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Librarybelle Looks very interesting! 3d
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I Am Still Alive | Kate Alice Marshall
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After being badly injured in the car wreck that killed her mom, Jess is sent to live with the father she barely knows in the far north of Canada. When the unthinkable happens, she has to figure out how to survive the wilderness. Great, quick read with lots of tension.

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Honey Girl (Original) | Morgan Rogers
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A poignant, character-driven novel. I enjoyed the way it explored finding your place as an adult (coming-of-age for the late 20s) and that it didn‘t shy away from mental health issues.

#botm #52bookclub24 #acharacterdrivennovel

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This book is a low pick for me. It's a somewhat random collection of thoughts on silence, some insightful and others that were less interesting. Either way, it has definitely made me appreciate silence more.

This might be a stretch, but I'm using this book for prompt 30, “Meowth: Treasure“ for #gottacatchemall, since the theme of the book is that silence is to be treasured, and we all know that “Silence is golden“! @PuddleJumper

Librarybelle Wow! I‘ve not seen a book crossing book in a long time! So cool it is still a program! 7d
kwmg40 @Librarybelle BookCrossing is definitely not as active as it used to be but there are still a lot of dedicated BookCrossers. I always get a thrill when I get a journal entry for a book I released many years ago. 7d
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Librarybelle @kwmg40 That is really neat! I remember it being super popular 20 years ago. I had an account, and though I never released a book, I enjoyed reading the alerts of a book being released in my area. 7d
kwmg40 @Librarybelle I mostly do “controlled releases“ these days, with a group of BookCrossers around the world who send books to one another, but occasionally, I'll leave one “in the wild“. 😄 6d
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This focuses on many things: history, anthropology, sociology, true crime. All of which revealed something heartbreaking and angering.


Librarybelle On my to read list 7d
Soubhiville I‘m reading this right now. 7d
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Hooked_on_books This one is really good. 7d
Kristy_K @Librarybelle I hope you like it! It was an important book about something I didn‘t know much about. (edited) 7d
Kristy_K @Soubhiville How are you liking it? 7d
Kristy_K @Hooked_on_books Agreed! I didn‘t know most of these details. 7d
Soubhiville All of the red tape the families and authorities had to wade through to finally get to the dig was frustrating! I have just read about the first grave they exhumed. It‘s so well written, and incredibly sad that this place operated for so long. 7d
Kristy_K @Soubhiville Completely agree! 6d
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Sourcery: A Discworld Novel | Terence David John Pratchett
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Just a friendly reminder that we are setting off on the second round around the #Discworld today with #Sourcery.

Looking forward to our discussion next month!

PS: this book might work for some of the #52bookclub24 bonus prompts for April - I'm definitely using it for "desert you"

#SirTerryPratchett #TerryPratchett #PratchettPosse #BuddyRead #EpicBuddyread #ReadAlong

TheSpineView 👍💜📖 1w
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julesG Would have tagged you all earlier, but Litsy wasn't willing. 1w
BookmarkTavern Yay! I‘m so excited! (edited) 1w
TheSpineView @julesG That happens some times. 1w
Deblovestoread Sometimes it doesn‘t want to play nice. I‘m very excited as a first time reader of these books. 💜🧙💜 1w
BookWrym I have hit the audiobook already and the narration is great. Read by Colin Morgan, Bill Nighy & Peter Serafinowicz. The footnotes have their own little jingle and I am loving it. Having previously read the paperbacks I am finding audio a delightful way to revisit. Plans for this read along will be whatever format I can my hands on. 1w
julesG @BookWrym Same here. I previously listened to the Nigel Planer narration, but have the new one queued up for this round. 1w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! This will be my first time reading a Pratchett book. I'm so interested to try out his writing!! 1w
willaful D'oh! I thought the discussion was this month and just finished it. I hope I remember something to discuss. 😂 7d
julesG @willaful I'm sure you will. 😂 7d
rretzler @willaful I finished it on the date we were to have started! I had totally forgotten what quick and easy reads these were. 4d
rretzler @BookWrym Also loving that footnote jingle! I wish ALL audiobooks had that! 4d
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Librarybelle Lots of prompts covered! 1w
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Little White Lies | Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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There‘s just something about a Jennifer Lynn Barnes book. They pull me in immediately. The Brothers Hawthorne & The Naturals series will be hard to beat on my favorites list but this was a solid read.
#BookSpinBingo #SeriesLove2024 #52BookClub2024 (part of a duology; April mini challenge (Never Gonna) Give You Up)
@TheAromaofBooks @Andrew65 @TheSpineView

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My favorite of the week is the book I just finished. Ultimately a story about trying to find where you belong and the struggles you experience when you try to make the wrong thing fit. As I was reading I realized this may be the first contemporary fiction book I‘ve read set in China. 4 🌟

#WomensPrize #52Bookclub24 #IncludesaWedding

BarbaraBB Looking forward to this one. I don think I‘ve read much about current China either. Interesting! 1w
Hooked_on_books Such a good book! I‘m glad this one is on the women‘s prize list so that I read it. 1w
Librarybelle Lovely! 1w
Read4life Awesome pick! 💙🦋💙 1w
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The Vacation | John Marrs
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Although it is definitely not his best (it‘s one of his earliest thrillers, re-edited and renamed a few years afters its publication) I still enjoyed John Marrs‘s book about travelers from all over the world meeting each other in a rundown LA hostel. All carry secrets from their past and the book is full of plot lines and twists. I couldn‘t stop reading!

Librarybelle Sounds good! 2w
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TheAromaofBooks I really enjoyed The One but haven't tried any of his other books!! 2w
BarbaraBB @TheAromaofBooks I loved that one and the tagged one and have now become obsessed with his backlist 1w
bookandbedandtea @BarbaraBB @TheAromaofBooks I have also started reading his backlist due to loving The One and The Passengers! I agree that the couple older ones I've read so far are good, but not quite as good. 1w
BarbaraBB @bookandbedandtea Oh wow, which ones have you read from his backlist? I only read the tagged book beside this one and it was okay too (edited) 1w
bookandbedandtea @BarbaraBB I have When You Disappeared languishing on my kindle, thanks for the reminder! I've read Her Last Move, which was somewhere between okay and good, and the tagged, which scared the crap out of me. I can't objectively say whether it was a good thriller or not because it hit too close to home. 😱 1w
TheAromaofBooks Oh wow, The Passengers sounds really good, too!! I loved the way The One just was such a thought-provoking read. It raised so many different questions but never came across as polemic. It's a book I still find myself thinking about from time to time. @bookandbedandtea 1w
Cathythoughts Tagging all these Marrs books. I‘m stuck in this one at the moment and it‘s good , Thankyou for the recommendation Barbara 1w
Cathythoughts Love this photo too 👍🏻♥️ 1w
intothehallofbooks I love John Marrs but haven‘t read this one yet! 1w
BarbaraBB @bookandbedandtea I have those two on my shelves. Too close home? That must be intense 1w
BarbaraBB @intothehallofbooks You love him too? Any favorites? I am so into him! 1w
BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts i am a bit obsessed by him at the moment (and by Lennon), I am glad you are enjoying his books too 🤍🤍 1w
bookandbedandtea @TheAromaofBooks I still think about The One and The Passengers occasionally. I am completely opposed to self driving cars due to The Passengers. 😬 1w
bookandbedandtea @BarbaraBB Someone close to me has reached out to suicide hotlines in the past and the thought that they may yet talk to someone like Laura was hard for me to handle. (No spoilers- the blurb tells that much.) 1w
Suet624 Hmmm…The One sounds goods. Guess I need to be on the lookout for that one. 1w
BarbaraBB @bookandbedandtea That is awful, I just read the blurb. 1w
Cathythoughts Yes Lennon. I‘ve read Broken River and Subdivision. Time to try another 😁 1w
TheAromaofBooks @bookandbedandtea - I'm already pretty against self-driving cars because I'm a smidge paranoid about things of that nature (also don't like the idea of “smart“ home appliances or devices that sit about listening to me so I can conveniently order things from Amazon haha) So maybe The Passengers would be right up my alley 😂 1w
bookandbedandtea @TheAromaofBooks I liked the book very much but, yes, I think anyone who reads must come away with a sense of concern about the technology we already rely on so heavily. 1w
bookandbedandtea @BarbaraBB I can't judge for sure but I suspect the quality of writing was in line with the rest of his books, so there's that. It just happened to be a fraught subject for me. 1w
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