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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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My evening is sorted out... a box of chocolates on my lap and an excellent book by the tree - can‘t wait to see what Eleanor is going to get up too.. she‘s just so despicable. #LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead @Sace @Chrissyreadit

Sace Looks like the perfect evening! 1d
Chrissyreadit I‘m more than a little jealous! Enjoy!!!! 23h
Librarybelle Perfect! 22h
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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#LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead ers...welcome to Week Four of our readings! Week Three saw a more complicated plot line. What are your thoughts from this week? Mine appear in the comments, under a spoiler tag.

Librarybelle I am not surprised by Eleanor‘s actions, and the way that she pitted the young men against each other for her attention. She‘s very calculating. I‘m nervous for Thaddeus, who seems to have so many heavy decisions on his shoulders, and the way he handles this current situation - taking the boys with him, shows he sees so much more than people realize. It‘s a bold move, but one that will save everyone. Also, Lady Anne is amazing! 2d
Sace I wasn't surprised by Eleanor's actions at all. I am a bit confused though...it did not seem super obvious to me that she was guilty, but I confess I was not reading carefully because I was playing last minute catch up this morning. 2d
Jerdencon Not surprised by Eleanor either - and I am a little confused about Thaddeus reasons for leaving so suddenly - can‘t wait for the next section. 2d
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BethM Once you get to the next section he explains his reasons which make a ton of sense. If the boys didn‘t do it she‘s the only one left. She‘d have a slew of MH diagnoses today 🤣 2d
Chrissyreadit I really like how community is developing. I was not surprised by Thaddeus taking the boys, or Eleanors behavior. I was more surprised by then priest, although that too is wrapped up by the end of the book. 2d
Sace @BethM I'm sorry MH? I don't understand 2d
Sace @Chrissyreadit what does that say about me that I wasn't surprised by the priest at all. 😔 2d
Lauram I‘m here! I‘m here! I‘m a bit behind with reading, but I love reading the comments and am getting just enough information to see where things are going. 2d
Chrissyreadit @Sace it says you have a realistic view of how religion has been used 😁 2d
BethM @Sace mental health. At minimum she has a few personality disorders! 2d
Chrissyreadit @BethM I think the end explained a lot.... 2d
BethM @Chrissyreadit I still think she‘s deranged. 2d
Sace @BethM Ah! Now I understand.... And agree! 2d
Chrissyreadit @BethM yes- deranged but we have better understanding of why. 2d
BethM @Chrissyreadit it definitely adds to it, but i feel like the ship sailed even before then. 2d
Librarybelle Great discussion so far, everyone! @Sace @Jerdencon @BethM @Chrissyreadit 2d
Librarybelle @Lauram I understand about being behind on reading. Catch up whenever you can! 2d
Jerdencon @BethM totally psychiatric- but so was her father 2d
CoverToCoverGirl The priest is a toad!! And as I feared Eleanor has escalated and I‘m not exactly surprised by her actions either @Sace @Chrissyreadit @Librarybelle Staring the next section now! 1d
Sace I'm really glad there are more good characters (Lady Anne and Thaddeus for example) that balance out the completely disgusting characters. 1d
Sace Oh....and there better be a whole lot of comeuppance! 1d
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Challenges | Ben Bova
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God knows I don‘t need to commit to MORE challenges but this one looks doable and it‘s being hosted by my dear friend @BarbaraTheBibliophage plus the graphics are gorgeous 🥰Check out Barbara‘s page for all the details
The focus here is memoirs and mysteries 🤓I don‘t read lots of mysteries but I sure do LOVE a good memoir.

TrishB I‘m the other way round! 2d
Cinfhen Maybe we can mash our reads @TrishB I suck at mysteries unless it‘s true crime 🤪😂 2d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @trishbronte @Cinfhen I love it — one card and two people! Why not?? 😘😘 2d
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TrishB @Cinfhen sounds like could be a plan! You know how good I am at challenges though!! 2d
Cinfhen It‘s a plan @TrishB the two of us together can knock out a full BINGO!!!! Thanks for The encouragement @BarbaraTheBibliophage ❣️ 2d
TrishB @Cinfhen 👍🏻😘 2d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @TrishB @Cinfhen It‘s a whole new kind of #buddyread!! 🎉♥️ 2d
Librariana I'm with you, Cindy -- I love me a memoir! Especially on audiobook 😊 This could be a reading challenge inception if you combine @BarbaraTheBibliophage's super cool M&M bingo card with @MrBook's 2020 #ReadWithMrBook 😳 Whoa! 2d
Cinfhen Ohhhhh!! @Librariana now you‘re getting all kinds of crazy talk 🤪😘You play hard🙌🏻❤️ 2d
erzascarletbookgasm 🤦‍♀️ I don‘t need another challenge! But I do like mysteries 🤔😂 2d
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Playing catch-up for the #LiteraryCrew #buddyread and came across this quote in the week two reading. I love quotes that give me pause and almost take my breath away.

Lady Anne‘s words: “‘It will be as if we never existed if our history cannot be read.‘”

Crazeedi Good book 3d
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Jacob T. Marley | R. William Bennett
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#WinterGames #Teamelectricsex @Clwojick @StayCurious @LibrarianRyan

I'm planning on reading this one Monday when I'm off. I'm hosting a #BuddyRead if any of our team members want to join in, just let me know.

LibrarianRyan Cool bean. Unfortunately not me as I am not done with the books I need to be reading. 2d
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@ readwithtoni. Christmas decorating is consuming my family. The lateness of Thanksgiving (we always decorate after that holiday) means that I feel as if we're running behind. I'm trying to be okay with it! We've watched Elf, the boys have had their traditional spats about who's putting up which ornament, and now we're sitting back and admiring the tree.⠀

I'm also trying to fit in some reading, of course. ⬇️

UnabridgedPod Today, I'm reading Susan Abulhawa's Mornings in Jenin for my #buddyread over on Instagram with @ readwithtoni. So far, I'm loving this epic story of a Muslim family in Palestine who is displaced in the 1940s during the creation of Israel. It's fascinating, with an array of complex characters, and I'm learning so much about this region of the world. I can't wait to discuss the first half of the book next week.⠀

What are you reading today?
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Untitled | Unknown
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December‘s #MarleyBuddyRead is in progress.
Time to vote on January‘s #buddyread choice. I tried to tag everyone who‘s read with us before. Hope I didn‘t miss anyone! I‘ve tagged the books below so you can check them out. If you‘re interested in joining, please vote in the comments below. I‘m looking forward to seeing your choices and reading with you again!

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Lcsmcat My vote is for The Women Of Copper Country. Thanks for organizing this. (edited) 5d
TheBookHippie @Lcsmcat I‘m with you!! The Women of Copper Country (edited) 5d
sblbooks My vote also goes to The Women of Copper Country. 5d
CoffeeNBooks I vote for The Paragon Hotel or The Postmistress, but I'll read whatever is chosen! 😊 5d
Chrissyreadit I vote for the Book of Fires, but the paragon and the truth according to us are both on my TBR. And they all sound good. 5d
SaturnDoo @Chrissyreadit I've read The Truth Acoording to Us and really enjoyed it 😊 5d
SaturnDoo @CoffeeNBooks I've read The Postmistress it's also a very good book 😊 5d
SaturnDoo I too will read whatever is chosen if I can get my hands on it. All of these that I haven't read sound good. 😊 5d
Crazeedi Wow they all look good , I'd say 1 paragon hotel, 2 postmistress 5d
kspenmoll I too will read what is chosen. All sound good. 4d
shellleigh33 They all sound so good!! If I have to vote for something I go either with The Postmistress (on my TBR) or The Women of the Copper Country but I will read any of them 3d
thereadingowlvina I'll vote 1) Book of Fires 2) The Postmistress But I'll read whatever is chosen because they all sound good! Thanks for hosting! 😊 47m
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The Stand | Stephen King
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Flagg actually reminds me of The Prophet from Station Eleven, except he seems much scarier. I hope he doesn't meet Frannie 😰

#thestand #buddyread

Stoner | John Williams
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One of these days I'll do this on time and separately. My #BookReport from last week is that I finished 2 books, and enjoyed both! For my #WeeklyForecast, I must finish the tagged (hopefully tonight) for #LMPBC to send to you @Bookwormjillk! Want to finish the #MidnightParty #BuddyRead, catch up on my #LiteraryCrew buddy read, and finish How to be an Antiracist. The opening for that one was so good I may just use an Audible credit to buy it.

Librarybelle Awesome! 1w
Cinfhen Long holiday weekends are hard sometimes if you have lots of family obligations or peopling 😉😂I can‘t wait to hear what u think about 1w
lele1432 @Cinfhen sooo much peopling lol! 1w
Cathythoughts Stoner ❤️ 3d
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Skipping Christmas | John Grisham
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Oh dear, is this going to be one of those types of books? 😕 I‘m only on page 2.

TheBookHippie 😶ugh 1w
Caterina Nooooooo 🤮 1w
TheSpineView 😕😕😕 1w
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LiteraryinLititz Is it possible that phrase is meant ironically? 1w
jb72 Personally I don‘t think the term is meant to mean unintelligent, but more in the sense of minimal in basic needs and a simpler way of life. 1w
4thhouseontheleft @LiteraryinLititz Doesn't seem like it. 1w
4thhouseontheleft @jb72 There is too much negative connotation to use it in this way, and without further detail, it doesn't work for me. That word has a history of bad anthropological methods rooted in racism, and was used too much to refer to any culture that didn't resemble European culture. Many anthropologists (even in 2001, when this was written), have condemned the use of “primitive“ to describe indigenous communities. (edited) 1w
4thhouseontheleft @LiteraryinLititz Especially since I just read the part where they are relieved to meet their daughter's boyfriend and see that his skin is not as dark as they had feared. 😬 😤 1w
LiteraryinLititz @4thhouseontheleft Yikes. Yeah, that is absolutely not ok. Are you going to keep reading? 1w
4thhouseontheleft @LiteraryinLititz It's a short book, and I'm almost finished. I would have bailed, but I'm doing a #buddyread with my mom. So I've taken notes for that discussion. 😊 Honestly, the incident in the book reminded me so much of the time I told my parents I was dating my husband, who is Jewish, and my mom's response was, “Well at least he's not Muslim, Buddhist, or Middle Eastern“. Yeah...we didn't talk for a while after that one... 😣 1w
marleed I read this a couple days ago and did flip to the publishing date (2004) to see if it explained some of the description of the daughter‘s Peace Corps mission. It did not. I did like the book - I think mostly because I‘m so content not to live in a fishbowl. Actually, I run from living in that type of environment! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @marleed I ran too. Ran far and long. For a few years I even lived on the opposite side of the planet from my hometown. 🤣 1w
marleed @4thhouseontheleft I‘ve always believed I was a better mother because I raised my kids in a different town (even state) than I grew up. And then when my kids grew up, I moved, and moved again. ...My husband had passed away and honestly i just couldn‘t bare another year of the fishbowl having interest in my decisions. 1w
diovival BIG YIKES 1w
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