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Choose Your Own Adventure #1
Choose Your Own Adventure #1: Abominable Snowman | R. Montgomery
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You head to the Himalayas in search of the Yeti, otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman. But when your climbing pal Carlos goes missing, your search takes a very different turn. The first fork in the story happens en route to Nepal, when you must decide whether to bail out of a faltering plane or attempt a crash landing. 28 different endings range from pretty bad (you meet a poacher and are thrown into a pit of tigers) to great (you rescue Carlos, doing good deeds along the way, and meet the mysterious Yeti).
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😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #LitsyHumor

xxjenadanxx The story of my life. 4mo
DrawingSustenance I'm never not hungry. 4mo
BBooks I'm hungry and bored 4mo
Redwritinghood The answer is “yes”. 🙂 4mo
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This gorgeous thing is my eldest nephew. Previously a reluctant reader I‘ve tried everything to get him to read then I found some of these books at Vinnies and now he is hooked. Here he is reading at the breakfast table before school. I will have to hunt for more.

Samplergal He is a cutie. And so wonderful you found the book to grab him. ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
LapReader Thanks @Samplergal he has a beautiful nature as well. Very affectionate and helpful. 4mo
TrishB Cool 👍🏻 4mo
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Tamra Yay!! 4mo
Rissreads I loved these books! 4mo
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I‘m throwing it open to my fellow Littens. Which of these 4 fine books will be my next read?
1. A SciFi caving thriller
2. A paranormal western
3. A deep sea horror
4. A fantasy murder mystery

Help me out and leave a number below. I trust you all. Sort of.😂


JacqMac That‘s a hard one! I say 4. 5mo
cobwebmoth They all look intriguing, but I love murder mysteries so I'd probably go with 4. 5mo
collegecatlady 3! I just finished it and it was phenomenal!! 5mo
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Clwojick 3 ! 5mo
Cailey_Mac Oooo 3 looks interesting! 4 was good as well; easy to read! 5mo
Freespirit 4❤️❤️ 5mo
Hestapleton Number 3 scared the crap out of me!!! 5mo
emmaturi Number 4! 5mo
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Where is your sense of adventure?

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#OldFavorite @howjessreads#30JuneBooks

I devoured Choose Your Own Adventure books in elementary school and love that my own ten year old son has "discovered" them recently. His teacher even had the students try writing their own short stories in this style. Everything old becomes new again! ?

Soubhiville I loved these too! 7mo
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This is super fun! The game is divided into 5 chapters; just like in the Choose Your Own Adventure books you read sections of story and the group chooses how to proceed. There are challenges to gain objects and extra clues. We finished chapter one, can't wait to play again and continue the story!

FreeReadAndWrite Wait, what game is this? How many players? 11mo
WhatWouldJaneDo @FreeReadAndWrite it's Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger. It's collaborative so just 1 or more players, when you get to a choice the group decides what to do next. It's pretty similar to reading the books, but depending on your choices you can gain items to help later and you get challenges that you roll the dice to decide if you win or fail. 11mo
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Abominable Snowman | R A Montgomery
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I loved choose your own adventure books as a kid...my son got these as a gift, looking forward to diving in with him. #monstermash #octoberxfiles

Cinfhen My son had this book!!! #BookMemories and a great series for boys who are not exactly the most interested readers😬 1y
Cinfhen Cute photo 💕💕 1y
Blaire @Cinfhen nice! My son loves being read to but still working on independent reading. Hopefully this will be a good motivator! 1y
Blaire @Cinfhen thanks - we have a monster bowling pin set! 👹😈👹 1y
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The Abominable Snowman | R. A. Montgomery
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My son is into choose your own adventure books and the “map” on the back of the book is pretty awesome.

Avanders Cooooool ☺️ 2y
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Abominable Snowman | R A Montgomery
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Day 27: Retro Cover Fun. I have soooooo many books that fit this, so I chose these at random. I adore retro covers! #riotgrams

The Abominable Snowman | R. A. Montgomery
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Library haul

The Abominable Snowman | R. A. Montgomery
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We have been doing a bunch of work on the house and money was tight around my birthday this year, so my husband bought me a belated birthday present. #1-40 of the original Choose Your Own Adventure books!!! #bookhaul

The Abominable Snowman | R. A. Montgomery
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Choose wisely...

Connie Test 4y
todd I have very fond memories of these books. #westridgelibrary 4y
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