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I read 12 books in #November, and this was my favorite.

This is third in the Olive Bright historical mystery series. Set during WWII, it follows the adventures of a young woman who offers her services as a pigeoneer to aid the war effort and solves mysteries on the side. 😆


Andrew65 Love the cover! 4w
robinb @Andrew65 me too! 👍 3w
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No Wind of Blame | Georgette Heyer
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#12Booksof2022 #November

I discovered Georgette Heyer‘s mystery novels this year. This is my favourite so far and my favourite read in November.

Andrew65 These are excellent books. 4w
dabbe The cover just screams noir to me. Are these books detective noir? 4w
CarolynM @dabbe I wouldn‘t call them noir. More English Golden Age 4w
dabbe @CarolynM Even better! 3w
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#12BooksOf2022 #November

Anthony Horowitz writing himself into this series is fantastic. Highly enjoyable.

Andrew65 Only read the first one of this series but really need to get back to it. 4w
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#November #12Booksof2022

November was another month in which I very much focused on series reading. Loved the tagged book which was the first book in the DCI Evan Warlow Series set in Wales. As a result this has made my #SeriesLove2023 list @TheSpineView

Notable others :
The Killing Code by J D Kirk
Fleshmarket Close by Ian Rankin
Snowed In For Christmas by Sarah Morgan

TheSpineView Sounds good! Stacked! 4w
Andrew65 @TheSpineView Think you should enjoy it, only 5 or 6 so far. 4w
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The Last Flight | Julie Clark
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#12booksOf2022. #November
Identity Switching

Andrew65 Looks a good read, always a good theme. 4w
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The Beauty: Poems | Jane Hirshfield
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Why Religion, Gut wrenching, yet sublime memoir, was written by Elaine Pagels, best know for her research & writing on the Gnostic Gospels. The Beauty is a collection of poetry which I loved. #October #November #12booksofChristmas

SamAnne I‘m spiritual, not religious, and don‘t consider myself a Christian. I absolutely love Elaine Pagels and her books on the gnostic gospels and this memoir. 4w
kspenmoll @SamAnne I feel them same. Discovering her all those years ago was like another fascinating unknown world opened up for me. I wonder if she is writing now? 4w
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I have recommended this book to so many coworkers (who like both true crime and who have the health care love as well). This was my #November 2022 book.


Andrew65 I‘m spotting a theme! 😂 1mo
ElizaMarie @Andrew65 haha yea!!!! I am a succor for true crime :) 1mo
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Mad Honey | Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Finney Boylan
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Photobomb courtesy of one dog on each side 😂 So, wow. This was an incredible read - I learned so much about bees and beekeeping (something I‘ve always been super interested in), and I learned so much from Lily. You think you know, but in reading this book, I discovered that I really don‘t (no spoilers). I‘m grateful for the education ♥️ #TBRtarot #November

Cinfhen So true!!Great review 🤩 2mo
CBee @Cinfhen and I meant to mention, TWO twists that I didn‘t see coming whatsoever! Wow. 2mo
Cinfhen I figured out the last twist but the first one……. Whoa 🤯 I also loved the recipes!!! Fun 🤩 2mo
CBee @Cinfhen yes! The recipes sound so good! 2mo
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Legendborn | Tracy Deonn
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My #November reading! It was a busy month, but I‘m proud of how many books I got through. Reviews are forthcoming, but I‘m a bit behind on my website. 😅


Liatrek Loved the Cruel Prince series soo good and Legendborn🙂 2mo
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