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Hmmm. I should have remembered that while I adore reading picture books as an adult, I rarely enjoy children's chapter books. I did get a few picture book recommendations out of the early chapters! Of those chapter books covered by the author, I can only remember reading Charlotte's Web as a child, and I'm not sure I ever read the other exemplars provided. 1/?

Robotswithpersonality 2/2 It's not really fair to say this book isn't what I thought it would be, because I'm still a little fuzzy on how one could write about loving reading children's books as an adult without it being an in depth analysis of certain books (though I'm not sure coverage of the authors' lives was necessary) and themes found within them. I'll continue my pattern of sporadically checking out picture books from the library, having my own joyful moments. 10h
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Bibliomania | Gustave Flaubert
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1.Last book I gave up on:Honestly can‘t nt think of one. I‘ve learned to pick wisely.
2. Last book I re-read:REBECCA
3. Last Book I Bought: Perceval Everett‘s JAMES
4. Last Book I said I read but didn‘t:zip, zero, zilch. Never happens.
5. Last Book I wrote in the Margins of : 100 Poems to Make You Cry
6. Last book I had signed: can‘t remember - it‘s been YEARS
7. Last Book I Lost: Charlie ate Riddley Walker this week
@vivastory ⬇️

Aimeesue 8. Last Book I had to Replace: I guess that will be Riddley Walker (edited) 1d
Aimeesue 9. Last Book I Argued Over: I don‘t really argue over books, so that is lost to the mists of time. 1d
Aimeesue 10. Last Book I Couldn‘t Find: I know where all my books are, so the only books I can‘t find are the ones my library hasn‘t acquired yet or that there‘s a wait list for, so maybe You Like it Darker? I think that‘s the last hold I placed. (edited) 1d
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vivastory Rebecca 💙 Riddley Walker is on my TBR., I loved Hoban's Turtle Diary. I also have Everett's “James“ is waiting on my shelves. I'm curious, are you going to revisit Huck Finn beforehand? I can't wait to read the new King, but plan on reading this King story collection beforehand (edited) 1d
Aimeesue @vivastoryDef going to re- read Huck Finn before James. Everett tucks a lot of references into his books, and I don‘t want to miss them. I love, love, love Riddley Walker for the language - such a thrill when you GET it! Any King is good King as far as I‘m concerned. Love his shorter stuff! (edited) 1d
vivastory @Aimeesue I am a bit tempted to revisit Huck Finn. I remember when I read it in middle school that I did not care for it, but I have since read other Twain writings & really enjoyed them esp. 1d
Aimeesue @vivastory Twain was so witty! I enjoy his stuff. Everett said that he read HF fifteen times in a row before writing James. And now he will never pick it up again 😂 16h
Tamra I‘m so enjoying Secret Voices! 16h
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I found the following circulating on a few book blogs & thought it would be fun to post here. #LastTenBooks I'd love to see your answers, too!
1)Last Book I Gave Up On:
Michael Wilson's “Girl In The Video.“ This is what I wrote in my reading journal: Just couldn't care anymore. Even if I had only 10 more pages. I could have lied & said that I finished it. This was lurking in the kindle graveyard & as King said, “sometimes dead is better.“
2 (CON)

vivastory 2)Last Book I Re-Reread:
Gaiman's Fragile Things (A favorite this year that I had originally read Oct. 2018)
3)Last Book I Bought:
Richard Swan's “The Justice Of Kings.“ (Bk 1 of a fantasy trilogy that I have heard high praises from booktubers that I trust)
4)Last Book I Said I Read But I Didn't:
I don't believe in guilty pleasures, so this one doesn't really apply
5)Last Book I Wrote In The Margins Of:
James Baldwin's “Price Of The Ticket“

(edited) 1d
vivastory 6)Last Book I Had Signed:
I just received an order from B&N for Johnson's “Let's Go Play At The Adams“ signed by Grady Hendrix w/ a note “Enjoy the trauma“ Lol
7)Last Book I Lost
I have been in a mood for thrillers this week & while looking I could not find Raybourn's “Killers Of A Certain Age“
8) Last Book I Had To Replace
A few months ago I checked out a graphic novel that for the life of me I could not find when it was due, so I replaced it
(edited) 1d
vivastory 9) Last Book I Argued Over:
I don't really argue over books. I see that different books serve various purposes for different readers at stages in their lives.
10)Last Book I Couldn't Find:
Y'all, I have been meaning to get a better organizational method in my library for awhile now but it will be a project that would make Marie Kondo cry. I think the last book I couldn't find was “Killers Of A Certain Age“ bc I'm not giving it up for lost lol
(edited) 1d
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LeahBergen I love what Hendrix signed! 😆 21h
vivastory @LeahBergen It was a nice surprise. I had no idea that it would be signed. 17h
RaeLovesToRead Awesome! I am 100% answering these questions!!! 10h
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For a minute there, I thought Goodreads was glitching. Then I realized, no, that seems right.


Aimeesue 🤣🤣🤣 1d
BarbaraBB 😂😂 1d
vivastory GOALS 😂 (edited) 24h
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TheSpineView 🤪🤣🤑 17h
squirrelbrain 🤣🤣🤣 14h
Ruthiella 😂😂😂 12h
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The Bookshop Book | Jen Campbell
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A book about bookshops, their owners and authors who loves books, what‘s not to love?

But I will say that the focus is mostly on Scotland and England for bookstores, and for at lot of the other countries the focus in on book towns.

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So excited to support a brand new indie bookseller at their first pop-up shop today!

Got two books that were on my wishlist, two I didn't know I needed, and the cutest bookmark weeeee! 💞


What does The Juniper Tree mean? I couldn't begin to say. Is it a story for children? Not mine. Obviously the answer in this and all such cases is know the kids, THEY ARE PEOPLE, NOT A CATEGORY.“ 👏🏻 [Emphasis added]


“As we will find out, the mother in Cat in the Hat is so loopy she leaves her children in the care of a fish. Hers will be the house where all the kids go to smoke weed in high school.“

Pfft, judgy. 🙃 🫢

The Bookshop Book | Jen Campbell
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I had an amazing reading week

Buddy reads:
📚 caught up on Run Towards The Danger #SheSaid
📚 picked up Dissolution again #ShardlakeBR
📚 read the Sherlock Holmes story “The Yellow Face” #NoPlaceLikeHolmes

📚 Stjernenes knitring #Iceland #foodandlit
📚 Vindmakeren

Currently reading:
📚 The Bookshop Book, hope to finish before tomorrow‘s weekly forecast
📚 On Calculation of Volume. II, hope to finish later today
📚 Matrescence

AnneCecilie I forgot one: I read Nancy‘s Mysterious Letter #NancyDrewBR 5d
kspenmoll Yay!!!🎉🎉🎉 5d
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“I also bring up Portnoy 's Complaint to highlight the fact that books for very young children occupy a rare literary preserve where mom and dad don't fuck you up.“ 👀
Audiobook read by the author is a chill, good time.

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