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My Little Brave Girl | Hilary Duff
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Light pick. I loved the sentimentality in this one (which moved it to the pick side for me) and the diversity shown in the illustrations. It‘s a basic #PictureBook that Duff conveys her little girl can be whomever she wishes to be. It does have kind of an abrupt end, as I have seen other reviewers noted. This is probably more for a parent/guardian and child to read together rather than being used for a Storytime. #BBRC #LetterM

LibrarianRyan I didn't realize she had written a book. Interesting. 4d
Librarybelle @LibrarianRyan I know! This has been fun researching the celebrities who wrote picture books! 4d
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My Cousin Rachel | Daphne Du Maurier
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📚 tagged
✍️ Michael Connelly
📺 The Magic Roundabout, Madeline
👩‍🎤 Minnie Riperton
🎵 Manic Monday!
#ManicMonday #LetterM @CBee

Playing catch-up. Also I have been waking early with the spring sunshine, so taking the opportunity to catch up on my #litsylove corro!

Night | Elie Wiesel
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It's #manicmonday!

📖 Night by Elie Wiesel
✍️ Neil Gaiman
🎬 National Treasure, Night at the Museum, National Lapoon's Christmas Vacation, Now and Then, The Notebook, The Nightmare Before Christmas
🎤 Nightwish, Nancy Ajram, Norman Greenbaum, Nirvana, No Doubt
🎶 Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance, Nice Guys Finish Last by Green Day, Nunca Te Olvidare by Enrique Iglesias, No Me Conoce by Jhay Cortez


Untitled | Unknown
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📖 Mad Hatters and March Hares - Various Authors
🖊 George R. R. Martin
🎥 Muholland Drive, My Science Project, Metal Skin, Mississippi Grind
📺 Mad Men, Midnight Mass, The Midnight Club
🎙 Metallica, Muse, Mark Lenover
🎶 Monkey - Robert Plant
Mad World - Gary Jules
The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie / Nirvana
Moving in Stereo - The Cars
Mad As A Hatter - Larkin Poe

#ManicMonday #LetterM

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#manicmonday on Tuesday because being sick sucks


📖 Mrs. Miracle
🖋 Debbie Macomber
🎤 Madonna
🎶 Material Girl

Midnight Sun | Stephenie Meyer
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#ManicMonday #LetterM @CBee

I missed it yesterday due to the Halloween festivities, so I'm here today 😁

📚: Midnight Sun
✒️: Stephenie Meyer
🎬: Mean Girls
🎤: Metallica
🎶: Me Necesita- CNCO & Pretty Much

Circe | Madeline Miller
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Middlemarch - book
Madeline Miller- author
MASH- TV show
Madonna- singer
My Girl (Temptations)- song

#manicmonday #letterM

Middlemarch | George Eliot
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📚 Middlemarch, The Mandarins, the MaddAddam trilogy
✍️ Daphne du Maurier
📺 Malcolm in the Middle, My Name is Earl
🎤 Madrugada, Måneskin, Muse
🎶 Majesty (Madrugada), Mr Blue Skies (ELO), Mr Zebra (Tori Amos), Mad About You (Hooverphonic), Made of Steam (Dengue Fever), My Death (David Bowie), Murder Song (Aurora)

#ManicMonday #LetterM @CBee

This challenge is really driving home how many fave songs I have! 😂

CBee Woo! You had a lot of faves this round!! 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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The Maltese Falcon | Dashiell Hammett
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📚 Tagged, plus Midnight At The Well of Souls/Jack L. Chalker, Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore/Robin Sloan
✒ Dennis L. McKiernan, A. Lee Martinez, David Mack
📺 Monty Python 📽 Mad Max: Fury Road, The Matrix, The Mummy (1999)
🎙 Men At Work, Midnight Oil, Metallica, Madonna
🎶 Mr. Blue Sky/ELO, Man Enough/Lloyd Cole, Money Changes Everything/Cyndi Lauper
#ManicMonday #LetterM @CBee

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#ManicMonday #LetterM @CBee @ChaoticMissAdventures

📚 M is For Monster [Dutton], Messy Thrilling Life [Harrison], The Minimalist Home [Becker], Misfit City [Smith], Mom's Cancer [Fies], Mr. Penumbra's 24-hr Bookstore [Sloan], Ms. Marvel [Willow Wilson], The Mysterious Disappearance of Aidan S. [Levithan]
🖊 Ma, Ling; Maggs, Sam (illustr.); Makkai, Rebecca; McNamara, Michelle; McQuiston, Casey; Morgenstern, Erin

Cont'd in comments ⬇️ 😁

Librariana (1 of 2) 🎬 Moana, Mona Lisa Smile, Monsters - Inc. & University (these are my niece's favorites and always make me think of her 🧡), My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Girl
📺 Mindhunter, Ms. Marvel
Librariana (2 of 2) 🎤 Maná 🇲🇽, Max Richter, Michael Bublé, Momoland, Mumford & Sons
🎶 Maniac [Stray Kids], Manic Monday [Bangles], Me Quiero Enamorar [Jesse & Joy], Meet Me At Our Spot [The Anxiety], Mexicana Hermosa (feat. Los Macorinos) [Natalia Lafourcade], Mikrokosmos [BTS], More [Sam Ryder], Mr. Brightside [The Killers], My Hero [Foo Fighters]
CBee AMAZING choices and I love how you listed your niece‘s fave movies - precious 😊♥️ 2y
Librariana @CBee I fear that my favorites are getting COMPLETELY out of control - lol! But it's also such a lovely snapshot (and reminder) of the things I love at this stage in my life 😊 Thank you for the humbling compliment on my choices! And yes! Iliana (my niece) is absolutely OBSESSED with her Monsters movies and asks for them *constantly*. She's the coolest almost-four-year-old I know 😎 2y
CBee @Librariana nah, keep them coming 😊😊 Iliana - I love her name! You‘re such a cool aunt 😊😊 2y
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