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The Silkworm | Robert Galbraith
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Reading and GG. Goes hand and hand.

TheBookKeepers I love rewatching GG around this time of year! 😍 10h
Shemac77 I‘ve lost the number of times I‘ve rewatched GG! It‘s perfect! @TheBookKeepers 9h
TheBookKeepers Yes!!! ❄️ 9h
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This was a fun read, although a bit old for my daughter (subject, not ability).

Friday is an unusual child in an unusual family. She takes up solving crime, which earns her reward money, which finances boarding school, which turns out to be full of mystery. Looking forward to the next one (darn cliffhanger).

Tamra What age range would you suggest? Are there illustrations? 13h
ravenlee @Tamra there are some illustrations but not many. I‘d go with age 10-12 or so. MC is 11 and going to boarding school for seventh grade. There‘s a bit of crush stuff, blooming awareness of class difference and clothing reflecting that. Not inappropriate for my 6-year-old but I don‘t think she‘d get into it. 12h
Tamra @ravenlee thank you - I‘ll check out a library copy to peruse. 12h
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Looking forward to this one....#booktoscreen

TheBookHippie Me too!!! 14h
wanderinglynn Me too! 13h
phatsallylee It was good. I didn't read the book before watching but ed Norton is awesome! 11h
JackOBotts I read a profile on Ed Norton in an airplane mag...he worked on this adaptation for a loooooong time. Bought the rights shortly after its release (back when he was filming Fight Club). Looking forward to experiencing both book & film, eventually! 📚 (edited) 10h
Anna40 Never heard of the book! I think Edward Norton is fantastic. Very smart, great actor. Did he direct the movie? 10h
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Danger After Dark | A. E. Parker, Dona Smith
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I know I‘ve highlighted my Clue book collection over the years, but anytime I think #revolver , I think of the board game Clue... “Miss Scarlet in the library with the revolver.” I pulled a copy randomly from my shelf for today‘s prompt.

If you‘re unfamiliar with this book series, it‘s for kids based on the board game. There are clues throughout the book, all set in a mystery setting, and the reader can solve the mystery by the end. #Movember

AlaMich I loved Clue as a kid, and if this series had existed then I would owned every single one! 😊 23h
Bookwormjillk I had no idea this was a series. Cool! 23h
Cinfhen My favorite board game of all time!!!!!! Awesome choice 😁🥰 23h
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phatsallylee I love the game clue! I had no idea there was a book series based on the game. 22h
MidnightBookGirl I am super jealous! I plan on reading this new Clue soon though! 22h
batsy How fun! I would have loved this as a kid. 21h
MoonWitch94 I read so many of these when I was a kid! It was also one of my favorite games 21h
MommyOfTwo Fun! I may have to see if the library has them and read them with the kids. 20h
IamIamIam WHAT 👏 IS 👏 THIS???? Holy moly, I've never seen this in my life and now I need them all!!!!! 18h
hes7 I love this game! The books sound just as fun. 18h
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The Long Goodbye | Raymond Chandler
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merelybookish Perfect! 1d
Cinfhen Agreed @merelybookish 👌🏽 1d
Cathythoughts I‘d like to b read this again 👍🏻❤️ 1d
batsy Well played! 1d
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For all of the crime fans.... the Crimewriting Festival held in Harrogate.

Past chairs have included Lee Child and Val McDermid and it‘s supposed to be one of the friendliest literature festivals around, with authors and attendees all mixing together in the bar 😁.

Still haven‘t been myself - might try for tickets this year.....

The Darkwater Bride | Marty Ross
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Found this petunia on my yard today. I guess this flower is not afraid of winter.

TheSpineView That does not look like a petunia. It looks like a pansy. Either way they both like cooler temps. 3d
CoffeeK8 @TheSpineView you‘re right! Wrong “P” flower! It‘s been in the high 30s the past week and it‘s hanging on! 3d
TheSpineView @CoffeeK8 It is pretty. I am glad a few flowers hang on. 3d
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Crazeedi Pansies tolerate cold for some time before withering! So beautiful!! 3d
Cathythoughts ❤️ 3d
UwannaPublishme 😍👍🏻 2d
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Quite a few of the Agatha Christies on my Kindle are corrupted, if that's the word - words missing and garbled, making them unreadable. While I impatiently wait for my Overdrive holds to become available, I can finally read those titles, so yay! Ah the wonder of memory that made this book almost completely new to me despite having read it at least twice before 😂 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A sad ending, of course, but so good.

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The Case of the Terrified Typist | Erle Stanley Gardner
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good thing they explain this in every single story ;)

Liar Liar: (Harriet Blue 3) | James Patterson
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1. I‘m allergic to pine, I‘m a teacher, I play the trumpet.
2. The Handmaids Tale, The Alchemist
3. Several! Always a pleasure.
4. Too cold. I love to snuggle under blankets and layers of clothes.
#litsylearn @Alora

Alora Hello! Thank you so much for playing! 💙💙 4d
Alora Love your answers!! Im going to guess the lie is the trumpet?! 4d
MidnightBookGirl I won't guess because I know. 4d
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