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Mad Libs | Roger Price, Leonard Stern
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#TeamFestivus I was trying to figure out how to best post the Mad Libs, then gave up. 😂 I suggest try to pick out the words before you read it. 😉

#wintergames game 2 for Dec. 11

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

wanderinglynn My answers: colossal; colorful; 13; melodic; dogs; naughty; stars; cake; planets; dance; 4,173; lamp; -2; secretly; tree; squirrels; sleep (edited) 2h
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Untitled | Unknown
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wanderinglynn My answers: all of the above! 😂 I‘ve never met a carb I didn‘t like. 3h
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One trip to the mall and I completed the #wintergames Christmas Shopping Scavenger Hunt! 🎉🎄⛄️

#TeamFestivus 🙌🏻

Clwojick Awesome! 3h
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Untitled | Unknown
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wanderinglynn Wreath, mistletoe, Angel, ornament, cookies, reindeer, toboggan, present, stocking, carols, fruitcake, tinsel, jingle, fireplace, Santa, candle, poinsettia, December, gingerbread, Noel 1d
samanthagutt 1) wreath 2) mistletoe 3) angel 4) ornament 5) cookies 6) reindeer 7) toboggan 8) present 9) stocking 10) carols 11) fruitcake 12) tinsel 13) jingle 14) fireplace 15) santa 16) candle 17) poinsettia 18) December 19) gingerbread 20) noel 7h
wanderinglynn Awesome job @samanthagutt 🎉 5h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Addison_Reads @wanderinglynn is this a team challenge where we just comment here or do we do it individually and repost? 1d
wanderinglynn @Addison_Reads they didn‘t say. I think it can be either. But I vote for individually repost. That way even if we have the same words, we can each get the 5 pts. 😉 1d
Addison_Reads @wanderinglynn I was hoping you'd say that. More points for #TeamFestivus. 😁 I'm motivated to be top of the list next week. 1d
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wanderinglynn @Addison_Reads you & me both! 🙌🏻 1d
wanderinglynn 68 words and counting. Too many to type. I‘ll take a photo of my list later. (edited) 1d
wanderinglynn My list is now at 101 words! 🙌🏻 Too many to type! 14h
wanderinglynn And I‘m tapping out at 180 words. 5h
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The tree in my complex‘s community building. I love the blue with silver. ❤️🎄

#xmastreecontest #wintergames #TeamFestivus

Texreader Beautiful 1d
marleed It‘s so pretty. I recently spent 5 years of apartment living. I loved it. I was hoping to purchase a condo when I moved but that just didn‘t work in the timeframe and location I was looking. 1d
marleed Oh wait - @Texreader my apartment was at The Pearl on the Riverwalk in San Antonio so you may be familiar with it! 1d
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wanderinglynn @marleed I‘ve been living in apartments for more than 20 years. 😂 1d
marleed My SA apt was less than 2 miles from my office at Ft Sam Houston and I thought I was avoiding traffic. I had no idea how much I would love living in a public space! I really miss it - especially after 56 bags of leaves from my tiny city house! 1d
wanderinglynn @marleed 56 bags. Wow! Yes, no maintenance is one of the biggest perks. 👍🏻 1d
marleed And raking does not equate to a fair count of steps! If only I could have accounted for those bags in a BFC! 1d
Texreader @marleed ❤️❤️❤️ I love the Pearl and it‘s no wonder you loved it. It‘s not far from our house in Alamo Heights! Are you still in SA? 1d
veritysalter Gorgeous 🎄♥️ 24h
Barakzai Happy new year 19h
marleed @Texreader I left 2 years ago in 2017 to move to Kansas City - closer to my grown kids. I‘ll never get over those 5 great years of apt and no-winter living (directly 2 floors above The Twig bookshop overlooking the splash fountain and Pearl Park). I love Alamo Heights - that‘s where I found ‘my‘ H-E-B and Torchy‘s Tacos. And the SA library is the best! 18h
brit91 Beautiful 13h
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I have the book (gifted to me from my mom many years ago) and we read it every year. This year I also listened to this audiobook edition, read by the fabulous Meryl Strep and including about 40 minutes worth of holiday music.

#TeamFestivus #wintergames #holidayread #holidaytradition

Untitled | Unknown
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#TeamFestivus#wintergames scavenger hunt

You must share photos for this one. The hearts are your choice. 20 points per bingo line, 100 additional for the full card, & multiple plays are allowed (if you finish the board, you can start over again).

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

Addison_Reads @wanderinglynn @StayCurious @Clwojick Are other bingo cards able to repeat multiple times or just this one? 1d
wanderinglynn I checked. All repeatable! 1d
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Untitled | Unknown
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#TeamFestivus – a #wintergames scavenger hunt as you‘re cruising around your neighborhoods and towns.

You may share a picture, but you don‘t have to take a photo. (Be safe when driving!)

1 pt per item checked

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

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And here‘s my #UglyChristmasSweater entry for #wintergames, complete with weird fringe garland neckline. It‘s so ugly it‘s kind of cute. 😂

Go #TeamFestivus 🙌🏻⛄️

AlaMich The garland is actually part of the sweater? I thought you added it to be even more festive! 🤣 1d
TheSpineView Cute! 1d
wanderinglynn @AlaMich the garland came with the sweater. 😂 1d
Come-read-with-me @wanderinglynn That is a statement sweater! You make it look good! 1d
wanderinglynn @Come-read-with-me thank you! 😂 1d
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Christmas Trees | Robert Frost
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Untitled | Unknown
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Clwojick Woohoo!!! 💥🙌🏻♥️ Go #TeamFestivus 1d
Readage Great job, team!! 1d
EliNeedsMoreShelves 😍🎉👏🏻 1d
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Untitled | Unknown
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For those of us who are owned by cats, a little cat #holidayhumor. Merry Cat-mas!

#wintergames #TeamFestivus

Eggs Pragmatic for sure 2d
AmyG Ha! 2d
TheSpineView 😻😻😻 2d
TNbookworm 😹😹 1d
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Untitled | Unknown
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wanderinglynn A Christmas Story; Nightmare Before Christmas; Polar Express; Arthur Christmas ?; It‘s a Wonderful Life; Home Alone; Miracle on 34th Street; White Christmas; A Christmas Carol; Elf 2d
wanderinglynn This is now worth a total of 30 pts. 2d
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Untitled | Unknown
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wanderinglynn Hark the Herald Angels Sing; Deck the Halls; It Came Upon a Midnight Clear; The a First Noel; O Little Town of Bethlehem; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; Silent Night; Frosty the Snowman; Silver Bells; O Holy Night 2d
ChasingOm Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Deck the Halls
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
The First Noel
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Silent Night
Frosty the Snowman
Carol of the Bells
Oh Holy Night
wanderinglynn @ChasingOm great job! 🙌🏻⛄️🎶 1d
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5 holiday episodes of The Big Bang Theory, 8 of Friends, and 7 of HIMYM. ❤️🎄💚🎅🏼 It‘s feeling very Christmasy here!

#wintergames #holidaytvshows #TeamFestivus

Untitled | Unknown
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Next batch of holiday cards ready to go! ❤️🎄💌#holidaytraditions #wintergames #TeamFestivus

Captivatedbybooks Ive been working on mines and but misplaced a whole box of cards im soo irked with my life lol 2d
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Christmas in Vermont | Anita Hughes
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Another light-hearted, happily ever after holiday-themed book. If I keep up this reading pace, I just might make my 140 book goal!

#wintergames #holidayread #TeamFestivus

marleed Ooh good luck. I‘m have a thrifted stack of Richard Paul Evans books to read this month. They are quick reads too but I‘m not sure I‘d enjoy them as much any other month. 2d
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A warm hearted, happily ever after holiday story about the power of kindness.

#wintergames #holidayread #TeamFestivus

samanthagutt I‘m reading this one now! 2d
wanderinglynn @samanthagutt 🙌🏻 enjoy! 2d
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No Title | None
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#TeamFestivus – game 2 for Dec. 8 worth 5 pts (6 if you make a new post). Remember to get those last Dec. 7 posts in before playing the Dec. 8 games because Sec. 8 starts a new week of #wintergames

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

wanderinglynn My book title: When Snowmen Would Shine ⛄️⛄️⛄️ 3d
samanthagutt Some Reindeer Always Whisper 🦌 ❄️ 3d
teebe If Elves Might Glisten 3d
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ChasingOm If Snowmen May Jingle-Jangle (I haven‘t changed my name after marriage, but I love that this is what it would be if I had hyphenated. 😂) 3d
wanderinglynn @samanthagutt Fantastic book title! 3d
wanderinglynn @teebe that‘s an intriguing title! ⛄️ 3d
wanderinglynn @ChasingOm I love it! The hyphenation really makes that title! 👍🏻⛄️ 3d
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Untitled | Unknown
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wanderinglynn Since I‘m Southern, I have to say eggs, milk, bread, and toilet paper because if you‘ve ever been in the South when there‘s a threat of snow, these are the items that are gone from grocery store shelves. 😂

But really: hot tea, books, a jigsaw puzzle or two, a warm, cozy blanket, and some chocolate. Luckily, I live in an area that doesn‘t get much snow.
Chrissyreadit Do you sleep? Enquiring minds want to know!!!! You are one active captain ❤️🥰 3d
Laughterhp I‘m in New England and the same thing happens here and I have no idea why! I think it‘s so they can make French toast 😂 3d
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MaleficentBookDragon Hot cocoa, ingredients for baking, books, a warm blanket, and cheesy horror movies for me. 3d
wanderinglynn @Chrissyreadit I‘m on the west coast. So it really isn‘t that late when I posted this. 😉❤️ 3d
wanderinglynn @Laughterhp 😂 I could go for some French toast! 👍🏻 3d
samanthagutt Movies, hot cocoa, books, and a warm toasty fire! (Snow days are the ONLY good thing about winter in the northeast 😂) 3d
teebe Movies, books, a blanket, my iPad and a sketchbook. 3d
ChasingOm Warm clothes because dogs still need walked on snow days! Then warm socks, a soft blanket, a hot drink, and a good book or two. 3d
Kdgordon88 Hot tea, cozy socks, fleece blankets and lots of books. I love snow days here especially if I don‘t have to go to work. 3d
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Someone else decided to get snuggles too.

And I finished the tag, another happily ever after Christmas story. My favorite kind of story. ❤️🎄💚

#wintergames #holidayread #TeamFestivus

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We‘re all snuggled up on this cold, damp night listening to holiday music. I enjoyed this light-hearted, happily ever after, Christmas-themed read. Bonus, there‘s a cute puppy in the story. ❤️🐶

#wintergames #holidayread #TeamFestivus

Bookzombie 💕🐶 3d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Just finished The Christmas Prince trilogy on Netflix. Fun, light-hearted movies.

#wintergames #holidaymovies #TeamFestivus

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No Title | None
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And here‘s game 2 for Dec. 7 of the #wintergames

What‘s your reindeer name #TeamFestivus? For an easy 5 pts.

Mine‘s Pointy-toes Lord Crackle 🤷🏼‍♀️ Doesn‘t really sound like a reindeer. Maybe more like some kind of ballerina rapper. 😂

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

ChasingOm Pointy-toes Snickerdoodle, at your service! 4d
samanthagutt Mine is Grinch St. Candy Cane! 4d
Chrissyreadit Frosty Bon Bon 4d
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teebe Tinsel-cheeks von Pretzel 😆 4d
wanderinglynn @teebe 😂😂😂 4d
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No Title | None
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wanderinglynn My answers: C J E H D G B F I A 4d
samanthagutt C, J, E, H, D, G, B, F, I, A 4d
wanderinglynn Great job @samanthagutt 🙌🏻⛄️📽 4d
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Christmas Camp: A Novel | Karen Schaler
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So this is a novel written *after* the screenplay. And I have to say, I like the book better. She made some changes and I think it made the book so much better.

And the book included some fun recipes, like the Christmas Camp Sugar Cookies Secret Recipe. 🍪

I also read Christmas Camp Wedding.

#wintergames #holidayreads #holidaymovie

No Title | None
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#TeamFestivus - a new scavenger hunt 🎄 for #wintergames

You have the rest of the month if you opt to complete this one.

UPDATE: this is a photo challenge. You can post them as a collage or post one photo at a time.

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

wanderinglynn And one ornament can fill multiple prompts. 4d
Readage Got the update!! I'll be working on it 😉 4d
Readage @wanderinglynn Thanks for the update 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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#TeamFestivus – Dec 6 #wintergames – Pick a Santa!

Each Santa has a point value from 1 to 100. Pick your Santa! Tell me which Santa you pick in the comments & I‘ll tell you the point value. Once a Santa is picked, that one is off the board.

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

ChasingOm 15, please! 😄 5d
samanthagutt 7! 🎅🏼 (edited) 5d
teebe 13 5d
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LouBeth 12 5d
Sills @Sills number 11 please 5d
i-am-papercrane 8 please! 5d
ads0123 16 5d
chaoticgoodhufflepuff 4! (edited) 5d
wanderinglynn @ChasingOm Santa no. 15 is worth 90pts! 🎅🏼 5d
wanderinglynn @samanthagutt Santa no. 7 is worth 98 pts! 🎅🏼 5d
wanderinglynn @teebe Santa no. 13 is worth 6 pts! 🎅🏼 5d
wanderinglynn @LouBeth Santa no. 12 is worth 76 pts! 🎅🏼 5d
wanderinglynn @i-am-papercrane Santa no. 8 is worth 17 pts! 🎅🏼 5d
wanderinglynn @ads0123 Santa no. 16 is worth 43 pts! 🎅🏼 5d
wanderinglynn @MaleficentBookDragon Santa no. 9 is worth 89 pts! 🎅🏼 5d
wanderinglynn @Kdgordon88 Santa no. 19 is worth 65 pts! 🎅🏼 5d
wanderinglynn @chaoticgoodhufflepuff Santa no. 4 is worth 29 pts! 🎅🏼 5d
Addison_Reads @wanderinglynn No. 2 please. 5d
wanderinglynn @Addison_Reads Santa no. 2 is worth 5pts! 🎅🏼 5d
Readage 1 please 5d
wanderinglynn @Readage Santa no. 1 is worth 10pts! 🎅🏼 5d
EliNeedsMoreShelves Number 10 please! 4d
wanderinglynn @EliNeedsMoreShelves Santa no. 10 is worth 56 pts! 🎅🏼 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Okay #TeamFestivus, here‘s the first game for Dec 6!

Please use the spoiler tag whether you repost to answer or whether you answer in the comments on this post . I‘ll post my answers in comments tomorrow.

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon


samanthagutt G, M, A, K, O, B, D,P, E, H, R, C, J, N, Q, F, L, I 4d
wanderinglynn @samanthagutt 🙌🏻⛄️🍪 4d
wanderinglynn Finally got around to answering! G M A K O B D P E H R C J N Q F L I 4d
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Book Nook | Pearl Markovics
post image

#festivephotochallenge #wintergames

Dec 5—cozy reading nook
I live in a 1-bedroom apartment, so I really don‘t have space for a reading nook. But if I did, it would be one like these. Probably the one on the right. ❤️

Suet624 Beautiful! 6d
Lindy Nice! I want to be able to alternate between the top one and the one on the right. 6d
wanderinglynn @Lindy one could be on your beach cottage and one in your house. 😉 6d
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Lindy @wanderinglynn yeah, right. Since we are dreaming anyway... 😊 6d
wanderinglynn @Lindy exactly. 😂 6d
OrangeMooseReads The bottom left is nice 👍🏼 I wouldn‘t object to having that area in my home. 5d
OnlyYoo Reading nooks are so beautiful! I would love to have one someday but would probably still end up reading in my bed haha 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
post image
ChasingOm 😼😼😼 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

😂😂😂 Merry Newtonmas everyone!

#wintergames #holidaylaugh #teamfestivus

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No Title | None
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#TeamFestivus – the first *Limited Time/Unlimited Response* Activity for #WinterGames!

Do NOT repost—all answers have to be commented on here. *One person cannot post twice in a row.* Let‘s see how many times we can get through the alphabet!

One Team Festivus participant will be randomly chosen to get an EXTRA 50 points!

Game starts NOW and ends at 11:59:59pm Dec 5. You have a full 24 hours to answer

wanderinglynn I‘ll start: Advent calendar. 6d
Addison_Reads Booze 😉 6d
LouBeth Cupcakes 6d
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Readage Dessert 6d
LouBeth Eggnog 6d
Addison_Reads Festivus Pole 6d
Kdgordon88 Gin 6d
Addison_Reads Ham (we need food for all this alcohol..😁) 6d
ads0123 Ice cream!! 6d
Readage Jell-O mold (with or without cat food) 6d
Addison_Reads @Readage 😂 perfect 6d
Readage @Addison_Reads Glad someone got the joke 😉 6d
Addison_Reads Kit-Kats, one of my favorite candies. 6d
wanderinglynn Lights 6d
ads0123 Mashed potatoes 6d
Kdgordon88 Noise makers 6d
teebe Oreo pie 6d
ChasingOm Presents! 6d
samanthagutt Quiche! 😂 6d
EliNeedsMoreShelves Records/record player 🕺🏼 6d
samanthagutt Santa hat 🎅🏼 6d
Addison_Reads Ugly Sweaters 6d
Chrissyreadit Vodka 6d
ChasingOm Wraps (Turkey, ham, or veggie) 6d
Addison_Reads Zucchini bread 6d
Addison_Reads Great job #TeamFestivus! 🎉 now we can start it up again. 6d
LouBeth Apple cider 6d
wanderinglynn w00t! 🙌🏻 You guys rock! 6d
wanderinglynn Bourbon 6d
Addison_Reads Cookies 🍪 6d
LouBeth Deviled eggs 6d
Addison_Reads Elves 🎄 6d
teebe Flan 6d
Addison_Reads Gifts 🎁 6d
wanderinglynn Hot chocolate 6d
wanderinglynn Tagging everyone again so we don‘t lose momentum! We‘re almost 1/2 through the 2d time & have to 11:59pm Pacific tonight! @i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon 6d
Kdgordon88 Ice cubes 6d
Readage Jelly Roll (edited) 6d
Addison_Reads Kosher salt 6d
LouBeth Limoncello 6d
Addison_Reads M&M's 6d
wanderinglynn Nutcracker 6d
Addison_Reads Ornaments 6d
wanderinglynn 🍿 popcorn 6d
Addison_Reads Quesadillas 6d
LouBeth Roasted veggies 6d
wanderinglynn Santa 🎅🏼 6d
Chrissyreadit T again??? Tarts 6d
Addison_Reads Umbrella 🌂 6d
ads0123 Veggies 6d
Addison_Reads Water 6d
Kdgordon88 Xylophone 6d
fleeting Zipper 🤐 6d
Addison_Reads @fleeting Zipper is great. I need that sometimes for a few annoying family members. 😂 6d
ads0123 Acorns 6d
Addison_Reads Biscuits 6d
fleeting @Addison_Reads oh, yes to that! 😂 6d
ads0123 Cheesecake 6d
Addison_Reads Drinks 6d
teebe Eggrolls 6d
wanderinglynn Frankincense 6d
wanderinglynn Great job #TeamFestivus! We‘re on round 3!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉 6d
teebe Gingerbeer 6d
wanderinglynn Holly 6d
chaoticgoodhufflepuff Ice cubes ❄️❄️ (edited) 6d
ads0123 Jolly ranchers 6d
Addison_Reads Kris Kringle 🎅 6d
wanderinglynn Limo (we have to get to & from the party somehow! 😂) 6d
Addison_Reads Mittens 6d
teebe Nanaimo bars 6d
wanderinglynn Octopus 🐙 6d
teebe Pecan pie 6d
Addison_Reads Quilt. Someone might get cold. 😉 6d
wanderinglynn Roast beast 6d
Addison_Reads Stocking Stuffers 6d
ChasingOm Tartan (pants? Sweater? Blanket? All three?) 5d
Addison_Reads Ukulele 5d
teebe Venison 5d
ads0123 Watermelon 5d
ads0123 Zebra print pants 5d
Addison_Reads X was skipped in Round 3. I'm adding it here. Xenophiles. 5d
Addison_Reads Round 4. Someone start us off with an A word. 😁 5d
samanthagutt Angel Christmas tree topper 🎄 5d
Addison_Reads Butter cookies 5d
samanthagutt Christmas carols 🎶 5d
MaleficentBookDragon Dancing Shoes
chaoticgoodhufflepuff Evergreen wreath! 5d
Addison_Reads Festive decorations 5d
ads0123 Grape juice 5d
teebe Hot cider 5d
ads0123 Interesting conversation 5d
Addison_Reads Joy 😁 5d
teebe Krampus dvd 😂 5d
wanderinglynn A lamp 5d
Readage Mistletoe 5d
ads0123 Nachos 5d
EliNeedsMoreShelves Party poppers 🎊 5d
ads0123 Queso 5d
Addison_Reads Reading material 5d
MaleficentBookDragon Santa Suit
ChasingOm Turkey 🦃 5d
Addison_Reads Unwrapped presents 5d
ads0123 Very tasty treats 5d
Chrissyreadit Winstons Winter Album 5d
Addison_Reads Xeroxed copies of my favorite Christmas song 5d
ads0123 Yams 5d
teebe Zinfandel wine 5d
ads0123 Artichoke dip 5d
Chrissyreadit Bananas foster 5d
Kdgordon88 Caramels 5d
chaoticgoodhufflepuff Dad jokes! Although I am, in fact, an aunt. 😉 5d
wanderinglynn Evergreens 5d
ads0123 French fries 5d
Addison_Reads Gingerbread house 5d
ads0123 Hotcakes 5d
EliNeedsMoreShelves Igloo cooler 5d
Addison_Reads Juice 5d
Kdgordon88 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 5d
wanderinglynn You guys are rocking this! 🙌🏻 5d
ads0123 Licorice wands 5d
Kdgordon88 Marshmellows 5d
wanderinglynn Oranges (my grandparents always put oranges in my stocking) 😀 5d
ads0123 Peanut butter cups 5d
ads0123 @wanderinglynn my grandparents put oranges in my stocking, too! 5d
Addison_Reads Quality company 5d
EliNeedsMoreShelves Red vines 5d
ChasingOm Scrabble 5d
Kdgordon88 Tums 5d
Chrissyreadit Upbeat attitude 5d
Addison_Reads Violin 5d
ChasingOm Wassail 5d
ads0123 X-ray goggles 5d
ads0123 Zester 5d
Addison_Reads Round 6. 🙌😁 Artificial Tree 5d
Kdgordon88 Best Friends 5d
Addison_Reads Carolers 5d
wanderinglynn Wow! You guys rock! 5d
ads0123 Dr Pepper 5d
Addison_Reads Eggplant parmesan 5d
ads0123 Fairy lights 5d
Kdgordon88 Gumdrops 5d
ChasingOm Holiday cheer! 5d
Addison_Reads Icicles 5d
chaoticgoodhufflepuff Jelly roll cake! 5d
ads0123 Lemon bars 5d
wanderinglynn Mistletoe 5d
i-am-papercrane New boardgames 5d
teebe Oatbars 5d
ads0123 Pringles 5d
teebe Quail 5d
LouBeth Rotel 5d
teebe Stuffing 5d
LouBeth Turducken 😄 5d
teebe Udon 5d
LouBeth Vegan sausage 5d
teebe Wreath 5d
Addison_Reads Xacto knife. In case we want to do some craft projects. 😁 5d
LouBeth Yellow cake 5d
Addison_Reads Zany Christmas sweaters 5d
Addison_Reads Anyone up for trying to get through another Round? Round 7. 🎉 5d
ads0123 Applesauce! 5d
Addison_Reads Baked goods 5d
ads0123 Cold cuts 5d
Addison_Reads Dinner rolls 5d
LouBeth Edamame 5d
wanderinglynn Ebenezer Scrooge because he needs some Christmas fun 5d
Addison_Reads Figgy pudding 5d
LouBeth Ginger snaps 5d
Addison_Reads Holiday movies 5d
ads0123 Icing for the cakes! 5d
Addison_Reads Jar of olives 5d
ads0123 Kindling 5d
Addison_Reads Little drummer boy 5d
wanderinglynn Mints (edited) 5d
Addison_Reads Nothing. 😉 5d
wanderinglynn This will be the last round! Let‘s go out big! Then I‘ll count up everyone‘s points tomorrow and add them to your Dec 5 pts. @i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon
Kdgordon88 Party favors 5d
ads0123 Quiznos subs 5d
LouBeth Risotto 5d
Addison_Reads Strawberries 5d
LouBeth Tablet (to read on) 5d
Addison_Reads Unagi 5d
ads0123 Venti Starbucks coffee for everyone 5d
wanderinglynn @ads0123 I could go for one of those! 😂☕️ 5d
Addison_Reads Wassail 5d
Addison_Reads Only 3 letters left! Go #TeamFestivus 5d
LouBeth X-Men comic 5d
ads0123 Yo-yo 5d
LouBeth Zebra toy 5d
wanderinglynn Yay! Well done #TeamFestivus!!! 🙌🏻⛄️ 5d
wanderinglynn @Addison_Reads @LouBeth @Readage @Kdgordon88 @ads0123 @teebe @ChasingOm @samanthagutt @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Chrissyreadit @i-am-papercrane @chaoticgoodhufflepuff @MaleficentBookDragon We had 100% team participation on this game!!! Awesome job #TeamFestivus! I tallied up your comments and add the points to Dec 5. Plus, by random drawing, Chelle got the bonus 50 pts! 5d
MaleficentBookDragon This was a really fun game. 3d
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Okay #TeamFestivus here‘s the first of two Dec. 5 #wintergames. Comment here for 5 pts or get that extra participation pt by reposting!

Lots of words I hate for grammar reasons, but my least favorite word to hear/say is probably “soiled.”

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon @MaleficentBookDragon

BlankInk_WhitePaper Separation 6d
Rothdell “That” 6d
samanthagutt Moist 😖 6d
See All 8 Comments
ChasingOm Seen, when it‘s used as “I seen x, y, and z.” 😝 6d
wanderinglynn @Ashru interesting choice 6d
wanderinglynn @Rothdell yes, it gets a lot of overuse in writing. 6d
wanderinglynn @samanthagutt I think that word ranks 1 for most hated 😂 6d
wanderinglynn @ChasingOm yes! I have a lot of misused or poor grammar ones I hate. 6d
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😂😂😂 So true! 🎄⛄️🎅🏼

“Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho!”

“Yeah. I got invited to a Christmas party by mistake. Who knew?”

#wintergames #TeamFestivus #holidaylaughs

Bookworm54 Did you know there is a Die Hard Christmas illustrated book now? I keep meaning to get it for my boyfriend! 6d
wanderinglynn @Bookworm54 I did not. But I did tag the coloring book. 😉 6d
ElizaMarie It is definitely a Christmas movie!!! 6d
See All 8 Comments
AmyK1 We are now having an argument about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie 😂 Husband says it is. I say no. lol 6d
wanderinglynn @AmyK1 well clearly your husband is a smart man. 😂😂😂 Ho Ho Ho 6d
LibrarianRyan Amen! 6d
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1. That‘s tough because I love Christmas/holiday music. Some faves: I Pray on Christmas (Harry Connick, Jr.); Happy Xmas (John Lennon); Christmastime (Smashing Pumpkins)

Here‘s my Spotify playlist of my faves: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6pzU2R4Y0rVgvnkPqgcFOq?si=9HgSUaEVSWadHW0rczEu...

2. My first round puzzle and this year‘s first Christmas puzzle

3. Egg nog, bourbon slushies, & ginger snaps

4. Most years, yes

Eggs Thanks for the 🎶🎶❤️❤️ 6d
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post image

Another #holidaytradition at my house. Since we don‘t normally put booze in our eggnog, we make bourbon slushies. The added cherry juice at the end, gives it a nice festive color. 🎄🥃

I‘m posting this for you @Eggs 😉🥃

#wintergames #TeamFestivus #holidayrecipe

Eggs Thanks! Sounds great 🍹!! @wanderinglynn 💗 7d
Clwojick This sounds amazing. I am saving this recipe. 5d
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My friends know how much I love sugar, so one of them got me this baking book last year for Christmas.

#wintergames #TeamFestivus #festivephotochallenge
Dec. 4 sugar or spice

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wanderinglynn 1. Year; 2. Same; 3. City; 4. Heat; 5. Hair; 6. Stem; 7. Cash; 8. Share; 9. Steam; 10. Ram; 11. Chair; 12. Earth; 13. Shy; 14. Mast; 15. Rat 7d
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wanderinglynn Q L O R A E G C H N J M D K F P I B 7d
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#wintergames #TeamFestivus #holidaymovie

Another gorgeous guy who‘s absolutely adorable as a widowed dad. ❤️ Jude Law. And love The Holiday.

Bookzombie This is one of my favorites. 1w
Ladyval05 There are four movies I watch every Christmas. The Holiday is one of them! ❤️❤️ 1w
Kdgordon88 Love this movie so much! 1w
See All 11 Comments
LiljaPleasant One of my christmas movies. So looking forward to it! 1w
Mishu94 This is one of my fav movies!! ❤️❤️ 1w
TheBookStacker This is also one of my faves it‘s one I consistently watch every year! 1w
CoffeeAndABook An absolute must see every year!! One of the very best!! Jude Law is just so 😋🥰💝 1w
Bookjunkie57 One of my most favorite movies. I need to watch tonight. 7d
Meaw_catlady Love this movie so much!!! 7d
4thhouseontheleft Is it streaming somewhere? I can‘t find it on any of my apps, and hate to rent it when I already pay for too many subscriptions. 😂😂 6d
wanderinglynn @4thhouseontheleft I hear you. I hate renting movies too. I think in this case bought it from Amazon last year because I watch it over and over. 6d
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post image

#wintergames #TeamFestivus #holidayrecipe

It‘s our #holidaytradition to make my grandmother‘s eggnog recipe every year.

Clwojick Mmmmmmm 1w
marleed That is so cool! 1w
Eggs Yum, how about rum 1w
wanderinglynn @Eggs Yes, you can add rum. But we never do—we make my grandfather‘s bourbon slushie drink instead. 1w
Eggs ❤️bourbon slushie ❤️ 7d
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Who else is playing introvert bingo this season?!? 😂😂😂

#wintergames #TeamFestivus #holidaylaughs

Bookworm54 I definitely am. Too many social engagements for this poor little introvert haha 🤣 1w
Clwojick Abhahaha 1w
See All 10 Comments
marleed Oh yes. I was recently talking to a friend and she noted that she never eats a meal alone. And is seldom alone for even a morning or an afternoon, and almost never an evening. 1w
wanderinglynn @marleed I have a friend who finds it painful to be alone. She is my polar opposite. 😂 But now when I need something from Costco, I send her because she loves to go! 😂 1w
UnidragonFrag All this, all the time 😂 1w
marleed @wanderinglynn I think about that a lot - why I‘m content to be alone when so many people I know are not. I was alone often as a kid and maybe that has something to do with it. I try to tell them there is a big difference in being alone and being lonely but I‘m not sure I‘m really believed. I can point to the loneliest year of my life and I was definitely not alone. 1w
tracey38 I am so about this!!! 1w
Sharpeipup I‘m starting now! 1w
OnlyYoo This is so cute and seems like a lot of fun haha 7d
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Pawn of Prophecy | David Eddings
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#festivephotochallenge Dec. 3 - Naughty/Nice #wintergames #TeamFestivus

Silk/Kheldar, a Drasnian prince, spy, and thief, is both naughty & nice in the Belgariad series. Introduced in Pawn of the Prophecy, he‘s described as fairly short with a rat-like face, scruffy black hair, narrow eyes, a very long nose that tends to twitch when his cleverness was about to secure him a profit.

Image by Melissa Findley on the David Eddings wiki site.

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#not book related

I just found out I got the job in Okinawa!!! I don‘t have a move date yet, but sometime after the new year, I‘ll be heading overseas!

TheDaysGoBy How exciting! Congrats! 1w
AmyK1 Congratulations!! 1w
LiteraryinLititz Oh my gosh! Congratulations!! 1w
See All 57 Comments
Kdgordon88 How cool is that!! Congrats! 1w
SaturnDoo 🎉🎉🎉🎉Congratulations that is exciting!!!! 1w
Vedrana Congratulations!😊 1w
MidnightBookGirl Congratulations! 1w
Librarybelle Congratulations! 1w
Linsy Congratulations!!! 1w
Crimson613 CONGRATS! What kind of job is it? 1w
Cinfhen Wow!!! Congrats 🍾🎉 1w
wanderinglynn @Crimson613 thanks! I‘m an attorney and I work for the US Department of the Navy. It‘s a transfer. 😉 1w
mabell Oh my goodness!! How exciting! Congratulations! 🎉🎊 1w
BookNAround Very cool! 1w
Ireadkidlit Wow, that is awesome! Ganbatte kudasai 😊 1w
Addison_Reads Awesome! Congrats 🙌🎉 1w
RachelO That‘s super-exciting. Congratulations! 1w
Mollyanna Congratulations! 1w
teebe Wow congrats! 1w
xicanti Congratulations! 1w
ljuliel Good for you ! Didn‘t you just make a big move not long ago ? It must be nice to have the freedom to pick up and go wherever you want. I hope you love it there. 1w
wanderinglynn @ljuliel Thanks. ☺️ And yes, I moved to Washington state from Washington DC at the beginning of this year. Being single has its perks. 1w
TheAromaofBooks Oh my goodness, how exciting! Will this be your first time living in Japan? 1w
LeahBergen Congratulations! 1w
CoverToCoverGirl Oh wow! How exciting! Congratulations! 1w
youneverarrived How exciting! Congratulations ✨ 1w
sprainedbrain Wow!! Congratulations 🎉 1w
wanderinglynn @TheAromaofBooks Thank you. And yes. I‘ve only ever visited the Philippines. So I‘m excited to explore Japan and the rest of the region. 1w
zezeki Congrats!! 🎉🎉🎉 1w
LauraJ Congratulations! 🍾 1w
JacqMac Congratulations! 🥂🎉 1w
squirrelbrain Wow how exciting! Congratulations! 🎉🎉 1w
Kalalalatja How exciting! 1w
LeeRHarry Congrats!! 🎉🎉 how exciting! 😊 1w
DGRachel Wow! Congratulations!🎉🎊🍾 1w
Lindy Congratulations! That sounds like a great opportunity. 😃 1w
Bookzombie Congratulations!! That‘s so exciting!! 1w
dariazeoli Holy wow! That‘s so exciting! Good luck and congratulations 🍾 1w
Redwritinghood Congrats! 1w
Citra182 Congratulations!! 🎉 1w
Jess Congrats! 1w
kellyann28 Oh wow congrats! I'll be sure to send your swap package before the new year ;) 6d
wanderinglynn @kellyann28 thanks! ☺️ And no hurry. I won‘t be moving until spring—lots to coordinate to move overseas. 6d
kellyann28 Oh okay, I didn't know how that usually goes and didn't want to miss you! 😉 6d
TheBookKeepers So awesome! Congratulations!!! 3d
wanderinglynn Thank you @TheBookKeepers ☺️ 3d
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I watch the TV adaptation of the Grinch every year. And then when the new animated movie came out, my mom & I took my niece to see it. So I‘ve added it in as part of the #holidaytradition. Plus, Dexter got a Grinch toy last year, so we had to play with the Grinch while watching the Grinch! 😂

#wintergames #TeamFestivus

Reading_in_the_meadow Aww! Your puppy is named Dexter? So is mine 😍🤗 1w
wanderinglynn @Reading_in_the_meadow Yes! That‘s awesome! ❤️🐶🥰 1w
Reading_in_the_meadow @wanderinglynn was he named after the tv show/book? 1w
wanderinglynn @Reading_in_the_meadow No. My mom said he looked like a Dexter (and she‘s never seen the show). What about your Dexter? 1w
Reading_in_the_meadow @wanderinglynn yeah.. 😂 he was named after the fictional serial killer. We got him before the awful finale, in my defense. 1w
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#TeamFestivus another easy 5 pts! Comment below (or post this yourself for that extra participation point)

I‘d go to Australia because I‘ve never been and I‘d love to celebrate Christmas in summer. 🎄☀️🌏

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

LeeRHarry I‘ve been in Aus for 20 years and still find it a bit strange 😆but it‘s lovely to sit outside with good company and a glass of wine 😊 1w
samanthagutt I wish the North Pole really existed so I could go there for Christmas! I‘d just love to go somewhere that would guarantee a White Christmas. I live in NJ so it‘s not impossible, but it rarely happens 😔 1w
teebe Banff or Lake Louise with my entire family. I need snow for the holidays so I wouldn‘t want to go anywhere warmer for Christmas, and I love the mountains. 1w
wanderinglynn @teebe Banff & Lake Louise are both on my list of places to see. 👍🏻 1w
wanderinglynn @samanthagutt The NP & Santa‘s workshop would be cool. 1w
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#wintergames #TeamFestivus #whatsonyourphone

110 pts for me! (Although since I don‘t have kids, I interpreted a “photo of your kids” to include fur babies.)

Team: either post your points here in a comment or get that extra participation point by posting this!

@i-am-papercrane @Addison_Reads @Ads0123 @ChasingOm @EliNeedsMoreShelves @Teebe @Samanthagutt @Chaoticgoodhufflepuff @Readage @Chrissyreadit @LouBeth @Kdgordon88 @MaleficentBookDragon

wanderinglynn My prompts: 60 pts for >1000 photos (7399), Christmas decor, & background is pet photo; 30 pts for made a phone call yesterday, zero unread FB msgs, Pinterest app; 15 pts for over 100 photos, photo of your living room, text from before 2018, & 5 pts for pic of kids, FB app, text from mom, contact beginning w/J (my friend Jesse James), & a selfie. 1w
samanthagutt 130 points! I have everything on this list BESIDES: pop song as my ringtone, candy crush app, no cell phone, and YouTube Kids app 1w
Chrissyreadit 54 points. 1w
See All 7 Comments
Chrissyreadit @samanthagutt how do you deal with no cell phone? 1w
wanderinglynn @Chrissyreadit 🙌🏻 And I think Samantha means she got all the points *except for* no cell phone & those other things she listed. 1w
samanthagutt Thanks for clarifying @wanderinglynn , that‘s exactly what I meant! Sorry for the confusion, I just thought it would be a lot quicker to name the points I didn‘t get 😂 @Chrissyreadit 6d
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