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Repost for @microbemom

A Fable book club /buddy read and the first book is Legends and Lattes. See her page and original post if you are interested in joining the group.

MicrobeMom Thanks for sharing! 18h
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Whose Body? | Dorothy Sayers
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Repost for @Mitch

Tagged book is the choice for the February #goldenageofcrimeclub hosted by @mitch Open to anyone interested.

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On the Banks of Plum Creek | Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Repost for @megnews

A reminder to grab the next book! If you‘d like to be added or removed from being tagged please let me know.
We still have 5 more books in the series after this. If anyone else is interested in leading one, feel free to let me know.

Tagged book is up next for the #littlehousechapteraday read-a-long. Everyone is welcome to join in- please let @megnews know if you want to be tagged in notifications.

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In Deeper Waters | F.T. Lukens
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Repost for @AbigailJaneBlog

Hello folks, here is our pick for February: In Deeper Waters! Thanks to everyone who voted. Discussions will be posted on Feb 26th, and as always, this is open to anyone who wishes to join!
Content warnings:


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Murder at the Vicarage | Agatha Christie
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Repost for @Mitch

#goldenagecrimeclub discussion is up and open to everyone who has read the tagged book. To join in the discussion head over to @mitch there are 5 discussion posts to participate in.

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For my February #12Challengein2023 I will be reading the tagged suggestion from @wanderinglynn Because no one I know wants to read this with me, I started a book club on Fable, Stacey the Scientist‘s TBR. If any is interested in reading along, see the Fable site. https://fable.co/club/stacey-the-scientists-tbrs-with-stacey-lettini-33812063356... Each month we will choose a different book. #buddyread #fable #bookclub

Cuilin I thought about doing a fable book group. This particular title is not for me, but I would love to join you on others. I have a varied TBR too. 23h
Chrissyreadit I really want to read this 22h
Chrissyreadit Signed up! Do you want this info shared on other pages? Litsyevents? 22h
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MicrobeMom @cuilin I will let you know if next months read. 22h
MicrobeMom @Chrissyreadit yes! Do I just tag #litsyevents ? Thanks! 22h
Soubhiville I loved this book! Hope you will too. 22h
Cuilin @MicrobeMom sounds great. 21h
TracyReadsBooks I just picked up this book after hearing so many good things about it! 21h
Read-y_Picker Just read this one. It‘s super cute. Hope you and your buddies enjoy it! 19h
ElizaMarie This looks interesting. Let me see if I can find it in any of my places.

BethM What is Fable? 15h
Cazxxx Signed up. Been dying to read this one! 15h
MicrobeMom @TracyReadsBooks me too! I am excited! 2m
MicrobeMom @Read-y_Picker glad to hear! Thanks! now
MicrobeMom @ElizaMarie awesome! now
MicrobeMom @BethM Fable is an app that is for book club and buddy reads. I feel it is very well done! now
MicrobeMom @Cazxxx yes!!! now
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Wow, I started and finished this extraordinary book in 24 hours! I thought I might be able to read enough to comment on #literarycrew #buddyread never expected to race through it so quickly.
2nd book completed for #20in4

@Andrew65 @Librarybelle

Librarybelle Wow! So glad you liked this! 1d
Andrew65 Great progress 👏👏👏 16h
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A Room with a View | E.M. Forster
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Repost for @AllDebooks

#Readtheclassics #buddyread

I loved revisiting David Copperfield, a childhood favourite & comfort read. There's something so soothing about returning to familiar words, character & places, don't you think?

As January draws to a close, our next selection will be A room with a view. Starting on 1st Feb. All welcome to join us.

AllDebooks Thank you for the share x 1d
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The Count of Monte Cristo | Alexander Dumas
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Spending the weekend in bed with some serious sinus issues 🤧, but using the time to start my #superchunkster read!


Amiable Fabulous plan! 👍🏼 I really should read this one again. It‘s been a while. 2d
LitStephanie I hope you like it! I tried listening to the audio version but just got annoyed by all the French. I don't speak any French but think the printed version would be easier because one could just skip the French. 2d
AllDebooks @Karisimo hope you feel better. I've scheduled a #buddyread for this in March. You're more than welcome to join in, you too @Amiable https://litsy.com/p/akFhbnFiN2g1 2d
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Karisimo Thanks @AllDebooks please count me in for the March Buddy Read! 2d
Amiable @AllDebooks I‘m currently reading two 1,000+ page chunksters simultaneously. If I manage to finish one of them by March, I‘ll try to hop into your buddy read! Can you put me on your tag list just in case? 2d
AllDebooks @Amiable oooh, I LOVE a chunkster. What are you reading? Will add you to taglist x 2d
Amiable I‘m reading a biography of Beethoven and I‘m also participating in the #Clarissa read with a group of other Littens—you should join us! 2d
Amiable @AllDebooks And also —I‘ve been hosting a chunkster challenge for the past few years —you can get in on that as well! #ChunksterChallenge2023 2d
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#Literarycrew #buddyread @Librarybelle

So behind, finally started this magnificent book this morning. What an opening!!! I'm already 100 pages in ❤️👀❤️

Librarybelle Yay!! 2d
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