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Holy Cow
Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure | Sarah Macdonald
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In her twenties, journalist Sarah Macdonald backpacked around India and came away with a lasting impression of heat, pollution and poverty. So when an airport beggar read her palm and told her she would return to Indiaand for loveshe screamed, Never! and gave the country, and him, the finger. But eleven years later, the prophecy comes true. When the love of Sarahs life is posted to India, she quits her dream job to move to the most polluted city on earth, New Delhi. For Sarah this seems like the ultimate sacrifice for love, and it almost kills her, literally. Just settled, she falls dangerously ill with double pneumonia, an experience that compels her to face some serious questions about her own fragile mortality and inner spiritual void. I must find peace in the only place possible in India, she concludes. Within. Thus begins her journey of discovery through India in search of the meaning of life and death. Holy Cow is Macdonalds often hilarious chronicle of her adventures in a land of chaos and contradiction, of encounters with Hinduism, Islam and Jainism, Sufis, Sikhs, Parsis and Christians and a kaleidoscope of yogis, swamis and Bollywood stars. From spiritual retreats and crumbling nirvanas to war zones and New Delhi nightclubs, it is a journey that only a woman on a mission to save her soul, her love lifeand her sanitycan survive.
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This was a good one to listen to because I never would have known the proper pronunciation of many of the words myself. The author really dove headfirst into the culture and experiences of the country. I really enjoyed this one and learned a lot.

aartichapati I have a feeling the person reading the audiobook did not pronounce the words correctly, either, judging by her name :) 15h
bookishbitch @aartichapati I would think someone getting paid to read a book then does research on the pronunciation of any words contained within. Otherwise people would complain. Plus she sounded comfortable with the words to my ear. Names don't really tell you a person's background. 15h
CarolynM I really enjoyed this when I read it a few years ago. You may be interested in the book her partner wrote about this period in their lives 13h
bookishbitch @CarolynM I will have to check that out. Thanks! 7h
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A Feast for Crows
Holy Cow
The Uncommon Reader (brilliant)
The Paris Wife
In the Company of Rilke
The Magic Mountain

#litsy #litsyreadingchallenge #readwidely

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When a friend offered to loan me this book I almost said no. Trying to clear out my #mounttbr not add to it. Decided to read asap instead of letting set on The Shelf. Almost bailed when opening scene was a description of being sick in a bathroom at Indian airport. I slogged on but it never got better. Way too many descriptions of bodily functions & filth. Travel stories should inspire you to travel. #shouldhavesaidno

JoScho But the cover looks so fun 2y
Crinoline_Laphroaig @JoScho I know! It's what made me want to read it. 2y
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1. Tagged. ☺️
2. Several places in India.. The Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple in Amritsar, New Delhi and Shimla.. Also Kathmandu, Nepal and Mt Everest. Belize was beautiful. Kivalina and Anchorage, Alaska.
3. New Zealand, Fiji, UK, Tour of Europe, Peru, Iceland, I could continue..
4. Depends on how far I‘m traveling. I do love a road trip. (Friend and I are taking a road trip in 2 weeks to the Grand Canyon!)
5. Both!! 😂

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No, you spent the past few minutes stalking your own Litsy profile. Thanks Litsy community!! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all of you. This is the best corner on the internet. *Hugs*

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✨You guys!!!! I placed in the top ten in #PageHabit huge giveaway!!! I have no idea how and am completely shocked. If you used the link I shared on here, thank you so much for helping me get over 4000+ entries making this possible. I didn't expect to win even top 500!! And I get to try a new book subscription box!!! I'm so excited!!! 💜📚

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abbsinwonderland @Suzze @Redwritinghood @irre @riversong153 @ReadingsByTheC thanks everyone! Definitely highlight of my dreary week! 💜 2y
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Descriptions of India almost made me anxious laying comfortably in my own bed although it was also full of tales of varied spiritual paths. I would never have chosen this if not recommended by my clever Aunty. I guess you can't judge a book by its cover, or its title...

Sue I've been meaning to read this for years! Sarah McDonald was one of my favourite journos on Triple J back in those days! 3y
Casmt That sealed the deal @Sue ! 3y
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CrowCAH Cute play on words for the title! 🐮 3y
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Finished my first @24in48 book sitting in the park. I first read this in about grade 12 when it fuelled my mild obsession with India and my desire to travel there. Now I'm not so sure I could handle it, to be honest. Good book though. #24in48 #readharder

GlassAsDiamonds Do travel here! It's a rough, rough place to live but a delightful place to travel! (But be safe & sensible). 3y
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Here we go! #24in48 8:15am Saturday. Hour 0.

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The greenest & pinkest I could find.