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I‘m just gonna keep eating cauliflower steaks until somebody makes me stop. (Or until I run out of affordable cauliflower.)

I can also see myself devouring WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE as quickly as possible. It‘s off to a decidedly WOW start. I‘m already hoping it ends up in the #canadareads2020 debates. #audiocooking

Letora My cauliflower steaks are always mush 😅😅 but those look delicious! 2d
xicanti @Letora they‘re my new fave! I roast them in turmeric-infused olive oil at 425°F for about 27 minutes, and they come out with just the right tooth. 2d
CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian I looooved that book. Had to stop myself from reading it too fast. 2d
xicanti @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian I can definitely see myself binging. She‘s one of those memoirists who takes you right inside the story. 2d
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Carry On | Rainbow Rowell
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I don‘t think I ate enough yesterday, so I made up for it by #audiocooking a bigger breakfast than usual: bacon, Red Leicester cheese, buffalo eggs, coffee, and all the superfruit in my fridge.

I started rereading CARRY ON while I made and ate the food, and it‘s awesome so far. The opening called back all the reasons I fell in love with this book in the first place, and I‘m SO EXCITED to see Baz again. Y‘all know I collect queer assholes.

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Today‘s #audiocooking efforts involved the carrot salad from ANTONI IN THE KITCHEN. It‘s good, but probably not good enough to justify the sheer amount of time I spent ribbonizing the itty bitty rainbow carrots that were all I could source.

On the book front, I‘m still loving this immediate Raven Cycle reread, and I‘m still sure I won‘t repeat the experiment. I‘m not built for this type of reading.

IndoorDame It‘s certainly beautiful! 1w
xicanti @IndoorDame the red carrots look especially nice prepared this way. 1w
Megabooks It looks yummy, but also difficult!! #respect 1w
xicanti @Megabooks I think it would‘ve been a lot easier with proper carrots. These little ones were really hard to hold while I peeled bits off. 1w
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Since I often use this as a winged word but am not really sure if I know the story, I decided to put this little audio play (one hour) on hold to refresh my memory.

Looking forward to it. I think it has the right length for #audiocooking.

ju.ca.no I love janosch❤️ 1w
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Know My Name: A Memoir | Chanel Miller
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Did some #audiocooking to this book today. I maybe could have picked a lighter listen for the first day of 2020 but it‘s very good. Painful but good. 😢

These are Mini Artichoke Lasagnas from “The Forest Feast Mediterranean” a gorgeous vegetarian cookbook I am going to be reviewing for #AbramsDinnerParty. 👇🏻These will be paired with a novel for a book tour review tomorrow. They are quite good for low effort & I like the portion control.

BookNAround Artichoke lasagna sounds delicious! 2w
MelissaSue81 This was my top book of 2019 2w
Cinfhen Gorgeous 2w
LeahBergen Ooooh! 😍 2w
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Know My Name: A Memoir | Chanel Miller
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#audiocooking We may have had these Asian inspired nachos two nights in a row. They‘re that good. And two nights in a row of cooking meant more time with my audiobook.

umbrellagirl Not entirely sure what that is, but I want it! 2w
Reviewsbylola It‘s nachos—you fry egg roll wrappers and then layer with mozz, chicken, veggies, Frank‘s Sweet Chili sauce, and peanuts. It sounds odd but it is so good! @umbrellagirl 2w
umbrellagirl @Reviewsbylola I will definitely try this! 😍😍😍 2w
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Kdgordon88 Looks yummy! 2w
Bklover This looks so yummy! 2w
DebinHawaii Looks delicious! I just posted some #audiocooking to this book & saw your post. 😉😋 2w
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The Dream Thieves | Maggie Stiefvater
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My appetite‘s still all over the place. Come suppertime, that meant I nixed my plan to make red curry with tofu and broccoli in favour of some spicy Kraft Dinner. I probably would‘ve done better to eat nothing at all. Oh well.

I finished THE DREAM THIEVES while I made it. I‘m enjoying this immediate series reread, but I definitely won‘t repeat it. From now on, I‘m going back to one reread per year, max, on all faves. #audiocooking

Bklover Kraft Dinner is magical food not to be scoffed at! My mom always called it Kraft Dinner too- I called it Mac n Cheese. Either way, there is something (maybe the chemicals) magically delicious about it!😋 3w
umbrellagirl I‘m craving this right now! 3w
Megabooks What‘s in this spicy kraft dinner? Inquiring American wants to know? 3w
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xicanti @Bklover is your mom Canadian? That‘s what we always call it here, even when we eat the generic stuff. My Minnesotan family always wants to get some when they visit just for the novelty of the different name on the box! 3w
xicanti @umbrellagirl give in! Eat some! 3w
xicanti @Megabooks it‘s pure magic: a cheese powder closer to sharp cheddar than the regular blend, with a bit of cayenne in it. I‘ve done extensive research and determined it‘s by far the best Kraft Dinner on the market. Way better than regular. 3w
Megabooks @xicanti that sounds magical!! My gf powdered one (not kraft) has a little more kick than I remember kraft having, but I‘ve had celiac for 4 years now, so I don‘t totally remember the normal American one. It probably has sugar. 😂 I watched a documentary that said Canadian equivalents of American foods often don‘t have sugar or as much sugar. Ugh. America!! 😩😩🙄 3w
Bklover My mom was from Pennsylvania and as a kid I remember the box said Kraft Dinner way back in the 60‘s. I‘m 60 years old and sometime between then and now it changed to Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner. Dinner is in tiny letters. Either way it is magical. 🧡💛🧡💛🧡💛🧡 3w
xicanti @Megabooks I checked my Canadian package, and I couldn‘t find any obvious sugars in the ingredients list. Something in there must be a hidden sugar, though, because the nutritional info says there‘s 4g per serving. 3w
xicanti @Bklover the evolution of boxed macaroni & cheese marketing! 3w
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Notes from a Young Black Chef: A Memoir | Joshua David Stein, Kwame Onwuachi
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#Audiocooking with a chef‘s memoir. 👌

Leftcoastzen Yum! 3w
CarolynM Looks delicious!😋 3w
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Lindy @CarolynM Thanks. Must have been because it‘s all gone now. 😋 3w
erzascarletbookgasm I love brussels sprouts but it‘s pricey over here. 😋 3w
Lindy @erzascarletbookgasm They are in season here. Sweet and tender. 3w
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The Argonauts | Maggie Nelson
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I‘m nearly at the end of a busy holiday entertaining schedule. I feel like I‘ve barely been here, Littens. But ... soon life will slow down and return to “normal.” These are “baked eggs with feta and spinach.” I spend about an hour creating them, and my family polishes them off in about ten minutes! I picked a short book to accompany my day. #audiocooking #theargonauts #thoughtprovoking #essays #memoir

Cathythoughts They look good !! I hear you ... all the time cooking & then demolished in a few minutes. 😳😆means it was delicious though 3w
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cathythoughts Thanks! I am stunned—there are a few pieces left for me to enjoy. 👏🏻 🥚 3w
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