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It's Friyay!
It's Friyay!: Blank Lined Journal - 6x9 - Happy Gift | Passion Imagination Journals
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Do you need somewhere to write your thoughts? Or are you looking for that perfect gift for that special someone? This is a blank, LINED journal. 6x9. Perfect size to take anywhere! There are many benefits to journaling and writing down your thoughts. Among these are stress reduction, numerous healing benefits, personal growth and so much more. It's a perfect gift for many occasions - birthdays, holidays, a gag gift, back to school time and more, all at a very affordable price. This journal also makes a great gift for that special someone in your life.
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A little late, but here goes!
1. My childhood favorite, Monopoly!
2. England—but anywhere in Europe, really.
3. I‘m pretty much on point having read 65 of 75. I‘m 2 books behind but have 3 books going, so should be caught up in the next few days. Hoping to pass up my goal!
4. I put off reading Georgette Heyer and now can‘t imagine life without her! 😂
5. Which is more important to you, the plot or the quality of the writing?

Kaila-ann The quality of writing I think. Even if the book has a great plot, it can be ruined by bad writing. 2d
Sharpeipup Quality of writing. @Kaila-ann is right...a good plot can be ruined by bad writing. 2d
JessClark78 The quality of writing. 2d
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Technically it‘s Saturday and I‘m late! This is apparently how I roll. 🙃
1. Aggravation. I have fond memories of playing this with my grandma.
2. England.
3. I didn‘t make any book goals because the beginning of the year was really hard for me. I‘m just glad I can read now.
4. Drawing a blank here.
5. No question but I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 💖
#friYAYintro @howjessreads

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1. Risk
2. Greece
3. Not great. Life has been hectic and I've been in a reading slump.
4. I haven't finished reading it yet, but The Iliad by Homer. I was so intimidated by it at first. Poetry isn't my strongest reading material. But it's just so beautiful. I'm in love.
5. What's your favorite book based TV series or movie?

Jerdencon The handmaids tale - actually like the show better than the book 3d
AmberWB Jaws or Game of Thrones 3d
marleed @Jerdencon I second your choice! 3d
Texreader Ready Player One! 3d
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1. Sorry!, Forbidden Island, or Settlers of Catan
2. Egypt
3. Almost done all of them, and surpassed GR goal.
4. Medium Okorafor
5. Weekend plans?

Come-read-with-me @4thhouseontheleft My weekend plans are to read, read, read! What about yours? 3d
ljuliel Same as above. I‘m going to try really hard to nail this challenge. I‘ve never even gotten close before b 3d
4thhouseontheleft @Come-read-with-me Reading! Plus some organizing, my house is in need of some TLC. 😂 3d
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BarbaraTheBibliophage Working tomorrow, dinner with friends, a memorial service on Sunday, finish my piece for writers‘ workshop on Monday. (edited) 3d
Come-read-with-me @4thhouseontheleft Cleaning is always.... fun (?) I need to do some as well - maybe I can convince my husband that I‘m spending time cleaning off my bookshelf! 🤞🏻 3d
Kaila-ann Cleaning, reading, maybe dyeing my hair - if I‘m feeling brave enough. 3d
AmandaEve Food festival, cleaning, may work some overtime and read! ☺️ 3d
JessClark78 Reading and grocery shopping tomorrow, seeing Doctor Sleep and going out to lunch with the husband on Sunday. 3d
Laughterhp I‘ve played Settlers of Catan once at a brewery. I can see why it‘s one of your favorite games! 3d
marleed I have a wedding to attend. I haven‘t had to get dressed up in months! 3d
Nessavamusic Also seeing Doctor Sleep and of course reading! 3d
Susanita This morning I‘m helping a friend at a craft show, then the rest of the weekend is blissfully unstructured. 3d
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#friyayintro @howjessreads

1. Backgammon (does that count?)
2. Hawaii, Hawaii (the Big Island)
3. Very happy with what I‘ve read
4. Edith Wharton
5. Last thing you read aloud?

Scochrane26 I very reluctantly agreed to participate in our church‘s Christmas play/skit this yr. I read my lines while practicing. 3d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Scochrane26 Oh my ... that‘s a commitment! Enjoy! 3d
Jen_Reads I read part of the lord of the rings to my dogs in a terrible British accent. 3d
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ljuliel Good question. Probably some article online to my husband. I can‘t remember. 3d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Jen_Reads LOL - well, that made me smile! What a good answer! 😁😁 3d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @ljuliel Oh, I do that too! He half listens ... 🤪 3d
ljuliel Same....I like playing a trick on him. I stop and ask him a question. Then I get this look. 😳. Deer in the headlights. He has no clue what I just told him. 3d
Dolly Road signs or menu 3d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @ljuliel Hahaha. Yup, same at my house! 3d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Dolly Good call ... 👍🏻 3d
TheLudicReader I recently taught my son to play backgammon so I‘d have someone to play with. 3d
TheSpineView I can't remember. A Long Time ago to my grandson. Like 8+ years?? 🙃 3d
Hooked_on_books I can help with #2—I have a lovely guest room on the southeast side of the island! 3d
IndoorDame Last week I read to my students 3d
Susanita Probably some wackadoodle headline to my office mate. 3d
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#friyayintro @howjessreads
1. Upwords with my hubby and my Dad when he comes to stay... Scattergories at family gatherings.
2. Cinque Terre
3. 92/100 for goodreads, finished #booked2019, 3 left for #pop19
4. Just read my first Evelyn Waugh and loved it.
5. What would you pick as your last meal?

BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘d pick lobster 🦞 3d
hes7 Something with French fries. 😂 3d
Crazeedi Number 2 DEFINITELY!!❤ 3d
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Crazeedi Pizza! 3d
ljuliel Sausage gravy and biscuits with a chaser of Coke. ( the drink, not the drug) 3d
Amiable I‘m with @BarbaraTheBibliophage —lobster. 3d
TheSpineView I with @Crazeedi Pizza is my favorite food.💜🍕 3d
marleed I gave up hamburgers for life :(. My last one was 3May2017 - so yeah, a burger! 3d
KarenUK I‘d pick a perfectly roasted chicken with homemade aioli, arugula salad and some fresh crusty bread (and butter!) 3d
Nessavamusic Filet mignon and a giant ice cream sundae 3d
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1. I love games! My favorites would be Scattergories, Scrabble, and Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. And if cards count, than Uno, Magic the Gathering, and Munchkin too!
2. South Korea and Romania
3. I finished my goal of 60 and surpassed it by 11 so far.
4. One of my favorites now, Stephen King, more than a dozen years ago.
5. What is the dumbest book quote you've ever read? From what book?
#friyayintro @howjessreads

madamereadsalot1 To answer my own question, mine would be from the tagged shit show. The whole thing was horribly written and absolutely ludicrous. It's been years and I still remember: "Just who was the dark man? That‘s what she‘d called him when she was a kid. He‘d seemed so dark." And it went on about how dark he was ... She didn't even try a thesaurus ... 3d
vivastory I'm also a fairly recent King convert. I loved all of the adaptations growing up but didn't actually read my first one until a couple of years ago. I've now read 17. I think it's safe to say I'm a fan! 3d
vivastory As far as #5, I don't remember any specific quotes but I hated Paul Cleave's The Cleaner. It was just trolling, it was basically if Milo Yiannopoulos wrote Dexter. 3d
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Susanita Anytime a character “heard someone screaming, realized it was me” 3d
DaveGreen7777 5. Anytime someone “lets out a breath they didn‘t realize they were holding”! 😂 It‘s been used so many times and it doesn‘t make any sense... not noticing you‘re holding your breath? That‘s not how breathing works! 3d
madamereadsalot1 @vivastory same! I loved Clive Barker, he was my horror go to as a teen, and I just didn't like that King wasn't Barker. 😆 Then as an adult, I tried some of his stuff and would get frustrated by the pages of description of inconsequentials, I just couldn't hang. But one day I picked up the first Dark Towers, and while I didn't care for it, I did LOVE the weirdness. So I started trying others and slowly I found his works I loved and here we are! 2d
madamereadsalot1 @vivastory I've never heard of Paul Cleave I don't think. But that description sounds fracking dreadful! 2d
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1. I love board games! Currently, it‘s What Do You Meme
2. Italy
3. Mehh, I‘ve been in a slump almost all year, but things are starting to pick up.
4. Paul Tremblay
5. What skill or talent would you most like to learn?
#friyayintro @howjessreads

Beatlefan129 I‘d love to take dance lessons, especially ballroom 3d
gradcat I‘d love to be able to paint well. 👩🏻‍🎨 3d
TheSpineView I want to learn another language, either Italian or Spanish or both. 3d
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Susanita Playing the piano 3d
Crimson613 So many skills I'd want but I've always loved languages do the skill or talent to be able to learn languages easier. Or maybe just give me discipline, that's usually the answer 👌 3d
wanderinglynn So many. But I‘d love to learn to play the cello. 3d
UnidragonFrag Oh jeez, so many. Hm. I think just instant fluency in a language, as it'd probably be useful. Spanish, maybe? 3d
Scochrane26 Dancing. I agree with the language skills though. I took a Spanish class a few yrs ago & still can‘t speak much Spanish. 3d
ljuliel Wow, let‘s see.... I wish I could sing well, but my singing would make your ears bleed. I‘d like to learn to dance . The Hubster would not be caught dead dancing, so I have no partner. I‘ve always wished I could have learned to play the piano, but I doubt the interest is still strong enough to take lessons. That was something I should have taken up decades ago. I guess I‘ll just be me the way I am. (edited) 3d
madamereadsalot1 How to speak Korean fluently. I haven't studied at all this year, and I'm losing what I did know. I'm disappointed in myself honestly. Time and mental clarity have been lacking this year though. 3d
KarenUK To be a Master Baker.... to be able to bake anything perfectly! 😊 3d
AmandaEve @Beatlefan129 oh dance lessons would be lovely! 3d
AmandaEve @gradcat now that would be fun. I love watching sped up videos of artists painting or drawing from start to finish. 3d
AmandaEve @TheSpineView @Crimson613 @UnidragonFrag @Scochrane26 @madamereadsalot1 wow, so many language answers! But yes I agree, very useful and just wonderful to communicate with a variety of people. I would love to learn sign language! 😊 3d
AmandaEve @Susanita @wanderinglynn @ljuliel ohh yes wonderful answers! I played piano for years but I‘m still terrible at it. I don‘t think I had the discipline for it haha 😆 3d
UnidragonFrag @AmandaEve oh yeah! Sign language is so cool! That would be fun to learn, too. 3d
AmandaEve @KarenUK sounds amazing and delicious haha 🍰 everyone appreciates baked goods! 3d
DaveGreen7777 5. I love music so much, but I only ever took guitar lessons and not for long! ☹️ I would love to be an expert guitar player some day! 🎸🎶 3d
AmandaEve @DaveGreen7777 another excellent choice! I agree, music is so wonderful for the soul. I‘m always on the hunt for new artists 😁🤘🏽I tried to learn guitar too, but sadly didn‘t last long either! 3d
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1. Scrabble 🕹
2. Venice, Italy 🇮🇹
3. Way behind! 😳
4. Ben Fountain‘s “Billy Lynn‘s Long Halftime Walk.” Fountain wrote one book 6 years before this one, and one book six years after—I need to read both of them, as he‘s that good of a writer. 📖
5. Make up a pen name for yourself. (If you‘re having trouble, use colors, pets‘ names, street names, word from a title, etc. plus, have fun this weekend! 😁

AmandaEve JoJo Parmer (my dog‘s name + street name) 😋 (edited) 3d
TheSpineView I have anyways wanted a Native American name. So maybe I can Lisa Standing Deer or something. 3d
Balibee146 Rosie Purple 💜💜 (dog's name + fav colour) 3d
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Come-read-with-me @gradcat A pen name ..... my Captain Underpants name is Poopsie Rhinoheine. My pet/street name would be Koko Aberdeen. Not sure which one would suit me the most 🤔 3d
UnidragonFrag Hm. Gremlin Sandy? Pet + street lol 3d
ljuliel I‘m drawing a blank on this question. I‘m lousy at screen names , that‘s why I usually just use my plain old name. 3d
wanderinglynn The pen name I actually use on my blog is LAL Thompson. 3d
BarbaraTheBibliophage Tom Clancy ... just kidding ... 🤪 3d
marleed Haha. About 15 yrs ago I saw an interview where listeners were challenged to make up a name on their coffee order or dinner reservation. It was so hard fo me and my sister but my 12 year old would give the wildest names on a drink order without blinking. She still does it at 27! 3d
gradcat @AmandaEve I like that one. JoJo is a great name...remember JoJo Starbuck, of Olympic ice skating fame? I always thought she had a cool name. What kind of doggy do you have? 🐶 ❤️ 2d
gradcat @TheSpineView Kinda cool to have a name that actually illustrates something...I think Lisa Standing Deer is great! 👍 ♥️ 2d
gradcat @Balibee146 Rosie Purple sounds like a great name for a band. For example, I‘m reminded of Deep Purple.... (oldie!!) 😊 🐶 ♥️ 2d
gradcat I choose Poopsie Rhinoheine! (And I may even borrow it for myself!!) Hilarious! 😆 🤣 😂 2d
gradcat @UnidragonFrag Okay. Dare I ask what KIND of pet you have? I mean, with a name like “Gremlin,” it could be anything, right? Maybe even something I‘m deathly afraid of . . . Da da donnnn! 2d
gradcat @ljuliel & @marleed Why do you think I asked the question, but didn‘t answer it myself? 😂😂😂 2d
gradcat @BarbaraTheBibliophage That is a very funny choice. Are you a big Clancy reader? 2d
gradcat @wanderinglynn I remember that—I visited your blog, and I liked it! It‘s got a good theme, IMHO....👍 ♥️ 2d
wanderinglynn @gradcat Thank you. ☺️ 2d
UnidragonFrag @gradcat lol... it's a chihuahua 😂 2d
Balibee146 It does @gradcat though the image that popped into my mind was a Drag Artist singing torch songs 😁😁 2d
Crazeedi Venice! Let's go together, 😉❤ and my brother gave me a nickname when I was little- Diaper Schmidt, born in a beer bottle! He teased me mercilessly 1d
gradcat @Balibee146 I can see that now...nothing like a little Drag to spice up the torch, I always say... ♥️♥️♥️ 14m
gradcat @UnidragonFrag I love chihuahuas! Little & cute doggies! 13m
gradcat @Crazeedi Diaper Schmidt? 😂😂😂 12m
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1. Clue or the Game of Life
2. Ooo that‘s a rough one. It was Italy but I went last year so maybe Germany?
3. Surpassed my Goodreads goal
4. The Alice Network
5. Everyone has had great questions so far! If you played D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) or if you do, what would your character‘s name be?


DaveGreen7777 Last time I played a D&D style RPG, I actually named my dark elf after Drizzt from the Forgotten Realms novels! 🙈🤓 3d
TheLibrarian @DaveGreen7777 Love it! My regular one (Lauranthala) is a spin off from one of the characters in Dragonlance. My husband gave it to me 🤷🏼‍♀️ and it kinda stuck. 3d
gradcat I don‘t play, but I know a bit about the game...would Grendl be a good one? 🤔 3d
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hes7 Clue is the best! 😍 3d
Crimson613 i want to go to germany too :D actually, i wanna take a really long europe tour and visit as many places as possible out there xD i don't play D&D but i want to and my character name would be...Senka 3d
TheLibrarian @gradcat That‘s great! It can be anything you want. I know someone who‘s character is called Clyde. 3d
TheLibrarian @Crimson613 I want to travel all through Europe too! 3d
wanderinglynn Last time I played, I was Lalwyn. 3d
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1. Apples to Apples, because my kids all love to play it
2. Alaska
3. Terrible. 43 out of 80.
4. A Little Life
5. What is the cookbook that you love and use the most?

Mollyanna I use a cookbook my aunt put together of all my grandmothers recipes! It was such a gift! 4d
Crazeedi Betty Crocker 4d
Lauram I keep putting off A Little Life. I need to get to it soon. 4d
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Zoes_Human Err, on behalf of my husband, I say that he doesn't care much for cookbooks, but prefers cooking videos. In particular, I know that he likes Chef John at Foodwishe.com and the crew at America's Test Kitchen. 4d
Lauram I‘ve been making a lot of recipes from the Delish cookbook. Everything has been great! 4d
Kappadeemom I love all my Southern Living cookbooks ❤️ 4d
Bklover @Mollyanna Those are the best kind! 4d
Bklover @Crazeedi This is one of my favorites as well- particularly for pie for some reason! 4d
Bklover @Lauram It has to be just the right time. It‘s a tough one! But beautiful. I‘m going to have to check out Delish next time I‘m at the book store! (edited) 4d
Bklover @Zoes_Human Heading to check out those videos right now!!! 4d
Bklover @Kappadeemom I think I have one Southern Living cookbook! I‘m going to have to take a closer look at it! Thanks for the tip!😉 4d
sherryvdh Other than the one my grandmother made for me when I got married, I turn to the tagged one a lot. Especially for the spice rubs. 4d
ljuliel Before we got married I bought the good old Betty Crocker one , as I had literally never cooked in my life. I wore the cover off it , making new things every night. The hubster was the guinea pig. In one year , he gained 100 pounds. 😮😮😮 4d
Bklover @sherryvdh I haven‘t seen that one! I‘ll have to check it out. 😉 4d
Bklover @ljuliel I had that one and the orange Good Housekeeping Cookbook. I used them a LOT when I was younger, and still go to them for pies and some of the basics!❤️ 4d
Bklover @TheLibrarian I have one of her cookbooks too, and I love it. She makes the kind of food my family likes to eat and makes it Better!!! (edited) 4d
AmyK1 I have several cookbooks but don‘t use any of them. My favorite is the one that belonged to my grandma-just because it was hers. 4d
ImperfectCJ Our copy of the tagged is falling apart from so much use. I bought the newest revision to replace it, but I don't like the new one as much. 4d
Bklover @AmyK1 I have one of my mom‘s that I cherish as well!❤️ 4d
wanderinglynn I have very few cookbooks because I don‘t really like cooking. But I love to bake (when I have time) and I‘ve enjoyed 4d
Bklover @ImperfectCJ I‘m going to check that one out! Isn‘t it funny how we like our old cookbooks with the stains and spills and notes in them!? 4d
Bklover @wanderinglynn That sounds amazing! I love cupcakes, and the ones with filling in them are just incredible! 4d
Balibee146 An old River Cafe cookbook 👍 4d
Zoes_Human @Bklover I made a typo with Chef John. It's foodwishes.com. I lost my s. 4d
Bklover @Zoes_Human Thanks!!🧡 4d
Bklover @Balibee146 Is that from a restaurant? Those are always great! 4d
Balibee146 @bklover yeah they were zeitgeisty in the UK 20+ years ago! 4d
MaureenMc Apples to Apples is the best! 😁 4d
Crazeedi @Bklover 👍💞 3d
Scochrane26 A couple of church cookbooks 3d
Kaila-ann Love apples to apples ❤️ 3d
marleed Oh I love Whiskey in a teacup. I‘ll never make anything but I love the book anyway. 3d
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1. Cards .Against Humanity
2. Galapagos
3. I don‘t set goals, but I do keep a reading journal. I find goals limiting — I like the serendipity of finding hidden gems in bookstores and libraries.
4. Theodora Goss. Recommended by my niece and now so glad I tried her.
5. I don‘t read Romance. What should I try?

Scochrane26 I like sherry Thomas if I‘m going to read a romance, plus she writes the lady Sherlock series, which has some romance & mostly mystery. And Bringing down the duke by Evie dunmore was great-read it last week. (edited) 3d
CaitlinR @Scochrane26 Thank you! 3d
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#FriYAYintro @howjessreads

1. Clue
2. Everywhere! But tops is probably Peru or Sweden.
3. Very good! I've passed my goal of 50 books, and am up to date with my #Booked2019 challenges 👍😁
4. I put off reading Margaret Atwood for a long time after a bad first choice (Edible Woman), but now she is a favourite.
5. Favourite read of 2019?

hes7 Clue is the best! 4d
Bookzombie I was looking back over what I read in 2019 and I can‘t decide! 😕 4d
monalyisha Will you settle for a top 3? 😅 “Sing, Unburied, Sing” by Jesmyn Ward; “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury; & the tagged. (edited) 4d
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wanderinglynn I‘ve read some good books this year. One of my faves is 4d
TheKidUpstairs @wanderinglynn I LOVED that one, great pick! 4d
TheKidUpstairs @monalyisha of course! Books are like Lays chips, can never just pick one! 4d
Beatlefan129 I read so many good ones, but my favorite was probably 4d
TheBookHippie Ohhhh Sweden !! I‘ll come with! 4d
AmyK1 I don‘t think I can pick one-there have been too many good ones. And Sweden is definitely on my list too 🇸🇪 4d
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1. Sorry
2. Italy
3. 111 of 90 😁
4. 🤔🤔🤔
5. Do you celebrate Friendsgiving?


AmyK1 Nope. Unless you count inviting friends over for Thanksgiving 😊 4d
TheAromaofBooks At first I thought you were apologizing about board games haha 4d
wanderinglynn Yep! I‘m lucky that I have awesome friends who invite me over. ☺️ 4d
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HerDarkHuntress1 I have never celebrated it but i so want to!
Bookjunkie57 @HerDarkHuntress1 grab a few friends and do it. Doesn‘t have to be fancy or huge (unless you want it to be) 4d
TheBookHippie No -but I do serve kids who have no where to go on the Tuesday before. 👩🏽‍🍳 4d
ImperfectCJ Used to but didn't call it Friendsgiving until another friend introduced me to the term. Then we moved and all the people we know now celebrate with their families so it's just our little family, which means I can wear sweatpants. 4d
Bookjunkie57 @ImperfectCJ we do ours the week before or after actual thanksgiving and sweatpants are welcome. 🤣🤣🤣 some of the kids actually wear pjs so they can go straight to bed if we hang out late. 4d
Scochrane26 I have a couple of times. 3d
AmberWB I am doing it for the first time with this particular group of friends- we wanted to do a turkey trot 5k, but couldn‘t find one we all could do. So, we are doing our own- making funny Thanksgiving shirts and then brunch afterwards on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. 3d
Bookjunkie57 @AmberWB sounds awesome! 3d
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1. Bargain Hunter! My best friend and I used to play it all the time at her house when we were growing up and I finally found it on eBay a couple years ago 😊
2. There are so many...All of Europe 😉
3. Just hit it. At 78/75 right now.
4. Can‘t think of any
5. What is your favorite Christmas book or movie?
#friyayintro @howjessreads

Bookjunkie57 Christmas Vacation or The Holiday. I rarely read Christmas books at Christmas time so no favorites. 4d
AmyK1 @Bookjunkie57 I don‘t read Christmas books either but Christmas Vacation is definitely one of my favorites too! 4d
wanderinglynn Fave movie is White Christmas. I also love Miracle on 34th Street & How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 4d
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AmyK1 @wanderinglynn LOVE White Christmas! They had it in the theaters here last year and we went. Took my SIL, who had never seen it. Really like Miracle on 34th St too but not a huge fan of the Grinch, unless it‘s the original short cartoon one. (edited) 4d
wanderinglynn Definitely the original TV show with Boris Karloff as the Grinch. 4d
HerDarkHuntress1 My favorite Christmas movie isnt really about Christmas. Its Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. When i was little my mom had a vhs that she would always play on Christmas. It was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The bitter Butter Battle and the Grinch who stole Christmas. honestly i think she was just to lazy to forward the tape but it became my fav movie and tradition! 4d
ImperfectCJ It's a Wonderful Life. It's schmaltzy and cliched, and I love it. 4d
TheKidUpstairs Fave Christmas movie is a toss up between Miracle on 34th Street (the original, NOT the remake) and Muppet Christmas Carol. For book I have to stick with the classic 4d
AmyK1 @HerDarkHuntress1 lol that‘s awesome. 4d
AmyK1 @TheKidUpstairs We all (husband, kids) LOVE the Muppet Christmas Carol. And A Christmas Carol is one of the 2 Christmas books I‘ve read 👍🏼 (edited) 4d
TheBookHippie Christmas Vacation and the original Grinch 4d
AmyK1 @ImperfectCJ Definitely. We have to watch It‘s a Wonderful Life every year 😁 4d
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1. I have 2 games I use with my therapy kids a lot. The Nurturing Game &the Ungame. They get them talking.
2. Ireland, where my grandmother was from
3. I‘ve doubled my GR goal.
4. Unsure of this one-maybe Stieg Larsson‘s millennium trilogy
5. What is your Harry Potter house?
@howjessreads #friyayintro

ljuliel I might be the only person left on earth that hasn‘t read Harry Potter, so I don‘t have a HP House 🏡 (edited) 4d
Scochrane26 @ljuliel it‘s ok that you haven‘t read the books. I never got on the bandwagon for twilight or 50 shades. Of course, those aren‘t very good, while HP is awesome. 4d
Scochrane26 I‘m Hufflepuff 4d
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ulrichyumiodd I‘m Slytherin/Ravenclaw. Old sorting vs new sorting on Pottermore 😅 I usually still say I‘m Slytherin, haha. 4d
MidnightBookGirl Ravenclaw! 4d
AmyK1 You‘re not the only one @ljuliel I haven‘t read them either so no house for me lol 4d
Bookjunkie57 Ravenclaw 4d
wanderinglynn Ravenclaw! 💙 4d
hes7 Gryffindor! 4d
TheBookHippie I‘ve never read them😱 4d
TheBookHippie @AmyK1 me either. 4d
ShelfRighteous Gryffindor! 4d
AmandaEve Ravenclaw! 4d
Bklover Ravenclaw! 4d
Scochrane26 @ljuliel @AmyK1 @TheBookHippie I think it‘s fine if you identify with a house even though you haven‘t read the books. They‘re mainly based on Myers-Briggs personalities. Gryffindor-brave, daring Hufflepuff-loyal, friendly (they have comfy chairs in their common room). Ravenclaw-smart Slytherin-ambitious 3d
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#friyayintro @howjessreads
1. Trivial pursuit
2. Scotland or Ireland
3. Just finished my goodreads goal (75)
4. Robert Galbraith
5. What is the weirdest book you've ever read?

Enchanted_Bibliophile Well done on reaching your Goal!
This books was not what I expected 😲 and defiantly weird if you‘ve never read something like it before.
sherryvdh @Enchanted_Bibliophile wow, I'm definitely stacking that! Thanks! 4d
Megabooks Trivial pursuit 👏🏻👏🏻 and probably 4d
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Jerdencon I read the sleeping beauty books years ago - definitely different! 4d
sherryvdh @hes7 That book was a trip. I loved it. 4d
Kappadeemom Yes to The Library at Mount Char! Super weird! 4d
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It‘s your #friyayintro sneak peek!!

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1. Why is this so hard! I refuse to think of cookies and french fries as junk food!
2. Yes! I listen to audiobooks every day.
3. Not really. While I like Thanksgiving, the holidays tend to bring stress, and I have some hard anniversaries coming up.
4. Maybe 2. Don't ask how many cookies I ate! 🤤🍪
5. Pink. It makes me happy.
#friYAYintro @howjessreads

ljuliel I think of junk food as more of salty stuff in a bag, like Fritos, Doritos, Cheetos, etc. Cookies and fries aren‘t in those categories, so add them to your Food Pyramid as something you need a daily serving of. Fries are vegetables, right ? 😀 1w
QuietlyLaura Awesome! I like the way you think. I definitely need a daily serving of fries. I will leave the comfort of my home for fries and cookies. I so want fries right now! 😊🍟 1w
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1) Glazed donuts from Jewel, I dip them in yogurt or chocolate almond milk, for drinks, it sweet tea and- chocolate almond milk 😉 and carbonated water, which is literally almost murder on my bladder 🙄😞 2) No I don‘t even have the patience for radio, lol, unless they are playing AWESOME ( to me) songs. 3) I‘m thinking of doing the writing challenge. What is it- NaNoWriMo PLEASE explain it to me!! lol 4) Two- from my favorite librarian 5) purple

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#friyayintro @howjessreads

1. Cheetos!
2. Sometimes. If it‘s a good narrator.
3. Thanksgiving! And hopefully getting another attorney to help at work.
4. None. I had a big cookie though.
5. Cerulean

QuietlyLaura Cookies! 🍪 1w
BookishBelle @QuietlyLaura It was freshly baked too. The lady who does the website Bigger Bolder Baking has recipes for several giant cookies. I made the chocolate chip one. Subbed in white sugar for half the brown. Yum!! 🍪 1w
QuietlyLaura That sounds so good! Chocolate chip are my favorite. 🤤 1w
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#friyayintro time!

1. Miss Vickie‘s black pepper & lime chips

2. Audiobooks, always

3. I honestly don‘t know. October wasn‘t great so I‘m feeling pretty low about November, especially since it‘s gonna get even colder out. I AM excited for Maggie Stiefvater‘s new book, but with my current reading speed I dunno if I‘ll get to it before December. 😔

4. A lot. I took most of October off from candy and splashed out yesterday.

5. Red.

TK421 Those chips sound delightful. 1w
xicanti @TK421 they‘re amazing; hot and sour, with lots of crunch. 1w
QuietlyLaura I hope you have a better November. I'm already missing the green leaves of Spring and Summer. 1w
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howjessreads Yay Call Down the Hawk!! I hope you get to it! 1w
xicanti @howjessreads fingers crossed! I wanted to reread the rest of the books first so I could dive right in on release day, but I just didn‘t have time. 1w
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1. British chips

2. Yes, I‘m a recent convert and love them.

3. Remembrance Sunday “Tea Dance”

4. None

5. Red ❤️

#FriyayIntro @howjessreads

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1. Chips
2. Yes
3. We‘re getting the inside of the house painted so I will finally be able to hang up pictures. And my stepkids will be back for thanksgiving.
4. One
5. Yellow


post image


1. Depends on the day. Currently Utz Salt and Vinegar chips
2. YES!
3. Friendsgiving
4. Zero.
5. 💙💜 pretty much any shade of either.

ImperfectCJ Mmm...salt and vinegar chips... 2w
Susanita Utz chips yum. 1w
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1. Chips
2. Nope
3. Thanksgiving break. It‘s in 25 days but who‘s counting!
4. None. Haven‘t had candy in 5 1/2 years!
5. Pink and purple

TheDaysGoBy Whoa. That‘s a long time to not eat candy. I don‘t think I could do it lol 2w
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1) Chips and sour cream
2) Yes to audiobooks! Favorite way to spend time in the car.
3) Meh...
4) 0
5) Green

#friyayintro @howjessreads

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1. Ice Cream
2. Absolutely! They keep me sane during my commute.
3. Yes, especially Thanksgiving
4. I‘d rather not say...🤭
5. Blue or Purple


TheSpineView I get #4! I actually am burned out on chocolate at the moment. 2w
Mollyanna @TheSpineView 🤣. Yep, I get that. 2w
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1. Spicy potato chips ( Mike Sell's Good N Hot and Herr's red hot are my current favorites)
2. Yes, but only if I'm driving or doing chores.
3. Time to finally relax and read after a rough two months.
4. 4
5. Grey and green
#friyayintro @howjessreads

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1. Ice cream
2. Yes
3. 3 events—Kentucky Book Fair, Louisville Galaxycon, Thanksgiving
4. 5-6
5. Green
@howjessreads #friYAYintro

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1. 🍫 & 🍩 & 🍪
2. Yes! But I am very selective, mainly memoir and thrillers. I keep literary fiction for physical books.
3. Autumn weather, RennFaire, Thanksgiving and my daughter's 12th birthday!
4. I was good! Only 2.
5. 💜


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1. Chocolate
2. Eh - not really
3. Rockettes show, days off in November, Thanksgiving, parade watching party at my house, dinner with elementary school friends
4. Only 2 - today may be worse! Lol
5. Pink
#friyayintro @howjessreads

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1. Just one!? His Dark Materials.
2. Bare feet
3. I‘ve been to the top of Pike‘s Peak, so 14,115 feet.
4. Ranch dressing.
5. Probably not.


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1. The Others series by Anne Bishop
2. Bare feet all day every day. I resent shoes and socks.
3. Denver?
4. Mushrooms
5. Noooooope

#friyayintro @howjessreads

Sace Oh yeah...mischrooms 🤢 3w
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1. I don't read a lot of series, but I like Tana French's Dublin Murder Squad.

2. I don't watch a lot of TV, either, but I like The Office and Catastrophe.

3. The only time I watched was in 2004 when the Red Sox ended the Curse of the Bambino.

4. Caribbean beans and greens wraps, which are "best" mainly because my spouse makes them while I sit around.

5. Yep. He introduced me to Heinlein, Bradbury and Asimov.

#friyayintro @howjessreads

ImperfectCJ Oh no! I just realized that I left out the serial comma in 5! Cue identity crisis. (edited) 1mo
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1. Pendergast by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
2. Homicide or Psych (depends on my mood)
3. Yes
4. I‘m making my grandmother‘s dumplings and beef stew this weekend.
5. He does although he came to reading late in life. I introduced him to fiction a few years ago. Now he loves Agatha Christie.


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Favourite series - Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery. Favourite t.v. series - Not much of a t.v. watcher. World Series - never. Best meal this weekend - tempeh with grilled beets My Dad didn‘t like to read but always read to me 💗

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1. Deathstalker series by Simon R. Green
2. The Expanse, Lucifer, Gotham
3. Depends on who's playing
4. I'm grilling some steaks on Sunday, with baked potatoes, green salad and corn on the cob.
5. My father wasnt much of a book reader, but he enjoyed the newspaper and had subscriptions to several magazines.

@jesshowbooks #friyayintro

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I didn‘t do a new #friyayintro bc I was feeling uninspired. But look how creative I used to be when I was jesshowbooks! Haha. A handful of people tagged me in this oldie today, and I kinda love it, so I‘m doing it!

1. Anne of Green Gables or Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James
2. Parks & Rec
3. Nope
4. Homemade calzones tomorrow! 😍
5. He does! Mostly theology (he‘s a pastor), but he reads a ton. He told me yday that he‘s at almost 200 books in 2019!

ShelfRighteous I was wondering if there was a mistake in the handle name😬 1mo
4thhouseontheleft I have been impressed at how you have been able to come up with new questions week after week after week! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 1mo
Sace Thanks for the explanation and solving my mystery! When I see the friyay posts I usually go to your feed to snag the image. I was confused when I couldn't find it! I figured there was a glitch. Whew! I'm not as crazy as I thought! 1mo
howjessreads Sorry for the confusion @Sace @ShelfRighteous! And thanks @4thhouseontheleft. ❤️ 1mo
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1. The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. I wish I can experience that book all over again. 🧙‍♀️
2. Grey👕
3. I interviewed at a Fortune 500 company. And it actually went well😆
4. Yes and yes 😙🤞
5. On it❤

#friyayintro @howjessreads

umbrellagirl Congratulations on your interview. Hope you get the call! 1mo
ShelfRighteous @umbrellagirl Thankyou so much and I hope so too! 🤞 1mo
wanderinglynn 🤞🏻 you get good news on the job! 1mo
ShelfRighteous @wanderinglynn Thankyou❤🤞 1mo
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Sorry I‘m late!
1. I‘m on track to hit my goal of 75 this year! I‘m proud of that because I live my life constantly up to my eyeballs in grading (high school honors English) while also taking grad school classes in library science, so time for reading at all is pretty difficult to find.
2. I got married on Friday the 13th.
3. Classic rock (Def Leppard!!)
4. August for first date, July for wedding
5. 🙌

Texreader Rock of Ages! I still have to turn it up on my car! 1mo
jillrhudy I have to seriously wonder about people who don‘t crank up Rock of Ages. 1mo
CindyMyLifeIsLit @Texreader @jillrhudy My kind of people!! ❤️ 1mo
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1. Exceeded my reading goal by 20 books!
2. I play D&D at work with some co-workers and students
3. My music library says Alternative
4. Married in September (this was our 1 year anniversary)
5. 🖐🏻

Sorry, a day late. #friyayintro

LoverofLit Happy anniversary month! 🎉❤ 1mo
TheLibrarian @LoverofLit Thank you!!! 💕 1mo
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1. So-so. I haven‘t read as much as I‘d like.
2. I lettered in drama in high school. I really think very few people know. 😂
3. Classical, Indie, but I love a lot of different kinds of music.
4. May
5. ✋

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#friyayintro @howjessreads

1. Not bad. I've read a bunch of graphic novels on hoopla this year.
2. I have a double crown. I hated my hair so much while growing up that I wore a hat every day for over 10 years.
3. Punk (metal is a close 2nd)
4. June. 17 years this year.
5. ✋✋✋

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1. Litsy AtoZ✔️ Goodreads ✔️ Nonfiction ✔️ 2 left Booked2019 60+ MtTBR, & decided to ditch another
2. I graduated from college at 20
3. Singer-Songwriter / Americana (but really? Audiobooks 🤪)
4. March 2020 will be our 25th wedding anniversary
5. 🙌🏻👊🏻👌🏻


MrBook Love your answers! 😁👏🏻 1mo
marleed 20!!? 1mo
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @marleed Yup. I skipped a grade and also started really young. Now kids start at least a year older than I was, if not two. 1mo
marleed @BarbaraTheBibliophage That‘s incredible! Imagine going all 4 years under the drinking age! 1mo
ImperfectCJ I graduated at 20, too. Similar story (December birthday, skipped a grade). You've got a lot of book goals going! I like how you broke them out. 1mo
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1. Good. I beat my goodreads target!
2. I play the clarinet
3. Musicals. Or boy bands
4. This month! 13 years since our first date!
5. My grandma would have been 100 this month (on the 11th)

BarbaraJean 🖐🏼Happy First Date-iversary! 1mo
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1. Great! I set my goal lower and I‘m beating it! 😉
2. Hmmmm... my husband is a former professional soccer player.
3. Jazz
4. This month! 37 years married!
5. 👋

Catsandbooks Happy Anniversary!! 💕🎉 1mo
BarbaraJean 🖐🏼Happy Anniversary!! 🍾🥂 1mo
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howjessreads Happy anniversary!! 🖐🏽 1mo
Bookzombie Happy Anniversary!! 1mo
LauraBeth Happy Anniversary! 🎉🎉 1mo
4thhouseontheleft Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from your Screamathon swap partner. Have you received a package since we last emailed? 1mo
LeslieO @4thhouseontheleft I have not received anything yet. 1mo
LeslieO @4thhouseontheleft I‘m sure there‘s an explanation. I hope all is ok with my partner. 1mo
4thhouseontheleft @LeslieO check your inbox tonight, I'm sending you an email! 1mo
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1. September hasn't been a good reading month for me. But my goal for the year is to read 200 books and I have read 176 books!
2. I am a super picky eater but my favorite meal is salmon cakes and fried potatoes.
3. Lately pop.
4. January for work. I will hit double digits!
5. Done!


RamsFan1963 @Lovesbooks87 Mmmmmm I love salmon cakes and fried potatoes!! I ate them often as a child. I haven't had any in years. 1mo
xxjenadanxx We call them salmon patties but I love them too. That's what we had for dinner Thursday! 1mo
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1. Surpassed the general # of books I want to read goal but still have a lot of work to do on the # of nonfiction books I want to read
2. Worked with a team of scientists including Bob Ballard (man who found the Titanic) searching for ancient shipwrecks in the Mediterranean one summer
3. Favorite genre really depends on mood—Blues and Classic Rock always work
4. March
5.👏 September!

#friyayintro @howjessreads

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1. 80/100 completed for my GR challenge so far

2. Fishers (North American member of the mustelid family) are one of the few predators of porcupines. They flip the porcupines on their backs to get to their undefended bellies. Porcupines probably don't consider this a "fun fact."

3. I listen widely, but most often Alt Rock/Indie

4. October = 20 years married

5: ?️?️?️?️?️?️

#friyayintro @howjessreads

howjessreads Lol at porcupine fun facts. 😂🤣 1mo
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