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1. Thanksgiving is definitely November-ish.😃
2. Turned in an application for one of my Town's Advisory Boards. Considering my utter lack of motivation this week & the fact it isn't due until mid-December, I consider that a huge success!
3. Family movie night - probably Manchurian on Disney+ and then maybe Doctor Strange.
4. Only one, he passed away after a kidney transplant when I was...holy sh*t, Maya's age. My dad's twin.
5. 👍


Cold Sassy Tree | Olive Ann Burns
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1) Not sure why the tagged book came to mind but there it is.
2) I took a mental health day from work today and I just might stay in my jammies all day.
3) It will be just me, my pugster and books.
4) 3 All wonderful men whom I seldom get the chance to see.
5) 👍🏼

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4thhouseontheleft Enjoy a day in jammies! now
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Autumn Kittens | Shannon Donnelly, Janice Bennett, Mona K. Gedney
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1. I loved these seasonal kitten anthologies Zebra published way back! Kittens make everything better.
2. My husband had three days off in a row and, even though we didn't go anywhere, it felt like a mini vacation.
3. Picking up my new chair that I've been wanting for over a year! Pics later.
4. Three very nice uncles but I don't get to see them often.
5. On it! 👍
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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving | Charles M. Schulz
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1. ❤️ Charlie Brown
2. Watching Christmas movies with my daughter
3. Date night-dinner and shopping for a new garbage disposal and faucet. We know how to keep it exciting 😉😂😂
4. 4
5. Will do

#friyayintro @howjessreads

wanderinglynn I love the various Charlie Brown holiday specials! 👍🏻 1h
AmyK1 @wanderinglynn Me too! The Christmas one is my favorite-we have it on dvd and watch it at least once, usually on Christmas Eve-but I like them all 😊 1h
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The Memory of Old Jack | Wendell Berry
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1. November makes me think of the Kentucky book fair, & a main reason I heard about it & started going was to meet Wendell Berry. Tagged book is the first of his books I read, but it‘s not signed. I have a few others that are signed, plus I have met & read books by many other authors due to the book fair.
2. I have felt appreciated at work. I haven‘t always felt that at other jobs.
3. Yoga, reading
4. 1 living
5. 👍
@howjessreads #friyayintro

Moby Dick: bl velryba | Melville Herman
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🍁”whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul...”
🍁🍁 An event I coordinated for work went really well this week😎
🍁🍁🍁 Sweatpants, book, Great British Baking Show
🍁🍁🍁🍁5 uncles

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1. Pilgrims, right?
2. Accompanying my children to Junior Scientist Day at my spouse's workplace. I suspect it was primarily an excuse for the grown-up scientists to play, which helped make it super awesome!
3. Leftovers and an early bedtime.
4. Nine living, two deceased.
5. On it!

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11.22.63 | Stephen King
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🍁 👍🏻
🍁🍁 For the first time ever, all four of us (me, hubby, 2 daughters) are on stage together in community theatre. Monday was our first rehearsal. 🎭
🍁🍁🍁 Audition for daughter #2. Story of my life.
🍁🍁🍁🍁 2
🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 👍🏻

#friyayintro @howjessreads

ImperfectCJ What a cool family experience, being on stage together! 2h
Hoopiefoot That sounds so fun! I used to do community theater with my dad and sister. Lots of fond memories there 2h
wanderinglynn How awesome! Break a leg! 48m
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1. Done
2. One of the jobs I interviewed for last week is calling my references. I‘m taking that as a positive sign.
3. Puzzles, netflix, & books!
4. 2
5. 👍🏻

squirrelbrain 🤞 for that job! 2h
julesG Fingers crossed! 1h
wanderinglynn @julesG thank you ☺️ 52m
Lcsmcat 🤞🏻 on the job! now
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Tagged 😁
It‘s been a pretty crappy week, but received the above card from the SU rep that came on our recent trip to China! A well brought up young man!
Take away and wine 🍷
None living (4 originally)
Will do.

Balibee146 lovely card....sorry its been a crappy time for you....get the rnr going xx 3h
squirrelbrain How nice of him! Hope your week improves.... 2h
batsy Aww! That's so nice! 52m
Cathythoughts Takeaway & wine ... my favorite kind of Friday ❤️👍🏻enjoy 4m
Cathythoughts Lovely card ❤️ now
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