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Longbourn | Jo Baker
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#SoaringScores #DidIMakeTheMostOfLovingYou #DowntonAbbey #JohnLunn


For today‘s prompt I went with the “upstairs/downstairs” vibe and went with the Bennett‘s servants at Longbourn!

The Downtown Abbey movie was super nice, feel good, and had me tearing up at the end.

CoverToCoverGirl Loved this book. It has a permanent place in my library. 2mo
AlaMich @CoverToCoverGirl I loved Longbourn too. I read it even before I read P&P, so I had no background knowledge and I still loved it. 2mo
Cinfhen I‘ve seen wonderful reviews for this book! Good choice 2mo
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Zelma I adored Longbourn, and would have even without the P&P tie-in. It worked so well for me. 2mo
CrowCAH @CoverToCoverGirl great to hear! On my TBR. 2mo
CrowCAH @AlaMich oh wow, interesting. Did it affect your reading of P&P? 2mo
CrowCAH @Cinfhen same here! 2mo
CrowCAH @Zelma good to know. Definitely will be a must read for this P&P/Jane Austen fan! 2mo
AlaMich @CrowCAH not really, because they were very much separate stories. 2mo
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The World of Downton Abbey | Jessica Fellowes
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CrowCAH Several shows I love have Lunn as a composer, I didn‘t know! 2mo
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The World of Downton Abbey | Jessica Fellowes
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Saw #DowntonAbbey tonight and was really pleased with happy endings all around: a bit of political intrigue, inheritance issues, romance, costumes, and lots more food! Top pic of friends goofing around at our own Downton Abbey Tea a few years back.

Tanisha_A Great picture with friends! 3mo
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Ok so I have a confession to make. The reason I have gotten behind on reading is my mom wants to see the #DowntonAbbey movie for her birthday and I never watched the series before so I told her I would. I didn't think I would get into it, but dear reader, I binged all 6 seasons in 10 days. 🤫

TorieStorieS I did the exact same thing!!!! I only just finished yesterday!!! 3mo
MatchlessMarie @TorieStorieS I finished yesterday too! 😁 3mo
TorieStorieS I am so excited for the movie now!!! 🥳 3mo
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TorieStorieS I hope you and your mom enjoy it too!! 3mo
AmyG I am doing s mother-daugter watch of this movie, too. We loved DA to death. 3mo
Eggs Yay good for you! I‘m excited for movie too 3mo
Ruthiella A perfectly reasonable excuse! You are a good daughter!😀 3mo
julesG My daughter (9y/o) wants to see the film. She's promised to help with all the chores. She has only seen a few episodes from the 6 seasons. 😁 3mo
Tera0707 Such an amazing show! Can‘t wait to see the movie! 3mo
QuietlyLaura I‘m seeing the movie, too! I loved the series. 3mo
kellock That's what I'm doing Sunday! Cannae wait!!! 3mo
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I‘m gearing up for the Downton Abbey movie next month by reading this little gem. It‘s full of the show‘s best quotes, which are so relatable. Highly recommended for fans of the show. 5⭐️


AmyG I can‘t wait to see the movie! 4mo
ladym30 Love this book and looking forward to the movie!😍 4mo
JenlovesJT47 @AmyG @ladym30 me too, can‘t wait! 🤗 4mo
Tamra Me too! 4mo
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An #easyread for the playgym. Just the right amount of entertainment. Not enough to be sucked in while keeping an 👂 out for the li‘l one. #DowntonAbbey

randomx Just checking if you received the #diwalibookswap package 13mo
AppuNthebooks @randomx Hi! Yes, thanks so much! Can‘t wait to open them! Hope you received yours (edited) 13mo
randomx Yes I did. Thanks a lot. I hope you haven't already read/bought the ones I sent. Happy Dhanteras to you and your family 13mo
AppuNthebooks No, I haven‘t. In fact, I haven‘t read anything featuring these parts of Russian history. Interesting choices! I was very surprised to receive a 2nd one. Thank you! I owe you one for Xmas. 13mo
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Its been too long, time for a rewatch. #downtonabbey

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I enjoy anything that is #DowntonAbbey related, but this is a disappointing read:

✔ Beautiful illustrations

❌ Plot lost midway through the story
❌ No story direction
❌ Abrupt ending

Rating: 1🌟

#history #nonfiction #ladyalmina #countessofcarnavon #aristocrat #british #biocomic #graphicnovel #illustrations

ladym30 Gorgeous photo!! 2y
thereadingowlvina @ladym30 Thank you so much! 🤗 2y
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Gilded Cage | Vic James
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Oh, I loved this one! It had the flavor of a magical, dystopian Downton Abbey.

HOTPock3tt Now THAT sounds cool!! 😎#DowntonAbbey (edited) 2y
Addison_Reads I love your description. I definitely have to read this now. 2y
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