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On a Farther Shore
On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson | William Souder
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Examines how the biologist and reformer helped to raise awareness of the natural world, the importance of conservation, and the dangers of synthetic pesticides.
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I enjoyed this #naturalitsy read. I have read - I think- all of Rachel's books and Silent Spring I read twice. She was quite something. I recommend this.

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Discussion thread for our Rachel Carson biography.
Part II - Silent Spring

What did you think of this section?

Any particular likes/dislikes?

Did you enjoy the book?

We have a short break before heading off to the Knepp estate in Suffolk, UK to explore their rewilding efforts. I can't wait.

I'd also like to apologise for not being as fully present this month, it has been a stressful few weeks irl but 🤞that's behind me now x

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AllDebooks I'll catch up with all of your comments next week, including all #naturalitsy tags toox 2mo
Soubhiville Hearing about the struggles she had with writing made me sad for her. I loved hearing about her relationship with Dorothy, and I have to wonder to what extent her husband knew about it and if it was ok with him. It sounds like it was very difficult being long distance. I haven‘t read Silent Spring, but I did know about much of its content. 2mo
Ann_Reads I thought the latter half of the book was overly detailed and meandering. (Meaning some editing would have been welcomed.) How Carson's writing career expanded, was really interesting though, along with the changes in perceptions about DDT and other pesticides being used during that time period. It was really sad Carson had health struggles during this period. The treatment she received by some doctors and lack of information was reprehensible. 2mo
jlhammar I'm glad I read this. I just find it kind of amazing that she kept on, committed to writing “the poison book“ (loved that she called it that before they had a title she was pleased with - and Silent Spring is SO much better than Man Against the Earth, she was smart to resist it) while she was essentially fighting for her life. And I'm glad she had love and companionship in Dorothy despite the unconventional circumstances. 2mo
jlhammar @AllDeBooks Sorry to hear things have been so stressful lately. Hope life calms down for you soon. Thanks so much for organizing. Really looking forward to Wilding next month! 2mo
TheBookHippie I have read Silent Spring three times. It is in the hippie code. LOL. Rachel has always fascinated me I think I have read most everything she has written. I like the details although I agree an edit would have been ideal. I like others am happy she had Dorothy. I discussed this in depth in a bookclub once upon a time-I was the only one!
I am so sorry to hear you've had a stressful go of it! I hope things are looking up, or easier to manage.
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I enjoyed this comprehensive biography. Rachel Carson lived an interesting and inspiring life. Good choice for Women‘s History Month.

Looking forward to our #NaturaLitsy discussion!

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This is a low pick, mostly because Souder spends far too long on some topics. I do not need to know the entire history of the US nuclear weapons program to understand how it influenced Carson — a short chapter would‘ve been enough. Those parts get boring because they are unnecessarily long. I mostly enjoyed learning more about her and about the resistance to Silent Spring. #audiowalk

jlhammar Yes, he certainly is thorough! I‘m slowly making my way through the second half. 2mo
KathyWheeler @jlhammar Yes, he is! 2mo
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I‘m up to the section on Silent Spring now. Still enjoying it. My evening walk today was actually in the rain, but I don‘t think you can tell that from the pics. #audiowalk

UwannaPublishme Beautiful…even in the rain! 3mo
KathyWheeler @UwannaPublishme Thank you. 😊 3mo
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I loved that this mobile simulation lab has a picture of the Mobile Bay light house on it. I don‘t know what is being simulated in the lab, but since it‘s parked by the School of Marine & Environmental Sciences, I figure that it has something to do with those topics. It was kind of fitting to walk by that school today because I was listening to the part about Rachel Carson‘s book on the ocean. #audiowalk

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I saw this posted about when a group was reading it and thought it looked interesting, so it‘s my new #audiowalk book. I like it and have learned a lot, so far. It makes me want to go back and read Silent Spring and her book about the ocean.

jlhammar I‘m enjoying this one so far as well. Looking forward to the second half. 3mo
Ann_Reads Nice pic collage! 🙂 I'm enjoying the biography as well and would also like to read one of Carson's other books. 3mo
KathyWheeler @Ann_Reads Thank you. 3mo
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#naturalitsy brought this book to my attention, and I‘m so glad. I love reading nature focused nonfiction, and I‘m embarrassed to say I didn‘t know who Rachel Carson was! I don‘t think I knew of her books, surprisingly.

This is a fantastic biography, and it dives deep into the topics Carson wrote about in each book, as well as her life.

The topic of toxins in our environments is just as pressing an issue now as it was in RC‘s time. 5⭐️!

Soubhiville @Eyelit I definitely recommend this! 3mo
TheBookHippie So so good I‘m enjoying it. 3mo
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Off to an amazing start 😍

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Our first discussion thread for William Souder's biography of Rachel Carson.
How did you find Part I?

All welcome to join us. Please do let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.

@wordslinger42 @Chrissyreadit @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm @rockpools @Blackink_WhitePaper @BookwormAHN @Deblovestoread @MilesnMelodies @Graywacke @Dilara @Mitch @Ann_Reads @Chelsea.Poole
@TheBookHippie @Riveted_Reader_Melissa

MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Just recently got my copy from the library, so I‘ll have to come back later when I‘m caught up. ❤️ 3mo
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Cuilin I usually hate biographies, but this was engaging and inspiring in a way. 3mo
Soubhiville At first I thought I might have a similar reaction to this as to Poseidon‘s Steed: too much content off topic. But no, I‘ve actually been enjoying this a lot! I‘m listening to the audio, and it seems a strange choice to have it narrated by a man, but actually it‘s well done. I love the close connection with her mom, and how she longed to be near the sea before she had ever seen it for the first time. 3mo
Soubhiville Because I‘m doing audio I‘m pretty sure I‘ve gone past this weeks discussion point, so I won‘t say too much. But I‘m loving her exploration of tide pools and sharing what she finds there with her new friends. 3mo
Soubhiville I never would have chosen this book on my own, I‘m so glad the group brought it to my attention. I‘m looking forward to finishing it in the next two weeks. 🦀🐡🙂 3mo
jlhammar I'm enjoying this so far. Good choice for Women's History Month! Aside from reading Silent Spring many years ago, I didn't know much about her. I feel the same @Soubhiville - I especially loved that her mother supported her academic pursuits, didn't expect her to live a conventional life, and even typed her pieces for her. Also kind of an interesting look at nature writing/publishing at the time. 3mo
Soubhiville @jlhammar When I occasionally read about the struggles writers go through to get published I always wonder how many wonderful articles, books, etc are out there unpublished for one reason or another. 3mo
TheBookHippie @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm same just got my copy!! 3mo
Graywacke Enjoying the comments. I‘ve been undecided on whether to join, but these comments are encouraging. I might try to follow on audio and follow up with something by Carson (free for audible members). 3mo
Aimeesue This was a fun listen for me, as we‘ve lived near a lot of locations in the book - the Dept.of the Interior building in DC, her home in Si,ver Spring, MD, Woods Hole, MA. It was neat to picture her in all those places, struggling to support her family and get published. And like @Soubhiville and @jlhammar I loved her relationship with her mom. 3mo
Chelsea.Poole I‘m just starting the audio but already enjoying it. It seems as though Carson is reluctant to become the “face” of the environmentalist movement. Also DDT is so so scary 😱 @jlhammar I‘m enjoying this as well, though I haven‘t even read Silent Spring! I need to address that asap. @Soubhiville I wouldn‘t have chosen this either, but glad it landed on my radar 😊 3mo
AllDebooks Rachel Carson has been a hero of mine for decades. Although I'm familiar with her work, I know very little about her as a person. Really excited to be reading this with you all. It certainly has disappointed so far. I love all your positive comments ❤️ 3mo
Ann_Reads Carson made interesting educational choices, given the time period and the fact biological science was in its infancy. There was usually some type of influential mentor involved too, helping her to make choices, along with hard work and some luck thrown into the mix. (It bothered me some that Carson put her family in a financial bind to fund her education.) ⬇ 3mo
Ann_Reads As she found a niche with her writing, it's curious she initially wrote about things she had never witnessed/experienced before. I also wondered about her admiration of Williamson & questioned if she was naive about his political beliefs or just admired his writing in Tarka & Salar, & so chose to put blinders on. Luckily for her, the book review she wrote didn't backfire as it could have. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the historical info so far. (edited) 3mo
Ann_Reads @Graywacke - I think you might like this one. Even the historical details that seem off topic become important to the narrative later on. (I just started Part 1, Chapter 5.) 3mo
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#Naturalitsy reading schedule

Discussion threads will be posted at the weekend.
Saturday - On a farther shore
Sunday - Mind of the raven

Wishing you all a great week. 😊

As always, please do let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist. All welcome to join us. 😊

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Here is the March reading schedule for #naturalitsy hosted by @alldebooks

AllDebooks Thank you for the share 😊 3mo
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A new week, a new book. 😊 I'm so excited for this biography of Rachel Carson. This is a 2 week schedule.
Week 4 - 5 - Part I - Water world (p.3 - 164)
Week 6 - 8 - Part II - Silent Spring (p. 169 - 395)

I will post our first discussion thread on Saturday 4th March.

As always, please do let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the tag list. All welcome to join us.


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ElizaMarie I‘m gonna just stick with Raven for now 3mo
AllDebooks @ElizaMarie noted 👍 3mo
CaitZ I'm so far behind I think I'll just stick with the Raven book, too 3mo
tdrosebud I'm also behind and will just be sticking with Raven for now. Thanks 3mo
SamAnne I have books piled up and will need to pass. But I‘ve read Silent Spring, am very familiar with her life and have been an environmental activist for decades. Will definitely follow along with the posts and might chime in! Also I‘m very interested in what Littens think about this bio based on the Goodreads reviews. 3mo
AllDebooks @CaitZ @tdrosebud @SamAnne noted 👍 thanks for letting me know, does make life easier with the tagging x 3mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I‘ll be behind, my library hasn‘t got my hold in from their sister library yet, but I‘ll be participating as soon as I get it. 👍❤️ 3mo
TheBookHippie One more chapter I‘m caught up with Raven and I do love it. Still waiting on my Rachel book ugh slow library! I‘m loving these reads ! So keep me on. 3mo
Yuki_Onna @AllDebooks Hey dear, please take me off the tag list. Sorry, I can't fit as much time for reading into my life atm as planned. If that changes, I'll inform you and ask to be readded to the list.
For now, I must make do with browsing through all the #Naturalitsy posts which give me great joy😊
AllDebooks @Yuki_Onna ok, hope life eases up a bit and you get more time for you. Love that you enjoy #naturalitsy keep checking in x 3mo
Yuki_Onna @AllDebooks Thank you so much for these sweet words!😊 3mo
rockpools @SamAnne That sounds ominous! (I haven‘t started yet) 3mo
SamAnne @rockpools If I wasn't so behind on other group reads I would definitely listen to this one! Some of the issues brought up in Goodreads should make for really good discussions. One of those issues being how the author “handles“ the long term romantic relationship she had with another woman. 3mo
AllDebooks @SamAnne oh my, this is gonna be a good one 3mo
SamAnne @AllDebooks the reviews are all over the place! Personally, I love book club discussions where there are many viewpoints and lots of discussion items! 3mo
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#Naturalitsy Post 2

We'll start with Poseiden's steed over weeks 1 - 3 before moving onto the biography of Rachel Carson (tagged) over weeks 4 - 8. I'm going to keep separate tag lists for both reads so please comment which ones you'd like to be tagged in. I don't want to be annoying 🙈

Please see my previous post for details of our other #buddyread

All welcome to join us


jenniferw88 Just Poisedon's Steed please. Trying my best not to buy any more books! 4mo
jlhammar You can tag me for both. Thanks! 4mo
TEArificbooks Put me down for Poseidon‘s steed 4mo
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SamAnne Tag me for both! 4mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm My library has both so please tag me for both. ❤️ 4mo
tdrosebud I have Poseidon's Steed so will definitely join for that. The biography will depend on if I can get it from the library. Like Jennifer, I'm trying not to buy books right now. 4mo
BookwormAHN Please tag me for Poseidon's Steed 😺 4mo
rockpools Hi Deb. Can I opt out tags for both of these, for now? Hope to join in the sky read and look forward to following the conversations - will probably pick up these at a later date. Thank you 😊 4mo
Addison_Reads @AllDebooks I own both so please tag me in both. I've already read the Carson, but I'd still love to join the discussion. 4mo
AllDebooks @Addison_Reads all comments above noted, re taglist 4mo
Graywacke I missed this post until just now. OK, the world makes more sense to me now... 4mo
AllDebooks @Graywacke 😅 I didn't want to tag again as I didn't want to be annoying. 4mo
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Happy New Year Littens!

I spent the evening finishing up the tagged book about my favorite female scientist, Rachel Carson. The husband, kiddo, and I all kept it low-key and made a bonfire by our little lake and made smores. No fireworks for us because we have fur-babies who get freaked out.

This book brought my total for the year to 185 books, which is the most I've ever read in a year. 😁 I'm very happy that 70 came from my local library too!

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