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Go Hunt Me | Kelly Devos
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A solid horror entry. It was a little slow in the beginning, but picked up once the reached Romania. It has a nice twist at the end. It's another good book for Word Search points.
#Scarathlon2022 #TeamMonsterMash #BuddyRead
#AutumnAtoZ @Texreader #LetterG
#ScarathlonDailyPrompts Finished for #Killer

WJCintron 😃🙌 2mo
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The Greenhouse | Auur A. lafsdttir, Brian Fitzgibbon
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Book— tagged
Author— Natalie Goldberg
Movie/TV— Gilmore Girls
Singer/Band— The Gaslight Anthem
Song— Girl From the North Country by Bob Dylan and Gone Again by The Indigo Girls

#ManicMonday #LetterG

I‘m a week behind, but I‘ll post H soon! :)

CBee Possibly one of my favorite Dylan songs ♥️ 2mo
AmyG @CBee I was just going to say the same thing. 2mo
CBee @AmyG I got to see him in concert once! I love him ♥️♥️ 2mo
AmyG He used to play with the Grateful Dead so I got to see him a bunch of times. He is a legend. @CBee (edited) 2mo
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#manicmonday #letterG @CBee
📚Harry potter and the goblet of fire
💻Diana Gabaldon
🎥Ghosts (UK and US), game of thrones, the great, glee, Gilmore girls, Greek
🎶Good Charlotte
🎼Go to war by nøthing møre
Getting away with murder by papa roach

mom_of_4 I loved harry potter 2mo
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Gone with the Wind | Margareth Mitchell
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#manicmonday #LetterG @CBee

📚 May I go with Gone with the wind? I'm still reading it and I'm loving it
👤 Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling
🎬 Gone with the wind
👨‍🎤 Guns 'n roses
🎤 Ghost of you - My Chemical Romance

CBee Gone With the Wind is great! Make sure to watch the movie too when you‘re done with the book, it‘s worth it 😊😊 2mo
Ast_Arslan @CBee I saw the movie many times as a kid, I'm really excited to watch it again after the reading. I can't wait 😂❤️ 2mo
CBee @Ast_Arslan enjoy 😊 2mo
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George Michael | David Nolan
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Late again!

📕 Golden Son - Pierce Brown / Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
💻Philippa Gregory
🎬Grimm (David Giuntoli crush) / GoldenEye (Pierce Brosnan & Sean Bean!)
🎤George Michael (my first love)
🎶 Gimme All Your Lovin' - ZZ Top

#LetterG #ManicMonday @CBee

CBee I think George Michael was a first love of mine too ♥️ 2mo
OutsmartYourShelf @CBee I was a little bit too young for the heyday of Wham (although I loved their music as a youngster) but the Faith video - he was just gorgeous. So glad I got to see him live in Manchester, UK. I was gutted when he died 💔 2mo
CBee @OutsmartYourShelf we might be about the same age? I fell in love with him in the Faith era too 😍 And yes, I was devastated when he died 🙁🙁 2mo
OutsmartYourShelf @CBee I‘m a very late Gen X-er (1965-1980). 2mo
CBee @OutsmartYourShelf I was born in 1977 😊 2mo
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📚tagged. Get a life chloe brown.
🖊Chloe Gong. John Green. Romina Garber.
📺Grey's Anatomy! The Good Place. The Great. Gossip Girl. Great British Baking Show. Gilmore Girls. Ginny & Georgia.
🎤The goo goo dolls
🎶Giants- walk the moon. Good girls go bad- cobra starship. Get lucky- daft punk.

Ik it's late but I love to play!
#manicmonday #letterG

CBee Love seeing your answers on Monday or any day! 😃 2mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
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A day late, but still fun!
📚 Gone With the Wind
👨‍💻 Neil Gaiman
🎬 Guardians of the Galaxy, Galaxy Quest
🎸 Genesis, George Michael
🎼 Go Your Own Way, Gypsy
#ManicMonday #LetterG

CBee Thanks for playing! 2mo
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#ManicMinday @cbee #LetterG

📘 A Gentleman In Moscow
✒️ Neil Gaiman
🎬 Good Will Hunting
🎤 Green Day
🎶 Gold Dust Woman

Just a day late. Forgot to do this one yesterday.

CBee Another good G song from Fleetwood Mac ♥️ 2mo
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Geekerella | Ashley Poston
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#ManicMonday #LetterG @CBee

The picks for 'G' is:

📚: Geekerella
✒️: Kami Garcia
🎬: Grey's Anatomy
🎤: George Strait
🎶: Good Boy by G-Dragon & Taeyon

CBee Morning and thanks for playing! 😊 2mo
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