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The Steerswoman | M. S. Rosemary Kirstein
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Biscuit has examined my book haul and declares it good (and gave me permission to buy myself a copy of the first book in this series too). #BunniesofLitsy

Glad to get the Kirstein books -- never yet finished the series but I know from reading the first book it is a great concept.

Books were obtained from Portal Bookshop in York. New queer/SFF store, lovely folks, nice selection both new and secondhand.

Bklover Hi Biscuit!❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
Megabooks What a cutie!! ❤️❤️ 1mo
Reviewsbylola Biscuit is ADORABLE. 1mo
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rubyslippersreads ❤️🐰❤️ 1mo
shanaqui @Megabooks @Bklover @Reviewsbylola @rubyslippersreads Biscuit accepts your praise graciously! She is a cutie and has me wrapped right round her paw. 1mo
rabbitprincess Awwwww the best photo! I probably say that about all your rabbit photos, but it's always true 😉 She looks so adventurous, ready to explore new worlds in books ♥️♥️🐰 1mo
shanaqui @rabbitprincess She's a curious little bun, always the first to stick her nose into something new! 1mo
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I have started reading my #scififantasybookclub read, and I got visitors. I got them to model my book :)

The white furry one is one of my our rabbits, Gwen. We have her sister, too, who is black - Midna. They are only four months old but are growing like crazy! The other visitor is my daughter :)

#bunniesoflitsy #bbbbc
Edit: the mess is my husband‘s. Mine‘s got books in it.

Clare-Dragonfly Aww! Cozy bun! 🐰 1mo
Gezemice @Clare-Dragonfly Yes! And very soft :) 1mo
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Ancillary Sword | Ann Leckie
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Just finished rereading the whole trilogy again. ❤❤❤ Hard to put into words how much I love these books -- at least in THIS few words.

Here's a pic of when Eclair and Biscuit fell asleep cwtched up on me, instead. #BunniesofLitsy Good thing I have ebooks on my phone...

Gezemice So cute! They look almost like my new bunnies, Gwen and Midna! 1mo
shanaqui @Gezemice They're a year old now! Who authorised that??? 1mo
Gezemice Hmm authorised.. I don‘t know but it is awesome. Mine are only four months old but are huge already! 6 pounds each! We think they will be at least 10 pounds... 1mo
Clare-Dragonfly So cute! 🐰❤️🐰❤️ 1mo
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Busy week with not much reading because our custom made rabbit hutch arrived and was an absolute pain in the butt to shift up into our flat. But there it is! It is taller than I am...

You can just see Hulk and a white blob that is Eclair, just beginning to explore! #BunniesofLitsy

rather_be_reading awwwwwwww 2mo
Linsy Oh my gosh, that‘s so cute!!! 🐰 2mo
Alfoster Love it!👏👏👏 2mo
Clare-Dragonfly Wow! That is fancy! 2mo
Gezemice Wow! Very fancy! 1mo
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Strange Practice | Vivian Shaw
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Finished up my reread in the best company, today. 💙 #BunniesofLitsy Love this book so much -- it's so *nice*, even amidst horrifying things. Greta's calling as a doctor is the best.

#SummersEndReadathon @Clwojick

Squidapus Awesome, Squidapus picked this up last week...month? Whenever. Glad to hear it's so good! 3mo
shanaqui @Squidapus I love it dearly, at least! I'm so excited and impatient for the third book, too. 3mo
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I've managed to snatch about an hour of reading this! #SummersEndReadathon @Clwojick

I started it at the beginning of August, but I restarted it now because none of the info had actually stuck in my head... I think Cordelia Fine's book was very similar in content but slightly more readable.

Here's Hulk flopping luxuriously over and over now we've finally finished a weekend of tidying the flat and she can run around! #BunniesofLitsy

rabbitprincess So regal! 👑🐰 3mo
shanaqui @rabbitprincess This comment sponsored by Hulk? 3mo
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I think my fur babies are on a schedule; each day I have a different reading buddy. 😆 🐰 🐇 #bunniesoflitsy

QuietlyLaura Bunny! 😍🐰 4mo
Crazeedi ❤ your hippity hoppity! 4mo
Megabooks Awww!! That‘s so sweet!! 4mo
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rabbitprincess Awwwww the cutest! ♥️🐰 4mo
Clare-Dragonfly How sweet! They want to take turns! 4mo
shanaqui Do yours get impatient and want attention for them instead of the book? :D Biscuit always starts putting her head firmly on top of my books, heh. (And Eclair... tries to lick them, given a chance.) 3mo
Gezemice Awww! 1mo
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Little Rabbit | Judy Dunn
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My beloved bunny, Wild Style, has just passed away after a long illness. She was loved and she loved us. She will be missed. She brightened our lives.

Mariposa_Bookworm 😞 I‘m sorry for the loss of your sweet bunny. 4mo
saresmoore Sorry for your loss. ♥️ 4mo
Rissa1 😪 so sorry. 4mo
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cobwebmoth So sorry for your loss. 4mo
Lcsmcat I‘m so sorry. 💔 4mo
shanaqui I'm so sorry! We lost Breakfast recently (E. caniculi, like... two weeks ago) and it's just... gah. My whole-hearted condolences. 💙💙💙 4mo
Louise So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful bunny. 💙🐾 4mo
RealBooks4ever I‘m very sorry for your loss of your beloved bunny. 💔 4mo
KathyWheeler I‘m so sorry. What a pretty bunny! 4mo
Megabooks I‘m so sorry! 💕 4mo
Gezemice @shanaqui Oh no, not Breakfast, too! I am so sorry, too. Thank you and my condolences to you, too. 🤗 It is hard. 4mo
Clare-Dragonfly I‘m so sorry! 😭❤️🐰 4mo
AmyG Oh no. I‘m so very sorry. She was beautiful. 4mo
Libby1 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
rabbitprincess I'm so sorry about your beautiful girl ♥️♥️♥️ 4mo
arlenefinnigan Aw. I'm sorry x 4mo
xicanti I‘m so sorry. 4mo
readordierachel So sorry ❤ 4mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage So sorry for your loss. 😢 4mo
Jas16 I am so sorry 4mo
bookishbitch So sorry to hear of your loss. 4mo
Crazeedi My deepest sympathies, so hard to lose a beloved pet, 💔 4mo
Dragon Sorry for your loss 💔 4mo
BookwormAHN So sorry to hear that 💔 4mo
merelybookish So sorry!! 💕 4mo
sprainedbrain I‘m so sorry for your loss, but happy you all got to love each other! ❤️ 4mo
Trashcanman Sorry for your loss, pets are a wonderful thing. 4mo
Redwritinghood Sorry for your loss. 💔💔 4mo
zuzia So sorry for your loss! 4mo
youneverarrived So sorry 😢 4mo
Simona 💔💔💔 4mo
kathedron Oh, poor bunny! So sorry 💔 4mo
Reggie I‘m so sorry! 4mo
Birdsong28 So sorry for your loss 😘📚📖 4mo
TK421 So sorry to hear that. 😢 4mo
tournevis 😿 4mo
Purrfectpages So sorry for your loss. 😔 4mo
Bookzombie I‘m so sorry. 4mo
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Looks like my #bookmarkswap package from @jenniferw88 got damaged -- it was delivered with apologies in a plastic bag. So it's open already in fact. 😬 Love the bookmarks, and don't worry for a second about the bunny theming -- Breakfast is gone, but three #BunniesofLitsy still run my life, ha.

And thanks for the book from our last swap!!! 😆 I've meant to read this for ages!


shanaqui Oh, and nothing was damaged, fear not! 4mo
jenniferw88 Yours arrived today too! Grr at it already being damaged but relieved that the theme didn't upset you. 4mo
LibrarianRyan ⭐️👍🤓 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown

Since I've posted about him a bunch but don't want to put this on one of my other posts to ambush me later: Breakfast Bun passed away a couple of hours ago.

Please, please treat your #BunniesofLitsy preventatively for E. caniculi. 52% of rabbits have a latent infection which in 6% later develops into a very distressing and nasty disorder, and there *is* preventative treatment available. It is worth doing the treatment, I 100% promise.

Megabooks My heart goes out to you!! I know you loved Breakfast to the moon and back. Big hugs! 🧡💙💜💕 4mo
Hooked_on_books I‘m so, so sorry. It‘s awful losing fur babies. My thoughts are with you. 4mo
rabbitprincess Noooooo 😭😭😭 I am so sorry ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
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Clare-Dragonfly I‘m so, so sorry. ❤️🐰❤️🐰❤️🐰❤️🐰❤️ 4mo
llwheeler So sorry to hear this. 4mo
deargeekplace Oh no. :( I'm so sorry. 4mo
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