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Floppy Shoes Apocalypse | John Ledger Ledger
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I chose this one to for an “Ugly Cover“ prompt for a challenge I'm doing. Lucky for me it also fits the anthology prompt on a different challenge! #winning. This is a collection of Clown Horror stories ranging from slightly concerning to downright demented. There were a few stories that were actually pretty good but by the end I was just begging for it to be over. This is a good collection for what it is, but its just not my cuppa.

Untitled | Unknown
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+6 pt for #MerryReaders #WinterGames #HolidayLaughs ♥️😂♥️

StayCurious Amazing. I got my husband a pillow case with his face on it, haha. 1mo
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Confessions | Kanae Minato
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Candy package and notification that my audio book was available today #winning 😁

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After the Holocaust Education residential I attended last weekend, I now have a medium-sized book haul of further reading. I‘ve already started the tagged book, which is pretty heavy going but so interesting with it. The weather is terrible here today, so I‘m probably just going to stay at home and read things! #winning ☔️ 🌧 📚 📖 ☕️

charl08 Looks like an impressive stack. Hope to get some good recommendations. 3mo
Connster @charl08 This one was recommended to me by one of the Holocaust educators on the course last weekend, so it should be good! 3mo
Connster @charl08 I also wanted to focus on resistance/survival/assistance, as those are areas that widen the scope of the Holocaust and show the victims as not passive, like some texts do. Hopefully these will all be helpful with this! 3mo
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Good Omens | Gaiman, Neal
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When your husband gets a free book from a leadership conference and doesn‘t want it, you exchange it for two books that you wanna read..... plus a cookie..... I only had to pay for the iced tea! #winning

Samplergal Excellent! 3mo
MrBook Awww, heck yeah!!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
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Bunny: A Novel | Mona Awad
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When your bookmark matches your book #winning

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So yesterday I didn't manage to make sports. Had to take care of boyfriend (I don't have kids but he was the little spoiled kid so...) but today after 15 days of no gym I went for a run. Had a good timing but was hard. At 20 minutes I almost gave up. But I manage to end. Now legs hurt... But is a happy pain

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 6mo
britt_brooke Way to push through! 💪🏻 6mo
Megabooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥳🥳 6mo
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imabusybee 👏🏻👏🏻 good job 6mo
CaroPi @wanderinglynn @britt_brooke @Megabooks @imabusybee Thanks a lot! I ended up so tired that I am going earlier to bed 😴😴😴😴 6mo
julesG Yeah! Well done! 👏👏👏 6mo
CocoReads I did a workout called Fight Club yesterday. I thought I‘d be ok but with an hour of being at work today I was really feeling it. Not sure what I‘ll do today, I‘ve already got almost 11 k steps in and am not really feeling it. But I usually feel better after I‘ve done it. 6mo
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Moloka'i | Alan Brennert
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Using my bookmark from Hawaii while reading a book set in Hawaii #nailedit #winning also excited to read this because it‘s a book that has been recommended to me by every book generator ever. But had never heard of it beyond that 🤷🏻‍♀️

Megabooks It‘s really good! 6mo
mcctrish @Megabooks I am really enjoying it so far. I really don‘t understand leprosy 6mo
CouronneDhiver I‘m working on this one too. 6mo
mcctrish @CouronneDhiver we can be reading sisters 👯 6mo
CouronneDhiver Sounds great 👍🏽 6mo
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Keep You Close | Karen Cleveland
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Originally picked this because of just the blurb. It is about an FBI special agent who is visited by another agent who tells her they need to talk about her son moments after she found a loaded gun in his room. Turned out to be about the FBI, CIA, the Senate, the White House, and Russian spies; and their master plan so it became my #booked2019 political intrigue. Read it in about 2.5 days!

@Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage

Cinfhen Great!!! #Winning 😜 7mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Sounds really good! 7mo
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Marrying Harriet | M.C. Beaton
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"New Stock" said the sign outside my local discount book shop. "I'll just go in for a look," I thought. "I won't buy anything." Ha!

And I was #SoClose to going a whole month without buying any books. Would it be a #Disaster #IfIFell off the wagon again? The sound of #Thunder I hear is my bank balance hitting the floor.

#MayMovieMagic #StarTrekSummerMay #BeatleMaynia #AMonthOfSongs

BarbaraBB Great post, great #multitasking 😉 8mo
JennyM 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 8mo
erzascarletbookgasm Haha 👏 8mo
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Freespirit Ha ha great work...it's a disease...I have it too😄 8mo
Megabooks This post is truly awesome!! 😎🖖🏻 8mo
TrishB Look at all those though 😁😁 8mo
readordierachel Excellent hashtag integration 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 8mo
Cinfhen What a great medley of prompts and what an awesome stack of books!!!! #winning 💖🙌🏻 (edited) 8mo
Tanisha_A You go girl! 8mo
Cathythoughts Nice one for the prompt ! Nice stack for you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 8mo
batsy 😆👏🏽👏🏽 8mo
LeeRHarry Nice haul - I have the Ayisha Malik on audiobook from the library 😊 8mo
OriginalCyn620 Great haul! 8mo
RachelO 😂😂😂Nicely done! And impressive haul! 8mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🤣🤣🤣 8mo
rohit-sawant 😂😂 Awesome prompt mashup! 🙌🏼 8mo
LeahBergen Oopsie! 😆 8mo
Rissreads I love the way you don‘t do things half hearted! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! 8mo
DivineDiana Somehow “just looking” never works! 😉📚👏🏻 8mo
BooknerdsLife Hahaaaa 🤣🤣 the mighty power of books! Especially if they are on sales 😅🙌🏼📚📚💥 8mo
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