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The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2022 | John Joseph Adams, Rebecca Roanhorse
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Rebecca Roanhorse‘s selections are outstanding - all informed by the world on fire now and as the best of SF&F, imagining what the alternatives (or none)would be like. My favorites highlight human resilience and the cracks that might let the light in: The Pizza Boy by Meg Ellison, The Red Mother by Elizabeth Bear, The Cold Calculations by Aimee Ogden; and the opposite: the devastation of hope in The Future Library by Peng Shepherd.

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Shop 'Til Yule Drop | Stephanie Rowe, Alesia Holliday, Naomi Neale
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First of all this title! ⬆️🤣 Not one I bought but I definitely did some damage at Book Outlet, especially the clearance spot, where I found many of these, and their $5.99 fiction! There are a few Amazon markdowns too, including Jollof Rice - blame it on @Hooked_on_books ! Also a few #toblonglist books in the middle, including Reward System, which I‘ve been reading today, and Manhunt - blame it on @Reggie #BlackFridayBookHaul 🎄

MaureenMc Epic! 🤩 7d
Cinfhen They arrived already??? From #BlackFridayHaul !,That‘s outstanding shipping speed!!!!! 7d
Megabooks @MaureenMc 😁😁 7d
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Megabooks @Cinfhen they started the BF sale a week early. I ordered on 11/17. Book Outlet isn‘t very fast but the price is right!! 👍🏻👍🏻 7d
Cinfhen That‘s still totally worth it!!! I know, their prices are incredible 😅 7d
squirrelbrain Wow, that‘s a *lot* of books! 😍 7d
TheBookHippie I love them, they are slow but I figure I have time 😂😂😂 7d
TrishB Wow 😯 7d
Hooked_on_books Enviable haul! I think you‘re really going to like Jollof Rice. I‘m glad you were able to pick it up! 7d
LeahBergen Wow! 👏👏 7d
RebelReader The Night Watchman is so good. My IRL group read it as we do all Erdrich‘s because we‘re from Minnesota! We thought this might be her best so far! 6d
Suet624 Oh! You got Three! I love this author so much that I've been afraid to crack open the copy that I purchased as a pre-order. 😃 6d
Megabooks @squirrelbrain @TrishB @LeahBergen I went a little crazy in the $2-4 section. 😵‍💫 very excited to have so many new books! 6d
Megabooks @Hooked_on_books thank you! I was really pleased to find it half off. I had my eye on it since you tagged me in your review. 6d
Megabooks @RebelReader very excited to read that for author a month in January! 6d
Megabooks @Suet624 that was my big splurge! It was finally in the Amazon 3 for 2. I had it in my cart watching since it came out. I hope you enjoy it! 6d
Reggie 😎I hope you like it Meg! 6d
batsy Epic haul! 🙌🏾 6d
Suet624 Smart moves. You‘re clearly a good shopper. 😊 6d
Megabooks @Reggie I‘ve been super curious all year, so I‘m glad the tob threw it over to my must-read pile. 6d
Megabooks @batsy thanks!! 😁 6d
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A great selection of short stories

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An #anthology of food & feelings from minor & not so minor celebrities 🍽 This was put on my #readersradar from the awesome @Megabooks and it‘s really entertaining. Some essays are better than others but a lovey distraction while I prepare dinner 🍔🥗🥔 #NonfictionNovember

Megabooks 💯 fun but some are definitely better than others 4w
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The Refrigerator Monologues | Catherynne M. Valente
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Framing device: Canterbury tales.

Some women meet in Hell‘s Kitchen (the actual Hell‘s actual Kitchen). There‘s a refrigerator looming in the corner, and in the women‘s lives, there were once #superheroes.

One more thing our “heroines” have in common: their inferior #shortstories have turned them bitter.

Audiobook recommended, and (this time) +5 for Valente.

#anthology #feminism #sf #sfwrittenbyawoman

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I thought it‘d be wise to go for a less bloody costume at work. Somehow, I don‘t think the kids in the Children‘s Room would‘ve appreciated the classic rock pun, anyway. 😉

As you can (hopefully!) tell, I‘m Mickey (as the sorcerer‘s apprentice from Fantasia). ✨

#Scarathlon2022 points = +10 (costume entry) +1 (participation) = 2360.


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LapReader Me but that‘s ok I live in 0z. 1mo
Endowarrior21 @LapReader Yours is in transit your person sent me the tracking info for yours 1mo
kaysworld1 I think you have my litsy handle wrong hun it's OK. I haven't received mine yet. 4w
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@MatchlessMarie Thank you so much for all of my #HHS goodies! I love them. I will be having a caramel apple feast a bit later!
@wanderinglynn thank you for hosting!

wanderinglynn Awesome! 🎃 1mo
Avanders Omg is that the caramel corn with real apple slices? My new favorite thing!! 🎃♥️ 1mo
MatchlessMarie 🖤🐈‍⬛🧡 1mo
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Other Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology | Rena Mason, Vince A Liaguno
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Thrilled & grateful to open my frighteningly great All Hallows‘ Read Swap gifts from L. long! I have been dying to read this anthology which includes a story by my writer pal Holly L Walrath, I didn‘t own Coraline, & the pumpkins are my fave Halloween treat! Thank you! 🎃❤️ #AHRS #halloweenswaps #grateful #horror #TeamSlaughter

This post contains spoilers
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StayCurious great job! 1mo
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