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I alternated between the print book and audiobook on this one. I really like it on a word-and-sentence level, and the imagery is vivid, which I love, but the overall meaning eludes me. This is possibly the point, but it also makes the novel a little too slippery. I still love Oyeyemi's writing, but this one doesn't quite hit for me.


Just the sort of dryly witty #BritLit I love, so far.


LeahBergen I‘m enjoying it, too! 1w
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Audiocooking (granola, chicken, Brussels sprouts, NOT all mixed together) to the tagged book, which is leaving me feeling a little drunk and a lot like I need to visit Prague.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Selected Poems | Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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TheSpineView Powerful! Love it! ♥️ 3w
dabbe @TheSpineView 💙🩵💙 3w
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Providence | Anita Brookner
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“They were married on his embarkation leave. Louise made her daughters wedding dress, sitting up all night to finish it. It was of the palest pink china silk; an audacious choice destined to set off her daughter‘s delicate white skin. Instead of a veil , there was a little pill-box hat. It was the most beautiful wedding dress Louise had ever made. “

Very happy to be reading Anita Brookner again ♥️

Tamra I need to read more! 2mo
Cathythoughts @tamra I do too. She is kind of perfect ♥️ (edited) 2mo
LeahBergen You bought this one for me several years ago and I loved it SO MUCH! ❤️ 2mo
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batsy Oh gosh, I really must read more of her! 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen I‘m really enjoying it. I‘m glad you loved it. She‘s unique ❤️ 2mo
Cathythoughts @batsy I know. She‘s very good. X 2mo
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Whether it's visual art, music, movies, or literature, I love seeing an artist reference their own favorite influences. In Oyeyemi's latest, she mashes up two Calvino novels - If on a winter's night and Invisible Cities (maybe more? - those are the only two I've read) with a few nods to Borges mixed in. It's perfect fuel for this meditation on the infinity of mental representations of the same city that exist in the minds of its visitors 👇

Billypar It's Prague entering a hall of mirrors but one where every image reflects something different back. But her novels are never content to rest on just one focus, so she weaves together reflections on relationships of three's, both literal romantic ones, and the implied author, subject, and reader. I haven't mentioned the plot yet, and if you're a fan of her work, you can probably guess why. It's complicated. But in the best way 🤯😸 3mo
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Another hit for Dan Jones! This sequel to Essex Dogs takes the Dogs from Crecy to Calais. Of course the history shines through but so do the characters and the setting. Highly recommended

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A friend brought us a bouquet from her garden yesterday, and I thought it would look nice with these library holds I‘m very excited about!! 💜📚💐

peanutnine Lovely! 🌼 3mo
bookandbedandtea Beautiful! I cannot WAIT for flowers in my neck of the woods. Winter lasts forever here. 🌷🪻⚘️ 3mo
Chelsea.Poole Nice stack you have there! I‘m going to read James and hope to get to The Book of Love soonish 👯‍♀️ 3mo
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REPollock I couldn‘t put down James. I read it nonstop. ❤️ 3mo
Billypar Great picks! I'm reading Parasol now and I've got two older ones from Link and Everett on my shelf. 3mo
BarbaraBB Oooh! You‘ve got James already! ❤️❤️ 3mo
Cathythoughts These all look good. I must look them up 👍🏻 3mo
JenP James is great. I hope you love it too 3mo
Megabooks @JenP @REPollock it‘s up next after I finish the two I‘m reading! 3mo
Megabooks @peanutnine @bookandbedandtea I‘m really enjoying springtime! Thanks!! 😁😁 3mo
Megabooks @Chelsea.Poole you and I are so in sync!! 3mo
Megabooks @Billypar I‘ve loved almost everything I‘ve read by Everett. Link is hit or miss for me, but I‘m excited about this one. How‘s Parasol going so far? 3mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB yes! It came out this week here! 3mo
Megabooks @Cathythoughts always happy to see you! I hope you find one you want to read! 3mo
Suet624 You lucky duck. Great books! Can‘t wait to read James. 3mo
Billypar @Megabooks I'm liking it so far, but still pretty early at just page 50. Really it feels like catching up with an old friend because her style is so distinctive. 3mo
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Nelly's Version | Eva Figes
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Picked this up at a used book shop on a whim & glad I did. It opens as Mrs Dean (an assumed name?) checks into a hotel. She has a suitcase full of cash & no memory of who she is or how she got there. She spends her days wandering the town, having awkward conversations & avoiding any attempt at deciphering her identity even though people show up claiming to be friends and family. Part of the fun was having no idea what was happening or how it 👇

merelybookish It would turn out. Figes was a minor feminist writer of the late 20th century. This book is about the stultifying lives of middle class women and the desire for escape. Not exactly a new theme but executed in an interesting way. 3mo
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Master Humphrey's Clock | Charles Dickens
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1. Taking down the winter decorations and putting up Valentines Day stuff in the library. Planning displays is so much fun—it beats the heck out of grading essays! 😂
2. Tagged! Also listening to Vampires of El Norte by Isabel Canas.
3. Chill and funny (or so I‘m told)!

Cupcake12 Sounds like a busy week! Thanks for joining in x 5mo
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