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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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#SoaringScores #EntryIntoTheGreatHall #HarryPotter #JohnWilliams


This song has all the pomp and circumstance of a celebration fanfare! An magical scene from the first HP movie!

HerDarkHuntress1 We need to have a hp inspired swap! (edited) 1mo
CrowCAH @HerDarkHuntress1 I think you should host it; I bet you‘ll get a lot of participation! 1mo
HerDarkHuntress1 @CrowCAH I‘m so new to this app that I‘m not even sure what all goes on with a swap. I keep seeing them but I never see the start of one. What are the rules? 1mo
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CrowCAH @HerDarkHuntress1 I‘ve never hosted a swap, thought I‘d it. But I think @LibrarianRyan might be able to answer this better, as #MakerSwap is theirs. 1mo
LibrarianRyan @HerDarkHuntress1 ello. There is usually a few different HP swaps throughout the year. They have been hosted by different people each time (I believe, but can not honestly remember). All most all hosts abide by the @LitsySwaps rules, and then add their own as needed by the swap. Right before Halloween i did a primer of sorts for new Littens on Swap etiquette. Hit the #swapprimer hashtag and if you have any questions just ask 1mo
HerDarkHuntress1 Thank you so much! I‘m on one device reading up on it now while on another wanting to say thank you before I‘m sucked in! So thank you for the help @librarianRyan and @CrowCAH 1mo
HerDarkHuntress1 Thank you so much! I‘m on one device reading up on it now while on another wanting to say thank you before I‘m sucked in! So thank you for the help @librarianRyan and @CrowCAH 1mo
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Hey All, I'm back with #SWAPprimer number two. I'm not hosting any of the fall swaps but I want to make sure all our newbs have a fantastic time.

Last time we looked at signing up and hosting, this time we shall talk about what to do once you register.

Everything here is my opinion, and some may disagree and that is okay. I want everyone to have as much fun at this as I do.


LibrarianRyan 1. The first thing is the most important thing and you need only remember 2 words, REPLY, POST, TAG.

You have signed up and it's match day and you have your magic match in your hand. REPLY to sender and say, I have it. It does not need to be long, or wordy, or flowery. A simple “got it“ or for me “k“ works well. Address typos happen, and stuff goes to junk mail. Your host just like to note that you have your match. Please reply.
LibrarianRyan 2. When it is time to send your package, POST IT. Pictures are great but if you forget to take one, that is okay. We all do it. Having pictures of the packages helps build anticipation (think of Dr. Frankenfurter when you read that), but are not must.

When you post be sure to use the swap hashtag # and TAG the host. This helps us find missing posts we may have missed or need to note. Should you tag your partner? More on that later.
LibrarianRyan 3. When you receive a package once again you need to TAG the host and tag the person who sent it to you. You can do this as a new post, or even go to the senders original post and comment on that post. It is what every works for you. Remember, communication is KEY!

Also, remember, there are no bad pictures. This is not bookstagram, it doesn't need to be art. Once again pictures make your posts more visible, but are not mandatory.
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LibrarianRyan 4. Lets talk shipping. Shipping is CRAZY!. Be sure to allow time. Just because the USPS says flat rate shipping takes 3 days, plan on 5. Ground shipping, plan on 5. Media mail, plan on 7-10. International plan on 2 weeks minimum. If you are talking US to AUS or Israel - plan on a month or more (experience talking). Shipping between two major metropolitan places is quicker then between farm towns. Plan accordingly. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 5. Shipping Cont.
Flat Rate boxes are awesome. What ever fits it ships. A medium flat rate (US rate) is $14.00 and a large is $18. However, if like me you are cheep you can send the books Media Mail. This is books only. If the post office thinks there may be more than books they have the right to inspect your package and charge for pickup.

International shipping is NOT cheep. that is probably a duh, but you have been warned. Plan $30 MIN
(edited) 4mo
LibrarianRyan 6. To help save on shipping, some people ship directly from the supplier like Amazon, Book Depository, BN, etc. This is great. Free shipping!! If you do this, this is one time you want to POST as soon as possible. TAG the host, and TAG your match. Let them know to expect a package from XXX. There are few times Littens have opened boxes early not knowing it was supposed to be for their swap. Depending on location, Amazon delivers same day. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 7. When to tag your match? If you are having something sent from a supplier, ALWAYS tag your match. Be on the safe side so the package isn't refused.

If it is a mystery swap, don't tag your match, just the host (unless you for see problems with delivery (more on that later))

If it is a paired swap tag your match.

Also ALWAYS get a tracking number and keep until you know your match has their package. These come in real handy.
LibrarianRyan 8. Shipping problems? Say it isn't so. but it does happen. We have seen packages come in damaged, water soaked, or not at all. If there is a weather problem like a hurricane, talk with host about when to ship. Most often the USPS will move pages to safer locations, but it depends on the amount of warning time. (I asked). Most anything going out of USPS has a tracking number, and Priority mail has insurance. Media Mail is not insured. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 9. Fun time. You have your match now what. It's time to start stalking. This is open social media account stalking. Most swaps ask where you can be found on line. Goodreads and Library Thing are the biggest, but there are others. Please only stalk on social platforms the match has listed. For example don't go looking on Facebook, if the match has not said they are on facebook. Some wont care, some will. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 10. GR and LT are amazing places to stalk if your match has been using them for a while. If you can try to check that your match does not already have the books you want to send. This will be easier with some than with others. Most of the time this type of information is in the registration sheet. But it's always nice to go looking.

But what if you are not friend on that platform, or don't use that platform? Oh NO!
LibrarianRyan 11. I'm joking. most platforms will let you see anything not locked down. If you use that same platform, ask to be friends. They may guess that you are their match, but maybe not. To hide my matches, I'll start following a few people or ask for a handful of new friends, and purposely hide my match in a big batch.

Look through Litsy accounts. Look at the questionaires that have been answered, or what has already been read and loved.
(edited) 4mo
LibrarianRyan 12. Get a feel for your match. You can go off “book“. You do not have to completely stick to wishlist's and registrations. Those are guides. My favorite thing I have ever received was a Mad Madam Mim notebook. I mentioned in a survey months before that she was my fav villain. I was shocked and amazed when I unwrapped it. that was an amazing job of sleuthing. It had nothing to do with that swap theme, but I still adore it. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 13. There are two types of matches - Paired where two people send to each other, and mystery where you send to someone different than sends to you. Paired matches are nice because you can ask questions. I had to ask what type of library someone worked at. Then I had to ask them to choose “make“ or “play“. These type of questions are great and can help you have a successful swap. Plus, it can drive your match nuts with anticipation. 😁 (edited) 4mo
LibrarianRyan 14. Mystery matches can be harder. If you really need help, you can ask the host to ask your match a question. I have done it. Actually I asked my match to fill out a questionnaire. If you are desperate, you can also ask other littens for ideas. I have to do this when I am matched with someone I have little reading in common with. It's okay. Ask away. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 15. To wrap or not to wrap...that is the question. that is entirely up to you. Some people really love to wrap things. Others are just happy to get it in the box and out the door. Either is okay. Besides you swap materials there really only needs to be 2 things in the box. A note that says who you are, and a second copy of the address you are sending the package to.

If you want to write longer notes, or put a note on each item, go for it
LibrarianRyan 16. It is all about your comfort. Only do what you are comfortable with. And each swap may be different. You may have a lot to say in a Halloween match, but little to say in non-fiction swap. It is entirely up to you. Do what you are comfortable with. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 17. Yeah your package has arrived!!!! whoo hoo. Now comes the wait.......

Please try to stick to the open date. If you open early don't tell anyone, just photo it for later and post it on open date. If you are not going to be home on open day, make a post saying you will open it the minute you can.

Opening is one time when you should really use a picture post. Show off your loot. Do it in a few pictures if you want/need.
LibrarianRyan 18. One of the best parts of swaps is seeing what everyone else gets. See how senders interpreted the swap and the match.

I hope this all helps, and for those first times who have just read all this, have a great swap. I look forward to being matched with a few of you.

Happy Reading.
LibrarianRyan @Macker11 just a head up, you are the first person to have all their #bookmarkswap envelopes received. Good job. 4mo
Macker11 @LibrarianRyan yay! I was too nervous, I realize now I could of taken more time lol. Now I know. 4mo
KatieDid927 Bah re: #4. I should've sent my Bookmark Swap to Canada earlier. I didn't give it a full two weeks AND I didn't get tracking. It was my first time doing an international swap. I hope it gets there okay and on time! Oy. 😖 4mo
LibrarianRyan @KatieDid927 you did fine. Envelopes travel faster. Plus from the beginning internationals were going to run late. You have done a great job. 4mo
KatieDid927 @LibrarianRyan Thanks! ☺️ 4mo
LapReader I got two of mine out the day after the announcement. 1 has been returned to me!😭 4mo
LibrarianRyan @LapReader yeah and oh no. Was it a bad address? Do I need to contact your match. 4mo
HerDarkHuntress1 @LibrarianRyan I finished looking I to the rules and I would love to see a list of all the swaps going on but when I clicked on the @LitsySwaps I noticed there hasn‘t been much going on there in the last ten months though I have seen quite a few swap posts... has everyone decided to go to a different page or is it just hidden from me? I‘m not going to sign up for anything now but I would love to look into it more. 1mo
LibrarianRyan @HerDarkHuntress1 that page has been pretty dormant. I do not believe there are any open swaps right now. I think most opened yesterday. Holiday swaps should start opening soon. Follow @LitsyHappenings. Most hosts tag that account and it is pretty active. 1mo
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We are heading into the biggest SWAP season of the year here on Litsy. Since our @LitsySwaps page has been inactive for a bit, and we have a TON of new Littens, I thought I would write up a primer for everyone about how swaps work, dos, don'ts, etc. And give those who need, place to ask general questions.

This will be a thread and it may be long

Pictured above are the general swap rules as created by various hosts and @LitsySwaps


LibrarianRyan 2. Any and all specific host rules may overrule these general rules, but most do not. Most will include these rules into their rules in some form or another. They may not be word for word (I'm lazy, I copied and pasted years ago and still use it) but most rules DO NOT CHANGE.

If there is a rule you do not like in the swap THEN DON“T DO THE SWAP! It is that simple.
LibrarianRyan 3. Pay attention to the theme if there is one. Please do not sign up for a Steampunk swap, if you hate steampunk. Just putting in the additional notes that you hate steampunk but wanted to do a swap, is NOT a good way to get involved. All us hosts want you to have a great time both giving and receiving, so please don't start up on the track to fail. If you are open to trying something new swaps ARE a great way to do so, just mention it. (edited) 4mo
LibrarianRyan 4. Commit to your commitments. Do not sign up for a swap you know you can not afford. Also, If you can only afford 1 swap, do not sign up for 2.

FAIR WARNING: There is a BLACKLIST. Actually there are at least two, maybe more. We hosts talk and keep notes. Yes you can get off the blacklist, but it requires someone willing to trust you and give you a chance. Meaning, it may not be easy.
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LibrarianRyan 5. in partnership with 4, if your in trouble, say something. Let your host know. We know about and understand emergencies. Weather its illness/death in the family to hurricanes we hosts will work with you. We talk to your swap partners and work out alternative, switch things up, cover, etc. COMMUNICATION IS KEY. The sooner we know, the sooner we can help. We want this to be fun for all, not a burden or a concern when life happens. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 6. Still going with 4 and 5, please do not think that just because you change your screen name that you will automatically get off the blacklist. Sorry. Does not work that way.

You should AT NO TIME between signing up for a swap and opening day change your screen name. You should also have your account set to public. If you have blocked specific littens, please let your host know if you end up paired.
LibrarianRyan 7. Just as their are bad swappers, I will be honest there are hosts who are better than others. I know when I host swaps I can be a bit of a nag, so I would not be surprised to find out I was on someones “nope“ list. At the same time, I personally keep track of swaps I did not enjoy and why. What makes a good host is different to everyone, so a awesome host to me, may be someone else's night mare and vice versa. That is okay. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 8. If you want to host a swap, you can. There is nothing holding you back. But know ahead of time it is a lot of work. Even the simplest smallest swap takes up soooo much time. For a newbie, think of it this way, you will probably spend one - two hours on your swap for everyone who signs up.

That means you could spend 40 hours on work for a swap of 40 people. The more you do it, the easier it gets, but not always.
LibrarianRyan 9. Go into swaps for the fun, for the excitement, the joy. Don't go into swaps for what you will get out of it. Some will post spending limits, or have you pick a price range, some do not. Don't look for a me verses them: what did I spend, what did they spend. Set your own budget. What you want to do and what you can afford. And be understanding that not everyone may be in the same situation you are in. 4mo
KatieDid927 Thanks for this! When I first started doing swaps I had to hunt for the original Litsy rules. I also have toyed with the idea of hosting so this is helpful insight for me on that end as well. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 10. Be open to not getting what is on your wishlist. If you only want and will only except books on your list, you may limit the person sending to you, to something they can not do. Wishlists are great ways for matches to get ideas, but if you are a core believer of “only want I want“ you may want to do a book store run rather than a swap. (edited) 4mo
LibrarianRyan 11. Over all, what us various hosts want is for everyone to be happy. We want everyone to have fun and be energized for books! But we can not do it all. We need your help as someone who signs up for a swap to help make them all they can be. And i bet they will be great. 4mo
LibrarianRyan 12. Last thought, as mentioned Halloween Swaps are the biggest time of the year Last year there was at least 5. So far this year we have

#ScreamathonSwap by @4thHouseontheLeft
#BasicWitchSwap by @Sprainedbrain

Every year I look forword to the
#AllHallowsReadswap and the #Halloweengoespostal. I have not tagged hosts in case they choose not to host this year.

Last year there was also a #hocusPocusswap and other.

Happy Swapping ALL! 😁
(edited) 4mo
LibrarianRyan @KatieDid927 Yeahh. Any questions, just ask. If I don't know the answers, I have done all the most popular host's swaps and we are all willing to help answer questions. 4mo
BookwormAHN Halloween swaps are the best 👻 4mo
LibrarianRyan @BookwormAHN Yeah baby. I sign up for way to many of them. I think I did all but one last year. And I now myself, i will probably to it again this year. But I am so planning ahead. 4mo
4thhouseontheleft @librarianryan how can a first time swap host see the blacklist? 😃😃 4mo
Scochrane26 @librarianryan what‘s the best way to find out about swaps? I‘ve seen the 2 offered so far because they were shared by others. 4mo
4thhouseontheleft And for anyone interested, here‘s the link for the #screamathon swap! Signup here: https://forms.gle/jcx64L78Vj4Xhufc6 4mo
LibrarianRyan @4thhouseontheleft The big list is is held by @Avanders. I have access to list #2. What I usually do is supply a to the “listmaster“ a list of my participants and their real name, and the list master gives an okay, or notes a name that has been problematic. I forgot to get my last last #Makerswap checked by the big list and ended up having to add to it. It also meant I didn't catch someone who changed their screen name. 4mo
LibrarianRyan @Scochrane26 follow these two accounts @LitsySwaps, and @LitsyHappenings. Most of us swap hosts tag these two accounts. We also try to tag big friends and those in the 6 digit club. Litsy Swaps has been dormant for a few months, but Happenings is still going strong.

6 digits are those who have been around forever and have six digits in their litfluence. You can con your way to 5 digits, but not to 6.
rather_be_reading YES Great idea!! 4mo
Crazeedi Thank you for posting this! 4mo
sprainedbrain Excellent idea! Anyone know what‘s happening with the LitsySwaps account? I‘m about to need the naughty list, and no one is answering my email. 😳 4mo
LibrarianRyan @sprainedbrain no idea about the swaps account. I have access to a very small ⬛️list and I don‘t remember all, but @a Anders has access to the original larger list. 4mo
sprainedbrain @LibrarianRyan thanks! 😊 4mo
sprainedbrain @Avanders Could I please get access to the naughty list? I had it ages ago for the Jane Austen swap but deleted it because I didn‘t think I would host another swap. 😳 And now I‘m co-hosting another swap. 4mo
Avanders @sprainedbrain @4thhouseontheleft just email me at Leathy18 at gmail dot com. ☺️ I‘m sorry it has to exist, but also glad it does. Hope it helps! 4mo
LibrarianRyan @Avanders @sprainedbrain @4thhouseontheleft I made the mistake of not checking for my last real swap and finally hit bad luck 2 flakes. One had changed screen names multiple times and one was a newbie. It sucks it has to exist but years ago there had repeat offenders and there had to stop it somehow. 4mo
sprainedbrain @LibrarianRyan it does suck... happened to me once back in the early days and I don‘t want anyone to every have to experience having a dud for a match! 4mo
4thhouseontheleft @Avanders Thanks! I‘ll email you soon. @LibrarianRyan I‘ve been matched with a few duds myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4mo
LibrarianRyan @4thhouseontheleft I think it‘s cool how much fun this is, and how much it brings joy to people. I love doing it. I will say, the bookmark swap has been the hardest. No complaints, everyone has been great, it was just a lot to match everyone. I had so many people do the bookmark swap who was their first time, or worried about how everything works. I hope I didn‘t come across as a witch, it wasn‘t my intention. Just to prepare newbies. Good luck 4mo
LibrarianRyan @4thhouseontheleft I look forward to the acreamathon. I keep wanting to start books, just to say, nope not yet. 🧛🏼‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️ 4mo
4thhouseontheleft @LibrarianRyan It‘s a good thing I have #BBRC to keep me occupied until October arrives. 😃😃 (edited) 4mo
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