausted #longday

#DogsofLitsy #CopperBopper #whpg #griff 😴🥱

BkClubCare #readICT category friendship 1w
BkClubCare It is possible, very possible, that ToB discussions will show me how stupid and impatient I am when it comes to great literature 🤷🏻‍♀️ (edited) 1w
SamAnne 😂😂😂. More geese! More geese! I will be skipping this read. Thank you for the review. 1w
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BkClubCare @SamAnne - eeek! I always get nervous when people say they‘ll skip a book — But what if it would be perfect FOR YOU?! 🤣 I am at that point in the TOB list that I have too many books to read. #sigh And no motivation to give them “proper due” (proper DO?!) 7d
Larkken #thoughtitwouldhavemoregeese sums up my general ambivalence about this year‘s list, tbh. @BkClubCare I‘ve been much more impatient with the books on this years list than previous years, and it‘s surprising me! 7d
SamAnne @BkClubCare hah! My TBR is plenty big as it is. 7d
Chelsea.Poole lol!! Where‘s the goose emoji?? 🦆 close enough 🤷🏼‍♀️ 6d
BkClubCare @Chelsea.Poole LOL - I almost emoji-ed the 🦆 but thought I might be ridiculed 🤣 6d
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This was my favorite read of 2022.
Tom Papa just makes me smile. He's positive and real and just freaking funny. I found myself truly laughing out loud while reading this. I do think watching a few of his skits first helps so you can hear his voice while reading. If ya need a smile, this book is for you.
#dogsoflitsy #notfrank

ShelleyBooksie Cute dog ♡ 1w
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Fetch! | Paige Braddock
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Peanut finds out about bullies at doggy daycare. Butter and Crackers attempt a rescue. I could drink that pot of coffee right about now. #dogsoflitsy #catsoflitsy to the rescue!