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I ended up getting these two from Rather Keen‘s sale recently and they came with this awesome postcard!! #retailtherapy

The Last Book Party | Karen Dukess
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Dropped my mom off at the airport today 😭 Made myself less sad about her departure by stopping at the bookstore. #retailtherapy #bookshelpyoucope

Stormborn1992 I want to read all of those books, great choices!!! I'm especially curious about Whisper Network! 5mo
TheNerdyProfessor @Stormborn1992 The Whisper Network was Reese's book club pick this month so I really hope it's a good one! 5mo
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Carry On | Rainbow Rowell
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Pay day + worst February ever + depression + bookstore sale = Epic #bookhaul. I feel so much better. 😂


Melissa_J Wow! That‘s an amazing book haul. I find buying lots of books helps make me feel better too 😊 9mo
TheLibrarian What an amazing haul!! Buying books is a great pick me up. 9mo
Soubhiville Good stuff there! 9mo
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LauraJ Good idea! 9mo
LeahBergen That IS epic! 9mo
CoverToCoverGirl I see some real gems in that book haul! ❤️❤️ 9mo
Tanisha_A Love those flamingo clips 😍! Great haul! 9mo
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Emotional Book Buying Binge, Part 2.

I have no self-control 😳 #retailtherapy #booktherapy #scifi #escape

AmyG Nothin* makes me feel better...than buying books. 10mo
hermyknee @AmyG yes! And now I will go escape into a new world... 10mo
Lovesbooks87 I just bought 7! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I blame target for having a buy two get one free sale! Buying books always makes me feel better! 10mo
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hermyknee @Lovesbooks87 a bookshelf filled with books I haven‘t yet read brings me so much joy. You never know when you‘ll need an escape in the future ✨💖✨ 10mo
Lovesbooks87 @hermyknee that is very true! 10mo
Zelma @hermyknee I feel the same way. Hence why my shelves at home are constantly rotating read books out and unread books in. 10mo
Velvetsun I‘m the same way. My nerves have been shot lately with work and whatnot, so I binged as well. I have 12 books on the way from Amazon and the Book Depository right now. 😳 10mo
hermyknee @Velvetsun 😅 I‘m right there with you. I‘ve got the next two in the Binti trilogy on the way as well 😳 I think I have enough to get me through the next month or so at work now... maybe. 10mo
hermyknee @Zelma me, too! 10mo
Carolyn11215 Hugs!!! 10mo
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The Weight of Our Sky | Hanna Alkaf
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This is the rest of today‘s #indie #bookhaul. 😍😍 #retailtherapy #booktherapy

I love that they had journals with a pit bull (it says “beware of pit bulls, they will steal you heart” and a chihuahua so I got one for me and one for @dsfisher 😁

Mynameisacolour Those journals are awesome!!! 10mo
LeahBergen Aww! 🐶 🐕 10mo
RachelO 😍 10mo
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BookNAround Were those at PRB? I might need to go look at their journal section if so. 10mo
JoScho I have an art canvas by this artist that says in perfect world every dog has a home 💜 10mo
DGRachel @JoScho I love that! 10mo
erzascarletbookgasm Those journals covers are stunning! 10mo
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Liatrek Very nice 😊 10mo
Carolyn11215 Ohhhhhh...you got the other Becky Chambers books!!!! How exciting! 10mo
hermyknee @Carolyn11215 yes! I look forward to escaping back into her universe ✨💚✨ Thank you for getting me started on her books! 10mo
Carolyn11215 @hermyknee I haven‘t read the other two yet. I loved her first in the series soooo much I think I subconsciously don‘t want to read through the series and then have it be over. Now I still have something to look forward to... 10mo
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Snowy Day | Ezra Jack Keats
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Snow day for the kiddo, work day for me. 😫

I did, however, spend way too much (on purpose) at Target on the best Harry Potter shirts for her; so that‘s a plus 😂 (Picture to come!)


RavenLovelyReads Can‘t wait for the photo!!! 10mo
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Young God: A Novel | Katherine Faw Morris
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Sometimes #retailtherapy just leads to a #bookhaul and that‘s quite okay 👌🏻

TheLibrarian Great haul!! 13mo
ReadingRover The Salt Line was so good. I read it last week. It was so much better than I anticipated. 13mo
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One of these boxes contains a food dehydrator. You can then guess how big the other box must be. #everyoneisgettingPenzeysfortheholidays #votewithyourwallet #foodie #retailtherapy

umbrellagirl I adore Penzey‘s and so much more recently. That was our teacher gift choice last year. 13mo
kgriffith @umbrellagirl I‘d heard of them before the 2016 election, but when they came out strong against the new administration‘s racism, I dove into their products. Gifting them to my 45-voting family member was a small but meaningful way to get past having to extend the social nicety and keep the peace. 13mo
kgriffith @umbrellagirl (non-45-voters get Penzeys too, but with no spite attached! 🤣) 13mo
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umbrellagirl @kgriffith 💙💙💙💙 13mo
umbrellagirl You get Penzeys, you get a penzeys, and you get a Penzeys! It‘s like an Oprah show 13mo
VioletBramble 💚 Penzey's. I was so sad when they closed the NYC store. 😢 13mo
Ericalambbrown I ❤️ Penzeys! The have the best stuff. But that‘s a ginormous box! 🤣 13mo
Christine This is a thing?? Not sure how I didn‘t know, but thanks for sharing! On a recent visit to Wisconsin (where I was born and raised), I realized their headquarters were super close to my brother‘s house, so I was disappointed enough in myself for not being a customer BEFORE this news. To the computer! ➡️💵 13mo
SqueakyChu I love Penzey‘s, too. Even more so now that they have gotten into the political fray. 13mo
kgriffith @Christine GO GO GO! 😊 They were having a sale, it may be going still through tomorrow! 13mo
kgriffith @Ericalambbrown It really is 😝 13mo
eanderson I have a client that gets me Penzeys for birthdays and holidays! We love those spices! Lemon Pepper is one of my favorites! 13mo
Pamwurtzler ❤️ Penzey‘s!! 13mo
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The Help | Kathryn Stockett
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$14 for all these, I have a problem with discount book hauls 👏🏻#bookhaul #usedbooks #discountbooks #retailtherapy