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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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A debut historical fantasy that recasts Jane Austen s beloved Pride & Prejudice in an imaginative world of wyverns, dragons, and the warriors who fight alongside them against the monsters that threaten the kingdom: gryphons, direwolves, lamias, banshees, and lindworms.They say a Rider in possession of a good blade must be in want of a monster to slay and Merybourne Manor has plenty of monsters. Passionate, headstrong Aliza Bentaine knows this all too well; she s already lost one sister to the invading gryphons. So when Lord Merybourne hires a band of Riders to hunt down the horde, Aliza is relieved her home will soon be safe again.Her relief is short-lived. With the arrival of the haughty and handsome dragonrider, Alastair Daired, Aliza expects a battle; what she doesn t expect is a romantic clash of wills, pitting words and wit against the pride of an ancient house. Nor does she anticipate the mystery that follows them from Merybourne Manor, its roots running deep as the foundations of the kingdom itself, where something old and dreadful slumbers . . . something far more sinister than gryphons.It s a war Aliza is ill-prepared to wage, on a battlefield she s never known before: one spanning kingdoms, class lines, and the curious nature of her own heart. Elle Katharine White infuses elements of Austen s beloved novel with her own brand of magic, crafting a modern epic fantasy that conjures a familiar yet wondrously unique new world."
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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I got a little (ok, a lot!) behind on my #Pemberlittens buddy read but I finally read the last 30% this morning and what can I say? I loved this book! I loved how you can clearly see all of the main scenes from P&P played out but also done so differently that it still kept me guessing, and I can‘t wait to read the rest of the series! Glad I stuck with it. Akarra was my favorite. 🐉💚 5⭐️


Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Thank you for hosting the wonderful #MarchMadness Readathon, @DieAReader , @Andrew65 , and @GHABI4ROSES ! I read 8 books and enjoyed them all, but my favorite was Heartstone, which was a #PemberLittens Buddy Read excellently hosted by @CrowCAH .

DieAReader 🥰🥳🥳🥳Awesome!!! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Happy International Whisk(e)y Day! Which has nothing to do with @CrowCAH #HeartstoneBuddyRead. I just wanted a different picture since #PemberLittens have already posted cover.

Wasn't crazy about worms and eating hearts but enjoyable. Lady C scene threw me because it was so different from P & P.

Nephew just poured me wee dram of 18yr old Glenfiddich - neat because 👆.

CrowCAH Aye, a wee dram! 🥃 Thanks for joining the readalong! ☺️ 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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I really enjoyed this adaptation. It was a lot of fun to read and find the major P&P elements. White did some interesting changes to a few of the characters, such as making the Collins character not such a fool. The class system was unique - dragon rider verses common person.

The winner for the Heartstone/P&P/Jane Austen box of goodies is @wordslinger42 ! Email me your shipping address to cynthiaannehurt at gmail dot com.

BarkingMadRead Congrats 🎊 2mo
wordslinger42 Thank you so much ❤❤❤ 2mo
Ruthiella Congratulations @wordslinger42 ! 🥳 2mo
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julieclair Congrats @wordslinger42 ! 🎉 And many thanks, @CrowCAH , for doing a great job hosting! 👍👏🐉 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Thanks for hosting this - I really enjoyed reading this one!! 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair you‘re welcome ☺️ Glad you joined the buddy readalong! 2mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks my pleasure to be the host! ☺️ Glad you were entertained with the novel! 2mo
iread2much Thanks so much! This was fun to participate in. 2mo
CrowCAH @iread2much you‘re welcome; glad you enjoyed the read 📖 2mo
Bluebird Thanks for hosting! This was a fun adaptation of P&P, and your read along made it even more enjoyable! 2mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird you‘re welcome; glad to have been able to host! So glad to hear you enjoyed the read! 🐉☺️ 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 26 THE END

Aliza has confessed her feelings towards Daired ❤️ they marry.

I know many readers of this book have already posted their reviews, but what did you think of the overall Pride and Prejudice retelling adaptation? Good, bad, okay? Did the author get the highlights correct? What did she leave out that you like from the original?

ElizaMarie I really liked it. It had enough from the source material to grab the audience. I feel like if could have either had a dictionary of sorts (or like a family tree) it would have been more enjoyable. It just had a lot of fantasy creatures that were difficult for me to keep track of. 2mo
BarkingMadRead I really enjoyed it. There was enough of the original story there but it took some interesting turns. 2mo
inthegreensandblues I enjoyed it! I would have liked more character building. The characters that felt the most interesting to me were the ones that the author had to flesh out more because they didn't have an inspiration person from P&P. The others I was just expecting to act like p&p people, until they didn't. My caring for the Aliza/Daired pairing was mostly just bc they were Lizzy/Darcy stand-ins. 2mo
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inthegreensandblues Overall, I thought it was like better than average fan fiction. I will probably continue the series to find out what happens next, and I'm hopeful it will improve once she can take the story wherever she wants. Akarra was my favorite character and I want to learn more about her too! 2mo
Ruthiella I thought it was fun, though not what I normally read. I won‘t continue with the series, but I an glad to have experienced it- just to have an idea of the P&P homages out there. I definitely liked how the author creatively modified the story to fit her fantasy world. 2mo
PageShifter I liked it, but I agree that characters weren't really fleshed out. It felt like the author was trusting that the readers would love them because they were based on P&P. And they should have been worked on their own, without rememebering who they were based on. I really adored hobgoblins xD I think the author could have successed even better through concentrating on her own amazing world 2mo
julieclair I really enjoyed this book! All the P&P references were fun, but so were the departures. I sometimes got so caught up in the story on its own, that I forgot it was a P&P retelling. 2mo
MicrobeMom I enjoyed this book in the trilogy the most. Do you think you will read the next two? 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie yes, a list of beasties would have been super helpful. 2mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead I thought it treated the source material nicely, while being in its own fantasy world. 2mo
CrowCAH @inthegreensandblues yes, the author did rely on the reader knowing the characters of P&P. 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella glad you enjoyed the story in not your typical genre! 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter I‘m thinking in the next two books she‘ll be able to concentrate on her fantasy world. Overall, it was entertaining! 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair that‘s great they you got immersed in the story! I enjoyed spotting the P&P references. 2mo
CrowCAH @MicrobeMom I‘m not sure sure if I‘ll continue on with the trilogy. I enjoyed this book, but it was more for the Pride and Prejudice aspect. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 25 lots of fainting, rest and recovery in this chapter.

Alastair lives! He ate the Lindworm heart.

The Drakaina accuses Aliza of wrongdoing- riding Akarra, putting them in danger, etc. We don‘t find out what the punishment is for Akarra. But both Alastair and Akarra defend Aliza; all get to live unharmed.

Aliza and her family are reunited! Anjey and Brysney kiss in front of everyone! ❤️

BarkingMadRead 😍😍 2mo
ravenlee I wondered how the Lady Catherine de Burgh confrontation was going to work, when we first met the matriarch and she was way too chill. The Drakaina being the badass was an interesting twist. 2mo
ElizaMarie @ravenlee ooo I agree I enjoyed Drakaina‘s character. It‘s so pompous with the whole “must follow rules despite reason” 2mo
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Ruthiella @ravenlee @ElizaMarie Totally agree that the Drakaina attempted intervention was clever. 2mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead I know how romantic 🥰 2mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee I agree. I like how it was the dragon who was the strict one. 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie the dragons were well developed characters! 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella a nice spin on the original text. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Read for the #HeartstoneBuddyRead with the #PemberLittens it was a little hard to read a chapter-a-day especially at the end when the action picked up. Overall, I enjoyed this Pride and Prejudice-inspired fantasy story. The world the author built is intricate & at times the number of characters & creatures/monsters was a bit confusing but I liked the main characters & loved Akarra the dragon. Still some plot threads undone-what‘s up with Gwen‘s ⬇️

DebinHawaii …father & the creepy stranger & where did the hobgoblins go, etc.? But overall, I enjoyed it & will read the next one in the series to see if the answers are there. Thanks to @CrowCAH for hosting! 🤗 Finished during the #20in4 #readathon & adding it to my #SeriesLove2023 list. (edited) 2mo
Andrew65 Excellent 👏👏👏 2mo
CrowCAH A solid review! 👍🏻 I‘ve been hearing a lot of the same, slow start, little character development, some lose ends of there wasn‘t a second book. It was an honor to host the buddy read! Certainly continue the trilogy, if you would like. 2mo
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Ruthiella @TheAromaofBooks is also going to read the complete trilogy. 😀 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Yes!! I enjoyed this one and am planning to read the next book this week to find out if we get more deets on some of those side plots!! @Ruthiella 2mo
TheSpineView Fantastic! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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I fell behind but then caught up quickly (the last couple of chapters went by really fast with the action in it). Overall, I enjoyed this book, but I felt like part of the story wasn't as well developed as I would have liked. Some of the characters I wanted to know more about (as this is part 1 of 3, I am sure the other two will answer some of these questions).



dabbe Cutest and silliest kitty! ❣️🐾❣️ 2mo
CrowCAH Woohoo yay you caught up and finished on time! ☺️ 📕 A good review. 2mo
ElizaMarie @dabbe haha Lobster has brought so much joy to us. He constantly annoys his brothers too which is fun to watch :) 2mo
ElizaMarie @CrowCAH I did enjoy it! Thank you for hosting !!! 2mo
dabbe @ElizaMarie He looks like an adorable handful! 🤣❣️🐾 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 24, the battle is in full swing, everyone is fighting!

Once Aliza tells the Riders what it will take to save Alastair, Charis makes the ultimate sacrifice, which her brother Brysney follows up with his own stunt work.

The lindworm is dead. But will the cure actually work to save Daired?!

BarkingMadRead Poor Daired! And Brysny! I think I just spelled that wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2mo
ElizaMarie So much! So fast!!! I am catching up!!! I need to keep reading! 2mo
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Ruthiella Do you think Charis made the sacrifice because she secretly loved Daired? Or because life was too sad for her without her dragon? 🤔 2mo
TheAromaofBooks I feel like the ending got a little rushed!!! @Ruthiella - I agree, it would have been good to have a more clear motivation from Charis. 2mo
ElizaMarie @Ruthiella, I don't know. She was more complex, but the author didn't develop her motivation well. I know she cared for Alastair, but in what way? It's hard to tell. She could have also sacrificed herself for her brother/family/everyone. Or as you mentioned about the dragon. 2mo
Bluebird @Ruthiella @ElizaMarie @TheAromaofBooks agreed! We don‘t get a clear picture. It seemed she sacrificed herself out of love..but unrequited love for Daired? Lost love of her dragon? Or love for her family? My initial thought as I read was that it was for Daired. But on reflection, i am not so sure… 2mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead no worries about spelling, they‘re unique in this book. 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie it would have seemed more in line with her character in this adaptation if she made a sacrifice for Anjey, they seemed the most developed for their character interaction. 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I think she made it because she loves Alastair. 2mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks I feel like these last four chapters are rushed too, lots packed into them. 2mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird I think Brysney went after Charis because of brotherly love. She for Alastair. 2mo
ElizaMarie @CrowCAH oooo great point! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 23, Alastair found Leyda, with a broken bone caused by Wydrick. He was going to use her as bait!

Alastair seems battle weary with blood and some scrapes, but overall in tact… that is until the end of the chapter where we learn he‘s gravely injured.

Akarra comes for Aliza and together they‘ll try to find an antidote and cure for him. Aliza realizes her true feelings for Alastair.

Ruthiella Honestly, this part was a little sketchy for me. It all seems to happen in such a rush? Still, Glad Leyda is OK! (edited) 2mo
BarkingMadRead Good to see Wydrick is still such a joy 🙄 2mo
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ElizaMarie It took Aliza for ever to come to terms with her feelings !! I mean I get it. She was scared to admit them to herself. But still… I am glad she jumps at the chance to try to save him :) 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella agree, a lot happened in this chapter. I definitely felt like I was speed reading to learn what happened. 2mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead yes, glad his character didn‘t change in this adaptation. 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie for sure, and she makes quite the declaration and acts on her decision. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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I was gifted this book from @magyklyXdelish in a swap back in September 2020, and thanks to the buddy read hosted by @CrowCAH this month, I finally read it! 😂 I actually really enjoyed this P&P variation set in a fantasy world with dragons and other magical creatures. I loved the way various characters were changed (totally here for a happier Charlotte/Collins marriage) and how iconic book moments showed up under different circumstances. ⬇️

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) However, there were certain people I wish had been developed a little more, especially the Wickham character, who is almost entirely off-page in this book. This book is a lot shorter than P&P and the sacrifice was definitely with character development and interaction. This book also desperately needed a glossary to explain magical creatures and terms. On the whole, though, a fun and engaging read, and I'll definitely be finishing ⬇ 2mo
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) the trilogy. Thanks for hosting @CrowCAH !!!

#ISpyBingo - Author's Photo @Clwojick
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks what a lovely review of the book! I‘m glad your overall experience was enjoyable. I can‘t wait to see what your review will be for books two and three! And it was my pleasure to be the #HeartstoneBuddyRead host ☺️ 2mo
Clwojick Great Job! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 15: I really lived this exchange about creating and art… forms of self expression and creativity (no matter how big and/or small) is so beautiful- especially shared with others.


CrowCAH Agree! And when homemade art is given away as a gift it‘s even more special to the recipient. 2mo
ElizaMarie @CrowCAH Awe, yes! I love when i get anything homemade! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 11 - I just love/hate his aloof attitude :)


CrowCAH Convenient is worse than “tolerable.” Definitely felt pity for Aliza. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 22 the Great Lindworm has awoken and is leaving death and destruction in its path. The Rangers and Riders are amassing to do battle.

Alastair and Akarra take Aliza home to aid her grieving family as Ledya has run off with Wydrick to find her adventure.

What do you think of Alastair‘s transformation so far? Has he redeemed himself?

BarkingMadRead He seems to be really trying to be a better person. I have high hopes for him! 2mo
Ruthiella He‘s definitely improving, or rather showing his true self! 2mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead @Ruthiella I agree he is improving upon acquaintance. 2mo
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julieclair I am liking him more and more. 2mo
i.besteph I‘m still catching up! 😅 @CrowCAH will you be hosting a buddy read for the 2nd book? 2mo
ElizaMarie I don‘t think he is necessarily “redeeming” himself. I feel like his true character is really coming out. He has many layers. But I‘m really liking his personality. 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair I‘m with you, he‘s endearing himself more and more. 2mo
CrowCAH @i.besteph I‘m enjoy this book and all the P&P references, but I‘ll be unable to continue hosting a daily read along for book two and three. I hope you pick up the next two, if you want to continue with the characters! 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie it‘s best not to apply for one‘s actions. So I like your way of wording it, his true self is shining through. 2mo
i.besteph @CrowCAH oh okay! Thanks for the update :) 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 21, Alastair and Aliza share an intimate moment on the rooftop watching the dragon mothers baptize their children in fire!

What I don‘t like is how whenever Daired is trying to voice his feelings to her he gets cut off. His declaration was touching ❤️ almost pleading with her for a second chance.

Ruthiella That‘s always tricky in romance novels - the way the “will they/won‘t they” is strung out, which is why I don‘t read them often. 2mo
ravenlee I loved the fire baptism! 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I agree there is a delicate balance. Some authors succeed, while others rush it in the end. 2mo
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CrowCAH @ravenlee it was a nice touch to their “infant” budding romantic relationship. 2mo
ravenlee @CrowCAH it kind of reminded me of the scene in The Last of the Mohicans (which is pretty cut up in the “director‘s cut” that‘s currently available) when Cora says the reality of the frontier is so stirring to her blood. 2mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee oh that‘s a neat comparison. Nature can do that - inspire aww! 2mo
julieclair The fire baptism sounded like it was beautiful to see. A special moment for both of them to share. 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair definitely. Kind of reminds me of trying to see the Northern Lights. (Something I‘ve yet to experience) 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 20 kaf, coffee, brings everyone together Julienna is enjoying having another woman around. She and Aliza will become quick friends.

Daired joins in the domestic socialization. Wresting a huge stoorcat into submission.

The next morning it comes out he can speak a little Gnomic and Akarra can too. So we were onto something in an earlier chapter when we thought the dragon understood Tobble‘s apology.

Bluebird It figures Daired would have an animal like a Stoorcat for a pet. Lol. And isn‘t Hilly just the cutest hobgoblin ever!? So sweet to see ‘dragon man‘ escort her home. 😍 2mo
Clare-Dragonfly Hahaha, I‘m glad to hear that he does understand some Gnomic! (edited) 2mo
Ruthiella I knew it! 😂 2mo
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CrowCAH @Bluebird right, a tough big cat?! She was the cutest hobglobbin - adventurer while being cautious. 2mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly agree. But did Akarra start teaching him before or after that apology encounter?! 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella we all had our suspicions! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks I kind of want a pet stoorcat myself! 😂 2mo
ElizaMarie I love that he would have either understood the apology or would have been told by his dragon what was being said. I am sure that it made him like Aliza even more :) 2mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks seems kinda on the wild side and strong! Hopefully you get a house broken one! 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie Aliza was very diplomatic with the apology. He was probably impressed with her tact. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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I liked the characters even though some of them left me a bit cold. There was still a nice mixture of them and that gave a nice atmosphere and fleshed out the world. The world was amazing, I really loved some of the creatures. Team hobgoblins!

This made me laugh now and then but the story dragged after the beginning. The last part had more action and was more interesting.

#SeriesLove23 #MarchMadness (made me LOL) #BirthdayPixieReadathon

TheSpineView Awesome!👍💙📖📘📚 2mo
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 2mo
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Andrew65 This looks interesting. Well done. 2mo
CrowCAH A good review! Glad you enjoyed it! I agree the beginning did drag a bit, but then it started to pick up the pace. 2mo
Lizpixie 🙌🎉 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 19 Alastair invites Aliza, aunt and uncle to dinner! Akarra is there, as well as, Julienna and her dragon Mar‘esh. Daired is being cordial and courteous and attentive. He even extends an invite to the three to stay at the house while tending Aliza‘s great-aunt. She accepts and finds she doesn‘t regret the decision. ☺️

After this chapter, officially 3/4 of the way done with the novel.

ravenlee I really like this section, where we get to see Daired in his natural habitat. (edited) 2mo
Ruthiella I was a little grossed out at the live cattle for dinner, but dragons are gonna be dragons 🐉😬 2mo
julieclair It's nice to see Daired being so at ease, charming and kind. He is a good host. 2mo
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TheAromaofBooks I am really enjoying this story. Are you planning to buddy read through the other two books after this one? 2mo
PageShifter I was glad that she said yes 😀 2mo
Bluebird @Ruthiella me too! Dragon dinner 🤢. I love Aunt Lissa—Pushy in the best way! 2mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee yes, Alastair seems more at ease at his house, let‘s down his shields so to speak. 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I agree. Could have done without the sounds of dragons eating. 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair he is an attentive host. Like that we get to see this side of him. 2mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks I‘m enjoying the story too; glad you are as well! No, I do not have plans to continue hosting a buddy read for the second two books of the trilogy. I‘m expecting a daughter to arrive on Easter, so not sure how my life will look with baby. But I hope you pick up the next two books and read them! 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter agree. It‘s the first small step towards her having a change of heart herself towards him. 2mo
julieclair @CrowCAH How wonderful that you will soon have a new baby daughter! 😀🐣💖 2mo
TheAromaofBooks I definitely will!! I've had this whole trilogy on my shelf for quite some time, so I'm glad you gave me the inspiration to finally start them, as I'm really enjoying this story. I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family!! ❤ 🌷 2mo
ElizaMarie @TheAromaofBooks I didn‘t realize this was book 1 of a trilogy. I might try to read the other 2 as well (if I can get them easily —- my #TBR is ever growing!) 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @ElizaMarie - Yes, I'm hoping the next two books will give us more information on things like the shadowy character haunting “Charlotte“ and that sort of thing! 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair thanks! ☺️ Both nervous and excited about the whole experience. Looking forward to having her be a book reader too! 2mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks that‘s great to hear you‘ll continue the series! And that I gave the little nudge to start 😉 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie the TBR is always growing lol I hear Amazon has them all for sale. 2mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks what? We still don‘t find out about that guy in this book?! (Clearly I‘m behind on my chapters lol) 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Oh dear, I should have spoiler-ed that comment 😂 No, that particular thread is not tied up. I mean it's technically stable/didn't feel like a cliffhanger because Charlotte is in a position to give him the money, but none of that happens in this book. 2mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks no, it‘s all good. No spoilers. I would have thought we‘d get more resolution. But as always with books coming after the first (not a standalone), there needs to be open ended items to tide the reader over and make them want to continue reading. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 18 Aliza travels with her aunt and uncle. She‘s brought along as a healer and to find herb plants to helps the aunt‘s mother as she lays with fever. Low and behold House Pendragon is not far and they have all the herbs that couldn‘t be found in the wild. No dragon flying in the sky means no Alastair…or does it?! So to the house they go!

Ruthiella Does she truly fall in love with Daried only when she sees House Pendragon? 😂 I very much like here aunt and uncle and how they were an unexpected match, disapproved of by her mother. 2mo
BarkingMadRead I loved the aunt and uncle in this chapter! And finally, a cranky old lady! 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I think Aliza has always had an eye for Daired. But it‘s like the line in P&P that she could have been mistress of all of this… 2mo
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CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead agree, aunt and uncle are a nice couple! 2mo
Bluebird @Ruthiella 😂 In school I wrote a cynical paper stating Eliza fell in love with Darcy only after seeing Pemberely. My instructor gave me a B for backing up my theory with good examples, but a D for missing the point. 😂😂 2mo
Bluebird It was nice to see a nod to the TV adaptation with shirtless Daired. What a spot to end the chapter! 2mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird oh geez 😒 teachers are tough. 📝 I didn‘t even make the “shirtless” connection; good catch!!! 👍🏻 2mo
Ruthiella @Bluebird That teacher was tough! I think there‘s definitely more than one way to interpret P&P. 2mo
julieclair @Ruthiella @Bluebird I think that all classic novels can be interpreted in different ways. If you have good examples to back up your interpretation, it can't be wrong... interpretations are highly subjective just by their very nature! 2mo
PageShifter Haha, he WAS there 🤣 2mo
Bluebird @CrowCAH @Ruthiella @julieclair it was many, many years ago, but I recall a good conversation with my instructor about it. He‘s actually the one I thank (ahem…blame 😂) for my love of Jane Austen. I was blessed with some awesome teachers!! 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter of course he was! 😆 2mo
ElizaMarie @Bluebird - I applaud you for thinking/writing outside the box. I hate when literature classes do not allow for different view points. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 17 Akarra tells us a story of Alastair and Wydrick‘s upbringing. And of the process of dragons choosing a Daired as their Rider.

Julienna‘s tale is tragic. Would you have saved the dragon or taken revenge against Wydrick?

Ruthiella Good question! I‘m not sure what I‘d have done in the heat of the moment. 🤔 What I really liked about this chapter is how it mimics the original but puts its own spin on it. 2mo
julieclair I think I would have saved the dragon. Relationships are more important than revenge. 2mo
BarkingMadRead I would have saved the dragon…. And then hunted down Wydrick 🤬 2mo
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inthegreensandblues Ha ha ha, this photo 😆❤️ I agree, save the dragon, but that man needs to be dealt with it later! 2mo
Bluebird I‘m with @BarkingMadRead save the dragon, then hunt down the man and kill him. I wonder what is keeping Daired from doing that. He doesn‘t seem the type to turn the other cheek… 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella agree! It‘s “the letter,” while there‘s also a literal letter later on too. 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair it is more in character for Alastair to save the dragon. 2mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead very reasonable! 👍🏻 2mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee the best of both worlds, save and honor the dragons, then teach Wydrick a lesson. 2mo
CrowCAH @inthegreensandblues yes, he does. I wonder how his story will turn out in this version. 2mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird agree. It seems he‘s trying to protect Wydrick from something, since he hasn‘t gone after him already. Not sure what, though. 2mo
PageShifter The story was super touching! I loved Alastair's letter, it seems that he's much sweeter than has seemed to be before. I hope they're meeting each other soon. What happens to the roads?! 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter yes, he does has a sweet interior while showing a tough exterior. ❤️ 2mo
ElizaMarie His poor sister! Of course you save the dragon. But…. After…. I mean “revenge is a dish best served cold”. Maybe Alastair made some sort of promise to his sister about not shedding more blood? It‘s weird he would call in favors from the king but not just kill Wydrick instead. 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie Julienna must be envious of all the others who can fly. I agree, Daired called in a HUGE favor from the King. I wonder what he did before that he has such clout in order to do so. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 16 ah, my favorite part of the tale - the first proposal! ❤️ “If this is a battle, then I surrender,…” Swoon, my heart melted.

Boy was that a huge thing, he called in a favor from the King and issued the muster, just so Wydrick wouldn‘t be in town anymore.

Ruthiella Yeah, this Daried/Darcy is a little better connected than In P&P! 😂 2mo
julieclair A huge favor indeed. Daired shows how much he loves her by all the ways he tries to protect her. Even if she is blind to it. 2mo
BarkingMadRead Awwwww poor Daired. Shot down for being a dumbass 🙄🤣 2mo
See All 16 Comments
CrowCAH @Ruthiella especially with them having more conversations, thus him trying to get to know her and show his affection towards her in a way he can. 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair yes, actions speak louder than words! Just Aliza doesn‘t doesn‘t always know the actions were taken for her. 2mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead yeah, his word choice and execution could have been better! 2mo
iread2much At least he tried, even if it wasn‘t as well thought out as it could have been. 2mo
CrowCAH @iread2much very true. It‘s tough to voice an emotional opinion, especially when one doesn‘t know how it will be received. 2mo
Bluebird Poor Daired! He took transferred his heartstone into a brooch for her, shaved and got all dressed up too. Pity he had to open his mouth and speak! 2mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird omg yes he put a lot of effort into his attire and proposal. (BTW, after some of your comments, I realized I haven‘t been tagging you in posts. Should I be? Sorry it took me over halfway to realize this.) 2mo
Bluebird @CrowCAH no worries! I‘‘ve been finding the posts 😄 please do add me if it‘s not too troublesome 2mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird no trouble at all. You‘ll start being tagged 👍🏻☺️ 2mo
PageShifter I understood through this chapter that Alastair maybe was the reason why the letters werent't answered to 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter from what I‘ve read so far, the letters not reaching each other hasn‘t been explained. 2mo
ElizaMarie Oooo this chapter! I loved their little “fight” poor guy… he thinks he is doing/saying the “right things” 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie yeah his word choices remind me a lot of my boyfriend. He says one thing thinking he means this, but a lot of the times it‘s misconstrued. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 15 we meet Forge Master Orordrin, who is a living flame.

Aliza snoops and asks Daired about Brysney and if he plans on returning to the lodge. Alastair seems to have his own agenda with the conversation about her maybe not always wanting to stay home. Is that his way of saying he likes her? And was he only offering to teach her how to fight so that when she joins him she would be a skilled Rider too?!

Ruthiella Love that photo! I still am unclear what Daried wants from Aliza. I mean I know he likes her (and I‘m familiar with the source material) , but is this just his awkwardness? (edited) 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella it is a bit more awkward in this novel, comes across out of the blue. 2mo
See All 8 Comments
ravenlee I love the forge wights! 2mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee he did seem pretty cool! And he made a little phoenix! 2mo
PageShifter It's even more clear now that Gwyn is happy with her husband. I am curious about Alastair's behavior: why he didn't want to get his sword fixed when others watched?! 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter same. I‘m thinking it‘s cause he wanted to get the stone out, so he could propose… 2mo
ElizaMarie @CrowCAH ooooo I like that idea! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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My allergies are the absolute worst today, so I‘m curling up on my round library chair with allllll the pillows and a cozy owlcrate blankie and just reading all day long. I may break for lunch. 🤷🏻‍♀️

JenReadsAlot Mine are too! Ugh! 2mo
BarkingMadRead @JenReadsAlot I‘m so sorry! Hopefully we both feel better soon! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Still so behind —- work has been so different than anything I‘ve ever done and I‘m exhausted when I get home. My schedule is starting to “normalize” so I might have energy to figure it out better 🤯



CrowCAH I hear yah. My evenings have been filling up and even I got behind by one day again. Hopefully the coffee ☕️ helps! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 14

We meet Captain Edmund Daired, cousin to Alastair. He‘s affable and charming.

Aliza learns Brysney was with them during the muster. AND Daired was at the post office daily! She suspects he intercepted the letters Anjey sent.

And instead of the “piano tete te tete” it takes place over a tapestry. Daired warns Aliza not to tell anyone she rode on Akarra.

What do you think Herreki would do if she found out?

BarkingMadRead I love Edmond! And I just bet Daired didn‘t have anything to do with those letters 🙄 2mo
Ruthiella I loved Edmond too. I kinda shipped Fitzwilliam and Lizzie Bennett the very first time I read P&P. 🙊 Maybe Daired didn‘t touch the letters, but he‘s definitely feeling guilty about some behavior… 2mo
julieclair I can‘t imagine what Herreki would do if she found out Aliza rode Akarra. But Daired‘s warning makes it sound dire. 2mo
See All 12 Comments
PageShifter I don't believe somehow that Alastair would have done something to prevent their letters exchange. But what has happened? 2mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead yeah, no part in letter snatching! Lol 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella Edmund is a great opposite to Alastair; more open and carefree. 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair agree. Like would she banish or kill Akarra? Since he warned her it can‘t be anything pleasant. 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter maybe the post office and delivery service is just as poor in the book as they are in real life where I live. 2mo
Ruthiella @CrowCAH 😂😂😂 The Post Office where I live is also showing some strain. I‘ve had two misdeliveries this month. (edited) 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella ugh sorry to hear that. 2mo
ElizaMarie Oooo. So I don‘t think it‘s Alastair intercepting the letters but as always… he knows more than he will let on… Dragon politics …. Maybe like excommunication? 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie I was thinking the punishment would be more like “no flying anymore,” but excommunication isn‘t a bad theory either. 2mo
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 13, more of a summary of time going by…

The Riders and Rangers are called to a muster, Brysney and Wydrick leave.

Anjey writes letters to Brysney, but never receives a reply.

Gwyn and Curdred marry. Later in the chapter she‘s pregnant, which cause Aliza to go visit Edan Rose.

We all know who‘s going to be there - yup, Daired and Akarra!

We are officially halfway through the book! 📖

Ruthiella I really liked how Wince and Gwyn get to be a well matched couple in this novel. ❤️ 2mo
julieclair What is up with Anjey never hearing from Brysney? Something is wrong. 2mo
PageShifter Gwyn seemed to be happy after all! I didn't expect that Alastair would be there too xD It was really strange why Brysney didn't answer to her letters! 2mo
See All 11 Comments
ravenlee I appreciate that the Collins/Curdred character isn‘t so completely awful in this version. And Gwyn‘s reason for marrying made sense, but now it doesn‘t feel like punishment so much. 2mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I agree. It‘s refreshing not to wholly cringe at the forced marriage of Gwyn and Curdred. 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair he totally ghosted her. How rude. Especially after he said he‘d write! 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter there‘s plenty of ups and downs in this chapter. 2mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee I agree. Seems more like a “love match” has been established with those two more than a “marriage of convenience.” 2mo
ElizaMarie @julieclair and @PageShifter - (I‘m behind) but I get the feeling someone may be intercepting the letters? I mean how could he not write to her!? Even a short “miss you” type of letter. 2mo
julieclair @ElizaMarie I agree, something has to be going on. It just makes no sense that he wouldn‘t write. 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie @julieclair I‘m totally with someone is intercepting the letters. But who? The no face hooded guy?! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 12, we finally get some answers about that strange hooded figure! And it seems only “artistic” humans can pierce the disguise!

Gwyn‘s father is in deep debt trouble. And now she is in romantic trouble herself, being engaged to Wynce Curdred.

Which leads to another P&P reference, “Collins‘” proposal to Aliza.

BarkingMadRead Dude in the cloak is seriously creepy! 2mo
julieclair I feel like Gwynn is just throwing her life away, being engaged to Wynce. 2mo
PageShifter I really loved the creature! It was a mysterious twist and I loved to try to figure out what/who they was! Plotwise I loved how Gwyn's story was written: why she had to accept the proposal etc. But I would have loved to feel more. Gwyn hasn't been in a big role so her faith left me a bit cold and that was disappointing. 2mo
See All 10 Comments
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead I agree. Just enough answers to pacify curiosity, but plenty vague. 2mo
CrowCAH @julieclair yeah, since she‘s only marrying Wynce to save her father. 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter agree, her character isn‘t the best developed. Though we know she the “Charlotte” character. 2mo
PageShifter I have read P&P so long time ago so I don't remember the details. But I think retellings should work as an independent books too, as their own. So characters should be fleshed out and stand their own and not just trust it's enough that people remember who they were based on. And I see that's the weakness in this book. 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter you have a great point. Yea, I agree, this book does rely on the reader knowing the story and characters of P&P. 2mo
ElizaMarie @PageShifter yes! I have to agree with you. I only read Pride and Prejudice once (I know a lot of y‘all read it often). I wish I knew more about Gwyn‘s background/motivations etc to really understand fully this significance ! 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie in this book we really don‘t get a lot of background on her. Basically from what I gathered is she got engaged because Wynce has money. Then she‘d be able to help out with her dad‘s debts. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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(Behind, just finished chapter 8). Totally agree with this type of 🪄MAGIC! Nothing a good soak 🛁 hot water and bubbles can‘t fix !!


CrowCAH Some times the simplest things do feel magical! ☺️ Also a funny quote since they‘re in a fantasy (magical) book! 2mo
ElizaMarie @CrowCAH haha!!! I didn‘t even think about that added layer of humor to it!!! I love the quote even more ;) 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 11

The second banquet! I found this passage just heart-bursting sweet. Daired asked Aliza to dance, of course a waltz plays. They share some words and she mentions Wydrick. Daired is not pleased.

That mysterious figure is at the party… watching Aliza. What‘s his deal? Why is he in the shadows, leering at her? What‘s his business with Gwyn‘s dad?

julieclair I am wondering what the real story is between Wydrick and Daired. And the mysterious figure creeps me out. Might this have anything to do with why the Riders rented the house next door and are sticking around for awhile? Are they trying to keep everyone safe? 3mo
Ruthiella I feel like this secret (whatever it turns out to be) is going to influence Gwyn/Charlotte‘s decision to marry. Very interesting departure from the source material. (edited) 3mo
See All 9 Comments
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead totally!!! 😬 I don‘t get good vibes from him. 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair yeah, it‘s quite the story - a dead horse and no rider test, so he‘s a Ranger instead. That could be fairly traumatic. 3mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella yeah, it does seem to be going “off Script” a bit with Gwyn, but she did ask Wynce to dance with her, so there still might be the same marriage proposal later on. 3mo
PageShifter I am super curious about the mysterious figure! I laughed at this sentence: “Wynce Curdred slipped into our conversation with the grace and tact of a senile centaur.“ 2mo
PageShifter @julieclair Good theory! I just tought he was being a romantic and didn't want to leave yet - hahaha 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter yes, the author does have some nice turns of phrase that get me to smile. 😁 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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I thought this book was a whole lot of fun! The dragons and all the various creatures added lots of life and adventure to the core P&P plotline. I plowed through the rest of the book today, finishing early, because I was enjoying it so much. So glad to have joined in on this #HeartstoneBuddyread with other #Pemberlittens! @CrowCAH thanks for hosting! I'm enjoying your daily posts!

CrowCAH I‘m so glad you enjoyed the book! ❤️ Thanks for joining the buddy read! Feel free to keep commenting and joining the discussion. 😁 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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I tried reading this faster than a chapter a day in hopes it would grab onto my interest, but it didn‘t. The only times I cared was when there were direct P&P parallels, and I can get those from the #PemberLittens posts! I‘m reading too many books right now to stick with one that isn‘t great.

Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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When the hubs is working from home on a Saturday 🙄 and guy want him to have a quiet house, you skip the peloton ride and head out to breakfast 🤷🏻‍♀️ #bestwifeever #littlefreelibrariesarenext

Bklover Have fun! Breakfast looks yummy!❤️ 3mo
BarkingMadRead @Bklover so yummy!! 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 10: I was super happy and chuckled when I can across the line of the Wynce Curdred, “What splendid rutabagas.” Great homage to the 2005 P&P movie!

A lot happened in this chapter. Again Alize encounters Wydrick, who tells her of his past with the Daired family. “He didn‘t steal the sword.” But, would he have really passed the test to become a rider? 🤔 Seems he‘s a trigger happy Ranger as we saw with the trolls.

BarkingMadRead Dying over the Mr Collins character, and wondering how “Wickham” got that sword! Why would his reaction be to say it wasn‘t stolen? Me thinks he doth protest too much! 3mo
Ruthiella @BarkingMadRead 💯 right on with your call on Wydrick/Wickham! I also felt sad about the troll. 😥 3mo
ravenlee I love that the Collins character is named Wynce. I mean, it‘s a little on the nose, but still. 3mo
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julieclair @ravenlee Yes, Wynce! Such a hoot! 😂 3mo
MicrobeMom I actually love Wynce! So unintentionally hilarious! 3mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead I agree, why would someone automatically think he did steal it. He‘s got some strange thinking. 3mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella same. A peaceful troll died for no good reason. 3mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee the authors name choices are very spot on! 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair @MicrobeMom I agree the author did a great job with his character, we certainly wince at his affability! 3mo
PageShifter I am curious to get to know the another pov of the same story! It's always interesting how stories can be so different if told by different point of views. And might that man in black be the same creature she met at the ball (the one whispering but never visible)?! 2mo
PageShifter @Ruthiella I was also sad for the troll but I was happy that he didn't die! 2mo
PageShifter After seeing your comment @CrowCAH I understood that the troll did die?!?! Bummer! 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter yes, the angle of the story is unique, a good variation from the original text. Sadly the troll died. 😢 2mo
DebinHawaii @CrowCAH @Ruthiella @PageShifter Does the young troll die later? 😔I thought the arrow broke off and he lumbered off with the rest of the group. 2mo
DebinHawaii Wynce Curdred is perfect, as was the nod to the movie potato scene for sure! 🤣 2mo
CrowCAH @DebinHawaii oh is that how it happened? I‘ll have to go back and check. I thought it died. (For sure! 🥔!) 2mo
PageShifter @DebinHawaii I also got the impression like he wouldn't have died but these comments made me to think he did. 2mo
ElizaMarie I am catching up! So I am gonna go back and comment after each chapter I read :) I assumed the troll died too. But yeah that Wydrick making sure his side of the story is spread is spot on. Aliza already has her doubts of Daired. (edited) 2mo
ElizaMarie Also I don‘t think Wydrick would have passed whatever tests needed to be a rider. I assume it would include some sort of restraint and it seems like he is too hot blooded for the task 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie no problem. Even with my own readings I get caught up then fall behind. Wydrick knows his way around swords. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 9

Aliza overhears some of the riders discussing Anjey and Cedric‘s relationship. We‘re getting the conspirators side of things before hey separate the two lovers. Daired notices her before Charis can say something more. But we all know they think the nakla Bentaine family is way under them as riders.

What do you think about Daired offering to train Aliza for a second time? And talking of her dead sister so casually?

Ruthiella I wonder if as a rider he is more inured to accepting death than Aliza. 3mo
julieclair I was amazed that he would talk so casually about the death Aliza‘s sister. But I wonder f perhaps this is another way of him trying to train her - maybe trying to toughen her up and harden her a bit towards it. 3mo
See All 15 Comments
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I would think so, as it seems riders encounter deathly creatures on most of their rides. I would think after killing so many creatures it would become more common place for him. 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair I think it‘s just a “Darcy” way to talk, no sympathy for the living for those that have passed, only in his mind thinking that he‘s making in-roads with her by being nice and showing her attention. 3mo
TheAromaofBooks I think part of it comes back to that private/practical aspect of his nature. Mourning is something that is private and not discussed with strangers and I think he assumes Aliza will feel the same way. And on the practical level - Aliza is still alive and learning to fight/defend herself could help keep her that way. Nothing can be done for her sister, but something could be done for those who are still living, and I think that's the part he sees. 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly I was going to add a comment but @TheAromaofBooks said it better! 3mo
TheAromaofBooks @Clare-Dragonfly - Thank you!! 😁 Like, I get why Aliza was offended because he definitely comes across as brusque and unsympathetic, but I don't think he meant it that way. He's just focused on that whole “don't die“ part haha 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly @TheAromaofBooks Yeah, exactly! Though I wonder if I would have interpreted him differently if I didn‘t know he was Darcy… 3mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks well said. I believe he is looking out for her best interests. 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly she did say it very well! ☺️ 3mo
PageShifter This was quite fun chapter! I loved the gnome who started to pose 🤣 I think Alastair wants her to be safe 3mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter that was a fun little comedic action! 2mo
ElizaMarie @TheAromaofBooks (behind, so I just finished this chapter), but I feel you said it best -- we all have that same thought. He is practical, knows she needs to gain/refine skills to help her, and her remaining family stays alive. It's his way of caring, giving her these tools. And perhaps he knows he isn't equipt with the ability to comfort her and sometimes it's better to say nothing than to say something that would make feelings worse. 2mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie correct, like Thumper says, “If you don‘t have anything nice to say, don‘t say it at all.” Sometimes just being there for a person does more good than words. 2mo
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So I wasn‘t able to read today‘s chapter, so I‘ll post two tomorrow (9 and 10).

But…I had reached out to the author to see if she had a discussion guide for us to use as we read. She doesn‘t and would like our input to create one.

I‘ll be emailing her what we‘ve discussed so far and keep track of future questions we tackle as we progress in the book.

Authors really do reply! 🥰

julieclair Very cool! 3mo
Ruthiella That‘s awesome! 3mo
ravenlee That‘s so cool! 3mo
See All 16 Comments
CoverToCoverGirl Ha! Fantastic! 👏 3mo
AllDebooks That is awesome 👌 3mo
BarkingMadRead That‘s so cool!! 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly That‘s delightful! 3mo
peanutnine That is very cool!! 3mo
MicrobeMom Awesome!!! 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair @Ruthiella @ravenlee @CoverToCoverGirl @AllDebooks @BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly @peanutnine @MicrobeMom I agree, it is pretty darn cool! Keep up the great discussion! 👍🏻 3mo
ElizaMarie Ooo this is so awesome! Also I‘m a couple days behind because work but I‘ll catch up today :) 3mo
staci.reads I love that she responded! 3mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie no problem. I got a day behind myself, but we‘re back on track. 3mo
CrowCAH @staci.reads I agree, very thoughtful, so I wouldn‘t think my email got lost or was being ignored. 3mo
DebinHawaii Very fun! 2mo
CrowCAH @DebinHawaii yes, very encouraging! 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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How cute was Lt Punch? “You couldn‘t add a few wyverns flying in the background? You know, for effect?” His carrot-colored eyes sparkled. “Or maybe one lying dead at my feet?” A twig snapped behind me. Punch took one peek over my shoulder, shrieked, and dove into the bushes on the other side of the wall."

This was my favorite Chapter so far!
@CrowCAH #HeartstoneBuddyRead

CrowCAH It‘s a gnome or hobgoblin! Cute! 3mo
ElizaMarie Awe I just love him!!! 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 8

This scene I guess would be the equivalent to “taking a turn about the room.”

Anjey‘s arm is healing thanks to the root poultice Aliza made.

Then the riders demonstrated their sparring skills, much to both Bentaine girls‘ delight! Aliza was mesmerized by Daired‘s swift and lethal performance. After he tried to teach her how to use her new blade only to be rejected.

Would you have tried sparring with Daired?

Ruthiella I can‘t believe they spar with no protection and real blades! 😱 I would not try. I‘m too uncoordinated and would probably lose a finger…or worse. 🤣 3mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella same. I don‘t think I‘d try, even if I was versed in sword play. The riders seem very deadly in their attacks. 3mo
julieclair I think I would give it a try, as long as it was understood that he was teaching me, not actually sparring with me. No way I would try it if he was serious. 3mo
See All 14 Comments
CrowCAH @julieclair you got a good point. But more often than not “lessons” turn into something more. 3mo
julieclair I think that wanting to teach her to fight was Daired‘s way of trying to protect her and keep her safe. Even if he doesn‘t realize it himself yet. 3mo
iread2much I totally would have tried sparring, but hopefully after he had spent some time helping me understand what I was doing 😅 3mo
MicrobeMom Yes I would‘ve. I understand Aliza is a healer and that want to be her focus. But clearly in this world know how to protect yourself will be a good thing. 3mo
CrowCAH @iread2much yeah, like don‘t throw her in the gray without actually teaching her what to do. 3mo
CrowCAH @MicrobeMom with all these creatures trying to eat people, it‘s best to know how to defend oneself. 3mo
ElizaMarie (Still behind) but, he definitely was trying to show some sort of caring or interest in her. Men love to teach women things, this is romance 101 ❤️ sure I‘d be intimidated but it seems like she shares the attraction towards him and missed an opportunity to engage (learning to defend oneself is an added bonus), of course he ignores her the rest of the day. — she rejected his fragile heart/ego 3mo
PageShifter I was surprised that she didn't want to learn those skills. But I am also happy, because I don't want to able to guess every turn beforehand. I respect her and she had a good reason why she didn't want to do that. 3mo
PageShifter @Ruthiella Well they knew how to handle those weapons so I can understand how they were able to use real blades. Less skilled would have used practise swords 3mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie you got a good point. Men do like to show off their knowledge! 2mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter agree. She has stood by her decision not to want to kill things. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 7
Anjey‘s wound is infected. Aliza knows of a herb that will help; it‘s in the Witherwood.
Akarra offers everyone a ride.
Daired says some sweet words to Aliza about not dying. (I‘ve liked his character, but his gentler side is enduring; sigh😌)
She ends up assisting a dying gryphon to death by stabbing his eye. She now is initiated as a “rider” via her first kill by earning her first blade.

(Officially 25% complete)

BarkingMadRead 😍😍 don‘t die 😍😍 3mo
Ruthiella 25% already! Wow. So much more needs to happen. 😂 3mo
See All 22 Comments
Clare-Dragonfly What an exciting chapter! For some reason I loved Daired shoving Aliza between the boulders. I‘m not really thrilled by this book though… I might start reading ahead since the chapter-a-day pace feels really slow. (edited) 3mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead basically he‘s saying live! ❤️ 3mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella agree! But even in P&P the beginning is drawn out. Then things start picking up. 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly no problem. Read at your own pace. Just try not to give spoilers in your comments 😉 We‘ll all eventually catch up and finish the book together. 3mo
ravenlee @Clare-Dragonfly I felt the same way - without really intending to, I just kept reading yesterday and am now almost finished. And I did warm up to it more at the faster pace, though it‘s still not the best thing I‘ve ever read. 3mo
TheAromaofBooks The end of this chapter where he held onto her a little more tightly on the way back ❤ 3mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee I do hear without the chapter a day it is a fast read - entertaining. 3mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks OMG I agree! 🥰 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly @CrowCAH I will probably comment less but I‘ll still read the buddy read posts! 😄 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly you got it; thanks for joining! 3mo
julieclair @TheAromaofBooks Yes! I just wanted to say “Aaawwww….” 😍 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair same 🥰 He‘s not as cold hearted as he seems. 3mo
ElizaMarie (I‘m behind) but… I really thought he was being a good protector :) he cares :) also I like how they were very cool with her and explained to her how now she is “one of them” because of her first kill. 3mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie he does care, in his own way. Agree they could have simply brushed off the kill, but instead they celebrated it with her. 3mo
PageShifter I am afraid of heights so flying on dragon would be horrid 🤣 I didn't expect that they would meet a herd there. 3mo
PageShifter @Ruthiella I am also thinking that 25 % and not so much has happened 3mo
Bluebird @TheAromaofBooks i loved that too! 😍 i also thought it was great that the riders made a big deal of her first kill! 3mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter eek, same, I‘m afraid of heights and falling, so dragon riding would be a no-go for me. 2mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird yes, they could have brushed it off, but they acknowledged it. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Emotionally stunted men… am I right?


CrowCAH He‘s showing he cares in a way that suites him. 3mo
ElizaMarie @CrowCAH I love it :) 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 6
The tension of Daired and Wydrick‘s meeting in the field! Three times Daired reached for his sword only to yield to some inner turmoil. And even Akarra was hissing at Wydrick. What could be the whole story there?

And I don‘t think I‘d be as quiet as Anjey with the pain of cleaning a wound and stitches with only wine as a numbing agent. How about you, what‘s your pain tolerance?

Photo from the 2005 P&P movie.

Ruthiella Pain tolerance, very low! Also I‘d make a terrible nurse. Thank goodness for people who are medical professionals! 👍 I look forward to finding out what THIS version of Wikham has done! (edited) 3mo
ravenlee I‘m enjoying the much more adventurous incapacitation/forced cohabitation of the elder sister and the very active introduction of the scoundrel. Still not completely sold, but it‘s fun so far. 3mo
BarkingMadRead I have a pretty high pain tolerance but I hate the sight of blood, so I don‘t think I would have kept my cool! I‘m anticipating lots of fun from our Wickham character….. 3mo
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iread2much When I was younger it was higher, now I‘m a big whiny baby when it comes to pain 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly I have decent pain tolerance but I would certainly be crying! And I would not be able to watch the stitching. Aliza‘s thought about the others leaving because they were tired or didn‘t care was a bit strange to me! 3mo
ElizaMarie I have a really high pain tolerance but… I mean I‘m sure there will be silent tears and wincing.. How strong can this wine really be? I am anticipating more about this “Wickham” drama. Like what is it!? 3mo
MicrobeMom I would have been crying. 3mo
wordslinger42 Is it too late to join in the buddy read? I've read this trilogy before, but would be up for a reread 😊 3mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I agree, what misdeed has Wydrick done in this version?! 3mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee agree, this forced cohabitation seems to bring them together more than Jane in a bedroom with a cold. 3mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead I‘m somewhere in the middle for pain. I think anyone at some point would have some reaction to loss of blood and stitches. 3mo
CrowCAH @iread2much I think it gets worse as we get older because we know better in some respects of our actions having consequences. Or because we‘ve experienced pain in the pain we know what it feels like. 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly I thought they left to give the surgery some privacy. They knew they‘d be in the way and not helpful. 3mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie understandable, there‘s still some reaction. 3mo
CrowCAH @MicrobeMom same. Hopefully I would have passed out and that would help everyone. Then when I woke up all would be mended. 3mo
CrowCAH @wordslinger42 of course it‘s not too late! ☺️ Thanks so much for joining us on our buddy read! Re-read or just join in on the discussion, up to you. 👍🏻 I‘ll start tagging you on posts. (edited) 3mo
MicrobeMom @CrowCAH 😂😂😂 3mo
PageShifter I have always wondered how people have survived operations with booze as a numbing agent (edited) 3mo
PageShifter @CrowCAH your comment about passing out made me to remember how I actually did that when a vet was trying to take a blood sample from my cat. She couldn't find the vein immediately and seeing blood on my cat's white fur was too much to me 🤣 3mo
Bluebird Lol @CrowCAH me too. My pain tolerance is fairly high, but stick a needle in me and I‘m out. Actually, I‘d pass out just on seeing the needle. 3mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter I don‘t think booze, no matter the amount, would completely dull the pain. Oh no, hopefully you and your cat were okay in the end. 🐱 2mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird yeah whenever I give blood I don‘t look. 🩸 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Not sure if this Victorian riding gear is similar to what Anjey and Aliza are wearing, but a good visual. 🐎

Chapter 5
Gryphons attack the party as they scout the north fields. Anjey gets her arm tore up by talons. Akarra kills the creature easily. More gryphons appear from the forest.

Daired was caught admiring Aliza from his perch on Akarra. I like how he has a conflicted expression on his face.

BarkingMadRead A gryphon attack is way cooler than catching a cold in the rain 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead I agree! Though a bit more painful for Anjey. 3mo
Ruthiella @BarkingMadRead 😂😂😂 So much cooler! 3mo
See All 14 Comments
Clare-Dragonfly @BarkingMadRead Yes! I laughed a little when I realized what was going on. @CrowCAH Is this graphic from the author‘s website again? If not, can you share artist credit? 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly no, not an official Heartstone graphic. Looks to be from Second Life Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Brain-Circuit-Inc-Victorian-Riding-Habit-Cr... 3mo
julieclair @BarkingMadRead Oh good grief ... I didn't even make the connection! 🤪 But of course you are right. When I first started the book, I kept looking for P&P references. Now I'm enjoying the story so much on its own that I keep forgetting all about P&P! 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair that‘s great story telling if you forget the original text and get engrossed in what you‘re reading! 3mo
julieclair @CrowCAH Yes! 💯 3mo
DebinHawaii Yes, much cooler & surviving the cleaning & stitching is pretty badass of Anjey too. 👑 3mo
CrowCAH @DebinHawaii I agree. Even Anjey is taking it rather well. 3mo
iread2much I imagine they would need more leather as scales and wind thrown objects would probably just rip right through the silk 3mo
CrowCAH @iread2much yes, something less resistant to tearing. 3mo
PageShifter I was surprised: I didn't expect that there would be this much danger and action. And did Anjey's horse die?!? O.O 3mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter yes, Anjey‘s horse is dead. That‘s why there was a comment about having to explain it to the stable master. 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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It‘s like spring this week in SC so I had a leisurely bagel lunch outside today! So fun!

Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 4 Aliza interacts with Daired, with some banter, and his dragon, Akarra, who really did want her portrait taken! I also think she understood Tobbles gnomic speech.

Here‘s more background on Akarra from the website: https://www.dragonridersofarle.com/akarra

I love Tobbles‘ apology, he wasn‘t sorry at all, but Aliza said fine words in his stead.

I think Aliza is attracted to Daired. Anyone else get that vibe?

Ruthiella Oh yes, there‘s a mutual attraction between Aliza and Daired, for sure. I agree, Akarra understand the exchange and was amused by it and impressed with Aliza‘s judicious translation 😂 3mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig Had a busy day. I will catch-up tomorrow. 3mo
rubyslippersreads Apparently Daired has rather fine eyes. 3mo
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julieclair I totally think Akarra understood what Tobble was saying! I rather like Akarra! And I think Aliza is trying not to be attracted to Daired, but she sure does like his eyes! 😂 3mo
ElizaMarie Yes!! I do think that Akarra was wise to what was indeed being said (sometimes when I watch wrestling, they “translate“ the Spanish to the other people, and it's funny because they aren't translating it appropriately, and it is weird to know not all the audience is “in“ on the joke).I agree with @JulieClair I think she is attracted to him but is trying not to be attracted to him (which I think makes you more attractive to someone). 3mo
iread2much She‘s totally into him, and I also think Akarra understands and was amused, but I wonder if she sees the potential in this relationship and so chooses to keep it to herself. 3mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I got the same impression Akarra was amused by the exchange! 3mo
CrowCAH @Crinoline_Laphroaig no problem, join in when you can. 3mo
CrowCAH @rubyslippersreads yes, it does seem the “fine eyes” has transferred from the “Lizzy” character to “Darcy.” 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair agree. Aliza is trying not to be attracted because he doesn‘t like hobgoblins, but there‘s a spark there. 3mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie that is too funny. Yeah I bet translators try to capture the overall tone and meaning, without saying every single word. 3mo
CrowCAH @iread2much ooh I like your thinking. That‘s why she asked Aliza if she wanted Alastair in the portrait too. 3mo
ElizaMarie @CrowCAH Sometimes. In this one show, I am thinking of, This wrestler was being a bit two-faced and agreed to do the “job“ but in the agreement was saying he was gonna take care of him too. But the translator conveniently didn't mention the plan to double-cross him.
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie ah I see. It‘s neat your bilingual! 👍🏻 3mo
DebinHawaii Akarra is my favorite so far. 🐲💚 3mo
CrowCAH @DebinHawaii she does have a fun personality! 3mo
PageShifter I am excited to see how their next day goes now when they're going with the Riders! I also wondered if she could understand Tobble's language 🤣 3mo
PageShifter And Akarra was adorable, I agree with the others! 3mo
PageShifter Seeing your comment @CrowCAH made me laugh when I saw it too now: Akarra propably wanted them to spend more time together and that was behind the question about having him too to pose 🤣 I am also curious about those sentences that Alastair changed with Akarra! 3mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter I think Akarra could understand Tobble. For sure, she‘s a crafty dragon! 😉 2mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 3 We‘re at the welcome feast!

One of my favorite overhearings, “she‘s tolerable, but not enough to tempt me.” Daired did say Aliza wasn‘t plain. Does that mean she‘s pleasing to his eye?

And wouldn‘t it be neat to actually know the song/story for The Lay of Saint Ellia of the Shattered Bow? Henry Brandon quotes and sings it as a bard. Is his last name supposed to be like from Sense and Sensibility‘s Colonel Brandon?

Ruthiella I think she must be attractive in her way, like most people. I am quite liking that the characters and plot aren‘t slavish to Austen. Here‘s hoping that both Mari and Leyda get a happier ending. 🤞 3mo
BarkingMadRead I wondered the same about Brandon! 3mo
julieclair I think Daired is trying to ignore the fact that Aliza is pleasing to his eye! 😉 And on a different note… who might the stranger be, who Aliza can hear but not see? The one who tells her to mind her own business? 3mo
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iread2much Ooo, I didn‘t even catch that nice hint of cross stories! 3mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella agree, the author chose to keep certain pivotal moments from P&P while making the story her own. 3mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead not sure it really is supposed to be him, but the name is the same. 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair OMG yes, who is that person. And can they turn themselves invisible? Like where did he go? 3mo
CrowCAH @iread2much Colonel Brandon never sought the lime light, as a bard would, but the character in Heartstone does seem to be a good male friend to Aliza. 3mo
ElizaMarie I love how backhanded this complement was. Like eh… I wouldn‘t throw up if I saw her … I mean I know he didn‘t say that but it reads that way to me. I am really enjoying this #chapteraday which I‘m surprised a bit because it‘s not my “normal type pic” also still so many creatures for me to still get straight 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly Ooh, I didn‘t catch the Brandon thing, good one! I had to reread the parts about Henry (hey, that‘s Tilney‘s first name). For some reason I‘m having trouble keeping character names straight in this book 😵‍💫 I do have a theory about certain characters that I will put in my next comment under a spoiler tag in case people don‘t want to read my speculation… 3mo
TheAromaofBooks @Clare-Dragonfly - I had to make a sticky-note of names to help me out. We are getting a lot of them thrown at us at once!!! 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly Whoever the mysterious man is, he clearly isn‘t human. He must be one of the other kinds of magical creatures—probably the ones who don‘t like humans. I think he is our Wickham character. Instead of eloping with Leyda, he will tempt her with the opportunity to become a Rider, as is clearly her wish. Then Daired will help her actually become a Rider. No romance potential with Aliza. I don‘t yet know his connection with Daired‘s possible suster! 3mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie yes, definitely back handed. I agree, many creatures. Google will be our friend. 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly ah you‘re correct, Henry from Northanger Abbey! 3mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks for sure, soon we‘ll need to create a spider map! Lol 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly an interesting theory. We‘ll have to keep reading to see what direction things go. 3mo
DebinHawaii Yes, lots of names & creatures to keep track off. I‘m not sure if it helps my memory that I caught up of the first 6 chapters at once. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3mo
CrowCAH @DebinHawaii hmm I would almost think reading them all at once would help rather than hinder, everything is fresh in your mind and you might not have to go back and reference what‘s been said before. 3mo
PageShifter I had so much fun with this chapter! I had fun when they tried to figure out why twins had come there and made their own theories. It was somehow hilarious xD And then I loved that mysterious “figure“/man/creature that spoke to her but who she never saw. That was even a bit creepy! And I laughed when the hobgoblin wanted her to eavesdrop xD 3mo
PageShifter @Clare-Dragonfly I love your speculations!! 3mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter I‘m very intrigued by the mysterious person. What creature are they? Will they be friend or foe? 3mo
PageShifter @CrowCAH EXACTLY!!! I love this feeling, mysteries are awesome 🤣 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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For those of you listening to this one… can you tell me how this name is pronounced ? Like I read it like it was my name Ah - lee - zah but maybe it‘s Ah - lie - zah… (I mean I‘ll still read it the same way just curious)


CrowCAH I say it ah-liiz-ah. With the middle being like Lizzie or Elizabeth. I‘m just reading it, so not sure how they say it in audio. 3mo
inthegreensandblues I've been reading it as the same way "Eliza Bennet" is pronounced in P&P movies and audiobooks. I thought it was a tribute to that ? 3mo
inthegreensandblues (above is said with a long i, uh-lie-zuh) 3mo
inthegreensandblues I am glad you said how your name is said, now I'll read it correctly when I see your profile 😂 3mo
ElizaMarie @inthegreensandblues awe thank you. My name is Spanish. So it‘s supposed to be like Eh - Lisa but spelled with the z —- my mom is Mexican and so it‘s not uncommon to have my name spelled this way. But it‘s a constant correct everyone (edited) 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Here are some sketches from the website depicting Aliza, Daired, Charis.

Chapter 2 At the welcome feast for the five riders, we‘re introduced:
Master Brysney rides wyvern Silverwing Scytheclaw
Lady Charis Brysney
Nerissa Ruthven rides wyvern Bluescale Broadback
Edel Ruthven rides beoryn Burrumburrem

Also the sisters are named, as well:
Angelina (Anjey)
(Mari) 17
Katarina (Rina) - deceased

Ruthiella Thanks for this! It‘s helpful! 😀 3mo
MicrobeMom I‘ve not seen this pics. Love them! 3mo
Bluebird Thanks for the sketches! I‘ll check out her website. Is anyone else dying to know what happened at Harborough Hatch to elicit such a strong reaction from Brysney and his sister? Could ‘Mr Whickham‘ be the cause? 3mo
See All 25 Comments
iread2much I‘ve not seen those before, they are really interesting. Thanks for sharing! 3mo
BarkingMadRead @Bluebird I can‘t wait to find out, seems like a fun plot twist for later 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly @Bluebird I thought Harborough Hatch was where they fought the Worm and Charis‘s wyvern(?) was killed. That would be a painful reminder! 3mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig My favorite bit: "Following one memorable banquet—at which she discovered it was impossible to read over her dance partner‘s shoulder and maintain his good opinion—Mari had washed her hands of public gatherings in general, and after overcoming her initial disappointment in discovering she had a bluestocking for a daughter, Mama let her do as she pleased." ? 3mo
rubyslippersreads @Clare-Dragonfly @Bluebird That‘s what I thought too. Although that means Charis is more sentimental than Caroline ever was. 3mo
Bluebird @Clare-Dragonfly thanks, I missed that! Yes, her wyvern was killed by the worm. That explains everyones reaction much better (although it would be interesting if Charis were ‘Wickham‘s‘ victim) @rubyslippersreads 😂😂 i cannot imagine Caroline being taken in! 3mo
Bluebird @Crinoline_Laphroaig i loved that passage! There have been several LOL moments in this book. Looking forward to chapter 3. 3mo
julieclair Thanks for this helpful character list 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly @Crinoline_Laphroaig Yes! I love Mari—and Leyda seems pretty awesome (if overly dramatic) in this version too. 3mo
CrowCAH @Ruthiella I agree. It‘s always nice to have the author‘s interpretation of their characters. 3mo
CrowCAH @MicrobeMom I was toggling around on the website for the book and came across them. 3mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird the website doesn‘t have too much, but there‘s a little extra. Yes, it will be intriguing to learn what really happened and why they‘re so hush about it. 3mo
CrowCAH @iread2much you‘re welcome! This way we get a better mental picture of them. 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly I believe you‘re correct. That‘s what we‘ve read so far. But maybe there‘s more… 3mo
CrowCAH @Crinoline_Laphroaig this created such a funny mental picture of Mari holding a book behind some dude‘s head while dancing!!! 3mo
CrowCAH @rubyslippersreads you have a good point, Charis does seem more emotional on the inside, though on the outside she seems stand-offish. 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair it‘s no way comprehensive or complete, but it‘s what we know so far reading two chapters. 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly definitely have to have drama queen Leyda! 3mo
PageShifter I love the sketches! I was a bit surprises to get to know that one of them had died like that! I laughed at this sentence: “It was made of lace, a few panels of threadbare silk, and the unfulfilled dreams of what must‘ve been a very lonely dressmaker.“ 3mo
PageShifter @Bluebird I am also curious to get to know why they reacted like that! So like @CrowCAH said I would also love if there is something more behind it than her lost. (edited) 3mo
PageShifter @CrowCAH I also loved the mental picture of Mari : dancing while reading the book. I would love get those two combined too 🤣🤣 3mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter there are quite a few well worded phrases in the book. We‘ll have to keep reading to find out more about the backstory. Yeah the bookish Mari character! 📖 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 2 quote

Ha mothers!!! Well this one in particular!


CrowCAH Perfection is a tall order! 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 1 #HeartstoneBuddyRead is off to a good start.

We meet some creatures & characters — mainly Aliza and Daired.

The hobgoblins throwing mud at Daired cracked me up! 😂

Also got a chuckle out of Moira (aka Mrs. Bennet) possibly having a little banshee blood in her ancestry.

We already have a few references to P&P sprinkled in which is a lot of fun. I think this author is already showing her own voice & I‘m excited to see where she goes.

CrowCAH You‘re graphics are spot on! 😂 3mo
ElizaMarie Haha yes!! I can see the banshee being in her bloodline 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 1: There‘s a lot of creatures being named, but we‘re also introduced to our heroine, Aliza Bentaine, and hero, who at this point is known as Daired, from a wealthy house and a person who rides a dragon!

Did we all catch the “Netherfield Park has been let at last” comparison to P&P? This time Master Brysney is renting the North Fields lodge.

Does anyone else flip back and reference the map? I was flipping back.

BarkingMadRead Loved all references, this will be so much fun! 3mo
Ruthiella I‘m reading this on ebook/audio combo so I didn‘t know there was a map until you mentioned it! 😂 I am getting some of the P&P parallels but am also trying to accept it as is own thing. 3mo
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead same! I just hope the book keeps up the references. 3mo
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CrowCAH @Ruthiella ah that makes sense. The same has happened to me before when listening to the audiobook. I agree, trying to keep an open mind and accept this book for what it is and will be. 3mo
MeganAnn Loved the references right off the bat! So far, chapter 1 has already given me a few chuckles. 3mo
CrowCAH @MeganAnn same! It‘s neat to see a “Darcy” character lose his cool. 3mo
julieclair I'm listening on audio, but think I'm going to also look for a print copy. I love maps! Plus, I need to look up what some of these fantastical creatures are (I don't read much fantasy), but I don't know how to spell them, lol. I am enjoying the light tone and the P&P references. 3mo
Bluebird While reading the first few lines I couldn‘t imagine how this could be an ‘Austen Inspired‘ book. And then Mr Darcy appeared! Terrific start to the book! Loving the P&P references. 3mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig I'm listening but also have Kindle so yay for map! And my favorite line from today's Chapter: "I dropped into the curtsy I used for strangers of uncertain rank, unsavory solicitors, and the man at the market who sells cut-rate mutton." ? 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly I was waiting for an explicit P&P reference, so I definitely caught the “Netherfield park has been let at last!” 😆 I like that the name of the lord is Merybourne—a cross between Meryton and Longbourne! 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly Also, Daired has a badass sister but none of the other Riders have been named yet. Anyone else hoping that the sister is the Bingley character and there will be a sapphic romance? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 3mo
TheAromaofBooks I thought it was interesting that she chose to set this in a fantasy world, rather than an AU England. So the map definitely comes in handy!! 3mo
ElizaMarie I am reading it from Libby. I‘m gonna go back and screen shot the map so I can just see it that way. So many creatures! Got a bit confused initially (but also probably because I was slightly out of it). It‘s caught my interest though… I‘m enjoying the “ride”. 3mo
ravenlee @Crinoline_Laphroaig I laughed out loud at that line! 3mo
ravenlee I‘m enjoying it so far but am not 100% sold on it yet. I wonder a bit if both aspects (high fantasy and P&P retelling) are going to work equally well. I do love the map and have consulted it several times. 3mo
CrowCAH @julieclair same, I‘m not too familiar with the creatures either. 3mo
CrowCAH @Bluebird I agree, since she didn‘t open up with the usual “universally acknowledged” phrase. I do like the Darcy character already! 3mo
CrowCAH @Crinoline_Laphroaig that was a very good line! 👍🏻 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly yes, the Anne choice was specific. Also, Charis is “Bingley‘s” sister, not Daired‘s. I don‘t think any sibling for him has been mentioned yet. 3mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks I feel putting it in a fantasy world allows for more creativity for the author, they don‘t have to stick with a certain time period or society norms. 3mo
CrowCAH @ElizaMarie good idea to screenshot the map. I have a feeling it will come in handy later on. 3mo
CrowCAH @ravenlee I agree, I‘m not completely sold…yet. Not quite enough P&P for me to really tell if it‘s going to be a good retelling or not. 3mo
MicrobeMom The map in the first book is far superior to the maps in the next two books. Not sure why they changed it. 3mo
iread2much I love a good map and how it helps to tell the story in a different way 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly Yeah, I got Daired and Brynley mixed up… but at least I hope that Charis will be more awesome than Bingley‘s sisters! 3mo
CrowCAH @MicrobeMom I‘ve only seen book one, but it does beg the question why they would change it for subsequent books. 3mo
CrowCAH @iread2much definitely, especially for a fantasy book, maps are every helpful! 3mo
CrowCAH @Clare-Dragonfly she does appear to be more bad-ass than Caroline or Louisa! 3mo
PageShifter There were many creatures! For me it's a bit easier now when I have read fantasy in English quite much. English isn't my native language so it took some time to use to that. For me this was an awesome start: really cool world, and so many creatures I am interested in! I want to know more! And marriage plotting already going on, haha. I loved chemistry between Aliza's parents. (edited) 3mo
PageShifter @julieclair I also loved immediately the ton! So fun & light. I LOVE IT ATM!! (Lost my grandmother last Sunday) 3mo
PageShifter @Bluebird And then there is me who didn't even remember which of her books this was based on xD I know now, after reading your comments 🤣🤣 I jump into books without reading the blurps :D 3mo
PageShifter @Clare-Dragonfly There were so many names, I also had to read some lines several times and almost mixed up Daired and Brynley too! 3mo
PageShifter I also love maps but I have to admit that I am quite lazy to look at them when I am reading. So I just read, doesn't really follow the map 🙈 3mo
julieclair @PageShifter I am so sorry to hear of your grandmother‘s passing. Be kind to yourself as you grieve. I can well image that reading this book, which feels like a lighthearted escape, might be just what you need right now. Sending hugs. 💙 3mo
CrowCAH @PageShifter agree lots of foreign creatures. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Take care of your health. Yea, this one is a Pride and Prejudice adaptation. Even the character names can get confusing at times. You only need a mental map, no worries. 3mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Starting chapter 1 for the #Heartstonebuddyread and look 👀 there‘s a map!! More books should include maps. They are one of my favorite things 😍

My goal is to post more “as I read” observations with this one. I usually think of things on these buddy reads but then never actually create a post about them and then I forget what I wanted to say to begin with. Probably not every day… but shooting for every few days?! 🤷‍♀️🤞🏻😬

CrowCAH A good goal! I‘m sure if not every day, you‘ll make a post most days! 3mo
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