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Written in Blood
Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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An army brat-turned-marine, he saw combat in Vietnam, and returned a decorated soldier. An avid reader, his dreams of being an acclaimed novelist came true. His desire to find love was fulfilled when he married brilliant executive Kathleen Atwater, the first female student accepted at Duke University's School of Engineering. The Petersons seemed the ideal academic couple- well-respected, prosperous, and happy. All that came crashing down in December of 2001, when Kathleen apparently fell to her death in their secluded home in an exclusive area of Durham, North Carolina. But blood spattered evidence and a missing fireplace poker suggested calculated, cold-blooded murder. Her trusted husband stood accused. Prosecutors introduced evidence at trial that sixteen years earlier, Peterson was one of the last people to see his neighbor alive before she was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her home in Germany. A dramatic trial followed in the explosive final chapter of a life that no novelist could ever have conceived... Written in Blood is a 2006 Edgar Award Nominee for Best Fact Crime.
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Remember this book and The Staircase? I knew I had seen a picture many times of Mike and Kathleen dancing. I wonder if his guilty feet have got no rhythm? Is he ever going to dance again? The way he danced with yoooouuuu? 😂😂

I love #carelesswhisper! Strangely enough, I listened to it a lot in college in Durham. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #anglophileapril

emilyhaldi I haven‘t stopped thinking about the Staircase since I watched it!!!!!!!!! 9mo
Cinfhen They looked so happy back then. What a terrible story. 9mo
Megabooks @emilyhaldi I only stopped thinking about it after I both watched The Staircase AND read this book. It brought back the old familiar confusion I had after it happened so I just moved out of my head. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 9mo
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Megabooks @Cinfhen it is. I watch My 600 lb Life and the people on it really believe themselves when the say they don‘t eat that much. They erase pizzas and ice cream and focus on the orange they once ate. They forget that they (for real) ate $30 of McDonald‘s at one meal and say they can‘t afford healthy food. My point is that people can make themselves forget things. I wonder if mike pushed back the murder so far he doesn‘t think he actually did it. (edited) 9mo
Megabooks @emilyhaldi @Cinfhen I really can‘t believe I just used My 600 lb Life in an intelligent discussion. #guiltypleasure 🤦🏻‍♀️ 9mo
Cinfhen Ha!!!! And here I was thinking THAT was VERY PROFOUND! 🙌🏻💕😂 9mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I try! Lol 😉😘 9mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I just couldn‘t stop thinking how hard it is to spend $30 at McDonald‘s!! I mean it was 2 double quarter pounder meals, 20 piece nugget, cookies, and a shake! I mean, for f**** sake! I was totally gobsmacked. Then she goes to Dr. Now and says she eats grapes and crackers. As you can tell, I needed to get this out! 9mo
LauraJ @Megabooks I‘m glad you got it out. I‘m very amused by this whole thread. 😸 9mo
Megabooks @LauraJ lol! 😂 I‘m glad. Sometimes I get a little punch-drunk when I‘m up late and finally get the house to myself!! 9mo
Cinfhen Hahaha!!! I might need to watch a few episodes 9mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen It‘s an interesting program. I‘m always rooting for them to lose weight, but sometimes their excuses are just absurd. There was a good one recently where the man lost half his body weight and made peace with his abusive father. Then there‘s this shady therapist that makes me angry because she seems to bring up the worst parts of their lives for ratings. The worst was when Dr. Now verbally berated a mentally unstable woman that made me cry 9mo
Cinfhen Some of those scenarios sound abusive😢I‘m always curious what motivates a person to go on national TV and subject themselves. 9mo
EadieB @Megabooks @Cinfhen Love your discussion about My 600 lb. life! Never saw the show but I‘ll have to check it out! Back to Michael - he definitely is totally in denial about murdering these women. I keep thinking about the control he had over the girls even after he killed their mother! Wicked man! 9mo
Cinfhen He really is a wicked man @EadieB I almost forgot about those poor girls 9mo
Reviewsbylola That brings a whole new level of creepiness to the song. 😆 9mo
Mdargusch Great tie in! 9mo
Megabooks @EadieB @Cinfhen I had temporarily forgotten about Margaret and Martha too! I feel terrible for them!! 😢😢 Cindy - regarding the show, they get a pittance of money, but they do get free medical care as long as they‘re being filmed. (There are follow-up shows where they get loose skin removed.) Many have been turned away from other drs for being too large or have Medicaid that won‘t pay, so they see this as their only option. ☹️ 9mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola Right? I always thought this was one of the stranger George Michael songs. 9mo
Megabooks @Mdargusch Thanks! 9mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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This took longer to read than it should have. But I am glad it was a buddy read- the insight and engagement in comments helped motivate me to finish. I think the author was just choppy. I was curious but not fully engaged. @EadieB runs an excellent book discussion! I highly recommend joining in her buddy reads!

MidnightBookGirl I love true crime, but it's hard to find well written books sometimes! Choppy writing is definitely a problem, and then some authors tend to focus on the violence of the crime instead of the whole pocture. . I grew up reading Ann Rule, so she spoiled me for a lot of other writers. :) 13mo
Chrissyreadit @MidnightBookGirl what are some true crime books you recommend? 13mo
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft can this count as my new author? I have not read anything by her before. #booked2019 12mo
Cinfhen Absolutely!!! 12mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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For all my reading and watching (this book & the 13 episodes of The Staircase plus covering the pre-trial for The Chronicle & watching Court TV), I still don‘t know if he murdered Kathleen or Liz or both. I have reasonable doubt, therefore, I wouldn‘t convict. But the people I feel most sorry for are Margaret & Martha Ratliff. They‘ve lost so much.

The writing in the book is mediocre and one sided. Lots of cheesy phrases like the one above. 3⭐️

Megabooks @EadieB @Librarybelle @jillannjohn @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch I think I‘m forgetting someone! Feel free to tag. 13mo
emilyhaldi Oof!! That sentence 😝 13mo
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sk888888 Interesting review. May still read this one, but it‘s not a high priority for me. 13mo
Megabooks @emilyhaldi Right?!? 🙄🙄 13mo
Megabooks @sk888888 Yes, I wouldn‘t make it a priority. Her best work was looking into the major players backgrounds - Mike, Kathleen, the 5 kids, ex-spouses, siblings, etc. I enjoyed that most. 13mo
CoverToCoverGirl Outstanding review! 13mo
Megabooks @CoverToCoverGirl Thank you!! 😊 13mo
jillannjohn There were quite a few laugh out loud cheesy sentences but overall I enjoyed this. I think the author favored the prosecution but I still think he did it. I went into it not knowing anything and it‘s a fascinating case. 13mo
Megabooks @jillannjohn I think the book and The Staircase are so diametrically opposed because of which extended family they had access to. The prosecution was in the first couple of Staircase episodes, but they smartly realized they had nothing to gain by continuing to film. When Fanning went to write the book, I‘m sure Kathleen and Liz‘s circles were glad to get their side out since this book seems to be from the time of the original 8 Staircase 👇🏻 13mo
Megabooks @jillannjohn episodes on the Sundance Channel. Like I said, I have reasonable doubt, but I wouldn‘t want to be around him anymore than I already have. Count his sons in that too! 13mo
Cinfhen I agree with your entire assessment including reasonable doubt after watching The Staircase. However my gut tells me this guy is guilty. I can‘t get pass two dead women at the bottom of a staircase with ALL THAT BLOOD and in both cases NO FRACTURED bones!?!?!!? 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen Yeah, and I know he has a temper. I wouldn‘t want to meet him in person again. (Same with Todd and Clayton) Kathleen was too good for them. But there‘s that damned reasonable doubt. That‘s why you get the big attorney. And then there‘s Tom Maher, who joined The Innocence Project after the case. I really think he thinks Mike‘s innocent, and that means more to me than a million words from Rudolph. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 13mo
Cinfhen I hear you on that!!! I think the real tragedy is Caitlin - she lost that entire support system on top of her mom‘s death being so sensationalized 😔 and her aunt Candace doesn‘t strike me as being emotionally stable. 13mo
Cinfhen Also, something went on between Michael & Liz ... definitely an intimate relationship 13mo
Cinfhen I‘m shocked how Patty, Martha & Margaret stood beside him for ALL THOSE YEARS!!!! 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I feel terrible for Caitlin, and I can‘t stand Candace. That woman has a screw loose. But I feel Caitlin had more support than Margaret and Martha and a more stable childhood. It‘s not a contest but a three girls bore the worst of it!! I‘m sure Mike screwed around with women and men in both marriages. To what extent both wives knew or cared, we‘ll never know. He‘s just not a trustworthy person in any case. 👇🏻 (edited) 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen It‘s weird though, because there were many letters of support from some of the most prominent people in Durham and NC for his bail hearing. I went to the courthouse and read them when I was covering it. At least 50-60. Of course he had less support as time went on. (edited) 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen Patty just seems like an odd duck to me. I‘ve never been able to figure her out. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 13mo
Cinfhen I definitely think his defense put up a good case but after watching all those episodes he still came across as disingenuous. I don‘t think he‘s a stand up guy. 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen He‘s for sure a jerk! Entitled as well. 13mo
Mdargusch That quote- 😳 13mo
Megabooks @Mdargusch Occasionally she‘d pull a phrase like that, and I‘d just roll my eyes and read on. 🤣🤣🤣 13mo
Reviewsbylola That quote is awful!! All the eye rolls. 13mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola Yes! That was the first chapter, I think, and I thought Lordy, what am I in for!! 😂🙄😂🙄😂 13mo
Reviewsbylola I request tons of true crime and memoirs on netgalley and I feel like half of them are written like that. And I never know how to review that other than to say the story was good, but the actual writing was utter shit. 😂😆😬 13mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola I can believe it. 😂😂 13mo
MidnightBookGirl That is a terrible line! Also, it's a bit condensing to EMS workers. Like they can't be quietly rich and roll up to their mansions and pools. 13mo
Megabooks @MidnightBookGirl Yes! As my mom says, life is long. You never know how things will end up. My aunt and uncle were both high school teachers. They saved and continued their education and got promoted to administration. Now in their 70s, they own two homes and travel the world. 🤷🏻‍♀️😊 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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This book shows a rush to judgement against Michael Peterson. I believe he is guilty and prosecution knew he was guilty and got laxed with the evidence. The crime scene was contaminated and the blood spatter expert lied about how many cases he worked giving Peterson a way out from his prison sentence. This is written before the recent events and Peterson has served 8 years but now is out on a plea of guilty manslaughter. Very interesting book!

ShookBelf There's a documentary series on Netflix about this case. It was very interesting and frustrating at the same time ... and I'm still not sure if he was guilty or innocent. He was a very strange character, that's for sure. 13mo
EadieB @ShookBelf I have watched The Staircase series in Netflix and still think he is guilty. Two dead woman since 1985 both found at the bottom of a staircase is pretty significant to me. 13mo
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ShookBelf @EadieB I didn't realise you'd done a #buddyread of this book 😖 I'd have probably got a copy and read along. It seems the book and documentary series came at the story from opposite sides. I certainly felt that the series director and producers were biased towards MP. 13mo
EadieB @ShookBelf The woman producer was in love with Michael Peterson since the start of the filming. 13mo
ShookBelf @EadieB OMG, really??? That explains a lot then 😆 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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A woman is found dead at the bottom of the steps...was it an accident or murder? As the investigation unfolds, long buried secrets emerge, and nothing is at it seems. Fanning‘s narrative is very biased, presenting facts in the case who an undertone that readers clearly know how she feels. The writing is also a little choppy and disjointed...not the best true crime I‘ve read. Thanks to @EadieB for the #writteninblood #buddyread !

Cinfhen I felt the same way. I wasn‘t impressed or engaged 13mo
Kaye I‘m not impressed with this author in general. She‘s in my list of “Grocery Store Book “ writers. 13mo
Librarybelle I love it, @kaye ! Grocery Store Book writers! But, I can completely see that. 13mo
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Librarybelle @Cinfhen Glad you feel the same way! Definitely not as engaging as Ann Rule. 13mo
MicheleinPhilly Have you watched The Staircase? 13mo
Cinfhen I‘m 14 hours in @MicheleinPhilly 🙄 13mo
Librarybelle @MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen I‘ve yet to watch it. Reading this book makes me curious to see it. 13mo
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen @Librarybelle It‘s totally nuts. The whole family is bonkers. 13mo
Crazeedi @kaye love your catchy name that fits many books perfectly 13mo
TheBookHippie I've not watched the Netflix version yet. Blech. Such evil. I'm curious to see the point of view though. 13mo
Cinfhen I agree @MicheleinPhilly I really felt for Kathleen‘s daughter. The rest of them were creepy. Ugh, the parts with MP & his grandsons when he‘s “playing”/whacking them with pillows!!! It was disturbing. I had NO sympathy for him at all...EVER. I was surprised that the judge admitted he allowed in testimony that should probably not been allowed. 13mo
Cinfhen If you watch @TheBookHippie you will swear it‘s an ENTIRE different event. It is such polar opposite POV from the book! 13mo
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen @kaye @Librarybelle I finally finished....this book took me forever to get through. It was easy to put down when it should have been compelling. Good for a waiting room- short term engagement easy to walk away. 13mo
Kaye Glad you finished it. Some true crime writers are a bit lackluster. I‘ve not been impressed with any of this one‘s books. 13mo
Librarybelle @Chrissyreadit @kaye I just couldn‘t get into her writing rhythm. She seemed to throw facts together without creating a flowing narrative. I knew nothing about the case, so I may have to watch the documentary on Netflix to see the other side. 13mo
Chrissyreadit @kaye @Librarybelle it was a big difference from Ann Rule. I agree about her flow. I‘m also relationship driven- there was so little about Kathleen or Even Liz, and the daughters- it would have helped me if I cared or engaged more with their lives. 13mo
Cinfhen Yeah, I totally agree @Chrissyreadit I feel like a wiki article would have given me the same information 😬🤬 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Day 5 Section was also about the guilty verdict.

Question 13:
Do you agree with the jury‘s guilty verdict?

#writteninblood #dianefanning

Cinfhen Based upon what I read in the book, YES!!! 💯 but after watching 14 hours of the Netflix series, I do think there was some cause for reasonable doubt. I still think he did it. But I‘m not sure he beat her with a blowpoke at the bottom of the stairwell. 13mo
TheBookHippie I think he's guilty on multiple levels. The end result is still dead bodies ..the details aren't as important in this case. He is guilty of their deaths. Both of them I'm sure. 13mo
Librarybelle I think Michael is guilty. The whole “was it the blowpoke or a different instrument” can cloud some judgment. But, as @TheBookHippie says, at the end of everything, there‘s a dead body who did not fall down the stairs accidentally. Too much blood, and for a very similar situation to occur in 1985...put those two together, and it really makes you wonder. I‘ve yet to see any of the documentaries about him. But, his actions make me very suspicuous. 13mo
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jillannjohn The blowpoke issue may have confused things but I believe he beat her to death with something. She didn‘t fall down those stairs. I‘d still like to see the series though. 13mo
Mdargusch I also think he was guilty 💯! @cinfhen There is definitely some reasonable doubt but for that to happen to two people in his life? I‘m also wondering about the owl theory. I still think that is far fetched and too bloody for an owl but the feathers that were found in her hair? 13mo
Chrissyreadit I definitely think guilty, just because of red neurons- how did he miss 2hours of her at the bottom of the stairs? My other thoughts are more subjective. He‘s an ass. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Day 5 Section was about Rebuttals and Closing Arguments.

Question 12:
Do you agree with the Prosecution‘s Closing Arguments?

#writteninblood #dianefanning

Cinfhen I think they did a good job selling their case 13mo
Librarybelle Again, the prosecution summed up their part of the case well. No new surprises. It seems like Black‘s power is to use her emotions to convey her sentiments to the jury and to the court, whereas Hardin is the more reserved component. That seemed to work well. 13mo
Chrissyreadit I agree with @Cinfhen @Librarybelle they had a long trial but in the end there was evidence on their side. I‘m surprised that there was not more input from the daughters. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Day 5 Section was about Rebuttals and Closing Arguments.

Question 11:
Do you agree with the Defense‘s Closing Arguments?

#writteninblood #dianefanning

Cinfhen I think they did a good job selling their case. 13mo
Librarybelle Rudolf seemed to sum up the defense‘s case in a somewhat hokey way. I‘m one who thinks humor has its time and place - the courtroom and closing arguments is not one of those places, so it was a bit of a turnoff for me. But, Rudolf stuck to the defense‘s side of information and backed up their witnesses. However, it should be noted that all of the witnesses promised to be called at the beginning of the trial were not called on Michael‘s behalf. 13mo
Mdargusch I‘m still very confused about why that blowpoke wasn‘t found. I‘m always leery of defense team theatrics but I guess I would be happy if I was the defendant? 13mo
Chrissyreadit I think I was annoyed. To me they were doing what they were paid to do. But that does not mean presenting the truth. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Michael Peterson trial.

Question 10:
What do you think of the defense‘s case?

#writteninblood #dianefanning

jillannjohn Lies, distraction and diversion - in my opinion... 13mo
Megabooks @jillannjohn That‘s what David Rudolph is known for. If I‘m remembering correctly, he had gotten one of the Carolina Panthers‘ players off for allegedly murdering a girlfriend right around this time. What surprised me most though is that the other attorney, Thomas Maher, went to work for The Innocence Project right after losing this case. I‘ve always wanted to ask him why. (edited) 13mo
jillannjohn @Megabooks They mentioned the Panthers case. I‘m going to look it up. So many questions! 13mo
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Librarybelle I was not impressed by the experts called by the defense. It seems like part of the time, these witnesses served to confuse facts or to trip up the jury. I wasn‘t buying any of their arguments. 13mo
TheBookHippie It seemed underhanded at times. Massive diversion tactics. Not the way it should be done in my opinion. Too shady. 13mo
Chrissyreadit I agree with @Librarybelle and @TheBookHippie - but their job was just to create reasonable doubt not necessarily prove innocence. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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The 4th section of the book dealt with the trial.

Question 9:
What do you think of the prosecution‘s case?

#writteninblood #dianefanning

jillannjohn I still think their case is stronger than the defense team. 13mo
Librarybelle The prosecution‘s case seems to be solid. 13mo
Chrissyreadit The prosecution had evidence with scientific support- that‘s always a good thing, I think. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Finished my second book of 2019. Once again a huge thank U to @EadieB for leading & hosting an informative and insightful buddy read. From all the information presented in this book it seems like a clear case of homicide. I have not seen the documentary The Staircase which to my understanding challenges the trial & verdict. As far as this author goes , I was not enamored or impressed with her journalistic skills. I found her too one sided. 👇🏼

Cinfhen And it seemed like her personal feelings were clouding my reading. I will watch THE STAIRCASE and see if my opinions change but truly from the material presented it seems like Michael Peterson was a man with motive and the unfortunate temperament to act on his rage. The true victims of this terrible crime are his three “daughters”. (edited) 13mo
emilyhaldi Dying for your opinion on the documentary... get to it!!! 13mo
Megabooks I found some of her phrasing and details just cheesy. (Frieda Black‘s hairdo.) I‘ve been plodding through. I‘ll finish it today, but I‘m not dying to read anything else by her. 13mo
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Cinfhen I so agree @Megabooks this author was a cheap dime store novelist 😠you‘re lucky yours was a library book😛 13mo
Reviewsbylola Ugh so mad I didn‘t get a chance to read this one. 13mo
Cinfhen If I could figure out how to share a Kindle book I‘d be happy to do that!! I thought the writing was very mediocre and the author was clearly biased towards the prosecution @Reviewsbylola 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Day 3 reading is about the relationships that crumbled and how Michael and Kathleen came together and some financial background. It also mentioned some bruising on Kathleen‘s arms when Michael got angry when they were robbed in Paris subway on their honeymoon. More abuse to dogs at the pool and 2 dogs disappearing afterwards. Kathleen upset about gym visits too.

Question 8:
What are your thoughts about these different situations?


Cinfhen I feel like your timeline sums up my suspicions about MP. He had a short fuse, was prone to violence and he lived beyond his means. I can‘t see him as an innocent man. 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I agree! He killed both women for their money. 13mo
Cinfhen That‘s absolutely where I‘m at @EadieB I haven‘t gotten to the end of the book, I think I‘m at 75% and so far nothing has changed my mind. 13mo
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Cinfhen I‘m baffled because this seems a very clear case of homicide 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I watched The Staircase and still think he‘s guilty. The prosecution just messed up the evidence and couldn‘t prove it without a shadow of doubt. I find him a very strange person and all his children are strange too except Caitlin. 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen Margaret and Martha should be ashamed of themselves for sticking by him after he killed their mother. So strange they are or are they just controlled and manipulated? 13mo
Cinfhen I still haven‘t seen The Staircase. Is it worth watching? Do u think if u had not read this book you would‘ve felt differently??? I feel for Caitlin. She lost her mother and her step siblings @EadieB (edited) 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I don‘t think anything would change my mind. I am 100% sure he did it. Yes I think you should watch The Staircase. I did enjoy it. (edited) 13mo
emilyhaldi You should def watch the documentary @Cinfhen I think it was fascinating to watch the family interactions.. like @EadieB said, they are all so strange. But by the end of it I really was questioning Michaels guilt! The show left me SO confused.. would love to know what you think after watching! (edited) 13mo
Megabooks @EadieB @Cinfhen I think saying Margaret and Martha should be ashamed is going a bit far. They probably have major Stockholm Syndrome or something with Mike. Even though they were yanked around so much, he was the one constant in their lives. I feel really bad he screwed them up so terribly. 13mo
jillannjohn I know that being a jerk doesn‘t make him a murderer but he‘s horrible. His temper and how he treats Margaret, Martha and the dogs is very telling. I am surprised that Margaret and Martha stood by Michael but I think it‘s because of years of threats and manipulation. And the sons are just awful! 😡@EdieB @Cinfhen @emilyhaldi 13mo
jillannjohn Oh and the money definitely had something to do with it! 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen Yes, watch The Staircase. You should have the immersive hearing and seeing the stuff. 13mo
Cinfhen @Megabooks @emilyhaldi I just spent 7 hours watching the first 7 episodes of The Staircase😜Had I not read the book and been presented the other point of view I‘m pretty sure at this point I‘d be having some thoughts about reasonable doubt although there are some definite red flags for me (even had I not read the book first) it‘s also important to remember this doc is heavily edited so we are only getting the “better” parts of MP👇🏼 13mo
Cinfhen I wonder why MP didn‘t mention to his attorneys from Day 1 the way Liz died in Germany. If it was coincidental don‘t u think he would have told them straight away. I was shocked how blindsided they were. 13mo
Cinfhen So I watched through to the verdict @emilyhaldi @Megabooks @EadieB I thought his defense did a really GOOD JOB & I did feel for his children. Had I not read this book I might think there was enough reasonable doubt. I still haven‘t gotten to the Owl yet 🦉😉 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I have no doubt that he is guilty. Just too many questionable similarities between both deaths. The owl theory was just a passing mention from Rudolf. They do not even elaborate anywhere about it. Someone must have ran with that theory afterwords because in the show it‘s just almost an innocent comment as an aside. I have to go view family pictures we had taken so I may be a little late with my posting for the day. I have notes made up. 13mo
Cinfhen This is not nice and pretty slanderous but did anyone else notice the extreme physical likeness between MP, Todd Peterson and the youngest daughter Margaret. It‘s REALLY eerie!!! They look like blood relatives. Yes, I‘m saying I think MP had an affair with Liz and that‘s his daughter. @Megabooks @emilyhaldi @EadieB 13mo
Cinfhen I‘ll look for the questions later, Eadie. Thanks 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I was thinking that too. The resemblance between Liz and Kathleen is very uncanny too. 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen @emilyhaldi @EadieB I never thought to look for resemblance, but I had always wondered if Liz and Mike had slept together especially since she was single when they met and then George was gone a lot. 13mo
Megabooks @EadieB @Cinfhen Oh yeah, when I first saw the picture of Liz on the evening news I thought they had put up two pictures of Kathleen! 13mo
Librarybelle It definitely has to do with the money. There‘s one point where Michael collects money from Nortel and runs out and buys expensive items, including a gigantic TV. When you look at the crumbling relationships, Michael seemed to create such an unstable environment. And the lies! There are just so many things stacking up on the side of his guilt... 13mo
TheBookHippie @Cinfhen I agree with you something creepy went on with Liz. 13mo
Cinfhen I just had this feeling that Liz & MP were having an affair and she was going to tell Patty or she threatened him somehow & he killed her in a jealous rage. @TheBookHippie and honestly Margaret looks just like him and Todd. It‘s super weird! Had Liz not died the way she did, I may have found some reasonable doubt...but 2 dead woman at the bottom of the stairs, no way!!! 13mo
TheBookHippie @Cinfhen I totally agree with all of that I kept saying it's just too similar. All of it. 13mo
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen I did not consider that- although the book indicates she is not his daughter (I think) but if they were having an affair and he did think she was his daughter that would explain why he kept them when the money was not rolling in anymore, and did not let them have time with family. 13mo
Cinfhen It‘s strictly my own theory @Chrissyreadit but I have a strong intuition about it!!!! 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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In the 2nd section of our reading we are given background information on Michael Peterson, Patty Peterson, Liz Ratliff and Kathleen Peterson.

Question 7:
What are some of the things that stand out to you about these people? Michael‘s Vietnam experience? Visit to Patty‘s friend, Pat? Liz‘s fall and her will? Liz‘s forensics? Michael‘s lies? Nanny‘s mention of bruises on Margaret and Martha? Margaret‘s feelings about Michael?


Crazeedi I haven't gotten my book yet so I'll be joining in late, I will post comments asap 13mo
EadieB @Crazeedi ok no problem. 13mo
TheBookHippie I could not get Litsy to post yesterday hardly 🤣😳 I'll go back and catch up!!! 13mo
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EadieB @TheBookHippie ok no problem. 13mo
Mdargusch So many odd things but what strikes me is so many people in mike‘s life had questions about him. Or suspicions. And then so many were staunch supporters. I found the way he manipulated Margaret and Martha to be criminal. 13mo
jillannjohn @Mdgargusch yes! These people knew he wasn‘t a good person. He was awful! And the way he dragged those little girls from home to home with the promise of adoption made me sick! 13mo
Cinfhen I agree 💯 @Mdargusch @jillannjohn His treatment of the little girls especially Margaret was inexplicable. His motive for killing their mom seems so obvious as he honestly was not a person they could look up to. He treated them as a commodity 😡🤬😡 (edited) 13mo
Cinfhen He seemed to have an explosive temper and inflated ego...bad combo 13mo
Cinfhen And he totally fudged his Purple Heart status as a decorated war hero 🙄 13mo
Cinfhen Patty‘s friend Pat recognized the signs of a compulsive liar in regards to Michael. And the Nanny did as well. Plus the neighbor saw Michael running from the house the night of the “accidental” fall. I can‘t see how he isn‘t guilty in both cases. 13mo
EadieB Michael is definitely a piece of work. He got Liz to make a will leaving everything to Patty and Michael. Then went to Texas courthouse and lied about the Will. Inherited everything and then abused the children. His whole life was a big lie and he is not a nice person. He intercepted the mail for the daughters and stole money from patty‘s friend, Pat. Nasty person! @Cinfhen @Mdargusch @jillannjohn (edited) 13mo
Librarybelle I agree with everything said so far! He was such a manipulator! And so suspicious! And controlling! Almost like he had to be Alpha male. My heart broke for the girls...so young to face such horrid circumstances, not made any easier by his constant changes in mind. @jillannjohn @Cinfhen @Mdargusch @EadieB 13mo
Megabooks @Librarybelle @jillannjohn @Cinfhen @Mdargusch @EadieB I‘m behind on the reading because life happened today. ☹️ Anyway, my personal story of the Peterson Men is when I tried to get a quote from Mike after his third-place finish in the mayoral primary. Mike saw the result let out a primal scream. He and entourage (Kathleen, Todd, Clayton + more) turned to rush out. I grabbed my tape recorder to get a quote and Todd put a hand on my chest and 👇🏻 (edited) 13mo
Megabooks Pushed me so hard I nearly fell backwards over a chair. Mike continued yelling. It was because of this and other interactions I originally thought, this man can be mean and angry enough to kill. Now, reading this book, I‘m back to the confusion I had in the mid-2000s. 🤨 13mo
Megabooks Plus, it is totally creepy how alike Liz and Kathleen look!!! @Librarybelle @jillannjohn @Mdargusch @EadieB @Cinfhen 13mo
Cinfhen That‘s a scary and very telling story @Megabooks I feel like you clearly came in contact with a killer. I believe those Peterson men (dad & boys) believed they were invincible and they had no self control. Anger management seems to be an issue too. There‘s a part in the book about how MP nearly killed his dog & later 2 of his dogs mysteriously disappeared. 13mo
Librarybelle Oh my, @Megabooks ! Thank you for sharing! 13mo
jillannjohn @Megabooks Thanks for that interesting insight. I‘m not really surprised though. He seemed like a kid throwing a tantrum when he didn‘t get his way. I can‘t believe his family didn‘t think he was dangerous... @Cinfhen totally agree with your statement about the Petersen men! (edited) 13mo
Chrissyreadit One characteristic a successful sociopath has seems to be charisma. As I read the book I think about the skill of separating who you are depending on the person you are with- some people easily act as chameleons(vs people who truly are diverse and easily engaged) because it suits an underlying purpose only they are aware of. The biggest losers in this seem to be the three girls, but especially Margaret and Martha. 13mo
Chrissyreadit @Megabooks you certainly had a glimpse of his true personality. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
post image

King of the hill of my messy recliner while I catch up on this book! I planned to read this afternoon, but instead had a post-Christmas catch up with a friend.

Love my little poodle 🐩 💕 #dogsoflitsy #poodle #Henry

MrBook 😻😻😻 13mo
Megabooks @MrBook Thank you 😊💜 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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The US Army War College is less than ten minutes away from where I grew up. If I had a dollar for every time I drove by there...the creep factor just went up a notch! #writteninblood #buddyread

TheBookHippie I grew up at that army base. My dad was drafted to Vietnam when I was 6 weeks old. 13mo
Librarybelle @TheBookHippie It has changed so much in the last 10 years - it‘s expanded beyond the original boundaries with additional housing across from the secondary gate. It‘s kind of fun - I mention I‘m from Carlisle, and people either know it because of the car shows or because of the military base there. 13mo
TheBookHippie @Librarybelle I hoping to pass through this summer on my way to New York. I haven't seen it in decades !! 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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I flew through this true crime buddyread in 24 hours (it helps to have a husband that wants to watch football all day!) Diane Fanning writes an incredibly readable true crime that sticks to the facts and doesn‘t include a lot of technical, wordy extras. I was glad to read a different side of this horrible tragedy after watching the biased Netflix series. I will be reading more books by this author. #writteninblood #firstbookof2019

cherinium I just watched the Netflix series yesterday. I'll definitely have to check out this book. 13mo
Mdargusch It was so one sided in my opinion. @cherinium 13mo
cherinium @Mdargusch I certainly thought it seemed that way. I found myself wondering what wasn't being told in the documentary. 13mo
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Megabooks I think the Netflix series is biased because the only the defense would allow filming. So far, I find this book equally biased against Peterson. I‘m excited to keep reading because I have gone back and forth three times at least in the past 15+ years. I was living in Durham at the time. I covered his mayoral campaign and the early pre-trial motions. We debated a lot in the newsroom about this! It‘s fun to discuss it again. 13mo
TheBookHippie It is biased hard to cut through that ...there are so many pieces to this puzzle. 13mo
Mdargusch I agree @Megabooks and @TheBookHippie - The Netflix series was biased towards mike and this book is biased against him. I was glad to read the other side of the story after watching that Michael love fest on Netflix. 13mo
Megabooks @Mdargusch What still conflicts me so much is that Mike is not a nice guy. (And neither are Todd and Clayton, BTW. One of them nearly pushed me over a chair once.) I was really happy watching Court TV and seeing him convicted back when it happened. But then there was corruption in the DAs office and all the other factors in The Staircase. This was before the 5 Deaver episodes were added. So right now I‘m back in camp idk. 😐 13mo
Reviewsbylola Damn I wish I had seen this earlier, I would have had you bring it to me today! 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
This post contains spoilers
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Based upon Dr. Bouldin‘s neurological examination, District Attorney Jim Harding calls Special Grand Jury. Superior court Judge Ronald L. Stevens approved. 3 witnesses (Dr. Deborah Radish, Agent Duane Deaver, Investigator Art Holland). Indictment of first degree murder against Michael Peterson and Peterson is imprisoned.

Question 6:
Do you agree with these developments?

#writteninblood #dianefanning

Cinfhen I think based on the evidence so far, he deserved to be put in jail 13mo
jillannjohn Yes from what we‘ve seen so far. 13mo
Librarybelle Yes - from what has been presented so far, I agree. 13mo
TheBookHippie I would say yes. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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post image

Upper left - Guy Seaberg - Attorney friend of M. Peterson
Upper right - Ron Guerette - Private Investigator
Lower left - Dr. Thomas Bouldin - Pathologist
Lower right - Peterson Home

Guy Seaberg deleted files off of Michael Peterson‘s computer. Ron Guerette asks for plywood to be secured around staircase opening. Bouldin‘s neurological examination of brain tells that Kathleen was alive 2-4 hrs while she bled out.

Question 5:
Call for help sooner?

Cinfhen I‘ve read a little ahead so I‘m pretty sure I know what was deleted 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen In my computer research, I saw what was on the computer files too! 13mo
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Cinfhen @EadieB I‘m assuming it‘s the emails about his homosexual trysts??!! 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen Yes it was determined that he was bisexual. 13mo
Mdargusch There was definitely a mishandling of the crime scene. 13mo
EadieB @Mdargusch How was the crime scene mishandled? 13mo
Mdargusch Just so many people traipsing in and out and not securing it sooner. I know “hindsight is 20/20”. 13mo
EadieB @Mdargusch oh ok 13mo
Librarybelle I have to agree with @Mdargusch ,as I was reading the first few chapters, I kept thinking about the number of people going in and out and the possible contamination of everything. I cringed over the file deletions! 13mo
Chrissyreadit I think there are some flaws into the handling of the crime scene but I‘m still processing and reading a day or two behind. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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post image

Upper left - Dr. Deborah Radish - Forensic Pathologist
Upper right - Caitlin Atwater - Kathleen‘s daughter
Lower left - Agent Duane Deaver - Blood Splatter Expert
Lower right - David S. Rudolf - Attorney

Dr. Radish said that Kathleen‘s death was caused by a blunt force trauma to the head. Deaver said irrational blood splatter was inconsistent with a fall. Michael Peterson hires Atty Rudolf.

Question 4:
What about these developments?

Cinfhen I wonder if I had seen The Staircase if I‘d be feeling different but right now, Michael Peterson seems GUILTY 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen Did you know that the producer of The Staircase was was in love with Michael Peterson for 15 years? She fell in love with him while producing it. Sophie Brunet (edited) 13mo
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Cinfhen Oh wow!! That‘s kind of telling @EadieB because from what I‘ve heard The Staircase seems to imply that Michael Peterson was innocent 🤔 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I guess he‘s innocent because she is in love with him. 13mo
Cinfhen And it seems like Diane Fanning has made up her mind too @EadieB 😆 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I think Diane‘s book shows why he is guilty. (edited) 13mo
Mdargusch After watching the Netflix series, Rudolf definitely had my blood boiling. He was so smug and arrogant. 13mo
Mdargusch I thought he was guilty by chapter 6! The Staircase was blatantly biased @Cinfhen @EadieB 13mo
Megabooks @Mdargusch @Cinfhen @EadieB I think this book has a bias. I think The Staircase has a bias. I don‘t know how many Peterson stories this book has but the men are a$$holes, no question. I‘m sure I‘ll tell my personal stories at some point, but I still believe he‘s innocent. When I saw the autopsy report at the time, I thought it alone was damning, but I don‘t trust Radish, Holland, or the DA. 13mo
EadieB @Megabooks The evidence is really damning though. Ratliff case bisexuality, amount of blood, the fact she was alive 2 to 4 hrs before he called emergency. How do you explain all that away. 13mo
Megabooks @Mdargusch I‘m starting Chapter 6 now. Got a little behind today. The photos from the autopsy report look like a velociraptor clawed the back of her head, but there were no skull fractures, which I thought was weird. @Cinfhen @EadieB (edited) 13mo
EadieB @Megabooks There was a large amount of hemorrhage in the skull and brain plus strangulation in the neck. 13mo
Megabooks @EadieB The German autopsy of Liz didn‘t show any evidence of murder, mutual friend of mine and his, who is bisexual himself, told me she definitely knew he was bi and they marched in pride parades together in the 90s, idk about the theory of her being alive. I know he claimed he was sleeping /passed out at the pool. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think it depends on how drunk he was as to whether he would hear her over the fountain. 13mo
Megabooks @EadieB Yes, but no fractures. Hyper extension of the neck can break the thyro-hyoid apparatus. It happened to me when a doctor overextended my neck on a towel roll. (edited) 13mo
EadieB @Megabooks That‘s interesting that she knew he was Bi. It is a very strange case. 13mo
Librarybelle From this evidence, a simple fall down the stairs did not cause death...more suspicion... 13mo
emilyhaldi The part that always gets me about this case is the head wound ... What type of weapon makes that kind of injury but doesn't cause blunt force trauma?? It doesn't add up!!!! 13mo
Megabooks @emilyhaldi I find that very confusing too. 13mo
Cinfhen @Megabooks @Mdargusch it‘s frustrating that the series and the book seem to input their opinion so we aren‘t really getting a clear picture. I haven‘t seen the series so from reading the book Peterson seems VERY GUILTY. TWO deadly falls from a staircase where in BOTH situations HE benefits monetarily. RED FLAG for me!!!! @EadieB @emilyhaldi The Bi part doesn‘t really seem to sway me. And our bodies are mysterious machines. 👇🏼 (edited) 13mo
Cinfhen They break and function differently but the amount of blood and positioning of her fall was definitely questionable!!!! 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I also think it‘s weird how she ended up basically sitting against the wall. But why so little blood on her shoulders? @emilyhaldi 13mo
Cinfhen So I got curious and did some internet snooping @Megabooks and I‘m guessing given your background you believe the owl theory. I‘ve actually seen a great horned owl up close/ in my yard and it was massive. And I‘m sure if that bird attacked it could have done major damage BUT....I still can‘t get pass the two women both falling and dying from a staircase and the fact that Peterson is the sole beneficiary. It doesn‘t add up. 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen or the just a fall down the “servant‘s” staircase. Idk if you‘ve been in homes with those old servant‘s staircases, and I bet you have, plus those chair lifts do take up a surprisingly large amount of space. The first responders to Liz‘s scene did not report blood, if I‘m remembering correctly, and the nanny changed her story on that. Didn‘t the coroner in Germany say she had an aneurysm? Just getting to those chapters. 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I‘m reading Where the Crawdads Sing and The Indifferent Stars above too, because I just can‘t settle on one 🤣🤣🤣 So I‘m not as far along as y‘all 13mo
Cinfhen I have & those staircases are deep!!! If I remember correctly this was another scene where tons of people came through the house because it was assumed no crime was committed but the amount of blood was excessive. However the army pathologist performed the autopsy and he was unprepared and not proficient in conducting potential criminal autopsies. He didn‘t weigh anything, photograph or record anything. The body had to be exhumed👇🏼 @Megabooks 13mo
Cinfhen And it was concluded Liz died from excessive trauma to the head and not an aneurysm 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I‘m going to ponder Liz for a bit and read those chapters before I reply.a 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen Really good so far. There are a lot of parties traveling together and the main woman he‘s following hasn‘t joined the Donner party yet as I‘m starting part 2. It‘s really good narrative nonfiction that keeps you constantly engaged like this if you read it. 13mo
emilyhaldi LOL @cinfhen I TOTALLY am a believer in the owl theory!!! It makes total sense to me 😂 13mo
emilyhaldi @Megabooks I really enjoyed the Indifferent Stars! Such a wild and tragic story. Just when you think it couldn't get worse... 13mo
kricheal I'm an owl theory believer 🙋 13mo
Chrissyreadit I lean toward two falls and monetary gain are not coincidences. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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post image

Upper left - George and Liz Ratliff and daughter
Upper right - Martha and Margaret Ratliff
Lower left - Candace Zamperini - Kathleen‘s Sister
Lower right - Lori Campbell - Kathleen‘s Sister

Michael is guardian of Liz Ratliff‘s 2 daughters. Liz was also killed by a fall down stairs in 1985 after being out with Michael. He calls Liz‘s daughter‘s and Kathleen‘s sisters about the death.

Question 3:
2 deaths by stairs - does this seem suspicious?

Cinfhen Ummmmm, YEAH!!!!! 13mo
Mdargusch Absolutely! It was also telling that the witnesses to both deaths all felt there was “too much blood” 13mo
Librarybelle Yes!!! 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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post image

Upper left corner - Todd Peterson - Michael‘s son
Upper right corner - Bill Peterson - Michael‘s brother
Lower left corner - Art Holland - Lead Investigator
Lower right corner - Jim Hardin - District Attorney

Todd - acting strange. Kitchen tea kettle found outside patio. Bill Peterson dropped the phone upon hearing of death. Todd‘s clothing collected. Art Holland calls DA Jim Hardin for search warrant.

Question 2:
What do make of these events?

Cinfhen All these developments seem to indicate the police find the cause of death suspicious and they are treating the male family members (Todd & Michael) as possible suspects in the death of Kathleen. 13mo
Mdargusch I think mike tried to clean up his mess with the tea kettle and decided it was futile. I‘m still thinking Todd helped with setting up the crime scene. 13mo
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EadieB @Mdargusch I read in the book that the blood on Todd‘s clothing showed that he carried her over his shoulder. 13mo
Mdargusch I know!!! That is so crazy! So many pieces of this story that are still missing. 13mo
jillannjohn They totally moved the body but don‘t seem very smart... 13mo
Librarybelle Everything is so suspicious! I agree with @Cinfhen and @Mdargusch ...there are signs of some sort of cleanup/coverup. 13mo
TheBookHippie @Mdargusch oooooo that's a good scenario!!! I still think he just thinks he's untouchable so trying to cover up turned out futile so he gave up???!!! This is so crazy all of it. 13mo
Mdargusch After reading how hard it was to clean up both deaths, I think he realized a little water on the blood wasn‘t going to do any good @TheBookHippie 13mo
TheBookHippie @Mdargusch boggles the mind. I think he's different than a person who enjoys and murders no meticulous measures however he is clearly deranged in thinking he can get away with it all leaving it like that. So bizarre! 13mo
Chrissyreadit I‘m trying to figure out how the son was more worried about his father and not distraught. I have had to go back and double check names and relationships because it becomes muddled for me. The police quickly realized it was a crime scene luckily. 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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post image

Happy New Year!

The first picture is the happy couple, Michael and Kathleen Peterson. In the next picture, look at the angle of the body after she fell down the steps. Next look at all the blood on the walls.

Question 1:
Why didn‘t Michael mention the blood when he called emergency? Does the body seem in a strange position after falling down stairs? Does all the dry blood seem suspicious?

Cinfhen Wow!!! I hadn‘t seen any photos yet. Shocking. From what I‘ve read so far about 60% mark he seems VERY GUILTY to me. I also get the sense that the author is writing from the POV that he is responsible. She doesn‘t come across as unbiased towards Michael Peterson. 13mo
jillannjohn The amount of blood does seem suspicious but I‘m not sure about him mentioning it - if he were trying to get help there as soon as possible. The dried blood is definitely a red flag and I felt like the scene was set up right away. I haven‘t seen The Staircase yet so this all new to me. 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen @jillannjohn I am going to post more questions but have been having problems with Litsy this morning. #writteninblood #dianefanning (edited) 13mo
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Cinfhen I know @EadieB it‘s been a whole day for me without Litsy😝 13mo
emilyhaldi I wasn't able to get a copy of this book for the readalong, but I saw The Staircase documentary so I'm going to follow along anyways!! I'm not sure it's weird that Michael didn't mention to blood on his 911 call, but the positioning of the body is definitely a bit strange 🤔This case REALLY puzzled me... 13mo
EadieB @emilyhaldi That‘s fine! You can just follow along with the posts. 13mo
Mdargusch That body looks so staged and one witness said that position was nearly impossible. 13mo
Mdargusch I just finished @emilyhaldi if you want me to drop it off tomorrow. It‘s a quick read. You will definitely think he‘s guilty after reading this book. 13mo
emilyhaldi Oh! Didn't know you had it, mom. I will definitely borrow it from you, but no rush 😄 13mo
Librarybelle I can‘t really say for sure why he did not mention the blood - maybe shock? Though, judging by the evidence presented in the first 12 chapters (I‘ve only read that much), I have a real strong opinion about his guilt! That‘s a lot of blood! I would imagine that a fall down the stairs would not cause all of that blood and splatter. 13mo
EadieB @Librarybelle I would agree. Too much blood. 13mo
TheBookHippie It's just so much. Is he so arrogant that he can't see that ? Why didn't he clean it up ?? Did he think he was above it all and would just get cleared ???? 13mo
Chrissyreadit I am surprised by the level of arrogance he seems to display- the blood and the body. I wonder if he thought he was smarter because of his writing and research? 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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I‘ve been having trouble concentrating and kept switching books. Just a few chapters and I‘m really in to this one. I should have gone into crime scene investigation...
So who‘s going out and who‘s staying home tonight??
Happy New Year ya‘ll!!

Suzze In. Always in. With my cat and a book. And bed well before midnight. 13mo
Samplergal Always in! We hate the drinking and stupid people. Quiet night and in bed at 12.01. 13mo
jillannjohn @Suzze and @Samplergal Sounds great! I especially agree about the stupid people. 😬 13mo
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SiriuslyWeasley As always, I'm staying home. My son is at the girlfriend's, so I'm ringing in the new year in my jim-jams with my book, kitten and a cheeky glass of champagne. 🍾 13mo
BookishMarginalia Hi! Please check your email from last week with your #CupidGoesPostal match and reply to it so I know you‘re all set! (It might be in the junk mail.) 13mo
jillannjohn @BookishMarginalia I can‘t find it. Would you please resend? jiajohnson2965@gmail.com I‘ve been known to put in the wrong email address 😳 13mo
BookishMarginalia I‘m confused. The original email went to jajohnson2965; when I forwarded it now to jiajohnson2965 it came back marked undeliverable. 13mo
jillannjohn My eyes are terrible but it looks like you have another letter in there? j a johnson2965 all together no caps. Or I can email you? 13mo
BookishMarginalia I resent it — please do check your email, including the junk mail. You should have gotten one on Friday and another one just now. Otherwise, please email me at secretsantagoespostal at gmail 13mo
jillannjohn @BookishMarginalia Got it! Thanks!! 13mo
BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Thanks to @Megabooks for reminding me the #bloodBuddyRead DISCUSSIONstarts on Tuesday. I‘ve just downloaded the book and I‘m ready to start my #lastReadof2018. I was going to read Poet X but decided to hold off, as that title will work for a few 2019 challenges 😉 #morningview

Cathythoughts Lovely pic 💙✨ 13mo
CarolynM Very nice😍 13mo
Kalalalatja What a view 😍 13mo
See All 22 Comments
EadieB @Cinfhen I‘ll be starting that one too today or tomorrow. Just finishing up a Buddy Read for The Great Alone tomorrow. 13mo
JennyM Ah, breathe that view in and hold 😊 13mo
AceOnRoam Gorgeous view there,where are you? 13mo
Cinfhen Thanks!! Currently in Eilat @AceOnRoam @JennyM @Kalalalatja @CarolynM @Cathythoughts it was a very spontaneous road trip that yielded a fabulous weekend of rest, relaxation, friends & food 💝 some alcohol too 😜 13mo
Cinfhen It‘s really good so far @EadieB I‘m hooked! And I don‘t know much about the story/ crime so I‘m very intrigued 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I don‘t know anything about it either but I am looking forward to the Buddy Read! 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen Beautiful scenery! Enjoy! 13mo
TrishB Looks lovely 💕 13mo
Bklover Oh, I watched a documentary about this story. Fascinating stuff!! By the way, gorgeous view! 13mo
CoffeeAndABook Oooh spontaneous roadtripicking on the last weekend of the year - how much fun 👏🏼 enjoy ☀️🌴 13mo
CoffeeAndABook Oh and the book sound fascinating!! 13mo
BarbaraBB I did send you a little something which according to my track & trace was delivered on the 26th, but you weren‘t home. I hope it will be delivered at your local post office. The reference number is CC077497635NL 🤞😘 13mo
Cinfhen Just got home and I found a slip in my mail box @BarbaraBB will go to the post office tomorrow xx Thank you for spoiling me all year.... looking forward to sharing more books in 2019 😘😘😘😘 13mo
Cinfhen It really was a great weekend away and nice way to spend time with our over seas guests @EadieB @TrishB @Bklover @CoffeeAndABook 13mo
Megabooks Gorgeous view!! Excited for the buddy read discussion. 💕💕 13mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Oh great! I was a bit afraid it was lost in the mail but I am happy it isn‘t! And yes, looking forward to more sharing 💜 13mo
Cinfhen Sometimes the mail is super wonky @BarbaraBB best wishes for a very happy 2019 💕💕💕 13mo
BarbaraBB I know, I mailed this one on November 6! Never mind, all the best, love & health & books for 2019 💕 13mo
DivineDiana What a view! 💗 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Do you like true crime? @EadieB does an amazing job with buddy read discussions! Join us! #writteninblood

Jennick2004 Oooohhhh 13mo
Mdargusch I‘m starting this today! 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Starting next Tuesday, January 1

Everyone is invited!

#writteninblood #dianefanning

Megabooks 👍🏻📚 can‘t wait! 13mo
Cinfhen I‘m gonna try to keep up but not sure I‘ll be able to read that quickly...houseguests will still be here 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen That‘s fine! Just join in when you can. 13mo
Librarybelle I‘m ready! 13mo
Tove_Reads Couldn‘t get hold of a copy 😩 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Repost for @EadieB :
An army brat-turned-marine, he saw combat in Vietnam, & returned a decorated soldier. An avid reader, his dreams of being an acclaimed novelist came true. His desire to find love was fulfilled when he married brilliant exec Kathleen Atwater, the 1st female student accepted at Duke University's Sch of Engineering. The Petersons seemed the ideal academic couple- well-respected, prosperous, & happy.

Join our Buddy Read: Jan 1-5

Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
post image

It‘s here! Ready for the #buddyread! 🎉🎉📚

EadieB @Megabooks Great! I‘ll post the reading schedule the day after Christmas! 13mo
Megabooks @EadieB Fantastic! 13mo
Cinfhen That‘s awesome!!! I‘m gonna have to go through kindle 😩 13mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen Too bad! 🙁 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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I watched the TV series The Staircase years ago and always thought we didn't get the whole story as it was commissioned by the defence. This book fills in a lot of the gaps. Even more convinced now that he did it.
#truecrime #nonfiction

Kaye Amen, me too. Guilty. 👨🏽‍⚖️ 🔨 🚔 👮🏼‍♀️ 13mo
Mdargusch I am shocked at the evidence that I didn‘t see on the series that proves his guilt! And I‘m only on chapter 6! 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
post image

The library bought it! I‘m first on the waitlist so I should get it by January for the #buddyread 🎉🎉📚 Check @LitsyHappenings For more info.

Cinfhen Oh wow!!!! That‘s awesome!!!! My library system almost NEVER buys my book selections 😫 14mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen That sucks!! Mine will buy if at least two people request, which is really nice! 14mo
EadieB @Megabooks @cinfhen I got my copy already! 14mo
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Cinfhen I‘m gonna go #kindle ☹️ @EadieB (edited) 14mo
Megabooks Woo hoo! I‘m excited 😁😁 @EadieB (edited) 14mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I was going to buy kindle if this hadn‘t come through. 14mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Repost for @EadieB :
An army brat-turned-marine, he saw combat in Vietnam, & returned a decorated soldier. An avid reader, his dreams of being an acclaimed novelist came true. His desire to find love was fulfilled when he married brilliant exec Kathleen Atwater, the 1st female student accepted at Duke University's Sch of Engineering. The Petersons seemed the ideal academic couple: well-respected, prosperous, & happy.
Join our Buddy Read - Jan 1-5

Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Join us! @EadieB leads a great discussion!

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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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An army brat-turned-marine, he saw combat in Vietnam, and returned a decorated soldier. An avid reader, his dreams of being an acclaimed novelist came true. His desire to find love was fulfilled when he married brilliant executive Kathleen Atwater, the first female student accepted at Duke University's School of Engineering. The Petersons seemed the ideal academic couple- well-respected, prosperous, and happy.

Join our Buddy Read - January 1-5

Cinfhen I‘m in! Should I watch the Netflix series first?!?! 🤔 1y
EadieB @Cinfhen I think it‘s best to read book first! 1y
Brenley @Cinfhen although I will say, the Netflix series is very good. It may give you a different perspective. 1y
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eanderson Count me in!!! 1y
Tove_Reads As always... I‘ll join if I can get the book 😩 1y
EadieB @Tove_Reads Great! I think you can get it from UK. 1y
EadieB @Brenley Are you going to join us? 1y
Brenley If I can get the book, sure! 1y
EadieB @Brenley Great! Let me know so I can be sure to tag you! 1y
Megabooks I‘m in barring unforeseen medical crisis! 1y
MicheleinPhilly Unfortunately I‘m going to have to sit this one out. Enjoy! 1y
EadieB @MicheleinPhilly No problem! Thanks for joining in on the last one! 1y
TheBookHippie I'll order it from the library ! Should be no problem 1y
Andrew65 I‘m in if I can get a copy of the book. 1y
AmberWB I‘m interested! 1y
Librarybelle I‘m in! I‘ll grab a copy! 1y
Crazeedi I'll try! 1y
CoverToCoverGirl Definitely interested! 1y
emilyhaldi Now I know how I will be spending my New Year‘s Day 🤗 1y
kricheal I'm interested! 1y
EadieB @kricheal Ok I‘ll be sure to tag you! @CoverToCoverGirl (edited) 1y
ErinGoBragh1011 This sounds really good 1y
EadieB @ErinGoBragh1011 Let me know if you want to read it with us. 1y
ErinGoBragh1011 Absolutely. I know I failed hard the last time(too much family stuff) but I WILL this time. I looked the book up on amazon I am not sure why but the paperback is $20 and the Kindle version is $7.99 1y
EadieB @ErinGoBragh1011 you could ask your library to do an inter-library loan. 1y
ErinGoBragh1011 @EadieB I did find it at another branch and will put a hold on it when it gets closer. 1y
EadieB @ErinGoBragh1011 Great! Now you have more money to spend for Christmas. 1y
ErinGoBragh1011 @EadieB lol shhh don't let my nephews hear you say that I gave them a limit of $100 each I don't want them to think they can get more out of me haha 😆 1y
EadieB @ErinGoBragh1011 I won‘t tell if you don‘t tell! 1y
jillannjohn I just found a used copy. I‘m in! 13mo
EadieB @jillannjohn Great! I‘ll tag you! 13mo
DarcysMom Yay! I am super excited! 13mo
Megabooks So in! I‘m excited to read this, but I‘m unsure whether I‘ll agree with the author 🤔 13mo
bookandcat The entire library system has 0 copies :-( not sure if I'll be able to join this time (trying to avoid spending money right now, especially on books I probably won't reread). So bummed!! This case fascinates me! 13mo
Chrissyreadit So excited!!! 13mo
eanderson I‘m going try to participate. I don‘t know if I‘ll be able to keep up with the reading schedule. Need to get it on my Kindle ASAP! 13mo
EadieB @eanderson That‘s fine just post when you finish a section and we‘ll be here to discuss it with you. 13mo
ErinGoBragh1011 I have to opt out. I was unable to get the book from the library and I am unable to buy the book from amazon because there was fraud on my account. 13mo
EadieB @ErinGoBragh1011 oh that‘s too bad! 13mo
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Okay, can‘t resist. #NoFemmeber I was in college in Durham when Kathleen died. I had interviewed Michael Peterson for Duke‘s newspaper when he ran for mayor and then covered the early motions after. I have watched all 13 episodes of The Staircase Netflix a few times. (Watch it.) So is Mike #justacreep or a murderer? Knowing what I know, having mutual friends, looking at the actual autopsy report, etc., I don‘t believe he did it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Megabooks PS She knew he was bi, I have on good authority. 1y
Megabooks PPS His son Clay tried to push me over a chair when the mayoral elections put him in third. Then he hit on me when I was covering the case. I turned him down because I‘m a good journalist and he is #justacreep 1y
Cinfhen Oooohh!!! I‘m super intrigued for both the book and the Netflix series. Thanks for sharing and posting 🙌🏻 (edited) 1y
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bookandcat I loved the podcast episode Criminal did on this. I'm actually a proponent of the owl theory. Otherwise the feathers in her hair make 0 sense. And I had some weird animal encounters in Durham. 1y
bookandcat Also Megabooks are you a Duke grad? I'm a blue devil myself :-) 1y
Megabooks @Cinfhen I hope you enjoy them. I have read this book yet, but I can vouch for the series! 1y
Cinfhen @emilyhaldi I think this might interest you!!!!! 1y
Cinfhen You know I‘m going to pick your brain, Meg!!! 1y
Cinfhen @EadieB I think we need to get our Bundy group together and read this book!!!! 1y
Megabooks @bookandcat I haven‘t listened to that. I‘ll have to find it. I‘m not a huge podcast person. And yes, I am a blue devil 😈 Good to find another on Litsy! (My friends and I sub the purple devil 😉😁) I remember a lot of bats in Durham... Hmmm... And deer. 1y
DarcysMom I loved the Netflix series! I am leaning toward it not being him. I definitely need to read the book! 1y
bookandcat @Megabooks yes I had bats in my central campus apartment *shudder* it's episode 1 of Criminal and it's about a half hour if you check the podcast out. 👿👿👿 1y
Megabooks @DarcysMom Yes! The first 8 episodes were on Sundance way back 10+ years ago. Then the last 5 were new to Netflix. It‘s such a great series. I need to read the book too! Maybe @Cinfhen will do a buddy read 🙏🏻 That would be fun. 1y
Megabooks @bookandcat I never had them in my apartment. 😱 Just in the hallway outside when I lived off campus. I‘ll listen to the podcast while Thanksgiving cooking. 😁 And I lived on the third floor on central and it was so hot in the winter because the heat from the bottom two apartments would rise. I just about died!! My roommate was from Malaysia and she was 🤷🏻‍♀️ NBD. 🤣🤣 1y
eanderson I really enjoyed that series because in the beginning I was certain he did it and by the end i changed my mind. I didn‘t think he did it either. I‘ve had people tell me about the owl theory. 1y
EadieB @Cinfhen @Megabooks @eanderson @bookandcat @DarcysMom Order your books if you want to join my Buddy Read. It will start on January 1 thru January 5. 1y
Billypar There's a definite theme emerging with this prompt- 'creep or criminal?' 🤔 I hadn't heard of this one though- your journalistic connection must have made you ponder this for awhile! 1y
bookandcat @Megabooks they're demolishing central apartments now lol nobody will ever have to live through those quirks again 😂 1y
Megabooks @eanderson Agreed. When it first happened, I was leaning towards it being him, but I came around to him being not guilty. 1y
Megabooks @EadieB In 🎉🎉🎉 1y
Megabooks @Billypar I did. I watched the trial on Court TV as best I could around my first job. Then it would even still pop in my head from time-to-time over the years. 1y
DarcysMom @EadieB Hooray! 🎉🎉🎉 1y
emilyhaldi I LOVED this Netflix series!! @Cinfhen @Megabooks My husband and I spent days after we finished researching the "owl theory" and digging for more information online. I'm still not exactly sure what happened but the ? theory as bizarre as it sounds, does seem to work better than any other... I would definitely read the book! @EadieB 1y
Megabooks @emilyhaldi @Cinfhen if there are owls in the city limits of Durham (outside of Duke Forest), they‘d be in that neighborhood. Thick old forest around those homes. 🤷🏻‍♀️🦉 1y
Cinfhen Don‘t know ANYTHING at all about this case so I‘m curious to read both book & watch series @Megabooks @emilyhaldi 1y
EadieB @emilyhaldi Great! I‘ll be sure to tag you! 1y
Megabooks @Cinfhen I think you will really enjoy it! 1y
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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After binging The Staircase on Netflix, I couldn‘t resist.

emilyhaldi Oooohh dying to know if this has a lot of information that the series didn't!! I have been obsessed ever since binging last weekend and now I don't know what to do with myself 😆 2y
Velvetsun @emilyhaldi my favorite podcast, True Crime Obsessed is going to be doing an episode by episode break down of The Staircase on their Patreon feed. 😁😁😁 2y
Mdargusch I‘m watching The Staircase right now! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2y
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Written in Blood | Diane Fanning
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Michael Peterson was found guilty of killing his 2nd wife and sentenced to life w/o parole. At the time, I was working in a bookstore in the city where this happened.
Recently he entered an Alford plea of guilty of voluntary manslaughter. His 89 months served fulfilled the terms of his new sentence and he was released.

LibrarianRyan 👍🏻🤓 3y
alleyfam51699 I remember when this happened and the trial. I may need to read this. We live near the city where it happened. 3y
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