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The Lark
The Lark | E. Nesbit
'A charming and brilliantly entertaining novel... shot through with the light-hearted Nesbit touch' Penelope Lively, from the introduction "When did two girls of our age have such a chance as we've got - to have a lark entirely on our own? No chaperone, no rules, no..." "No present income or future prospects," said Lucilla. It's 1919 and Jane and her cousin Lucilla leave school to find that their guardian has gambled away their money, leaving them with only a small cottage in the English countryside. In an attempt to earn their living, the orphaned cousins embark on a series of misadventures - cutting flowers from their front garden and selling them to passers-by, inviting paying guests who disappear without paying - all the while endeavouring to stave off the attentions of male admirers, in a bid to secure their independence.
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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This was a fun #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub read about 2 plucky girls making their way after WWI with lots of good luck and plenty of good intentions. The writing was witty, the characters all likable, overall a very uplifting read. I enjoyed especially when Lucilla had to take on a Jane attitude when Jane was down. Turnabout was well done.
The ending was a tad abrupt and I will note my issues with that last chapter in the comments with a spoiler tag…

elkeOriginal 1. WTF was that with the guardian Arthur Penton maskerading as Mr Tombs and kissing Lucilla?!?! 1mo
Ruthiella I think he might have fallen for her! And she for him. A little icky but not uncommon for the era. Remember that John Rochester is also 10 years older than Jane. 1mo
Ruthiella Beautiful photo! 😍 1mo
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elkeOriginal And why was Jane all of a sudden all weird & Bible-y calling her ‘seeing‘ John in the woods as witchcraft and ‘wrong‘. That seemed out of left field. I thought she was putting him off the whole time in order to keep on with her adventures and make her own way. I thought these were her reasons for being against marrying not some odd notion about being / acting like a witch as a child? 1mo
elkeOriginal @Ruthiella I don‘t doubt they seem to have honestly fallen for each other - I think it was a strange move for him to return like that. I am not as bothered by the possible age difference as the history of him ruining their inheritance and then sneaking into their lives… (edited) 1mo
LeahBergen Great review! I assumed that John‘s arrival into her life freaked her out a bit as she didn‘t realize that he was actually in the woods that night and not a conjured apparition. She seemed appeased by his explanation. 1mo
quietjenn @elkeOriginal I can imagine how it might throw you for a bit of a loop, if a person you thought that you had imagined or conjured up actually appeared in real life. Also, I love your vase! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Lovely review and photo! 💗 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm I knew there was something fishy about Mr Tombs and his blue glasses but never guessed it was the guardian! I found it odd too that he should turn up but looks like he had a good heart after all. 1mo
elkeOriginal @erzascarletbookgasm On that point: the plot description made it sound like he was a crook and stole their money, but it seems more like he just made bad investments and felt bad. 1mo
Cathythoughts Great review & picture ❤️ 1mo
CarolynM Lovely review ❤️ 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Thoroughly enjoyable! I love the two girls‘ enthusiasm and determination (and naivety) to make things work even though they may not have the best business sense. Wonderful dialogue and amusing too. They really had a lark. 👍

@batsy Lovely choice for this month‘s #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub pick, and thank you for gifting me this book years ago. (Finally read this after all these years!😂😘).

Ruthiella Their business sense was wanting at times but aside from that first set of PGs, they seemed to have a good people sense-even if some of said people were criminals... 😂 1mo
Cathythoughts Great review Jessie! I‘m still reading , a bit behind this month. 1mo
CarolynM Lovely review❤ Yes, they were certainly naive, but I think that was part of the charm. 1mo
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batsy It's the best when we can finally get around to the books we meant to read 😁 True @CarolynM the naivete was part of the charm, and also the optimism in the sense that it always ended well—a bit of a fantasy that we all need to cling to these days! 1mo
LeahBergen Great review! And yes, I thought the dialogue was so witty (and charming, too)! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm @Ruthiella yes, or even the intolerable Mrs Dadd 😂 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Hi, Cathy hope you‘re keeping well💕. Enjoy the book! @Cathythoughts 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm @CarolynM @batsy @LeahBergen thanks ❤️. There was a bit of a fantasy/fairy tale to it, wasn‘t it…there were quite a few surprises but luck was always on their side. 1mo
Kimzey Wonderful review! 1mo
Tamra Yes, it was a lark to read! 😄 1mo
quietjenn There were so many witty lines! Such a feel good book. 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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An incantation in the woods on St. John‘s Eve sets the stage for a series of adventures and happy coincidences as cousins Jane and Lucilla make their way in the world after being left in reduced financial circumstances by an unscrupulous guardian. The optimism, humorous mishaps and memorable characters made this an enjoyable tale. I‘m looking forward to reading more selections with the #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub .

Ruthiella Great review and glad to have you on board! 😃 Also very appropriate to have the book surrounded by flowers in your photo. 🌺 (edited) 1mo
Kimzey @Ruthiella Thanks! I can tell I‘m going to enjoy the ride. 😊 1mo
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CarolynM Lovely photo and review. Glad to have you on board🙂 1mo
Kimzey @CarolynM Thank you! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Great photo and lovely review. I‘m just halfway through, enjoying it very much! 👍 1mo
LeahBergen Ahhh, lovely review! It‘s so great to have you reading with us. ❤️ 1mo
batsy That was a lovely scene, wasn't it? Beautiful photo 🌸🌷 1mo
Centique I love that photo! You summed the book up perfectly too. It was so enjoyable ☺️ 1mo
quietjenn Nice review. Happy to have you along! 🙂 1mo
Tamra I hadn‘t expected all the humor. You summed it up perfectly! 🌺🌼🌸🌹 1mo
Cathythoughts Great review!♥️ 1mo
rubyslippersreads Lovely photo! So glad you‘re joining us. 😊 1mo
elkeOriginal ‘Happy coincidences‘ is the perfect phrase for this book! 1mo
Kimzey @elkeOriginal Thanks! Glad we agree! 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Reading these three in May with #PemberLittens #FurrowedMiddleBrowClub

I adored the tagged book. It was like a #FurrowedMiddlebrow fairy tale.

I‘m behind on Jane Austen at Home (a lovely gift from @slightlyfoxed ) and “Scraps,” but hope to catch up soon. ⬇️

LeahBergen Wasn‘t it? 🥰🥰 1mo
Ruthiella I‘m also reading the Austen bio! 👍 1mo
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TheBookHippie Oh I love E Nesbit. 1mo
quietjenn What a cozy collection. I'm really enjoying the Austen bio and I 💜 The Lark. 1mo
batsy It really was! I'm also in the midst of the Austen bio and enjoying it. 1mo
Cathythoughts Lovely 💫💫💫 1mo
willaful Putting The Lark on my TBR. 4w
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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What can I add to what my #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub friends have already posted so astutely about this book? 😃

Nesbit was primarily known for her children‘s books and while this was aimed at adults, it definitely also has a smidge of a fairytale to it. Set just after WWI Jane and Lucy leave school, only to discover their guardian has squandered their inheritance. Undaunted, they look on the bright side and forge a new (and more exciting) future.

Tamra Perfect pic setting! 🌺❤️ 1mo
Ruthiella @Tamra Thanks! It‘s tough trying to take a nice picture of a black and white kindle screen! 😂 1mo
LeahBergen Wonderful review! And the girls would love those flowers for their shop. 😆 1mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Lovely review. 💜 1mo
Ruthiella @LeahBergen They would indeed! 😂 1mo
CarolynM Lovely photo and review 💕 1mo
batsy Great review. And I agree with Leah, these flowers would have definitely got them excited 😁 1mo
Tamra @Ruthiella I know! 😆 These editions are so reasonable on Kindle I can‘t bypass them for paper. 1mo
Ruthiella @CarolynM Thanks! 😊 1mo
Ruthiella @batsy For the sequel, surely they have Mr. Dix build a greenhouse for tropical flowers like bougainvillea! 1mo
quietjenn What apt imagery for this one! The girls would definitely approve. 1mo
Ruthiella @quietjenn I‘m glad you like it. I have few flowering plants in my yard but luckily the bougainvillea is blooming. 1mo
Kimzey Enjoyed the review! 1mo
Ruthiella @Kimzey Thanks! Are you reading it too? 1mo
Kimzey @Ruthiella Yes, I just finished. I‘m about to post a review also. 1mo
Ruthiella @Kimzey Excellent! 👍 1mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful picture ♥️ and review ♥️ (edited) 1mo
Ruthiella @Cathythoughts Thanks Cathy! 😊 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Hello, #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub!

I thought I‘d post a record of our reads to help out our newest members when they‘re choosing their picks for us to vote on. The first two titles were random buddy reads that formed our group and the rest were members‘ choices.

@catebutler , you have our July pick and @elkeOriginal has September. Would you two like to offer up your choices now for us to vote on? It‘s helpful for those ordering overseas. 😊

LeahBergen And @Tamra is our “silent partner” 😉 1mo
catebutler I‘ll put together my options and post ASAP! 🤗 1mo
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LeahBergen @catebutler I‘m excited! 👏👏 1mo
CarolynM Thanks for this Leah. Can‘t wait to see what @catebutler and @elkeOriginal choose. 1mo
Ruthiella Thanks for putting this together Leah and keeping us organized! 😃 1mo
Tamra Thank you for including me! (edited) 1mo
quietjenn Thanks for keeping the records, so to speak! Looking forward to seeing what @catebutler and @elkeOriginal come up with for us! 1mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM @Ruthiella @quietjenn No problem at all. I love this little group of ours! 😊 1mo
LeahBergen @Tamra And you know you are always welcome to jump on the list to suggest our next reads (whenever your life gets less busy)! 😘 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Thanks for keeping track Leah! ❤️ 1mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm No problem, Jessie! 😘 1mo
batsy Thank you for putting this list together; it's nice to see the three books you read before I joined 😊 1mo
LeahBergen @batsy You‘re welcome! And it gives us a sense of accomplishment, doesn‘t it? 😆 1mo
elkeOriginal Mulling over the choices now and will post a Sept choice soon! 1mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal Great! 👏 1mo
Kimzey I‘ll need to catch up with the list, since I was late to the party! 🎊😊 1mo
LeahBergen @Kimzey And we‘ve liked them all! 😆😆 1mo
Jess_Read_This Hi Leah- can I be added to the group for reading? I accidentally voted on Elke‘s post before seeing your comment about core members voting. 1mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This You certainly can! I‘ll create a new list soon with the month assigned to each “member”. It sounds exclusive 😆😆 but it‘s really only to keep us organized ! @Kimzey has just joined, too, so I‘ll add you two to the end of the list as we‘ll be finishing this rotation with @elkeOriginal ‘s pick. 1mo
LeahBergen @EvieBee I saw that you were interested and I hope I didn‘t scare you away! 😆😆 Would you like to be added into the rotation, too? You don‘t need to be to read along with us at any time, of course. 1mo
Jess_Read_This @LeahBergen 😂 You‘ll have to teach me the secret handshake and password to get into the clubhouse. It sounds like a fun group and I can‘t wait to get into my DSP edition stack that I haven‘t read yet! 1mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This And now you have me sitting here thinking about our Middlebrow clubhouse and how we‘d decorate it. 🤣 1mo
Jess_Read_This @LeahBergen ohhh! Now that would be some fun. I‘m thinking cozy chairs, a fireplace, a pile of things we each brought for a jumble sale, lots of tea… maybe sherry and raspberry cordial? We need a garden too probably. Lol- now I‘m thinking what else should be at a middlebrow clubhouse! 1mo
EvieBee @LeahBergen No, you didn‘t scare me away 😉 I‘ll try to read along when I can, though! 1mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This I think you‘ve nailed it! 😆 1mo
LeahBergen @EvieBee Oh, whew! Please join in whenever you can or if a certain title interests you. 😘 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Jane & Lucilla leave school & assume they'll embark on a life of independent means, but are informed by their guardian that he has gambled away their money & they will have to make do with the house+500 pounds. Jane declares that instead of seeing it as hardship, they're going to see this as A Lark. There's a touch of fairy tale magic to this tale, which reminds me of the charm & optimism of Nesbit's children's books. An utter frothy delight.

Tamra Fairy tale magic is spot on! 😊 1mo
Ruthiella Great review! It was a frothy delight! With an undercurrent of reality as @CarolynM pointed out elsewhere. 1mo
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batsy @Tamra I like that it kind of wove those elements into the story without sacrificing characterisation 🙂 1mo
batsy @Ruthiella Thank you, and yes, agreed @CarolynM there's not really a point where the book turns away from reality too much and I appreciated that. 1mo
LeahBergen Lovely review! And yes, I too appreciated the light touch with the fairy tale aspect of the plot. 1mo
quietjenn Perfectly said (and oh how lovely your accompanying treats look!). 1mo
CarolynM Lovely review💕 1mo
batsy @LeahBergen Thank you! Once again this group read delivers the kind of comfort read I needed 🥰 1mo
batsy @quietjenn @CarolynM Thank you! 😘😘 1mo
Kimzey Nice review! 1mo
batsy @Kimzey Thank you! 1mo
Cathythoughts Lovely review♥️👍🏻 1mo
batsy @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! 😘 1mo
batsy I meant to tag you @Centique — I hope you enjoyed it, too! 1mo
Centique @batsy thank you Suba, I loved it too! Your description of it is spot on. It was such a delight 😍 1mo
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Lark | E Nesbit
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Orphan cousins Jane & Lucilla have just left school when they discover they have been cheated out of most of their inheritance. Their high spirits & generous natures attract a wide variety of new friends while their efforts to make ends meet don‘t always go to plan. Fabulous characters, gentle humour & a story that resembles old fashioned children-on-summer-holidays type books made for another lovely #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub read.

batsy Lovely review 💕 I loved all of those characters. 1mo
Ruthiella I‘ve only read Nesbit‘s The Railway Children before, but I agree that The Lark has a similar kind of “children on summer holiday” feel to it. 1mo
LeahBergen A perfect review! Your notion of a children‘s summer holiday story is spot on. 👌 (edited) 1mo
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Tamra Indeed the humor was delightful. 😄 1mo
quietjenn Hear, hear! As characters, those high spirits and generous natures really do make the story sing. 1mo
Centique Well put! Now that you say that it does remind me of children playing house - that playful nature they have chosen to keep with them. 1mo
elkeOriginal I agree as you note that their spirits and generous nature make this magical - with different attitudes this plot description could easily have gone the opposite way into hardship and depression! The girls bring their own light! 1mo
Cathythoughts Nice review! I have some catching up to do. 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Jane and her cousin Lucilla are fresh from school in the aftermath of WW1 when they discover that their guardian has gambled away their inheritance and they are left with only 740 and a cottage. Through various money-making schemes they meet, and have a lasting effect, on their new neighbours.

A sweet and witty tale for whenever you need a little “lark” of your own. Loved it!


Ruthiella Romantic too! I just finished it today. What do you think: Did Mr. Dix and Miss Antrobus maybe also become engaged? And Mr. “Tombs”...did he maybe return later and sweep Lucinda off her feet? 🤔 1mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella It definitely was! I was wondering the same. I thought that Mr Dix and Lucilla would get together but then Mr Dix was very appreciative of Miss Antrobus near the end, wasn‘t he? I must say, I was surprised that Mr Tombs was the chauffeur… and the guardian! 1mo
batsy Lovely review! I enjoyed this so much. Had something about the spirit of the children's books in this. 1mo
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Tamra @batsy I‘ve never read her children‘s lit, but it must be quite charming. 😊 1mo
batsy @LeahBergen @Ruthiella I was wondering about Mr Tombs! I'm holding out hope that he returns to sweep Lucilla off her feet. But there's an entire backstory there with him so I'm sad there's no sequel of sorts 😆 Initially I thought Mr Dix was meant for Lucilla and I do appreciate that it went in a different, not so tidy direction... 1mo
Tamra Perfect review! For certain it was a lark. 1mo
Tamra @batsy a sequel would have been wonderful! 1mo
batsy @Tamra I haven't read most of it yet which I must fix 🙂 but I *adored* The Railway Children, Five Children and It, and The Treasure Seekers as a kid. 1mo
CarolynM @Ruthiella @batsy I loved all those revelations at the end - everyone knew about Aunt Harriet, Miss Antrobus wasn‘t after Mr Rochester, the charming Thorntons were burglars, Mr Tombs was so much more than he appeared😂 I definitely thought we were left with 3 couples although not yet fully declared. I liked that the story addressed the aftermath of the war with such a light touch. 1mo
Ruthiella @batsy @CarolynM The reveal that EVERYONE knew about Aunt Harriet was hilarious. 😆 1mo
batsy @Ruthiella @CarolynM I loved that everyone thought everyone else hadn't caught on 😆 1mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM @Ruthiella @batsy Yes! And everyone was all “oh no, your acting was wonderful. I was the only one who figured it out…” 😆😆 1mo
LeahBergen @batsy @Ruthiella Like you, I totally appreciated that it wasn‘t a “pat” conclusion as to who ended up with who. And I so thought I‘d like a sequel. I also wanted to see what happened to tarty Gladys. 😆 Did she land Simmons? (was that his name?) 1mo
LeahBergen @Tamra @batsy I‘ve only read a couple of her children‘s books but I remember they had the same feel and wit. It DID feel like a children‘s story for adults, didn‘t it? 1mo
Centique @LeahBergen @Ruthiella @CarolynM @batsy so delightful! It was just the kind of sunshine with tea and scones escape I needed. I loved that everyone had clocked Aunt Harriet 😂 1mo
Tamra @LeahBergen @batsy I felt the childlike fantasy was well balanced with adult reality. Not everything is or will be perfect, but they so enthusiastically embrace life we know all will be well. 1mo
Tamra @LeahBergen @batsy @Ruthiella the door is left wide open for a sequel! I have to wonder if she contemplated one. 🤔 There is so much fun potential, think of the adventures…. 1mo
Tamra Mrs. Rochester must be fit to be tied. 🤭 1mo
Ruthiella @Tamra How Mrs. Rochester copes would definitely be one of the more interesting aspects of our imagined sequel! 🤔 1mo
Tamra @Ruthiella just imagine! This could be a stunningly beautiful film. As I read I wondered if one had been made. I‘ll have to Google it. 1mo
LeahBergen @Centique That‘s a perfect way of putting it. Such a sunshiny read! 😊 1mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I read the introduction after I finished the book and it seems like she was ill at the time of writing and sensed this would be her final book. 🙁 1mo
LeahBergen @Tamra @Ruthiella Mrs Rochester is going to lose her mind. 😆 1mo
LeahBergen @Tamra Wouldn‘t a really good film be lovely?? Imagine if Merchant and Ivory got their hands on it, back in the day? 🥰 1mo
Tamra @LeahBergen oh, sad. 😢 1mo
Tamra @LeahBergen oh my yes! 1mo
quietjenn @batsy @LeahBergen @Ruthiella I love that there are so many possibilities left unanswered! Not as dangling strings that are frustrating, but just as options for us to imagine 🙂 1mo
quietjenn @LeahBergen @CarolynM @Ruthiella @batsy Me too! It was such a hoot as they all took her aside one by one. 😅 1mo
quietjenn @Tamra @LeahBergen @batsy That's such a lovely way to phrase it. 1mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn Yes! The options are so tantalizing. 😆 1mo
Cathythoughts Great review… I‘m way behind with this one. I‘ll catch up soon. From the bit I‘ve read , I agree , a film would be lovely. 1mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts You‘ve been having a lovely busy time, haven‘t you? 🥰 1mo
Cathythoughts I‘ve been so busy , and we have a christening tomorrow, so another week of having a full house. Then a return to normality 😁 1mo
LeahBergen Oh, that‘s right, the christening is tomorrow! Have a wonderful day with those grandbabies, Cathy! ❤️ @Cathythoughts (edited) 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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😂 I had a giggle over Lucy scoffing at Decorum. This was a funny scene!

Charming little tiptoe through the tulips. 🌷🌷 Perfect period escapist fiction.


batsy This was delightful 🌞 1mo
Tamra @batsy it was! Nice anecdote to adulting. 😁 1mo
LeahBergen Wasn‘t it a charmer? 😊 1mo
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Tamra @LeahBergen completely! 😄 1mo
Cathythoughts Escapism sounds good. I‘m looking forward to finishing this one soon 🤞🏻 (edited) 1mo
Tamra @Cathythoughts happy to see you back! 😍 You‘ll enjoy the simple charms of the story. 1mo
Cathythoughts Thanks 😘 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Isn‘t this so true? Old houses are full of romance, but…..


CarolynM Yes, all I could think of was “What a lot of work!” 😂 2mo
Tamra @CarolynM and $$! 😝 We lived in a 100+ year old house for 16 years and thank goodness it was small. 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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LeahBergen 😆 Her writing is quirky, isn‘t it? This one has the charm of her children‘s stories in it a bit and I‘m liking it! 2mo
Tamra @LeahBergen yes! I love the narrator commentary. 2mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I do, too! 2mo
Cathythoughts Love it 😁.. I must get back to it tonight 🤞🏻 2mo
batsy It's so good! 2mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Started in on this #furrowedmiddlebrowclub read, and am just burning my way through it. I'm pleased to find it just as delightful as the second time around, but with lots of things I don't at all remember. Such plucky gals!

Tamra I have the same adorable tray - I love it! So cheery. ☺️ 2mo
Sparklemn I love that tray! Do either of you remember where you got it? @tamra @quietjenn (edited) 2mo
Tamra @Sparklemn I purchased mine at IKEA a few years ago. 🦜 2mo
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LeahBergen They are super plucky, aren‘t they? And I‘m loving that tray, too. 😊 2mo
Sparklemn @tamra Ikea still has it. Yay! Thank you. 2mo
Tamra @Sparklemn awesome! 2mo
quietjenn @LeahBergen yes indeed! Thank you for answering the tray inquiry, @Tamra! I love it too and hope you will enjoy it if you get it, @Sparklemn 2mo
batsy It's such a hopeful read! Gives a bit of cheer and optimism. 2mo
quietjenn @Batsy indeed! It‘s a good thing 😊 2mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
post image
Ruthiella I‘ve only read the first two chapters and am super curious as to what will happen next! 2mo
Leftcoastzen I love your lady pot! 2mo
Centique You have the BEST accessories 😍 2mo
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Tamra Just starting now! 😁 2mo
wordslinger42 I love E. Nesbit, but I haven't heard of this one. I'll have to find a copy! 2mo
rubyslippersreads I‘m loving it. (And you lady is adorable.) 2mo
batsy I'm about 200 pages in and absolutely enjoying it. Genuinely a lark 😆 Love your photo! 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Haha! I love that lady! I‘ll start next week. 2mo
quietjenn That lady - who I totally thought was Angela Lansbury - is amazing. Looking forward to getting to this one, which I loved the first time I read it. 2mo
BarbaraBB That lady 😍 2mo
Cathythoughts Oh she‘s brilliant Leah ! 😁🥰 I love her. Book is good , I‘m still on chapter one.. life is way too busy. 2mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella I was thrilled that it started with a manor house library scene. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen @Centique Thank you! 😘😘 2mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I was sucked in right away. 👍 2mo
LeahBergen @wordslinger42 I had only read her children‘s stories. This is an adult novel and really charming so far! 😊 2mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads Thank you! I‘ve had several of these head vases for years and don‘t know why I haven‘t hauled them out for a Litsy photo before. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy Thanks! And I‘m feeling in need of a good lark right now myself. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm Thanks! And I think you‘ll like this read. 👍 2mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn Thanks! And oddly enough, I was thinking the very same thing when I took this photo today. I‘d never seen the resemblance before. 😆😆 2mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB Thanks, Barbara! 😘 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! And yes, you‘ve been a busy Granny of late, haven‘t you? 🥰🥰 2mo
batsy @quietjenn I thought exactly the same! 😁 2mo
Amiable I always love the composition of your book photos, but this one might be my favorite! 2mo
CarolynM Loving the book. And I thought Angela Lansbury too, @quietjenn specifically in Blue Hawaii😂 (edited) 2mo
BookNAround I‘ve ordered it so I‘m hoping it‘s there when I get home! 2mo
MaureenMc 🥰🥰🥰 2mo
LeahBergen @Amiable Aww, thank you! 😘😘 2mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Yes, I just looked up some images of the movie and there‘s one of her in a big hat! 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @BookNAround Oh, good! I hope you enjoy it, too. 😊 2mo
LeahBergen @MaureenMc 😘😘 2mo
EvieBee Let‘s just agree that ANY cool vintage finds NEED to be included at some point. Ja‘dore! 😍😍 2mo
DivineDiana Isn‘t she lovely?!! Agree with @EvieBee! 2mo
LeahBergen @EvieBee @DivineDiana Thanks! 😘😘 2mo
UwannaPublishme 😍😍😍 2mo
elkeOriginal @Leftcoastzen LADY POT 😆 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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‘I shall always respect the mumps for getting us this extra month‘s holiday. I wish it had a prettier name - Mompessa, or something like that; we have the time of our lives amid all this ancestral splendour.‘

I love it.

And I love chapter One 💫💫💫 #Furrowedmiddlebrowclub

Tamra 😂 2mo
LeahBergen 😆😆 2mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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I've started on The Lark, going very slowly, and truly relishing every sentence. "Bacon is an admirable brain tonic". ?

I've noticed that after a breakfast involving bacon, it really does feel like everything can be conquered and the world is your oyster ?


rubyslippersreads I‘m loving this so far (and now craving bacon 🤣🥓). 2mo
batsy @rubyslippersreads I'm really enjoying it, too! And I also have bacon on my mind 😆 2mo
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Tamra Looking forward to starting! Yes to bacon 😋 2mo
batsy @Tamra I hope you enjoy it! 2mo
LeahBergen Mmm… bacon. 😆 And now I‘m looking even more forward to starting this in a day or two! 2mo
Ruthiella I‘ve not started yet, but am glad to hear the writing is good! 👍 2mo
quietjenn So happy to hear that people are enjoying it. And as far as life philosophies go, I've heard worse! 2mo
CarolynM 🤣🤣 2mo
batsy @LeahBergen @Ruthiella I hope you both like it! I'm very much enjoying how one Lark spins off into multiple larks 😆 2mo
batsy @quietjenn Indeed! One formed while consuming bacon can't be all that bad 😂 2mo
batsy @CarolynM 😁🥓 2mo
Kimzey Now I know what to eat if I need inspiration! 😊 2mo
Cathythoughts Sounds good ! Now I‘m hungry for bacon 🙂 2mo
batsy @Kimzey @Cathythoughts Perfect excuse to indulge 😁 2mo
UwannaPublishme 😂😂😂 2mo
kspenmoll 😂😂😄 2mo
BiblioLitten 😁😁 you made me crave a bacon and cheese sandwich sandwich. 1mo
batsy @BiblioLitten I've been craving it for awhile now 😆 1mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Happy May Day reading friends! This is a reminder that our #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub pick for May is The Lark by E. Nesbit, called “A novel for grown-up children” in the Dean Street Press edition introduction by Charlotte Moore.

The rough plan is to read and post any thoughts and/or reviews starting mid-month, though really any time is fine. We aren‘t fussy. 😊

Wanna be tagged or removed from the tag? Let me know!

Cathythoughts Thanks Ruth ♥️ I have it beside me , haven‘t started yet though. 2mo
catebutler Can‘t wait! Just pulled my copy off the bookshelf. 2mo
rubyslippersreads This is one of the first FMs I bought, so I‘m excited to read it. 2mo
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quietjenn I loved this one so much when I first read it (about five years ago), so I'm really looking forward to seeing if it stacks up to memory. And, of course, sharing the experience with you all! 2mo
LeahBergen Thanks for the reminder post! I‘m really looking forward to this one. 👏👏 2mo
CarolynM I‘ve made a start. So far so good🙂 2mo
Tamra Yay!! Thank you for the tag. 😄 2mo
Kimzey Thanks for tagging! My copy arrived last week. 🎉 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm 👌💖 I‘ll start as soon as I finished a couple of my library books expiring soon! 2mo
elkeOriginal Is it that time already? Thanks for the reminder! Grabbing off the shelf now for the bedside stack! 2mo
Centique Ooh please tag me - only if you remember - I‘ve read this one! 😍 2mo
Ruthiella @Centique That‘s right! I will definitely try to tag you in my review! 2mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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#FurrowedMiddleBrowClub It‘s nearly May, so The Lark is down from the shelf … and Lisa says hi 👋🏻

CarolynM She's got a good spot there 🐶❤ 2mo
Cathythoughts @CarolynM She does! Front window , she can bark at all her dog friends passing by 😁 2mo
squirrelbrain Hi Lisa! 👋 ❤️ 2mo
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Cinfhen Ahhhh, there she is 😁💕 (edited) 2mo
batsy Aww 😍😍 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Hello Lisa 🐶 2mo
merelybookish She knows how to pose for the camera. 🐶 2mo
Cathythoughts @merelybookish She sure does 😁 2mo
LeahBergen Hello, Lisa Lee! 😘😘😘 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen Hi Leah and Johnny 😘 2mo
ReadingRachael Awww, what a sweetie ❤️ 2mo
Oryx ❤️❤️ 2mo
Cathythoughts @ReadingRachael She is sweet ❤️( most of the time 😁) (edited) 2mo
Tamra Curly Cutie 😘 2mo
Tamra Is The Lark next up, correct? I have it downloaded on Kindle. I‘m so excited to have my reading time back! (edited) 2mo
rubyslippersreads ❤️🐶❤️ 2mo
Cathythoughts @rubyslippersreads ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
Cathythoughts @Tamra Yes 💕 2mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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@batsy I saw this at the library and picked it up as I remembered you #furrowedmiddlebrow lot are going to read it soon. And then my other books were bails so I ended up reading it early. (I‘m clearly not cut out for buddy reads 😂) So I‘ll not say a word about it but look forward to hearing you talk about it next month!

CarolynM I'm looking forward to reading this next month🙂 2mo
LeahBergen Oh, lovely! Yes, chime in and comment next month when you see us all reading it. Our tag to follow is #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub 😊 2mo
batsy Yay! I'm keen to read this and we look forward to having you join us in the comments & chat 😘 2mo
Cathythoughts Looking forward to you joining us ♥️ in the chat. (edited) 2mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Hi #furrowedmiddlebrowclub gang, it's time to pick the May read & I was thinking youthful hijinks 🌞

Would you prefer The Lark, about two young cousins who try to make their way in the world after their inheritance is squandered, or Visiting Moon, a kind of middlebrow British Brady Bunch? 😆 I'll keep voting open till Sunday.

@CarolynM @catebutler @Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm @LeahBergen @quietjenn @rubyslippersreads @Ruthiella @Tamra

batsy Please let me know if I missed out on tagging anyone! 3mo
catebutler Great choices! I read and adored, The Lark, so my choice is for, Beneath the Visiting Moon. 3mo
Tamra Oh, squandered riches sounds like fun! 😆 I‘ll be adding both to my TBR! 3mo
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LeahBergen Ooo! I have both of these and haven‘t read them so I‘d be pleased with either. Let‘s see… my vote goes to 3mo
LeahBergen @Tamra @catebutler @elkeOriginal Would you all like to be added to our voting rotation (where you offer up a couple of picks for our next read)? We‘ve finished our first round with @batsy ‘s pick so we can add you if you like. I‘ll make a post after this voting is complete. 😊 3mo
rubyslippersreads I have both and haven‘t read either, but I think I‘m leaning toward The Lark too. 3mo
StaceGhost I really enjoyed the lark! Perfect anxiety battling comfort read 3mo
Ruthiella Tough choice! I love the Brady Bunch concept but also want to try Nesbitt! I literally flipped a coin and got Squandered Riches! 😂 3mo
elkeOriginal My vote is for The Lark! 3mo
elkeOriginal @LeahBergen I would love to join the rotation - THX!! 3mo
catebutler @LeahBergen Yes please! I‘d be happy to be added to the rotation. ❤️ 3mo
CarolynM Both sound good to me but if I have to choose I'll go with 3mo
Cathythoughts Exciting choices , I‘ll probably get both for myself 😍.. but I‘m voting for 3mo
quietjenn I'm in the same boat as @CateButler - I've read and adored The Lark, so will vote for 3mo
Tamra Given my obligations, I want to follow and read along with whatever is chosen. It‘s always a fun selection no matter! 😁 3mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal @catebutler Perfect! We‘ll tack you two on to the end of our list here. So, Cate will offer up our choices for July. Elke, you‘ll be September. Does that work? @Tamra we‘ll keep you in the loop by tagging you. 😊 (edited) 3mo
Tamra @LeahBergen thank you! 👌🏾 3mo
elkeOriginal @LeahBergen Sept is perfect for me! 3mo
batsy @StaceGhost So glad to hear it! Look forward to reading it 🙂 3mo
Ruthiella Excellent! 👍 Looking forward to it. 3mo
catebutler @LeahBergen July works for me! 🤗 3mo
CarolynM 👍 Now let's see if I can manage to avoid ordering a whole pile of others to go with it🤔🙄🤣 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm @CarolynM 😂 Always a happy ‘accident‘ 3mo
batsy @CarolynM I'm rooting for you NOT to! And look forward to seeing your haul 😂😈 3mo
rubyslippersreads @batsy I would feel remiss in my duties if I didn‘t encourage @CarolynM to order more books. 🤣 3mo
batsy @rubyslippersreads We're just trying to be #GoodLittens 😆 @CarolynM 3mo
LeahBergen Perfect! 👍 And, yes. I‘m looking forward to that haul photo, @CarolynM !😆 3mo
CarolynM @batsy @rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen Ha! It's only money... 😒😆 3mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Another ~7 hours, this time mostly ebook for #sharreadathon but with some audio for #paganbuddystudy 🧚🏻 spent the rest of the day walking around with this little girl & contemplating existence— an absolute lark

sprainedbrain 😍😍😍 4mo
CBee Those CHEEKS 😍😍😍😍 nothing like a sleeping baby, I miss those days so much! 4mo
CarolynM 🥰 4mo
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Chelsea.Poole Squee!! 😻 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Oh how beautiful 😍 4mo
Gissy So sweet😍❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
StaceGhost Thanks guys! She‘s my copilot for any and all adventures! Have baby, will travel 🧳 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks What is her name? Is this your first little one? 4mo
StaceGhost @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks her name is Elinor Millicent 🥰she‘s my second child and my only daughter ❤️her brother is Eliot— both weird spellings inspired by literature (edited) 4mo
wanderinglynn So sweet! 💜 4mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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#GratefulReads #BookGiftedToYou
This book was gifted to me by @batsy 🙏😘
I hope the book doesn‘t have to wait any much longer for me to get to it. 🙈

Chrissyreadit 😍😍😍 3y
OriginalCyn620 🙌🏻📚❤️ 3y
batsy I hope you enjoy it when you do! 😁❤️ 3y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 3y
Kalalalatja Great cover! 3y
quietjenn I loved this one. 3y
batsy @erzascarletbookgasm I hope you don't have to order a copy if you still have this one 😆 3mo
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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And a few more books I received for Christmas. 💕

Melissa_J I love the covers on the Angela Thirkell books. (edited) 4y
LeahBergen @Melissa_J Me, too! 😍 4y
Reviewsbylola The covers are amazing. 4y
rubyslippersreads I‘ve been wanting to read The Lark. 4y
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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Today is my happy day! Received two parcels in the mail! One is the #150PnPCoverParty goodies and then THIS! An early birthday surprise from @batsy ! Thank you, my friend, you are so thoughtful in selecting the two books, both I‘ve not read. One to cheer me up, the other sounds like something I‘d enjoy. Absolutely love the bookmark and the notebook. What a pleasant surprise 💕😘

youneverarrived Lovely 😍😍 4y
batsy You're welcome! Happy early birthday! ❤️❤️ Hope they're both good reads. Maybe someday we can read The Unicorn together 😆🦄 4y
Kalalalatja How wonderful! 4y
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erzascarletbookgasm @youneverarrived @Kalalalatja They‘re lovely and wonderful! 😁💖. So is @batsy (edited) 4y
erzascarletbookgasm @batsy thank you. Let‘s buddy read it someday. One day. Soonish. 😁 4y
Cathythoughts Oh how lovely ❤️ 4y
Jess7 Happy birthday! 4y
readordierachel How wonderful! 🎉 4y
rubyslippersreads Happy 🎂🎂🎂! @batsy is an excellent gift giver. I need to move this one up on my TBR list: 4y
TheLibrarian Happy Birthday!!🎂 4y
batsy @rubyslippersreads ❤️ The Lark does sound really charming 🙂 4y
Sarah83 Happy birthday 🎂 4y
TricksyTails Happy Birthday!🎂🎉🎁 4y
mrp27 Happy Birthday!! 🎉📚🎂 4y
DivineDiana Wishing you a fantastic year! 🎉🎂🎉 4y
minkyb Belated birthday wishes! 4y
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The Lark | E. Nesbit
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I wasn‘t far wrong in my previous post - only one wedding in the offing in the end - but there was a string of late twists and turns growing ever more improbably before coming screeching to an end. And yet I still liked it. Exactly like a children‘s adventure book but for adults - lots of frolics but very little actual peril so it‘s a bit like a warm hug of a book. Nice and safe.

The Lark | E. Nesbit
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About two thirds of the way through this now - and I sort of hate myself because I love books about distressed gentlewomen who find strange but acceptable for ladies ways of earning money when they‘re left insufficiently well provided for to maintain their lifestyles. In this one the girls turn to: floristry and luck into a big old house for free. I have high hopes for a double wedding to end it. 😉

quietjenn I 💙 this book! 4y
emtobiasz Yeah, sometimes I hate how much I like the most traditional/conservative of narratives 😕 4y
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