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Kayla.Adriena I love this tshirt! 5mo
Courtneyjo_reads @Kayla.Adriena thank you! Me too! 💖 5mo
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Has anyone else preordered the MFM book? It doesn‘t come out until next month but I ordered it last fall. 🤣 In honor of the upcoming release, here‘s a picture from when I saw Karen and Georgia live in Cincinnati last month. They were just as amazing in person as they are on the podcast. #myfavoritemurder #mfm #staysexydontgetmurdered #ssdgm

ferskner @Booksnchill AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm seeing them next week!!!! 10mo
Booksnchill @ferskner I am jealous- and I desperately want that T-shirt!!!🤣 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Day 7: Bookish Podcasts
I throughly enjoy all of these great podcasts!
All the Books/Read or Dead/Annotated all presented by Book Riot and will cause your TBR stack to scream for mercy
Very Bad Words discusses the origins of various “forbidden” words and what gives them their power
My Favorite Murder, while not exactly bookish, often discusses true crime cases which causes me to research books to feed my true crime addiction!


TheFunkyBookworm @Kappadeemom “your in a cult, call your dad!” 😂😂😂 2y
AmyG Muderinos! F**k Politeness 2y
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Bianca SSDGM ♥️ 2y
Kappadeemom Elvis wants a cookie! 😻😻 2y
Craftylikefox Oooo I will have to add very bad words! 2y
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I have been wanting to read this since it came out! 🤓 I'm so excited. This guy is such a creep, but these types of stories are so intriguing to me. Maybe it's the deep down psychology major in me?

JSW Agreed! I‘m fascinated too. 2y
Lucas.Rencher @Rachel.Rencher you're adorable next your going to go all Maslow's hierarchy! 🤔🤓 2y
ClairesReads Oooo I‘m so keen to read this! 2y
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WellReadCatLady I‘m also reading this, I love getting a inside look into seriously messed up killers and cult leaders. 2y
Prairiegirl_reading I feel the same way about David Koresh from Waco. Fascinating creep. 2y
Mdargusch I read this book and found it fascinating. 2y
Read.Em.And.Eat Omg you are all my people! I find stuff like this so interesting! 2y
Rachel.Rencher @Read.Em.And.Eat We should start a serial killer book club 😂😂 @Mdargusch @Prairiegirl_reading @GirlInterruptedReading @ClairesReads @JSW 2y
ClairesReads @Rachel.Rencher hahaha that sounds fabulous! Serial Killers and cults, they‘re my jam! 2y
Read.Em.And.Eat I would be so down for that! 2y
benchley1 This Is on my TBR. I've woohoo many podcasts about cults and serial killers these last few years, my Google music feed is scary 2y
Kappadeemom Me too!! I‘m enthralled with Scientology and Heaven‘s Gate (listening to that podcast) and all things Jonestown. 2y
Kappadeemom And for all you serial killer fans, make sure you listen to My Favorite Murder podcast #staysexydontgetmurdered 2y
Hooked_on_books I found this book fascinating 2y
Mdargusch We should @Rachel.Rencher! I know @Meredith3 would probably do that too. 2y
Meredith3 @Kappadeemom omg I️ LOVE MFM! 💕💕💕 2y
Meredith3 @Mdargusch heck yeah! 2y
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How many of you Litsy folks are fellow #murderinos? Would anyone be interested in doing a readalong or book club devoted to cases mentioned on the podcast? We could read books by Capote, Larson, Rule, etc. Let me know in the comments.

#truecrime #staysexydontgetmurdered

thenamesbondvagabond That sounds like fun! I've never done a readalong/buddyread with fellow Littens, so I'd love to. 😁 2y
Pruzy I'm interested to hear what books would be selected! 2y
2BR02B @Pruzy I'd welcome any suggestions! 2y
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Chelsea.Poole Love true crime!! 2y
Clare-Dragonfly Yes! That sounds great! As if I don't have enough readalongs 😂 I have been meaning to try something by Ann Rule. (edited) 2y
Ffgggggggggggggg That sounds like fun! 2y
TheBookStacker I'm in. 2y
Godmotherx5 Is this still an option? 2y
2BR02B @Godmotherx5 sure! Maybe in February? January's shaping up to be pretty busy. 2y
Godmotherx5 Sounds good. 2y
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Thing 2 is home for the weekend. Unfortunately she didn't buy this book for me but I'm sure I'll read it at some point. #murderino #staysexydontgetmurdered

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No reading this weekend but lots of love and shenanigans at Malibu Wines (yes, the place all over fb right now for the wine safari!!!). Forgot to download a book for my drive down, but I powered through some amazing podcasts! Anyone have any podcasts they listen to religiously?? For me it's
1. No sleep podcast
2. Jim Harolds camp fire
3. Lore
4. Last Podcast on the Left (my favorite!!!!!)
5. My fav murder

I want to hear your fav podcasts!!

AmyG My Favorite Murder is def. #1 3y
LectricSheep My favorite murder is the besssst. #staysexydontgetmurdered 3y
MyBookLife Love my favorite murder! I also love Sword and scale!! 3y
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KarenUK There are 5 I listen to every single week......The next picture show, kermode & mayo's film review, pop culture happy hour, all the books, bitch sesh 3y
peaknit Crimetown and Serial are two favorites, and Disney nerd alert - Be Our Guest when I am planning a trip to WDW😊 (edited) 3y
Hooked_on_books I think Lit Up is great. Each episode is an interview with a single author, so it digs in much more than other podcasts. 3y
BrittanyReads 🔥JIM HAROLDS CAMP FIRE!!! 🔥 (edited) 3y
HotMessJess @BBL4nkensh1p I'm recording a story with him next week!!! 3y
annkuch13 My Favorite Murder is so good! I'm catching up on back episodes. I also love Put Your Hands Together, Good Muslim Bad Muslim, Desi Geek Girls, and Dear Hank and John. 3y
JenniferJarrell Love My Favorite Murder! Also love NPR's Mountain Stage, Welcome to Nightvale, and All the Books. 3y
BrittanyReads That is so awesome!! Send me the podcast title, I'd love to listen!!! 3y
HotMessJess @AmyG @LectricSheep @annkuch13 @JenniferJarrell I'm glad so many littens are #Murderinos like me!!!! @Hooked_on_books I must check this out! I honestly usually fall Horror/ true crime for podcasts! @MyBookLife THE FIRST EPISODE OF SWORD AND SCALE HAD ME GAGGING AT MY DESK, OMG @KarenUK all new ones!! I've never heard of them! Have to check it out!! 3y
HotMessJess @BBL4nkensh1p I'll let you know, I was supposed to record last week with him but had a minor emergency at work that kept me in the office until super late so I rescheduled :( 3y
MyBookLife @HotMessJess Haha, in a good or bad way? 3y
MyBookLife @HotMessJess Haha, yes, he goes into details, but it's SOOOOOO good!! All those recordings from court and interviews!? How can you resist? 3y
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Ed Gein--Psycho! | Paul Anthony Woods, Errol Morris
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#17booklove Day 15: Nonfiction Love. My favorite type of Nonfiction is true crime! I have been obsessed with true crime from a very young age. I used this book as research for my junior research paper in high school. Yep, I wrote a very important paper about a serial killer. Aced that shit, too. It took some negotiating with my teacher, but she finally caved when she realized that I would half ass any other topic. #staysexydontgetmurdered

Reviewsbylola True crime used to be my no. 1 genre. I still love it but a lot of it can seem very formulaic now. I haven't read this so I'll have to check it out. 3y
teebe I love true crime 👍🏼 It's not bookish, but I fully recommend watching Deranged, a grindhouse horror based off Ed Gein. 3y
AlaMich I'm...a little afraid of you. 😳😉 3y
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CocoReads I did a book report on Helter Skelter my senior year. I've always been into true crime as well. 3y
CocoReads Oh, and long before Devil in the White City, I think I may have even done a mini paper on H.H. Holmes. I certainly remember reading everything I could find over and over again. And in our little town in the pre-internet days, that wasn't easy 3y
Crystalblu Yeah, I'm always interested in the serial killer books as well! Even have an encyclopedia of them! 3y
Hollie Ed Gein was a creepy as mofo! Growing up dad controlled the tv, so all I saw was true crime, history, and sports! 3y
Josie @AlaMich hahahaha so was my junior English teacher 🤣 3y
Josie @Reviewsbylola I try to space them out for that exact reason. Or, I just stick to older ones. 3y
Josie @teebe oh that sounds amazing!! I will hunt it down 3y
Josie @Hollie hahaha sounds like a well rounded tv night to me! I grew up on true crime shows and Maury! My days went something like this, "you ARE the father AND the murderer." 3y
bookwrm526 I did a paper in high school about a serial killer who was active in my home town, The Gaffney Strangler 3y
Clare-Dragonfly Oh, I love true crime, especially serial killers! I hadn't heard of this one--I'll have to look for it. @teebe I wonder if the movie is based on the book? 3y
Clare-Dragonfly @teebe Oh, it looks like that's a different Harold Schechter book, so I guess not. This is the one on Ed Gein. 3y
jpmcwisemorgan I like true crime, although usually in the format of shows like the FBI Files. If it's a book, serial killers are a preferred topic - I even got to take a class on them in college and I heard the lawyers for John Wayne Gacy speak many years ago. I'm really here for the hashtag! 😉 3y
Josie @jpmcwisemorgan I see you, murderino 😁 3y
kylienoele This hashtag made my day 👏🏻 3y
[DELETED] 1409720085 Dateline is my favorite show. 😂😂 3y
jpmcwisemorgan Ok, you might be on to me. 😊 3y
Aloisi_tribe Hey! Fellow #murderino! I'm also a true crime addict. I don't know how I've missed this book on Ed Gein though. 3y
Gayan It should not surprise you at all that I wrote my Senior research paper in Charlie Manson. 😂 3y
Josie @Gayan not even a little bit! 3y
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Six Four | Hideo Yokoyama
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Just listened to some MFM (where my murderinos at?) and now have a doorstop of a book and my reading buddy ready for #litsypartyofone. Not pictured: vegetarian chili that is now in my belly. #staysexydontgetmurdered

Grrlbrarian Ooh can't WAIT for your review! 3y
Desha ❤️❤️❤️ me too! I want to read this book so much!!!!! 3y
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This audiobook is hilarious and is totally reminding me of my favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder, and their tagline #StaySexyDontGetMurdered #midnightbookgirl

HotMessJess Also F**k politeness. ;) 3y
CocoReads I listen to that! True Crime Garage is a good one too. 3y
megt I love that podcast!!! 3y
Whatshereadnext Yes!! Love my favourite murder! 3y
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