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Untitled | Anonymous
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I was just under the line getting my Black Friday/Cyber Monday order in at #BookOutlet. Lots of new books for the nephews. Lots of new books for me. And I think only about 5 were over $2.

I 💜 Book Outlet.

Not heard of it: check it out https://bookoutlet.com/Loyalty/Referral?raf=gAJ7tq8c&c=url

All books are new but it's a great way to get older books (usually 3 months +) cheap

Great place for Xmas book shoping #WinterGames

Starsight | Brandon Sanderson
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These were the only books I bought over the weekend and they were all for me. Today will not be the same. I‘m off to #bookoutlet to get my nephews Xmas books.

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#DearDecember I did some online Black Friday book shopping 🛍 and picked up a few potential books for #ReadingEurope2020 #SettingInEurope I can‘t resist #BookOutlet with a 30% discount 🤑🛒 Anyone else pick up some #BlackFridayDeals????

Crazeedi Great buys Cindy! Look like some great books! 1w
Cinfhen Thanks @Crazeedi 🤞🏼🤞🏼 1w
BarbaraBB Great buys. What countries are they for? 7d
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BarbaraBB And how does it feel without the photo challenge? Relaxed or empty? 😘 7d
Cathythoughts 👍🏻❤️nice one 7d
Cinfhen @BarbaraBB Kosovo tagged book Belarus 👉🏾 7d
Cinfhen It‘s strange @BarbaraBB !!! 7d
Cinfhen Both tagged book and Ivan will work for #Pop20 too @BarbaraBB and of course I‘ll happily share the books with you ❣️❣️❣️ 7d
arlenefinnigan In Extremis is excellent. Marie Colvin lived quite a life. 7d
BarbaraBB Wow, these are both countries I hadn‘t options for yet! Looking forward to your reviews. And how convenient that they work for #pop20 too!! 💕 7d
Cinfhen I was searching for obscure countries @BarbaraBB 😘 7d
Cinfhen I‘ve heard great things about the above tagged book @arlenefinnigan I‘m looking forward to reading it 💚 7d
Librarybelle I also bought books from Book Outlet for Black Friday! I need to write down the book for Belarus. I‘ve wanted to read Death In the Air - another UK book in the running! 7d
Cinfhen I can‘t resist those #BookOutlet Deals @Librarybelle I ordered 11 books for $36.08 📚💚🙌🏻a few were for hubby & daughter because I‘m generous that way 😉 7d
Eggs Nice haul! No Black Fri deals for me .... time to work on Mount TBR again 7d
Kalalalatja Interesting haul! 7d
Cinfhen I can‘t even remember what else I ordered @kalalalatja 7d
Reviewsbylola I scored a lot on BF and CM but sadly no books. I was almost desperate to score some major book deals but I really was on the lookout for super nice books (ie Folio or similar) so I skipped BO. 5d
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Cinfhen Almost bought this on #BookOutlet 2w
Reviewsbylola 🌃🗽 2w
BarbaraBB This must have been a heartfelt read for you! 2w
emilyhaldi I couldn‘t even read it until about a year after the move! @BarbaraBB I'm such a sentimental / emotional wreck 🙃 2w
Mdargusch 😢😢😢 1w
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A great blend of fiction and history. It‘s been years since I read this one, but I‘m a sucker for anything that involves the plague. #fever #movember

emilyhaldi Stacking this ☠️ 2w
Cinfhen Looks fascinating!! I‘ve been wanting to read this book forever 👉🏽 2w
Reviewsbylola I just bought that! @Cinfhen 2w
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Cinfhen That‘s wild!! Let me know how it is ~ was it a #BookOutlet buy!?!!! 2w
Mdargusch I need to check that one out @Cinfhen 1w
Cinfhen I just ordered it from #BookOutlet on Black Friday @Mdargusch I‘ve been wanting to read it for so long!! 1w
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Highly recommended to me by someone who loves to read about #TrueBlue -bloods, especially the British royalty. I grabbed this as a #BookOutlet buy, but have yet to read it. #Movember

Cinfhen Bet it‘s fascinating 3w
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Hey #HistoricalHussies how about this one? I ♥♥♥ Mann's Newbury & Hobbes series. I found this one on #Bookoutlet and was intrigued.
@JenlovesJT47 @TK421 @BethM @Avanders
We can all picture Benedict Cumberbatch as we read this.

JenlovesJT47 Sounds good to me! 3w
MaleficentBookDragon BTW @Avanders I ♥🖤♥🖤♥🖤♥🖤 this book sleeve so much. Thank you again. 3w
TK421 Looks like a good choice to me!☺ 3w
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BethM I‘m into it! 3w
StellarDoc I love that book sleeve! 3w
Avanders Works for me — whatever y‘all decide! And yay!! I‘m glad you like the sleeve so much — it felt like the perfect one for you 🥰🥰♥️ 3w
MaleficentBookDragon @Avanders you were right. It IS perfect.♥ 🐱 💀♥ 3w
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Exit West | Mohsin Hamid
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So I came home to five wonderful packages, and I‘m going to share four before I go to bed! The first I got myself. I couldn‘t resist a little retail therapy while I was recovering in Dallas, so I picked up these six books from #bookoutlet. 👍🏻📚🥳👏🏻

Eggs Cool! I loved 1mo
Megabooks @Eggs I am very interested in that book and was excited to find it for less than BOTM! 1mo
CarolynM You've got some great reading ahead of you. I loved Commonwealth and Milkman 1mo
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Megabooks @CarolynM Both have been on my radar for so long that I‘m glad to finally have copies! 1mo
Bookwormjillk Great picks! 1mo
Megabooks @Bookwormjillk Thank you! 1mo
k.reads.5 Such a great haul! Miracle Creek was excellent and the rest are on my TBR! 1mo
Megabooks @k.reads.5 Thanks! I‘ve noticed we have some similar tastes! 😁👍🏻 1mo
k.reads.5 @Megabooks Yup, so awesome! 1mo
Cinfhen Ohhhh!!! Good shopping 🛍 4w
Megabooks @Cinfhen Thanks! A couple were titles I was looking at from BOTM, but they were cheaper here! I love a good deal 👍🏻 4w
Cinfhen Totally!!! #BookOutlet has the BEST prices 4w
Reviewsbylola Fantastic haul! I loved Severance. 4w
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola Awesome! They were several dollars cheaper than as botm add ons so I got them this way. (edited) 4w
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