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I wasn‘t going to buy too many books today but I couldn‘t stop. 🙀

Cinfhen Fun! 7mo
Mdargusch It‘s always fun to meet the authors @Cinfhen but then I‘m a sucker for their books. 7mo
emilyhaldi That looks like a fun mix of books!!! 7mo
Suet624 It‘s hard not to. 7mo
Reviewsbylola At least you spent less than me. 😆 7mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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BlameJennyJane Looks at those cuties!!! 😇😇😇 7mo
Nicki_McCall A very beautiful family! 7mo
Fridameetslucy What a beautiful joyful pic !! 7mo
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Reviewsbylola They are so cute! 7mo
Leftcoastzen They are so adorable! Looks like you are having a great day! 7mo
robinb You all are simply gorgeous! 😍 7mo
Eggbeater What a great picture! 🤗❤ 7mo
erzascarletbookgasm Lovely 📸 7mo
KarenUK Such a lovely pic💕 7mo
Annl Such a great photo! Enjoy 7mo
Blaire Wonderful photo! 7mo
JennyM ♥️♥️♥️ 7mo
stacybmartin What a great photo - hope you guys had a good time! 💙 7mo
readordierachel Great pic 💕 7mo
Dietz123 Great photo, lovely family. 7mo
rwmg Lovely pic 7mo
Reggie What an awesome pic!! 7mo
kspenmoll What a great picture!!! 7mo
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A small but mighty group of #BuckeyeLittens #OhioMeetup

HeatherBookNerd Love it! 7mo
rretzler @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch @cobwebmoth @TK421 @Chelleo Wish I could have been there today to meet all of you! Hope you‘re having fun! 7mo
Reviewsbylola So glad we were able to meet up!! 7mo
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Chelleo @Reviewsbylola Same! Always good to connect with #LitsyFamily @rretzler It was a blast! Hope to meetup with you sooner than later 🤗 7mo
Chrissyreadit So awesome! 7mo
TK421 It was great meeting up with everyone today! Evidently I'm tall. 7mo
Chelleo @TK421 just a smidge 😂🤣😂 7mo
cobwebmoth Thanks for meeting up with us! It was great seeing you again. 7mo
Reviewsbylola Or we‘re short. 😆 @TK421 7mo
RavenLovelyReads Great photo!! I got there too late 😇 7mo
Chelleo @RavenLovelyReads What time did you get there? Did you enjoy the festival? 7mo
RavenLovelyReads We got there around 11:00- yes we really enjoyed it! We picked up some fun goodies and books! 7mo
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Warning: Pity Party. Work has been unusually stressful. Although I‘m looking forward to the #OhioMeetup tomorrow I feel very scattered and unprepared. Sunday is my oldest son‘s 6th birthday party which had me running around all week. I‘ve neglected my #LitsyPenPals and haven‘t really had time to just enjoy my Litsy feed. I‘m blessed to have such a full life but I need a break.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🎧2019.04.25 I‘m binging this series...love it!

cobwebmoth *hugs* 7mo
everlocalwest Sending calming energy your way! Here's hoping you get some downtime soon. 7mo
julesG Hugs! 7mo
RebL A fulfilling life can still be an exhausting one. I hope you can find time for stillness. 7mo
Chelleo @cobwebmoth @everlocalwest @julesG @RebL Thanks for the calming vibes and support! 7mo
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Kingdom of Ohio | Matthew Flaming
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Repost for @Chelleo :
Hello #BuckeyeLittens! Time for another #OhioMeetup at the #OhioanaBookFestival. Let‘s meet at the Carnegie Cafe on the 1st floor of the Main Library (https://www.columbuslibrary.org/locations/Main%20Library) at 9:30 am. #litsyhappenings #litsymeetups #meetups

Kingdom of Ohio | Matthew Flaming
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Hello #BuckeyeLittens! Time for another #OhioMeetup at the #OhioanaBookFestival. Let‘s meet at the Carnegie Cafe on the 1st floor of the Main Library (https://www.columbuslibrary.org/locations/Main%20Library) at 9:30 am. #litsyhappenings #litsymeetups #meetups

Smangela I was SO hoping I could go this year but we have a last minute wedding that weekend 😫😫😫 8mo
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TheReadingMermaid Okay let me juggle some things and see if I can make it. @Klowman78 will probably be with me if I can work it out. 😉💕 8mo
TheReadingMermaid Maybe I can get @skaiareads to come with us as well 8mo
Chelleo @TheReadingMermaid The more the merrier! 8mo
Chelleo @Smangela Awww...ok, well, hopefully 2020 is our year! 8mo
Reviewsbylola I still have the sign from last year. I plan to be there. 😄 8mo
Chelleo @Reviewsbylola Cool! Bring the sign if you can (you‘re welcome to keep it). Looking forward to seeing you! 8mo
GondorGirl I'm stuck working a show in DC that weekend, but I can't wait to see the pictures! 8mo
Pamwurtzler @kitty_reads & I have a wedding that weekend, so we can‘t be there. Let‘s see some pictures! 8mo
Mdargusch I might be out of town that weekend but if not, I will be there! 8mo
Reviewsbylola I will definitely bring it! 8mo
cobwebmoth We're planning on being there. We really enjoyed it last year.☺ 8mo
TK421 I think that @flying_monkeys is in Ohio as well. 8mo
Mdargusch @rretzler you should come to this! 8mo
rretzler @Mdargusch I would love to - unfortunately, I‘ll be at my younger son‘s soccer tournament all weekend. 😕 @Chelleo Could you put me on your OH list? I live in Dublin (Columbus) 8mo
Chelleo @rretzler done! Sorry we‘ll miss you 8mo
Mdargusch Too bad @rretzler but I‘m sure that will be an exciting weekend for you! 8mo
cobwebmoth Should we bring anything with us? 8mo
Chelleo @cobwebmoth I debated doing some sort of swap but opted not to do one this time. If people are eager to do one, I‘m totally open to it. Did you have something in mind? 8mo
cobwebmoth Nothing in particular, I just didn't want to show up empty handed if I was supposed to bring a book/gift. 😊 8mo
Chelleo @cobwebmoth Ok then, you‘re all set! 😂 I‘ll actually have my littles in tow so having one less thing to manage would be helpful! This will be their first book festival. 8mo
RavenLovelyReads Can‘t wait to meet Ohio Littens! @rretzler - we‘re practically neighbors! I‘m in Powell! 8mo
rretzler @RavenLovelyReads Cool! I wish I could be there to meet everyone this weekend. Perhaps we can do our own Columbus area meetup sometime. 8mo
RavenLovelyReads @rretzler that‘s a great idea! 💡 8mo
Chelleo @Reviewsbylola @cobwebmoth @RavenLovelyReads @TK421 Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! I'll have my littles in tow :) 8mo
RavenLovelyReads I might miss you all- i can‘t get there until 10:30 😕 7mo
Reviewsbylola @mdargusch and I will be there. Can‘t wait! ☺️ 7mo
Chelleo @RavenLovelyReads We‘ll likely still be there. Just comment here when you get there. 7mo
Reviewsbylola We‘re running a little late but we‘ll be there!! 7mo
Chelleo About 10 minutes out 7mo
cobwebmoth We're here.☺ 7mo
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Repost for @Chelleo :
Hey #OhioLittens ... The #OhianaBookFestival is taking place next month. Seems like a prime opportunity for an #OhioMeetup

I‘m trying to sort out my schedule (it‘s also my son‘s birthday weekend) so it would be a huge help to have someone else be able to help with planning in case I can‘t swing it. Any of our Columbus friends available to scout out a meeting place nearby?

#LitsyMeetups #litsyhappenings

Untitled | Unknown
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Hey #OhioLittens ... The #OhianaBookFestival is taking place next month. Seems like a prime opportunity for an #OhioMeetup

I‘m trying to sort out my schedule (it‘s also my son‘s birthday weekend) so it would be a huge help to have someone else be able to help with planning in case I can‘t swing it. Any of our Columbus friends available to scout out a meeting place nearby?

#LitsyMeetups #litsyhappenings

Reviewsbylola The library itself may be a good place to meet up, depending on how many people are going. There‘s a cafe with a seating area. 9mo
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Chelleo @Reviewsbylola Perfect! Thanks for the intel! I love a library with a cafe :) 9mo
Chelleo @Reviewsbylola They have a store too!?! Bookmarking this here: https://www.columbuslibrary.org/locations/Main%20Library 9mo
GondorGirl I have to work a show in DC that weekend, so I won't be able to come this year. :( 9mo
Reviewsbylola Yes, they do have a store. It‘s pretty small. 9mo
Reviewsbylola We‘ll miss you!! @GondorGirl 9mo
Karkar @Pamwurtzler want to go? 9mo
Pamwurtzler @Karkar I would except I have a wedding that day! 9mo
Chelleo @gondorgirl @pamwurtzler You‘ll be missed 😞 9mo
RavenLovelyReads I‘m late to this- sorry! Life‘s been crazy...did I miss the meetup info? I‘m sorry I couldn‘t reply sooner 🤓 8mo
Chelleo @RavenLovelyReads You‘re good! I haven‘t posted an update but will do that later today! 8mo
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jb72 I didn‘t know there was a book fair in Dayton. That‘s awesome! 14mo
TheReadingMermaid @jb72 are you in the area? 14mo
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jb72 @TheReadingMermaid Actually I live in Eastern KY, but I grew up in Franklin, OH. My daughter lives up near there too. It‘s a few hours away now, but I try to get up and visit her when I can. 14mo
TheReadingMermaid @jb72 OMG you are close! Sounds like you should make a trip to visit your daughter that weekend 😉 14mo
knotmagick Ooh, it might be time for a road trip... 14mo
TheReadingMermaid @knotmagick I'd love to see you there if you can make it 😊 14mo
knotmagick @TheReadingMermaid I'm in Columbus so not super far. I need to check my schedule though. And my finances. 😌💸📚📚📚📚📚📚📚 14mo
Chelleo I was planning to check the date on this....thanks for posting! I may be able to swing this! 14mo
TheReadingMermaid @Chelleo that would be awesome. We should do a #DaytonMeetup 14mo
Reviewsbylola I‘ll have to look into this. That may be manageable! 14mo
Chelleo Ohio‘s largest used book sale....so dangerous! 14mo
TheReadingMermaid @Chelleo RIGHT??? 🤣🤣🤣 14mo
Chelleo I‘m off that Friday! I must have known subconsciously that something awesome like this was happening. 14mo
MelissaSasina Omg, I wish I could go! ❤️ 14mo
Pamwurtzler @Karkar What do you think? 14mo
Karkar @Pamwurtzler I am off that day so if you want I am game!!! 14mo
MirrorMask Of course another #OhioMeetUp happens when I'm out of town. 14mo
Mdargusch Sounds like a road trip @Reviewsbylola and @emilyhaldi 😁 14mo
TK421 That sounds great! I'll have to see if my insane work schedule will slow down by then. 14mo
knotmagick I won't be able to make it. My weekend has imploded and I jave to work on the 9th. 😭 13mo
TheReadingMermaid @Chelleo I won't be able to make it unfortunately. I have a doctor's appointment that morning that I cannot miss. 😣 13mo
emilyhaldi @Chelleo I am attending our local book sale tomorrow with @Reviewsbylola and I'm not sure I can swing another book sale on top of that 😅💸 13mo
jb72 @Chelleo @TheReadingMermaid I so wish I could attend, but it looks doubtful. My truck is on the fritz. I hope whoever does attend has a wonderful time. I can‘t wait to hear all about it. 13mo
Karkar @Chelleo I have to work now. So please let us know :) 13mo
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Happy Saturday! Books by the Banks was so much fun today. 🤗 I met several AWESOME authors 😍 and several of them were local to this area! Have you read any of their books and/or met any of them before? Which ones are your favorites? Let‘s discuss!

#jessicastrawser #gradyhendrix #dariapolatin #davidbell #andrewschaefer #alicemcdermott #amyreichert #booksbythebanks #cincinnati #ohio #litsymeetup #ohiomeetup #bookfestival #bookevent #authorevent

britt_brooke Looks fantastic! 14mo
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