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Eleanor and Park | Rainbow Rowell
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I‘m not #sorry I received the Persephone Biannually, but I‘m sorry for what their magazine does to my #crave for new books 😅 I‘m trying to control my riges by reading this not-so-light, but very sweet book, and so far, it is working 🙌


BarbaraBB That magazine is such a delight! 2w
Cinfhen Oh wow!! A little pre-birthday treat 2w
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB and inspirering! My tbr grows quite a bit when it arrives 😅 @Cinfhen I have wanted to buy a Persephone books for years, and I think this year might be the year it happens 😄 2w
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When it‘s been a long week, sometimes only a cupcake and a new book can soothe the soul. And also photobombing cats 😹 #catsoflitsy #treatyoshelf

(And yes, I‘m still on a #bookbuyingban - but this one was a preorder I‘d forgotten about that just came today... so...)😂 #idonthaveaproblem #reallyidont

Aimeesue Solnit! Love her. ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
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Illuminae | Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
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Been in a reading slump lately. So I did what any normal person would do when they are in a slump...buy more books! This was book 1 or 4 that I purchased the other day. #treatyoshelf

emz711 Just look it out of the library! 3mo
BookishBlonde12 @emz711 just finished last night and loved it! Hope you enjoy the wild ride 😁 3mo
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Mini birthday #bookhaul stack 😊📚 Super excited to make some of these crochet things, and the tagged book I saw at a bookstore and just had to have it!!!

LizzieChantree Happy birthday! 🎂 5mo
wanderinglynn Love your whale pillow! 💙 And happy, happy birthday! 🎉🎂🥳🎶 5mo
Ruthiella Happy birthday 🎂🎁🎊🎈🎉🎈! 5mo
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UwannaPublishme Happy birthday! 🤗🎂🎁🎉 5mo
tjwill Happy birthday! 🎉 5mo
Erofan Happy birthday 🎉🎁🎂🎈💕 5mo
Cinfhen Happy birthday #TreatYoShelf ♥️🙌🏻🎉📚 5mo
BooknerdsLife Happy Belated birthday to you 💝 🎂🎉🎉🎉 4mo
glitterkitty459 @BooknerdsLife Thank you!! 😁💖 4mo
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Three Women | Lisa Taddeo
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Adding some extra confetti, since it‘s been an issue for people today. #BOTM choices were easy this month. Always the narrative nonfiction. And I regretted not picking the Crouch last month. #bookhaul #treatyoshelf

Reviewsbylola Recursion is fantastic! I got Three Women too! 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Reviewsbylola It was your post that reminded me the new picks would be up already. Yay!! 5mo
Kimberlone I just finished reading Recursion two days ago and absolutely loved it 5mo
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Megabooks So excited about Three Women! 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Kimberlone I saw your posts about it—you litfluenced me to buy it! 5mo
Kimberlone @BarbaraTheBibliophage yay! I feel honored. Need to still post a review but I hope you enjoy :) 5mo
The_Heeler_Booklife Recursion is sooo good. 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Kimberlone I'll watch for it! I'm pretty sure I'll love it. Dark Matter was so immersive and good, that I'm hoping this one lives up to his reputation. 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @allthingskayla Yay—another good review. I'm excited! 5mo
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Book Love | Debbie Tung
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I may have gotten one or two (it was definitely two) of these mugs today. If they weren‘t “hand wash only,” it may have been three or four. 👓📖📚

#Bookstore #ReadersGonnaRead #TreatYoShelf

rretzler It‘s a shame they can‘t be made dishwasher safe. Unless they expect that you‘re getting them for decoration only. 😕 6mo
julesG @rretzler Snacks, pens, bookmarks,... I like washing out my special mugs, though. It shows how much I love them, even if they are dishwasher safe. 6mo
dgingo @rretzler Agreed! For some of them, I think it‘s the metallics. I‘ll use them for tea/coffee at work where I have to hand wash cups anyway (or bring them home for the dishwasher). 6mo
dgingo @julesG Yes! If I don‘t use them for drinks, it will definitely be for pens! 6mo
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Powell‘s is having their online Earth Day Sale - buy 2 used books, get a third free! Ends tonight - go #treatyoshelf ❤️📚

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So I finished sketching and was in the area (well just a few miles😜) and I thought, well, don‘t mind if I do! #TreatYoShelf #ParnassusBooks

BookNAround A few miles is totally right there in the area! If you have to buy road trip snacks, it‘s no longer in the area according to my calculus. 😂 8mo
Booksnchill Ha! I ate my snacks while sketching!🤦‍♀️ 8mo
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Amsterdam Noir | Josh Pachter, Ren Appel
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I had to.

Houston & Berlin are preordered and will be here in May. 😍

#bookmail #treatyoshelf #akashicnoir #noir

Jennick2004 Ooh pretty 8mo
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