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Buzz Books 2023
Buzz Books 2023: Spring/Summer | Publishers Lunch
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Spring/Summer is the 22th volume in our popular sampler series. As always, Buzz Books presents passionate readers with an insider’s look at 54 of the buzziest books due out this season.
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Decided to have some fun and make a tier list of all the books I read in 2023! Deciding what goes in each tier was easy but the specific order was surprisingly difficult in places.

BookmarkTavern Nice! 🤩 6mo
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As Lee Corso would say: Not so fast! I‘m not quite done with 2023 after all.

I went to the trouble to determine my #top23of2023 so the least I can do is post the list.

Since I also took the time to calculate some author stats, here they are:
-68 individual authors
-46 new to me
-49 women authors
-21 authors of color

In addition I read six books by LGBTQIA authors and/or with POV LGBTQIA characters.

Texreader It looks like we have similar book tastes. Many of the authors I like. But I‘ve only read The Haunting of Maddy Claire. This looks like an awesome list. A great reading year! I still plan to figure out my 2023 favorites so I‘m glad to see your post that I‘m not quite too late 6mo
BarbaraBB Interesting list and stats! Now I want to make that kind of stats too 😀 6mo
IndoorDame Love this list! 6mo
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Finally, here‘s my 23 in ‘23! I made this graphic to go with a yearly wrap-up post for my bookstagram. I post reviews much more frequently on Litsy still, but please give my bookstagram a follow if you are interested in more lengthy reviews and regular story updates.

My Instagram handle is @ readerlykimberly

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2023 round up:
40 books read. 21 public library, 19 home library
Favorites: Hild, the street, stolen

I allowed myself to bail on a lot of books this year.

2024 challenge: 1:1 fiction to non-fiction.
Wish me luck!

RaeLovesToRead David Shrigley! 6mo
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dabbe #hailthebails! 🖤💙🖤 6mo
TieDyeDude 🎉 🤘 6mo
Ruthiella Good luck! 👍 (edited) 6mo
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It was so tough to choose. Every time I do this, it comes out different!

BarbaraBB Great list! I notice a few favorites of mine and will screenshot the rest! 6mo
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2023 was an interesting reading year. #Clarissa was the longest book and greatest challenge of the year, and Don Quixote was plenty long as well. I don‘t really do simply favorites, instead also considering the books that I think will be the most memorable. As of this moment, these are those books of 2023 for me.

#ReadingStats #2023stats #DaiseysReadingSummary

Readerann I got behind on the Clarissa year-long group read, then couldn‘t catch up (I‘m at 70%). Congrats on finishing! 👏 It‘s SO long. 😩 6mo
Daisey @Readerann So long! I don‘t know that I would have made it if I hadn‘t forced myself to mostly stick to the schedule and participated in some discussion with other readers. It‘s definitely one of the toughest to finish classics I‘ve read. 6mo
merelybookish Impressive dent on 1001 books challenge! 6mo
Daisey @merelybookish Thanks! Yes, this is the most I‘ve managed to finish in a year so far. 6mo
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Some graphs of my 2023 reading

All of my 5 star reads were rereads, but there were some great 4 star reads and only a single 1 star read.

#2023stats #ReadingStats #DaiseysReadingSummary

LiteraryinLawrence I love seeing everyone‘s charts! 6mo
Daisey @LiteraryinLawrence So do I! Year end charts also make me want to use StoryGraph, but I‘ve tried a couple years in a row and can never keep up with it. 6mo
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I love that The Storygraph tells you these less common stats!

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I think my average time to finish was disproportionately affected by one audiobook that I started in 2022 but didn‘t finish until 2023.

I like these extra blurbs that The Storygraph adds to their reading wrap up!

Suet624 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 6mo
TieDyeDude 💪🎉 6mo
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*according to GR. I plan on posting my Storygraph stats tomorrow. They are a lot more accurate, since it differentiates better on ratings and pages read vs. minutes listened.

I generally am pretty stingy w/giving out 4 & 5 ⭐️ ratings, so I‘m not surprised my average is around 3.5.

While I definitely did read quite a few 500+ page books, I guess some of the shorter ones (thinking the new Saga issues) must have pulled the average length down.

BarbaraBB My average rating has been 3.5 for years too. 6mo
marleed Haha. I readjusted my rating system about 3 years ago when goodreads had me consistently reading at 3 stars. I decided I really did enjoy reading the books I completed more than my GR average suggested so I wanted to come up with a new scale for myself. 6mo
Kimberlone @marleed for me 3 stars still means I enjoyed, they just aren‘t going above and beyond the average. Like I would recommend to the right person but probably not a book I would revisit by choice. I like Storygraph better for rating because I can differentiate with .25 and .5 stars. There‘s a big difference between 3 ⭐️and 3.5 ⭐️ for me. 6mo
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My final Goodreads stats for 2023!

A couple database discrepancies meant my GR and Storygraph stats don‘t align perfectly; I actually finished a couple more total titles. I did have to reduce my original goal of 100 to something more achievable.

Life was good in 2023 (got married and bought our first home together!), but it did get in the way of reading. I had a major reading slump in the spring/early summer that got me off track.

Ruthiella Great job! 👏👏👏 6mo
Deblovestoread Well done !! 🎉 6mo
Bookzombie Nice! 6mo
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BarbaraBB Well done 🩵 6mo
TieDyeDude 💪🎉 6mo
Gissy Yes!!!🥳📚📚📚🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏 6mo
Kimberlone @Ruthiella @Deblovestoread @Bookzombie @BarbaraBB @TieDyeDude @Gissy thanks guys! I am hoping to hit about the same mark in 2024! 6mo
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And I read more pages today!!! I‘m quite pleased with that total. 🥳

Ruthiella Good job! 👏👏👏 6mo
TieDyeDude 💪🎉 6mo
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TheBookgeekFrau Wooooohoooo!!!👏🏼👏🏼🎊 6mo
eeclayton Congrats! 🎉 6mo
Gissy Great!📚📚📚🥳🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏 6mo
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*Finally* got round to posting my #top23of2023!

In no particular order, these are most of my 5 star reads of the year. There were another 10 or so that didn‘t quite make the list - very difficult to choose.

Thanks for the tag @BarbaraBB and for continuing @Cinfhen ‘s wonderful tradition.

Tamra Black Butterflies is on many top lists. 😁 So wonderful. 6mo
ChaoticMissAdventures I love that so many books from the Women's Prize long list are coming up on people's lists! We have a few of the same favorites ❤️ 6mo
sarahbarnes So many that made my list too! And some on my TBR. Great list! 6mo
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youneverarrived August Blue would be on mine too. Some great books and lots on my tbr! 6mo
Megabooks What a great list! 📸 6mo
BarbaraBB So many of my favorite books among yours! I must read the ones you mention that I haven‘t read yet! Happy new year Helen 🩷🩷 6mo
batsy Nice list! 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm I see a few on other‘s lists as well. Screenshot done! Happy New Year! 🎇 6mo
TrishB Great list - I have a couple to get to in the new year 😁 6mo
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I think I‘m finally able to finally post My Goodreads Year in Books.

Meshell1313 🎉🙌 6mo
CatLass007 @Meshell1313 Thank you! 6mo
Mollyanna Woohoo! Nicely done. 🥳 6mo
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Gissy Amazing!📚📚📚🎉🎉🎉🤩👏👏👏 6mo
CatLass007 @Mollyanna Thank you! 6mo
CatLass007 @Gissy Thank you! 6mo
TheBookgeekFrau Nicely done!! 💕 6mo
Ruthiella Good work! 👏👏👏 6mo
CatLass007 @Ruthiella Thank you! 6mo
Andrew65 Brilliant! 👏👏👏🙌🥳 6mo
CatLass007 @Andrew65 Thank you! 6mo
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How??! It‘s been 81 days since my world was shattered. It‘s been 81 days of pain, despair, heartache, fear, loss but also pockets of love, light and friendship. To everyone who has reached out to me, please know I‘ve seen your messages of support & prayers and I can‘t thank you enough. In these darkest days your rays of hope fill my heart. I honestly haven‘t read much since Oct7 but I still wanted to share my #Top23of23 👇🏼

Cinfhen and let you all know how much I appreciate seeing this tradition maintained. Much love to my co-host and dear friend @barbarabb for getting the party started and best wishes to everyone for peace, unity, wisdom and truth in 2024 🕊️🙏🏻☮️ #BreakTheHate #BringThemHomeNow 7mo
julesG 💖💖💖 7mo
CarolynM Still thinking of you each day💕 7mo
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Jari-chan Thank you for posting. Still sending you strength and love 🕯️♥️🫂 7mo
quietlycuriouskate It's good to see you again. Been thinking of you. 🕯️ 7mo
LeeRHarry You‘re in my thoughts Cindy. 💕 7mo
TheBookHippie ♥️🕯️♥️ 7mo
JessClark78 ❤️❤️ 7mo
BkClubCare Thoughts of hope and peace 🕊️ 7mo
BethM Cindy I am sending you so much love and light. Praying for you (the collective). ❤️ 7mo
Librarybelle What a wonderful list! Thinking of you ❤️ 7mo
IndoorDame ♥️🕯️🕊️ 7mo
squirrelbrain Lovely to see you again - sending love and hope. A fair few of these books will be on my list too. 7mo
TracyReadsBooks A fantastic list. ❤️🕊️ 7mo
AnneCecilie Thinking of you ❤️ 7mo
Jas16 So wonderful to hear from you. I have thinking of you. Amazing list too. 7mo
marleed It made my day to see your handle as I scrolled down my feed this morning. Hugs to you! I think and pray for you daily. 7mo
BarbaraBB That‘s the best Christmas gift, you dropping in! Thanks for sharing your books, and for reaching out. Thinking of you in these dark dark days 💜☮️🕊️ 7mo
JenReadsAlot Thinking of you and wonderful list! 7mo
julieclair This is a great list! Continuing to pray for you, for peace in your heart, and peace in this world. 🕊️🙏☮️❤️ 7mo
sarahbarnes So wonderful to see you here. I think of you a lot. ♥️ 7mo
Ruthiella Wonderful to have you back, if only for a little. ❤️ 7mo
MaureenMc Hello! So glad to “see” you. Continuing prayers for you and yours. 💗 7mo
Deblovestoread Thank you for checking in and sharing your #Top23of23. As always we have lots of books in common and I see a few I need to check out. Continuing to send light and prayers for peace. ❤️ 7mo
dabbe So glad to “read“ you again! You've been in all of our thoughts. Here's to hope and healing in 2024. 🤩 your list, too! 💙💙💙 7mo
jlhammar What a wonderful surprise! You have been missed. So glad you were able to share your top reads. 7mo
LeahBergen So glad to see you here again, Cindy. I‘ve missed you! Sending ❤️❤️❤️ 7mo
Kristy_K A pleasant surprise to see your post! We‘ve missed you here. 💙 7mo
Chelsea.Poole Joining in with everyone else to say it‘s lovely to see you here! You‘re in my thoughts ♥️♥️ 7mo
Read4life I was so happy to see your post. Continuing to send prayers, love and positivity your way. 💙💙 7mo
CBee Love to you, Cindy ♥️ 7mo
TrishB Lovely to see your post ❤️❤️ we have books in common ofc. Take care. 7mo
Megabooks Glad to see you post this! 💜💜💜💜💜 6mo
TheAromaofBooks Just popped over to see if you had posted recently. You are in my prayers. ❤ ❤ ❤ 6mo
sblbooks So glad to see you back on Litsy. Great list. I'd loved Beyond That, The Sea and The Gown. I'm looking forward to reading No Two Persons in January. 💙 6mo
Christine Thank you for sharing this - continuing to send good thoughts your way. ❤️ 6mo
CatLass007 I have missed seeing you on Litsy. It‘s good to take a break and then come back with a fresh perspective. My break ended up lasting about three years. It seems like you are tougher than I am because you posted just a few days ago. Don‘t rush yourself and definitely don‘t let anyone else rush you. And that doesn‘t apply only to Litsy, it applies to life. Prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts are on the way to you.🙏🏽🥰❤️ 6mo
rockpools I‘d missed this! So glad to see you, Cindy. Much love to you all. 6mo
kspenmoll Happy to see you posting- sending you live & hope. 🙏💙😍 6mo
Bookwormjillk Happy to see you here. I think of you often 🕊️❤️ 6mo
Bklover I just saw this, my friend! Continuing to send love and prayers for you💙 6mo
TheQuietQuill Please know that you are in my prayers, Cindy. Much love to you all and know we are all thinking of you ❤️ 6mo
robinb Thinking of you, Cindy and sending love and hugs. 6mo
BarbaraJean Just stopped by to see if you‘d checked in recently—so happy to see this post! You‘ve been on my mind and continue to be in my prayers. Sending love to you! 💜💜 Thank you for sharing your best-of list—so many of these are on my TBR but I haven‘t picked them up yet! I‘ll be moving several up the list 😊 6mo
GlassAsDiamonds Thought of you a lot in the last months. Hope to see you back online some time soon, I missed chatting even though I was the AWOL one. All my very best 💛 5mo
CarolynM Sending love to you, Cindy💕 2mo
Bookwomble I hope you're enjoying your birthday, Cindy 💖 2w
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#top23of23 My favorite books of the year! Some of these I adored while reading and were just amazing from start to finish, while others only made the list after reflecting on them months after completing (An Island) but all really spoke to me in one way or another! Missing Cindy here! @Cinfhen
Thanks to @BarbaraBB for getting this started!

And I think my top read of the year is NORTH WOODS. I just loved that book 🤍

RaeLovesToRead I need to get North Woods! 7mo
Centique Great list! I‘ve loved a couple of these too so I‘m screen shotting the rest for my TBR 😍. 7mo
BarbaraBB Great list! We have so many similar books. I must absolutely read North Woods. @Suet624 loved it too! 7mo
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kspenmoll Oh, you have so many wonderful books listed that I have still yet to read. Thanks for compiling this. It helps me add to my TBR pile! 7mo
UwannaPublishme Great list! Love seeing Anne Tyler on there 🙌🏻 7mo
RebelReader My TBR is growing fast with all these great lists! (edited) 7mo
Amiable Oh, I loved “Year of Wonder.” So good. 7mo
jlhammar Can‘t wait to read North Woods! Many of your favorites will also be among my top reads. 7mo
Megabooks Fantastic list!! So glad to see yours! 📸 6mo
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The new edition of Buzz Books from Publishers Lunch is out and available for free download. I always like getting a copy of this ebook with so many excerpts of upcoming titles, it helps me decide which ones I want to try by reading a little sample first. They cover both fiction and non-fiction. The spring Romance Books should be out a bit later too, for those interested in that.

Download at: https://buzz.publishersmarketplace.com/