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Christmas Presents Holiday Poetry | Lee Bennett Hopkins
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“We lay by the Christmas tree—
My new book and me.”

#Gifts #FestivePhotoChallenge
#WinterGames #TheFilthyAnimals

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Some of these are books, including the tagged book for my daughter.

#Gifts #WinterGames #TheFilthyAnimals

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Christmas Gifts | Mary Balogh
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#festivephotochallenge #gifts these are going out tomorrow, for two different swaps. #wintergames #teamFozziwig @StayCurious @Clwojick

Untitled | Unknown
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The Shadow King | Maaza Mengiste
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My friend, Jayatta - though several hundred miles away - still spoils me rotten via her thoughtfulness and the postal service. She keeps me supplied with fresh bookmarks, notepads, journals, and, TODAY a signed copy of this book!🙏🏾🥰🎈#bookishfriends #signedfirsteditions #gratitude #maazamengiste #gifts

TheBookAddict You have a really good friend. Enjoy your gifts. 😊 1mo
readordierachel What a lovely gift! 1mo
Lesliereads @TheBookAddict @readordierachel ....and I had been down in the dumps because of some setbacks but now all I can think about is how the power of moral support, kindness, and delight amongst friends (gifts like those pictured are the whipped cream and cherries on top!) keeps us afloat when other things are letting us down🥰💘. 1mo
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readordierachel So true 💞 1mo
TheBookAddict So true! 💕💕 it‘s always to have those people in our lives who care about us. 😊 1mo
Nute This is a lovely post! The warmth of a beautiful friendship can be uplifting! It is a gift that is priceless!💕 3w
Lesliereads @Nute Absolutely!💕 3w
Nute I hope that you are doing well. Life‘s journey can be rocky at times and feel like tribulations are coming from every direction. One of my favorite quotes comes from Winnie-the Pooh (I know, right? Don‘t judge.) - “There is something you must always remember... You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” I love that quote as a self-care message during tough times. Setbacks? You‘ll figure things out!💕 3w
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Got this graphic novel for my dear Magicians loving friend Sara. Anyone else excited for season 4?! #graphicnovels #gifts #teachersoflitsy

Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network | Various, Brenden Fletcher, Max Gladstone, Alex De Campi
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Just finishing this up, my dad got me #comics #manga #gifts

Best Gift of All | Jonathan Emmett
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You guys are the best gift of all! Hope all my Litsy friends had a wonderful #HappyXmas #MerryChristmas or a relaxing holiday, and be blessed with beautiful memories, and lovely #gifts which include books, of course!

#winterwonderland #seasonsreadings #quotsydec18

Cinfhen Awwww, beautiful Jess!! Hope you had a lovely day 🥰 12mo
merelybookish Right back at you! 💕 12mo
JennyM Completely agree - and thanks for being a wonderful part of it. Merry Christmas 🎄 12mo
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BookwormAHN And to you as well, Merry Christmas 💚 12mo
Mitch Happy Christmas for us both xxx 12mo
Kalalalatja I couldn‘t agree more ❤️❤️ 12mo
TrishB My feelings exactly 💜 12mo
batsy This is so sweet. Right back at you. Hope you had a lovely holiday 💕📚🎄💫 12mo
julesG Right back at you! 😘 12mo
Cathythoughts Beautifully put .... and all the good wishes to you lovely Jessie ♥️ 12mo
Christine11 I hope you had a really lovely day yesterday 😊💛 12mo
LauraBeth Merry Christmas! ❤️ 12mo
JoScho ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I feel the same about you all!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
TK-421 Merry Christmas! 12mo
LeahBergen Happy Holidays! 😘😘 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I missed yesterday so I am doing a double duty post to catch up. #merry #gifts #quotsydec18

TK-421 👏👏👏 12mo
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