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Black Ice | Becca Fitzpatrick
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Has anyone read any of Becca Fitzpatrick‘s books? I keep looking at them, but not sure about them. I would love any thoughts.

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thegirlwiththelibrarybag It was the rare teen series I finished! I enjoyed them at the time but not sure how I‘d feel about them now (I remember not everyone liking Patch‘s behaviour/attitude towards Nora). They came out a little after Twilight and around the same time as Fallen... 2mo
AsYouWish @thegirlwiththelibrarybag I may give it a chance, I mean worst case I don‘t like it and bring it back to the library. I really like YA books, so it may be my new favorite, right?! 2mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @AsYouWish, for sure! You‘ll know pretty quickly if it‘s worth your time ☺️ and if not, there is no shortage of brilliant YA books out there waiting to be discovered 2mo
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hes7 Haven‘t read any yet, but I‘m planning to get to Black Ice this month. 2mo
AsYouWish @hes7 I am trying to decide between Black Ice and Hush, Hush. I may check out both and then decide. 2mo
TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 2mo
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Behind Her Eyes | Sarah Pinborough
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I'm really torn with this book, about halfway through. I keep getting frustrated with Louise, no one is this stupid. No one gets tangled up this quickly at her age in BS this deep. The only reason why I'm sticking it out for now is that the reviews are great and I want to understand exactly what Adele is up to. To DNR or not DNR, that is the question ... Thoughts? #helpme

Megabooks I enjoyed this one. Even if you DNF, read the last three (I think) chapters because the twist is pretty fun!! I‘m sick of stupid heroines in thrillers as well. 4mo
Soubhiville It depends how you feel about bizarre twists. The thing that makes this book is the ending. 4mo
ReadingOverSleeping @Megabooks thanks for the tip! I may just do that. Louise is so frustrating! No one behaves this way. And to make a single mother with the self control and mindset of a horny teenager is so irritating! Lol as you can see, I have feelings about this one! 😅😂 4mo
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OrangeMooseReads The end is the redeeming bit for this book. 4mo
carlygriff I really struggled with this one too. 4mo
Megabooks @ReadingOverSleeping it‘ll make sense when you read the end. That‘s all I‘ll say! 🤐 4mo
mom2bugnbee This book has one of the most amazing twists at the end that I've ever read. I highly suggest you stick with it! 4mo
cherinium I echo what the others have said. Most of the book was underwhelming, but that twist just messed with my mind so much I'm glad I stuck with it. 4mo
ReadingOverSleeping Alright guys, I'm going to power through for this twist! Thank you for the encouragement! I'll keep you posted! 4mo
ReadingOverSleeping @Megabooks @Soubhiville @OrangeMooseReads @mom2bugnbee @cherinium wow, I really didn't see that coming at all! There were some parts that just didn't make sense but it came together in the end. I still can't stand Louise! Lol! 4mo
ReadingOverSleeping @carlygriff did you finish it? I did today, it was worth the twist! 4mo
carlygriff @ReadingOverSleeping yes I did 😬 glad I powered through but not one of my favourites! 4mo
ReadingOverSleeping @carlygriff I agree! I don't think I would have finished if I wasn't halfway through already! 4mo
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Amazons Audible Audio Books | Albert N Thomas
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I can't make up my mind! Which one should I choose? #audible #audiobooks #helpme #thesilentpatient #educated

cwarnier I vote for both!😁 but seriously I loved Educated and have not read Silent Patient, so I vote for Educated. 4mo
Macker11 Ahh! I have Silent Patient coming up! 4mo
MelissaSue81 Educated!!! 4mo
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PurpleyPumpkin Oooh, hard choice. They're both on my tbr as well, so I understand your dilemma! Looking forward to your thoughts on either/both books.👍🏽 4mo
sprainedbrain I‘ve listened to Educated... it was very good! 4mo
sblbooks I'm hoping to read both of those this year. 4mo
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Summer Reading | Hilma Wolitzer
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Please help a fellow book nerd out. 😀😀

I just realized my tbr is filled with heavy subjects or thrillers and I really need fun and summer like YA reads.

Thank you for your help!

#helpme #summerrecs

wideeyedreader Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour is pretty good, if you haven‘t read that! 6mo
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LibrarianRyan @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego
Sorry, I am on the desk top version nad it only lets me comment once.
Hestapleton I read the ACOTAR series every summer! YA Fantasy with fairies and romance—it‘s perfect. Start with this one: 6mo
BookHoarder32 Any Huntley Fitzpatrick 6mo
Lovesbooks87 Agree with anything by Jennifer E. Smith! Anything by Sandhya Menon, Maurene Goo, The Field Guide to the American Teenager. I also loved The Selection Series and The Lunar Chronicles! 6mo
Victoriahoperose Love and Gelato and Windfall are two of my faves. 6mo
That-Bookish-Hiker @Mariposa_Bookworm I have read that and loved it! I‘m afraid to watch the movie lol. 6mo
That-Bookish-Hiker @wideeyedreader I haven‘t read that one by her. I‘ll add it to my summer tbr. Thank you! 6mo
wideeyedreader @That-Bookish-Hiker You‘re welcome! 6mo
GypsyKat Love and luck 5mo
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Y‘all, I‘ve been reading this book for literally two months. It‘s not a hard read, but I‘m just not into finishing it. I‘m in a book slump and I need help! #whattoread #bookslump #helpme (also throwback to this internet gem)

Demibom What do you like to read? 8mo
looking_for_mikaela @Demibom I‘m so all over the place, usually more of a contemporary drama, with the occasional science fiction splashed in? 8mo
tpixie Try something different! The author is a Litten! 8mo
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looking_for_mikaela @tpixie annnnd it‘s on my list. Thanks for the recommendation! (edited) 8mo
tpixie @looking_for_mikaela I like the writing. The 3 sisters were actually real people! I'm reading the second one now 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Ok, this often happens to me with nonfiction. Killers of the Flower Moon almost sent me into one but I‘ve introduced Stephen King as a palate cleanser.. 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 That sounds weird, but KOTFM is so disturbing, and also drawn out, that SK is a welcome change. When you‘re determined to finish a book, sometimes another book “break”helps. Fiction Saves. Lol 8mo
looking_for_mikaela @JanuarieTimewalker13 “fiction saves”! 🥰 I love it 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Hahaha...yeah, amazing I could come up with anything BC-Before Coffee. It‘s my mental “on” switch. Lol 8mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage You could always stick to the same characters, but bump to this fictional mystery. It‘s funny and a quick read. 8mo
tpixie @JanuarieTimewalker13 #FictionSaves ! I love it!!! ♥️📚♥️ 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 @tpixie hahaha!! I like the hashtag!! I‘m still plowing through KOTFM. It‘s so disturbing that Bag of Bones is actually comforting (thus far). 8mo
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Guys. I‘m about to get REAL vulnerable right now, but I need some serious help/advice/book suggestions... as I‘ve mentioned in previous posts, I have two stepdaughters (ages 5 & 6). As any of you can imagine or know from experience, it is HARD. (Continued in comments) #stepmother #stepmothertroubles #helpme #advice #booksuggestions #cryforhelp

MolliesaurusRex So obviously I deal with a lot of the regular struggles of “you‘re not my mom” and whatever. But 6 also has incredibly high anxiety. Not diagnosed, at least not yet, but as someone with an anxiety diagnosis who has looked back on my own issues as a child and realized that my anxiety was where they stemmed from, I recognize the same things in her. 9mo
MolliesaurusRex Lately, she has been throwing explosive fits and become very violent with her father and I. It‘s only with us, though. Not their mother. Not their grandparents. Not in school. Just at our house (or in our car, apparently). It starts the moment she doesn‘t get her way, & it‘s gotten so bad that, following tonight‘s outburst.... 9mo
MolliesaurusRex ...my arm is swollen and covered in bruises (luckily that‘s all she could reach; I should also mention that the swelling and bruising is even after ice has been applied). Her mother isn‘t cooperative with us, instead choosing to blame their father for everything because it makes her feel better about the situation. 9mo
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MolliesaurusRex We‘re getting them into counseling as soon as humanly possible (they‘re currently on 3 different waiting lists and we‘re doing everything we can to turn at least one of those into an appointment), but in the meantime, I need help. We can‘t keep doing this. Neither of us knows what to do anymore. So literally anything you guys have for us will be so incredibly appreciated.❤️ you‘re all an awesome community to be part of.❤️❤️ 9mo
Chrissyreadit @MolliesaurusRex please feel free to email me and give me more info. I just saw this. I‘m sure I can give you some resources and strategies, I just need some additional info. (I am a clinical behavior specialist and primarily work with children- all my info would be to tide you over and keep you safe while waiting for counseling though) 9mo
MolliesaurusRex @Chrissyreadit that‘s honestly all we‘re trying to do right now. I absolutely will reach out to you. Thank you so so much.❤️❤️❤️ 9mo
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I magically went from, “There are zero books I want to read!..” to, “Download EVERYTHING. Put holds on ALL the things! At the same time!!!!”

#helpme😂 #manicreading?

Weaponxgirl Sounds familiar 😂 11mo
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Gone with the Wind | Margareth Mitchell
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I need motivation. I'm so ready to bail on this book 😭

I thought I would love it. But I just don't! Motivate me!

#helpme #dislikethisbook

LaurenReads I read it to say I read it, but I didn‘t enjoy it - sorry I can‘t help!! 11mo
c.m.reger Watch the movie instead? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 11mo
JanePratt @LaurenReads I'm almost there! 11mo
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JanePratt @c.m.reger I might 😂 11mo
CatLass007 Read it some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I much prefer the book to the movie. 11mo
c.m.reger @JanePratt Reward yourself with a book you‘ve been really wanting when you finish it! 11mo
JanePratt @c.m.reger @CatLass007 I think I'm going to listen to it. I've really wanted to read it for years! 11mo
CatLass007 Sounds like a good idea! 11mo
Lea I took me a lot of tries to get through it. I enjoyed it in the end but it was a push. 11mo
xicanti Honestly, I think it's fine to bail. It's a long, long book and there's no point in torturing yourself if you're still not into it after 129 pages. (Or is it 329?) (edited) 11mo
c.m.reger @JanePratt I think that‘s a great idea! 11mo
JanePratt @xicanti 129 😢 lol 11mo
mrsmarch You‘re allowed to not read a classic book, and even to bail on one! Bail away! (I‘m a bad influence.) 11mo
JanePratt @mrsmarch let's be best friends 😂 11mo
mrsmarch @JanePratt I‘m only doing exactly what your profile says, which is to knock any love story from out your hands so you can expand your horizons. It‘s fate. 11mo
JanePratt @mrsmarch lol true 11mo
mrsmarch @JanePratt I‘m also attempting to finally read Les Mis on Serial Reader bc my knowledge of classics is dismal. So, maybe I sometimes also give contradictory advice. But if you aren‘t feeling it, pfffft. 11mo
tracydishman17 That is my all time favorite book. 11mo
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Sinatra: The Life | Anthony Summers, Robbyn Swan
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Which book should I pick up next for working out? Both are finally available on Scribd and I can‘t decide! Help me figure it out please Litsy 🙈

#exercisebook #huffltuff #audiobook #scribd #vote #helpme #mpls #twincities

gradcat Who do you admire most? Personally, the Jane Goodall is good, but I haven‘t read the other. If you‘re a big Sinatra fan, though...🤔🤔🤔 13mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 They‘re so different that it depends on your mood. Rat Pack or Gorilla Gang. Lol 13mo
wanderinglynn I would vote for the Jane Goodall book because she‘s simply amazing! 13mo
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fleeting Both very different but I would most def go with Goodall! Inspiring and heartwarming and just gives you a bit hope and prompt you to also act upon things that you care about 13mo
RJHowe Can‘t beat Goodall 13mo
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Y‘all. How do people do school in the summertime? 😭 The research paper I‘m supposed to be writing is super informal and super short, but I can‘t bring myself to even get started! It‘s technically not due until next week, but I just want it done and finished with. (Tagged book is actually pretty awesome!)
#TeachersAsStudentsAreTheWorst #TeachersofLitsy #HelpMe

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