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Cats on Instagram | @Cats_of_instagram
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🐈 I‘m sure nothing important was on this page anyway. Bookish problems when your feline companion has a strong sense of self worth and entitlement.

🐱 #VirginiaWoolf #BookishProblems #CatLady #CatLadyProblems #CatsofLitsy

Erinreadsthebooks 😂 😂 😂 4y
AmyG Ha! 4y
Leftcoastzen 😻😂 4y
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AlaMich True story! 😻 (edited) 4y
Balibee146 #KAL 😬🐱 4y
SW-T 😹😹😹 4y
Bette 😂🐱❤️ 4y
diovival 😂 🧡 4y
UwannaPublishme 😂😂😂 4y
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I am supposed to be reading our family book club pick, but I grabbed this out of my nearest #LittleFreeLibrary yesterday and oops! started it instead. I think Jenny knows. 😆 Really enjoying it so far! Hoping to finish it in a day or two so I can get back to Killers of the Flower Moon before the fam realizes I started another book. 📚

#currentread #swamplandia #femaleprotagonist #booknerd #canthelpmyself #paperback #meow #catlady #pageturner

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Pounce | Seth Casteel
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I was flipping through this cute cat book in Barnes & Noble today. This page had me cracking up. 😂

#cats #kitty #kittens #catsoflitsy #catsonlitsy #catlover #catlovers #catlove #catlady #cat #catpeople #carlife

ladym30 Yoga for cats? 6y
ChrysFey @ladym30 HAHA! Could be. 6y
Sue That cat is bending time and light with the power in her paws 🐾 6y
ChrysFey @Sue 😂🙌🙌😂 6y
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“Bad luck? Let‘s stay safe & warm, just in case...” ~Dolly Cat. #fridaythe13th #catlife #catlady

rubyslippersreads Dolly is being very practical. 😸 6y
AmyG 💕 6y
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Well, looks like I won't be getting any reading done for a while...

#catlady #catsandbooks

TheBookgeekFrau By the look on his/her face, I‘d be scared to even try if I were you😼😄 6y
jwashreads @C.Perone she has all the attitude--I dare not anger her! 6y
rubyslippersreads 😹😹😹 6y
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Freaky Friday | Mary Rodgers
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These ladies did a great job matching people for #freakyfriday! I‘ve read some of these, many are books I‘ve had on my TBR and, best of all, some I don‘t know about. Looking forward to April reading!

monalyisha Thanks for the compliment! It was a task, for sure! But it‘s worth it to see people so excited. 🤗 6y
Viji @carebear, my plan is to read The Winter Garden, A God in Ruins and The Given Day in April for #freakyfriday. I looked at some of your posts to find out more about you. Your cats are awesome! I‘m a #catlady too 😸 6y
CareBear @Viji oh, I love your choices (I mean obviously I would have loved any of your choices, lol). Have you read those authors before? I own Lab Girl and Sharp Objects so I‘m going to start with those. I‘m hoping to reread Jayne Eyre. A few others I requested from the library, so we‘ll see what comes in on time. And thank you! How many cats do you have? 6y
Viji @carebear I have read a few of Lehane‘s and really enjoyed them but haven‘t read Hannah or Atkinson. I liked Lab Girl so much I bought a copy for my daughter for Christmas. I have one cat, Little. She‘s about ten. Our other girl, Cassie, was twenty years old when she died about a year ago 😢 6y
CareBear Oh, I‘m sorry to hear that. Little is adorable 😻 6y
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Plume | Isabelle Simler
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The Night Before Christmas | Clement Clarke Moore
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'Twas a quiet hour to read but, imagine that, a creature was stirring... Miss Dolly Cat! #catlady #holidays #amreading

[DELETED] 3803335244 She‘s secretly singing, “oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, your ornaments are history!” That‘s what are cat sings! Lol 😂 6y
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The The Last of August | Brittany Cavallaro
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More from the Holmes family tree. Same, Araminta, same.

#catmom #catlady #sherlock #sherlockholmes #retelling #ya #youngadult

starlight97 You have a lovely handwriting :) 7y
hike.read.repeat @starlight97 I wish! That‘s from the opening pages of the book. 7y
starlight97 @hike.read.repeat ahh, I thought you wrote in the book! Sorry 😅 7y
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