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Time for the bookish discussion question of the day 😁! Here it is:

Have you ever attended a meet-up of Littens?

If you haven‘t and would want to, where would you be willing to travel?

(Maybe we should have a hashtag for this 🤔? ... #LitsyLetsMeetUp )

I‘m willing to go in a circle that stretches as far as central PA, Albany, Connecticut, and Wilmington, DE.


Crazeedi I've not done this yet!
Mommamanzi Noooo. Let‘s do it ORLANDO! 5y
TrishB I‘ve attended one in London, UK. I would try most U.K. places 👍🏻 5y
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LibrarianRyan 😁I at least once a year attend a meet up in St. Louis. It's 1.5 hours away for me, but I like going to STL so it's a treat. Sometimes I host, sometimes others host. I have also done at meet up at Book Expo in New York, which was all @MrBook 's fault. 😁

I want to try and plan at Central Illinois meet up this summer, and I am always game if the Chi Town people want to host. I'll take the train (Though I admit, I hate Chicago).
LibrarianRyan I would meet almost anywhere if I had the time and money. Longer distances need more planning but if you are a few hours by car or train I am in! 5y
mabell I‘ve done STL a couple of times. I hope we can meet up again soon @LibrarianRyan ! 5y
TK421 We've been to 3 Ohio meet ups now. 5y
LibrarianRyan @mabell Yes! I agree. 5y
Josiedlove No more then two hour drive... I live in the south Jersey area... 5y
BookwormAHN I'm planning on going to the one in June that @Slajaunie is planning in Louisiana 😸 5y
ravenlee Haven‘t yet. I can‘t do the Louisiana meetups because I‘m in the wrong part of the state, but I could do Dallas area or Little Rock. 5y
Kaila-ann I would love to meet other book people but I don‘t see a lot of book clubs around here 🤷🏻‍♀️ in South Carolina. (edited) 5y
Slajaunie Well if you are up for the drive, you are welcome here in Louisiana! @Kaila-ann 5y
Kaila-ann Given enough notice I might be tempted lol. I‘ve never been to Louisiana 🤔 @Slajaunie 5y
tournevis I met up with @Susanita a couple week ago! (hi! 👋👋👋) 5y
TheSpineView No but would love to. I am hoping there will be one at BookExpo. 5y
jb72 No I‘ve never been to one. There aren‘t many peeps in eastern KY that I know of. 5y
PatriciaU I‘m down for PA, Albany & CT. I‘ve been talking to @booksteasandbookishthings about a Litsy meetup in Nashville next year during the Public Libraries Association conference. Let‘s get all #LitsyPublicLibrarians together! 5y
BooksTeasAndBookishThings @PatriciaU I am so hoping this happens! I would come see you if you do not stay with us 🙌😘❤️ and the other Nashville Littens agreed to have the meetup earlier than usual for that quarter so we can time it for then! 5y
phatsallylee I went to the #phillymeetup last year. Most of PA, NJ or Delaware would be cool 5y
Lisaw13 Would love one in the Tampa Bay Area 🤗 5y
pdever @mabell and @LibrarianRyan ... STL, here. I guess maybe I haven't been on this site long enough to notice an STL meet up, but I think it would be fun. 5y
Amiable Yes! Just attended my first one this weekend—the #ctlitsymeetup organized by @CareBear ! 5y
SilversReviews I had the pleasure of meeting @MrBook @Reecaspieces and @irre last year at the Book Expo. We had fun. I just got an e-mail that said Litsy is now online. 😊 Whoo Hoo!! Thanks, Litsy. (edited) 5y
Sharpeipup No, I haven‘t but it‘s a goal this year. I‘d drive up a few hours round trip but that keeps me in Florida still. 5y
Rachel_nyc I‘m pretty new to Litsy so I haven‘t had the opportunity yet. I‘m not sure if I‘d travel but would definitely be open to a meet-up in NYC. 5y
LibrarianRyan @pdever we will add you to the list. Last one was last summer at a tea shop. 5y
mabell @pdever Yep, it‘s been awhile! 5y
emilyesears I‘m in the Dallas area so I would love to have a meet up in the DFW area! 5y
Susanita @tournevis I had a great time! @MrBook I think there‘s a little overlap with our circles. Mine is roughly Tidewater VA to central NJ. 5y
Rachel.Rencher No, but I also don't think there are any littens in my area. 😭 I'm in Boise, but if it's for like a book expo type thing I'd travel to Vegas, Portland & SLC 5y
julesG Two meet-ups here in Germany plus a Litsy breakfast, and most recently the #LitsyReadingRetreat at Gladstone's Library. 5y
LauraJ Despite the fact that I live in a huge city, there aren‘t that many Littens in Los Angeles. 5y
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Meet Up Buddy Up: Everyday Practices | Cindy Faith Miller, Bridget Gaertner
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Has there been talk about a meet up this year?

MrBook Haven‘t heard yet. There will be. 😎👍🏻👍🏻 (edited) 5y
Cinfhen Jennnnnnnnny......these pictures bring back such good memories 💕💕💕My summer plans are really fluid and I don‘t really know the dates I‘ll be in Philly. I know weekend of August 18 & 25 are not good. I‘m flying back on Aug 27th. I don‘t want to plan meetup this year in case I can‘t be there. If someone else wants to send out feelers and dates I can try my best to plan to be there. Regardless of me, there should definitely be a #PhillyMeetUp (edited) 5y
Cinfhen No pressure but maybe @BookaholicNatty or @EadieB would want to arrange the meetup??? Or maybe you??? I know @MicheleinPhilly isn‘t up for planning this year 😘😘 Keep me in the loop, I‘d love to see the WHOLE gang ❤️😊🎉🎈 5y
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EadieB @Cinfhen Don‘t think I have time to plan a meet-up. I‘m leaving for New Orleans on Monday. I have a trip to Florida planned for 1st week of June. trip to Prince Edward Island during the beginning of August. Plus I babysit for my daughter‘s 3 children a couple days a week. Don‘t know many places in Philly. Where did you meet for the 1st one? Is that an option or just meet where we were last year? Do we have to do Philly? @MrBook 5y
MrBook Hmmm... 🤔. I‘m not very familiar with Philly either, but we can figure something out. 👍🏻👍🏻 We met at a B&N the first time. (edited) 5y
TsundokuAleax Yes please! 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I really hope we have one. I‘d be willing to help with some of it—but since I don‘t live in Philly, would somebody pair up with me who is closer?? 5y
Megabooks That looks so fun!! 💜💜 3y
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @Megabooks Wow! So many of you!! That must have been so nice. People I know among them? 3y
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My final Winter #booked2019 prompt - happy place! I tried a different bookstore themed novel earlier today and made it 50 pages before bailing. But the first few chapters of this are VERY promising.

KarenUK I enjoyed this one.... really liked the MC... 👍💕 5y
WhatWouldJaneDo This was just ok for me. My favorite book store set book is Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore! 5y
Cinfhen On my TBR but seeing mixed reviews...I‘ll be watching for yours 🤩 5y
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen Considering I bought this book at the FIRST #PhillyMeetUp I figured I should finally read it. ☺️ 5y
Cinfhen Hahahahaha ❤️hope it brings back fond memories 😘 5y
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Time for the bookish discussion question of the day 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Here it is: Is it possible that you‘ve had a favorite bookish moment??? If so, what was it?

Perhaps for me, it was chatting several times with Brad Meltzer or Will Schwalbe? Or maybe @BookBabe & I conversing with Naomi Novik & V.E. Schwab? Or my first day at my first #BookExpo? Or meeting our first group of Littens—#PhillyMeetUp? Or watching @BookBabe meet Kate Morton? 🤔

BookBabe 😍❤️❤️❤️🤗 Those are all great! 5y
magicalshelves When I met Tamora Pierce and got to talk to her about how much her books meant to me growing up! ❤️ 5y
Reecaspieces Oh wow! I have a good many favorites. But I have to say the best was set up by my elementary librarian. She asked me to interview a guest author visiting our little school. I was in the 5th grade. And for the life of me I cannot remember the authors name. But I remember being in awe... 5y
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The_Literary_Jedi Beating Victoria Aveyard, Katie Catugno, & Danielle Paige at Pictionary a few years back at YallWest Book Festival in Santa Monica, Ca 5y
DGRachel I‘ve had some great moments, but I think my favorite was discovering that Ausma Zehanat Khan included me in the acknowledgments at the end of The Black Khan. We‘ve only chatted on Twitter and Facebook, so I was stunned and honored. 5y
LibrarianRyan Years ago at ALA Gregory Maguire was giving a lecture on the fascination with fairytales. He was talking about how he used to play wizard of oz. then he started pointing to member of the audience and saying you would be the Tin man etc. he looked at me and said something about being the perfect wicked witch. 😁 5y
IamIamIam Probably spazzing out when I met Carl Hiaasen at a book signing because I didn't realize this was a middle grade book! 😂 I felt so stupid that I told him my kids would eventually get around to reading the book but it was really for me! 5y
merelybookish This is a very Canadian moment but I went to brunch/booktalk with Stuart Maclean when I was in college. I was significantly younger than anyone else there. I felt so out of place but he made a point to come over and speak to me. He was so kind! 5y
Skyler I once crossed the street walking behind Salman Rushdie on the National Mall back when I lived in DC. That‘s all I‘ve got. 5y
BookBabe The time I met Kate Morton was a big one. There was also the time I met Judy Blume, which was fabulous 5y
dragondrool Probably when Neil Gaiman did a talk and reading for our grand opening of our new local library. I not only got to sit really close, but he closed with The Day the Saucers Came, which is my favorite poem ever. Magical night. 5y
dragondrool Getting a handwritten letter from Norton Juster as a kid ranks up there as well. 5y
Emilymdxn Mine was probably the first time I sat down to read in an Oxford library 5y
RealBooks4ever Meeting Terry Pratchett. 5y
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Philly peeps! Another indie is opening today! This one is in my neck of the woods! Check out A Novel Idea on East Passyunk beginning at 11 a.m. today! Soft opening (Sat./Sun.) for the month of Dec., open 6 days a week beginning in Jan.

Chelleo Looks so cozy! 6y
Moray_Reads It looks gorgeous 😍 6y
MeganAnn 😍 it looks so lovely and cozy! 6y
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Texreader Would love to go there! 6y
Megabooks How nice!!! #jealous 6y
AlaMich That‘s a beautiful space! 6y
Ashley_Nicoletto How gorgeous! This is the place you‘re going to buy from instead of BOTM? What a great use of money! 6y
MicheleinPhilly @Ashley_Nicoletto That‘s the plan! 6y
LauraBeth I would practically move in there 😀 6y
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth It is 300 feet from my front door! 💃🏻 6y
Cinfhen #PhillyMeetUp?!?!?! Summer2019 💋💋 6y
LauraBeth 🙀🙀🙀 6y
LeahBergen Oooooh, it‘s pretty! 😍 6y
DivineDiana Good to know! Always want to support! 👏🏻📚👏🏻 6y
britt_brooke So pretty! 6y
Amiable 300 feet from your door? Jealous! 6y
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Friends Are a Blessing | Emilie Barnes, Anne Christian Buchanan, Donna Otto
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I got to see the terrific, superb, incredible @bookandcat 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤗🤗🤗!!! Three Littens hanging out at a book festival, oh yeah! 😎🙌🏻

#MorristownFestivalOfBooks #LitsyFamily #LitsyPhotoOp

ReadingRover I have been eyeing this festival the past few weeks! Get anything good? I‘m super sick so there will be no acquiring of books for me unless it‘s online 😒 6y
MrBook @ReadingRover Aww, hope you get better *big hug*!!! 🤗 Oh yes. I'll be posting about it...eventually, lol. I still have #PhillyMeetUp and #BookExpo pics to post! 🙈 6y
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The Liberty Bell | Gary B. Nash
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We've been doing a kitchen renovation and things have been a bit chaotic here so I've been behind in a lot. Thank you @Cinfhen for this wonderful souvenir from the #phillymeetup!!! I'm so sorry I missed it, but getting this fabulous @BookBabe bookmark was such a fantastic treat!!! 😘😘😘

Cinfhen Yay!!! It‘s really AMAZING!!!! @BookBabe is beyond talented🙌🏻❤️ 6y
hgrimes I miss seeing your posts! Hope you‘re well!! ❤️ 6y
Lmstraubie @hgrimes OMGosh! You are so sweet 😊 All is well, just the usual crazy. I really need to make a conscious effort to spend more time with my Littens!! 😘 6y
hgrimes @Lmstraubie Yay! Happy to hear from you and glad all is well. 😊 6y
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@GoodForCirculation Andrew, thank you soooo sooo much for the box of books you hand delivered to my apartment for the #HelpingHands book drive!!! The kids in the class are going to go absolutely crazy over the Star Wars books. I‘m actually pulling them out of your box and sending it to them today! ❤️❤️❤️Thank you again! And it was so nice to meet you the other day at the #PhillyMeetUp! 😁

TieDyeDude Glad they are going to a good home! 6y
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Friends Are a Blessing | Emilie Barnes, Anne Christian Buchanan, Donna Otto
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The #PhillyMeetUp was a blast! What a wonderful group of Littens. Gorgeous spot, too! Thank you @Cinfhen and @MicheleinPhilly for making this happen! 😘

LeahBergen So awesome (and so jealous 😩😩😩)! 6y
Cinfhen Wish we could have spent more time together 💘Your special edition bookmark is INCREDIBLE 🙌🏻 THANK YOU 😘😘 6y
MicheleinPhilly And thanks to the party crashers for taking such a great photo! 6y
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Lmstraubie Such a fantastic turnout! I'm so sorry I missed it!!! 6y
ValerieAndBooks @MicheleinPhilly lol at your comment! They either would not or could not see that it was a private party 😂 but all‘s well that ends well 😊 6y
ValerieAndBooks @Bookbabe I second @Cinfhen ‘s comments! Such a wonderful gesture with the bookmarks and next time maybe maybe there will be more visiting time ! 6y
Mdargusch So fun! ❤️ 6y
DivineDiana @MicheleinPhilly Yes! Thank you to the crashers! 😂 And for your gift of humor! ❤️ 6y
DivineDiana @BookBabe Thank you for your generous, fabulous bookmark! What a special gift! You are very talented! Let me know if you get a chance to see the Picasso show on National Geographic Channel! 6y
minkyb Love this! 6y
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The Animators: A Novel | Kayla Rae Whitaker
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#heatofjuly #ikissedagirl Mel kisses a lot of girls but it‘s not Sharon Kisses she kisses 💋

Cinfhen @DivineDiana got this book at our #PhillyMeetUp and I‘m slightly jealous 😉👍🏻📚 6y
DivineDiana @Cinfhen I can send to you when I finish! 6y
Cinfhen No!!! It‘s totally fine 💕💕hold onto it and next time I see u we can exchange books ☺️ @DivineDiana 😘 (edited) 6y
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ValerieAndBooks That book was from me 😃 @DivineDiana! I wondered who got it. It is so good! Was happy to pass it along. Impressive debut novel. @Cinfhen 6y
DivineDiana @ValerieAndBooks Yay! Thank you for the fab gift! @Cinfhen It‘s a deal! ❤️📚❤️ 6y
Cinfhen Ha😁love this little circle of friendship @ValerieAndBooks @DivineDiana and mini book exchange 🎉💕 6y
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