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Piranesi | Susanna Clarke
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@jenniferw88 thank you for the #SpeculativeSpringSwap #SSS package. I love bookmarks and notebook. Chocolate is my favourite and books are from my wishlist. So you really surprise me. It was the best gift I opened today. It is my BDay and I opened a few packages😆
Thank you again Jennifer💕💕


#BDay #surprise #gifts #bookexchange #litsyfun

jenniferw88 Glad you liked it & Happy Birthday! 8mo
jenniferw88 Oh, and everything from the battered envelope is there! 8mo
maich @jenniferw88 Thanks sweetie💕 I'm glad that everything arrived. Never before received damaged package so I'm not sure how this happened. 8mo
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Chrissyreadit Happy Birthday! 8mo
squirrelbrain How nice that you get to open a swap package on your birthday! It all looks lovely 💕 8mo
maich @squirrelbrain Thank you. It was lovely💕❤ 8mo
maich @Chrissyreadit Thank you❤ 8mo
Avanders 😍😍🔮🧬🦠 8mo
Avanders And happy birthday!! 🎂🎊🎈 8mo
maich @Avanders Thank you. Happy birthday to you too🎂🎉🥂 8mo
Avanders Thank you! 💝 8mo
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Amid a generous wealth of books, these two gorgeous collector‘s editions were a highlight of my holiday. Feeling very lucky 🥰
#booklove #gifts #christmasreading

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A very dear friend came over with this quilt as a gift to me for Christmas and her mom sewed this for me. A friend of theirs had cancer last year and was also given a quilt. When my mom saw this, she broke out in tears. #christmas #gifts #quilt

LeahBergen What a beautiful gift! 11mo
melissajayne @LeahBergen it is; I will definitely be getting them each a thank you card : my friend for the gift and my friend‘s mom for sewing the quilt 11mo
AmyG Beautiful quilt. How special. 11mo
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melissajayne @AmyG it is very special; I have such good friends. 11mo
CarolynM That's beautiful ❤ 11mo
erzascarletbookgasm Wow your friend is so skilled, it‘s beautiful! 11mo
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The Gruffalo | Julia Donaldson
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@DinoMom it's available on the Pan Macmillan page! Just popped up. Hope this helps you 🤗 #childrens #adventcalendar #christmasbooks #gifts

The Most Beautiful Flowers | Pierre Joseph Redout
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Got these perdy flowers from my kids today. I know they're dyed but they are beautiful and cheered me up a lot. Thought you'd all like them too 🥰💐👩‍👧‍👦 @curiouserandcurioser #flowers #rainbow #gifts #motherlove

curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo these are so beautiful, sweet friend💜 13mo
hannah-leeloo I knew you'd like them too @curiouserandcurioser 🫂❤ 13mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo just what i needed today💜🫂 13mo
Cupcake12 Fab colours 💐 13mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you @Cupcake12 13mo
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Before I Was Born | Corey Abreau
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Untitled | Unknown
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Just wish to send a huge thank you and hug to @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks #litsylove this has really cheered me up during a tough time I'm having. I will get back to you very soon. Thank you dear friend 🫂❤ happy reading everyone 📖❤📚 #friendship #penpals #greetings #gifts

Untitled | Unknown
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The Easter bunny 🐰 is here and left something to read!
Both Piranesi & Detransition, Baby sound great so I‘m looking forward to reading it.

#HappyEaster #Easter #newbooks #gifts #womensprize

squirrelbrain How lovely! 🐰 Piranesi is one of my favourites on the #womensprize list, and I‘m loving Detransition, Baby so far too! 2y
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Hello everybody all books arrived this morning so they are now packeged and in the post as of right now everyone should bet everything over the coming week.
#jbuk Ladies Christmas cards are going out today. This is the most organised I have been in a while all praise me!! 🤣 I hope you all have a great Christmas 🎄 🎁🎅
@bookish_wookish @MaleficentBookDragon

#jbuk #jolabokaflodswap #littlechristmasswap #gifts #swaps #books #christmasspirit

monalyisha I don‘t think you meant to tag me! 😉 Happy swapping, though! 🥳 2y
kaysworld1 @monalyisha I'm sorry hun I tagged the wrong person. 🤦‍♀️🤣 2y
bookish_wookish Yay! 🎄🎁 2y
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TrishB I‘ve brought the cards! Just have to write now. 2y
kaysworld1 @veritysalter @TCLinrow have you packages arrived yetim getting very worried they were sent with first week in December? Xx 2y
kaysworld1 @eraderneely Has your package turned up yet hun ? Xxx 2y
veritysalter Sorry @kaysworld1 nothing so far, but I didn‘t get any post at all yesterday. I‘ll let you know as soon as something arrives x 2y
eraderneely It has! Thank you so much! So sorry I haven‘t had a chance to mention it yet! 2y
veritysalter It has come today @kaysworld1 Thank you 😊♥️ 2y
kaysworld1 @veritysalter thank god for that I was having a panic on xx 2y
kaysworld1 @eraderneely It's ok I'm glad you have it xx 2y
TCLinrow @kaysworld1 hey, sorry for the late reply, I had a parcel being redelivered today so I was waiting to see if it was the one fron you, but no sign of it so far 😕 2y
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Into Thin Air | Jon Krakauer
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I missed to post it yesterday 🙈#3books

🎁Tagged one was given by my husband during my pregnancy, because I told him I miss Himalayan treks. I made a book mark for it☺️.

🎁 Mockingbird was my bday gift by a friend

🎁Mother I never knew was given by my students as I took maternity leave 😍


meghathecloud How did you like the Sudha Murty one? I have been meaning to read her books, but can't find the will after I read one of her few years ago, which I didn't like at all😅 2y
OriginalCyn620 TKAM is one of my all-time favorites! 2y
Blackink_WhitePaper @meghathecloud this book was just ok for me, not very good one. She writes well in Kannada language. I have read her books in Kannada. Which one have you read? 2y
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meghathecloud @Blackink_WhitePaper I think it was Dollar Bahu. You are right, it could be the translation/second language effect. But, I can't read Kannada...still plenty of books to read anyway😂 (edited) 2y
Blackink_WhitePaper @meghathecloud you are right. Sometime it‘s translation. ‘The day I stopped drinking milk‘ is good one. It‘s always good to read about real life incidents than fictions. 2y
meghathecloud @Blackink_WhitePaper Thanks for the recommendation😄 I'll look it up. 2y
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