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Thank goodness I'm done. I started this in December. I flew through the first book, but the second was laborious.

CP was a delightful comedy, but PP made the beginning of WWII a farce. Mitford tried to make it funny. In her defense, she wrote it during the "Phony War" (time between declaring and fighting).

#PopSugar recommended by GR Afternoon Tea and Scones
#jennyis30 classic
#ReadingEurope2020 United Kingdom

Butterfinger @jenniferw88 @Reviewsbylola hope you both had a good day. @Reviewsbylola I know you must still be hurting. 1w
Reviewsbylola Thank you. ♥️♥️ That‘s a bummer this one wasn‘t better. I love Mitford but haven‘t read this one. 1w
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The Fire Never Goes Out | Noelle Stevenson
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1. 3

2. #litsyAtoZ #popsugar #readharder and #readingwomen

3. So many! The Fire Never Goes Out by Noelle Stevenson is a big one

4. No. Resolutions aren't really my thing.

5. I'm just hoping for a good year.

#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary

laurenslibrary Thanks for playing! 1w
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Ice Princess | Camilla Lckberg
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A reread and I enjoyed it as much as the first time. I really like the main characters and am looking forward to the discussion. #nordicnoir

#PopSugar book w/ map
#mandmchallenge2020 favorite author
#jennyis30 Nordic
#ReadingEurope2020 Sweden

BarbaraTheBibliophage Nice quadruple prompt completion! ♥️📚👊🏻 1w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Bringing back the #thursdaysurvey for 2020!

1. Only 1 1/2... I haven't been in a "reading mood" lately for some reason. ?
2. The #popsugar reading challenge and #booked2020
3. The new Stephen King and The Hunger Games prequel
4. Learn to cook, get back into blogging, bring back this survey!
5. Vacations to San Diego and Gatlinburg!

ImperfectCJ Funny...I'm going to Gatlinburg this year, too, for my in-laws' 50th anniversary. (And I live in San Diego.) I like all of the travel-related things people are looking forward to! 1w
laurenslibrary @ImperfectCJ I love Gatlinburg! And my husband grew up in San Diego so he's super excited to go back and visit! 1w
ImperfectCJ @laurenslibrary I haven't been to Gatlinburg since high school. To be honest, I'm looking forward even more to the side trip to Asheville we're planning, but it will be nice to see my nieces. I lived in San Diego as a kid (twice) and moved back two years ago. I like it very much...one of my favorite places to live. Great to visit, too, of course! 1w
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laurenslibrary @ImperfectCJ I've never been to San Diego so I'm excited to visit for the first time! Gatlinburg has a lot going on these days. We went a few years ago and had a blast. 1w
Suet624 I ran away from home the minute I turned 16. Ran to Gatlinburg. Great place to disappear and the drive through the mountains is beautiful. 1w
laurenslibrary @Suet624 I love it there! My husband and I went through a long drive through the mountains last time we were there. 1w
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🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟5 🌟
OMG! I now know why everyone was talking about this book and it was up on so many “best of” lists. It deserves to be there.

Check out the long review on GR and LT because I think in time it will become as important a work as Maus, or Persepolis. It‘s a view into the mind of someone living in a time where many are blind to the actions of our government.

NeedsMoreBooks Read and enjoyed this one ❤️ 2w
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3 ⭐
This book was fun. The author did a swell job of laying it out and the graphics they used to show stitches were great. They were themed to the books but still easy to understand. While I liked the projects the only ones I see myself making is the Necronomincon Ipad cozy that I would use as a book sleeve, and maybe the light -up ghosts and skulls that I would turn into garland.

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This year's challenges. Hopefully no one adds more that sound interesting.

I think most of this will be doable. There will be some challenges on #Booked2020 (tartan Noir), and some on the #Popsugar challenge.

But I think it is doable.

rather_be_reading 👍 👍 2w
Clwojick Who‘s hosting #LitsyAtoZGN? Cause I want in. 😂 I also have a large list of challenges on the go, but I can‘t help myself... they‘re all so good. 2w
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dainarmb "I am probably crazy" ??? power to you! 2w
essayareayaitch What is GN? 2w
LibrarianRyan @essayareayaitch GN = graphic novel(s) 2w
Simona Good luck 👍 2w
StaceGhost This looks so good! Are these all book clubs on Litsy? 2w
LibrarianRyan Beat the Backlist is from www.novelknight.com MountTBR is Goodreads but lots of kittens participate, read harder is from book riot, and popsugar from the www.popsugar website. All the others are Litsy born and bread. 2w
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Reading Challenge | Casey Malarcher, Andre Janzen
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That silly Shakespeare was my last book for the 2019 #Popsugar challenge!

Now I only have 1 book left to read to complete the #LitsyAtoZ challenge, and then all of my reading challenges for the year will be done.


saresmoore You‘re amazing! Congrats! 3w
Nute You are a rockstar!💫 3w
Reggie With a couple of days to spare!! You‘re a reading badass!! (edited) 3w
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PaperbackPirate Hooray! 👏 3w
BarbaraBB Great! I am looking forward to next year‘s challenges 😀 3w
kspenmoll 🙌🏻🙌🏻🎊🎊 Fantastic! 3w
Lindy Congratulations! 3w
Liz_M Amazing! 3w
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The Winter's Tale | William Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, George Steevens
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I like Shakespeare, but this was a rather odd mixture of tragedy and comedy and neither really drew me in. I found myself kind of bored, although the later acts of comedy where definitely more interesting for me.

For #Popsugar this year, I had to read two books that share the same title. I read this one and Helprin‘s Winter‘s Tale.

Friends, I wasn‘t crazy about either of them. 🤷🏻‍♀️


MrsMalaprop Remember reading this for school/uni many years ago & feeling a bit so-so about it. And I too am a lover of the Bard. 3w
Graywacke Weird mixture, right? But now you‘ve experienced the 🐻! 🙂 3w
sprainedbrain @Graywacke I did laugh out loud when I got to the exit, pursued by bear. 😂 3w
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Graywacke @sprainedbrain it was all so serious, and that guy starts describing the bear attack and it‘s like - wait, this is funny! No, bad, that wrong...But still... 😂 3w
Lindy I‘m not a fan of this play either, partly because I don‘t understand the jealousy. Jeanette Winterson‘s modern interpretation made me appreciate the play a little more. 3w
sprainedbrain @Lindy I‘ve been planning to read the whole Hogarth series, starting with the Winterson. I‘m glad to hear you liked it! 3w
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Anyone lining up their reading challenges for next year? I'm deciding to go for all or mostly new challenges this year (still undecided about #readharder). So I'm looking at #monthlymotifGXO, #monthlykeywordGXO (maybe challenging myself to fill both with one book!), maybe #MMDchallenge from Modern Mrs Darcy once it comes out, so long as it is announced in an accessible format, not as an image of text. Any other suggestions?

Chrissyreadit What are the two monthly challenges? 2mo
Soubhiville I‘m thinking of sticking with just #MountTBR this year, but #popsugar prompts also look fun, so I may casually try that as well. 2mo
Lauredhel @Soubhiville I'm waiting to see if pop sugar posts am accessible version 2mo
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Lauredhel @Chrissyreadit if you google the hashtags you should find them :) both by Girl XOXO 2mo
Chrissyreadit Found! Thanks. 2mo
SaturnDoo I haven't been very successful with this year's challenges 😥 Too many RL incidents put my reading time on hold. But I'm definitely going to try again this year. Working on getting my Bujo ready so I have no excuses to start on Jan 1 😄 2mo
sprainedbrain I‘m a challenge freak... I‘m going to look up the two you mentioned. Currently, I‘m planning to do #ReadingWomen, #Booked2020 and #ReadingEurope2020. I‘m on the fence about Popsugar this year, and I haven‘t seen Read Harder prompts yet... are those posted? (edited) 2mo
Lauredhel @sprainedbrain I did find a read harder 2020 prompt page in the google cache, but it's been removed from the site... Maybe posted early accidentally? 2mo
sprainedbrain @Lauredhel That‘s what I found, too... glad to know it wasn‘t just my imagination. I was confused! 2mo
Lauredhel @sprainedbrain having said that I might not do Read Harder again - but #booked2020 looks good, I haven't done that before! 2mo
Lauredhel @sprainedbrain is five challenges too many? WE SHALL FIND OUT 2mo
sprainedbrain @Lauredhel I am doing five this year and I think I‘m going to finish them all! Read Harder just seems to be getting... ummm.. harder every year. Lol. I like to use books on my tbr or library books as often as I can for challenges and find myself having to buy special or obscure books for Read Harder. So it‘s not one of my five this year. 🤪 I‘m sure I will at least look this year. This will be my third year of #Booked. I like that one! 2mo
Lauredhel @sprainedbrain i hear you on Read Harder - this year I am looking for prompts with a little more latitude (edited) 2mo
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