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hello! hello! | Matthew Cordell
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Still around. Life is crazy. Starting a full-time job on 11/3 (after 2.5 years of 20-25 hrs a week), plus all the holiday cray cray has meant that I‘m BUSY.

Social media has taken a hit. I‘ve been medium active over on Instagram, but I can‘t seem to keep up both there and here.

But I‘m still reading! Trying to still hit my goal! Will try and pop in a bit here and there too. But I think #friyayintro is done for good, sorry!! ❤️

marleed Darn! But I hope you enjoy your new beginnings! 3d
DaveGreen7777 Wishing you the best with the new job, Jess! 😌 3d
Megabooks Good luck Jess! I‘ll see you on Instagram, too! 3d
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LeahBergen Hello again! 👋🏻 3d
CarolynM Thanks for all the Friyay Intro fun. Hope you're enjoying the job. 3d
Coleen_Nieto @howjessreads congratulations on all the exciting things you have going on! Wishing you the happiest of holidays. Thank you for all the fun!! ❤ 2d
cleoh Thanks for keeping it going for so long! It was such a fun thing ☺️ good luck with everything! 1d
vivastory Congrats on the new job 🎉🙌 Thanks for doing #friyayintro for so long! 1d
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Sourdough | Robin Sloan
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I know it‘s Saturday but Friday was a blur... Thanks @Cinfhen for tagging me for #friyayintro 😘

1. I really liked the tagged quirky foodie book.🥖
2. Teleportation definitely to reduce my commute time.💫
3. Libra ♎️
4. Just ran errands & gonna try to get a nap in, then wrap holiday presents to mail while watching movies & then read. 😴📚🎁I need introverting recovery!😉
5. Since Friday has passed, I won‘t tag anyone but feel free to jump in.🌺

Cinfhen Ha!! I should have known you‘d choose Sourdough 😊 1w
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Something Wonderful | Judith McNaught
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Thanks for the tag @SquidgetsRoom
1. Something Wonderful - I read it every summer vacation!
2. As the old Steve Miller song says I‘d like to “Fly Like An Eagle”
3. Virgo
4. Nothing.. I hope 🤞.. I really need a down day.

@CocoReads @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Woodchuc67

SquidgetsRoom I hope u get a down day to do whatever u want/need to do (read?) @CoverToCoverGirl 📚😉💖☕️ 1w
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Stars of Alabama | Sean Dietrich
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1. I loved the tagged book by Sean Dietrich. Great storytelling.

2. Time travel. I‘d love to see some of my loved ones again.

3. Gemini ♊️

4. Michigan v Ohio State game of course. Go Blue!

Have a great weekend Litsy friends!


Lynnsoprano O-H-I-O!! 😊 1w
CaitlinR @Lynnsoprano Congratulations on the win (sigh) 1w
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Station Eleven | Emily St John Mandel
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1. ⬆️
2. Mind reading
3. Gemini♊️
4. Family breakfast, craft fair, bachelorette party
5. 💜💜


Lynnsoprano I tagged the same book. So good! 1w
Susanita My coworkers already assume I can read minds, so I‘m not sure if I‘d actually want that ability. 😁 1w
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📗 (The) Signature of All Things
🕜 Ability to travel through time
🦀 Cancer
🍷 Might go to a winery? Definitely eating Thanksgiving leftovers and reading. 😄

🌞 #friyayintro @howjessreads

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1. Tagged 📚😊
2. Only one? 🤔 Healing powers.
3. ♊
4. Working
5. 💛💚💙🧡
#Friyayintro @howjessreads

Stalking Jack the Ripper | Kerri Maniscalco
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1. Stalking Jack the Ripper. 2. Becoming invisible anytime I want. 3. Scorpio. 4. Christmas Craft Sale with my mom! #FriYayIntro

Eggs Thanks for the tag ❣️❣️ 1w
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Swallows and Amazons | Arthur Ransome
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1. Tagged. This is one of my favorite books I've read this year.
2. Everyone has such creative answers! I think maybe being able to teleport - & take a person along with me - it would be awesome to travel instantaneously!
3. Libra
4. Finish painting the lower room & maybe get out Christmas decorations!! Also Thanksgiving with the in-laws.

#FriyayIntro @howjessreads