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LibrarianRyan There is someone inside your house moves quickly. 5mo
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I really enjoyed this one! The writing was fantastic and I really liked the main character. This book was fast-paced and very hard to put down (definitely stayed up too late reading it 🤓). Although it had the potential to be very dark and scary, it was not overly so. I learned after reading the book that it will soon be a movie starring Amy Adams! 🤩#thewomaninthewindow #ajfinn #danielmallory #unputdownable #booktomovie

JohannaRose I loved this book and I had no idea it was going to be made into a movie! That‘s awesome! 6mo
rethier1 @JohannaRose I didn‘t either! It apparently comes out in October! 😻 6mo
JohannaRose @rethier1 Oh wow that soon! I‘ll be looking for it! Thanks 😊 6mo
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cathipink Did you read the articles about Daniel Mallory that came out a few months ago? 6mo
rethier1 @cathipink Yes indeed. He seems to be quite unfamiliar with telling the truth. Sounds like an...interesting...guy. 😬 6mo
Ericalambbrown Loved this one! 5mo
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I‘ve had this on my tbr for a minute. I honesty grabbed it because I was curious after the drama. Then I found a book club that was going to read this but it was in like a day and a half and I quickly powered thru this. The book club was tonight and it was nice. I‘ll go again next time.
#bookclub #ajfinn #thewomaninthewindow #womaninthewindow #danmallory #mystery #thriller #mysterybookclub #drama #authordrama #librarybookclub

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Have you read this article yet? If not, please do and let‘s discuss because my mind is blown 🤯! #twitw #ajfinn #thewomaninthewindow #danmallory


britt_brooke I‘m happy I never read his book because it sounds as awful as he does. However, I think the real problem here is the publishing industry. But, that could be said for any industry. There are liars and manipulators everywhere. (edited) 10mo
Jess7 I didn‘t love it. It was suspenseful, but Anna Fox (main character) drove me crazy and the ending was super far-fetched. Learning about this author makes me sick. @britt_brooke 10mo
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Sharpeipup 😮 Just wow. 10mo
AmyG Mr. Ripley and his Ladder to the Sky. Wow. I won‘t ever read any of his books. 10mo
julesG @britt_brooke Agree to the liars and manipulators everywhere. Why should the publishing industry be an exception. 10mo
TheLibrarian Well I‘m glad I didn‘t pay for his book and I won‘t support him in the future. That‘s just disgusting behavior. 10mo
Jess7 Yes, I won‘t be reading his next one. @TheLibrarian 10mo
tournevis Ok, someone on here yesterday said they went to college with him and was linking to this article. I lost the post. Who was it? 10mo
britt_brooke @julesG Exactly. That‘s why I don‘t find this situation surprising. Unfortunate? Yes. But not altogether shocking. 10mo
Megabooks @tournevis Yes! I went to college with him. Worked at the Chronicle with him. When it came out in Duke magazine last year that he was AJ Finn my mom remembered his name, but I didn‘t have a clear memory of him. Mary Carmichael, who was contacted for the article, was a friend in college. The bff read the article. She was head of the whole paper the year after Dan graduated and doesn‘t remember him. I contacted the friend that reviewed TV when 👇🏻 10mo
Megabooks Dan reviewed films and haven‘t heard back yet. It bugs me that I don‘t remember all his shenanigans. It‘s just crazy. I love (in a bad way) what he wrote to Princeton because that was the only school I applied to where I didn‘t get in! 10mo
Megabooks @britt_brooke @Jess7 @AmyG @TheLibrarian I don‘t plan on reading his next one either. I think it was @TrishB who said she met him at a book signing. 10mo
britt_brooke @Megabooks After all of this, I‘ll be curious to see what his books sales look like on the next one. Crazy that you went to school with him! 10mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage This reminds me so much of what happened when the truth came out about James Frey‘s supposedly autobiographical book. 10mo
Leftcoastzen Holy Crap! 10mo
Eggbeater Wow. I just read the article. This is crazy. Bipolar disorder does not turn one into a pathological liar. What a shame! I really liked the book, too. 10mo
TrishB @Megabooks I would like to say it was me just to add to the story! Not this time though. I have this book on my kindle but haven‘t read. 10mo
Leftcoastzen I was kinda interested in reading it, but also, the unreliable narrator thing is getting a bit tired. 10mo
Tonton Read the article, as well as a recap in the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/feb/05/bestselling-author-of-the-woman-at... wow, a lot of energy misplaced 10mo
mrp27 @AmyG said it the best! Crazy..... 10mo
tpixie I haven‘t made it through the article yet but the story is incredible!!!!! Thanks so much for tagging me on this! 10mo
TheBookStacker This is bonkers! Definitely creepy parallels between Ripley and him (murder aside) 10mo
lele1432 Nooo freaking way!! Between this, Bad Blood Elizabeth Holmes and Billy McFarland from the Fyre Festival documentaries I'm too done!! We live in a world full of "successful" frauds. ? To lie about cancer is disgusting. I'm mad I bought his eBook on sale! ? I hope his next one tanks. 10mo
Megabooks @lele1432 preach!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 10mo
BibliOphelia BANANA. PANTS. I am so bummed I bought the book (which I have yet to read) and hope his career crashes and burns. So tired of the callous, privileged people who burn through real nice people and never get their comeuppance. 10mo
Marilyncjackson This is crazy! And thanks for sharing 10mo
Reviewsbylola That‘s wild! And I also jumped to the James Frey comparison @BarbaraTheBibliophage although somehow this seems waaaaaay worse to me. I guess because this dude just lies for the hell of it, even to people who should be able to trust his credibility, whereas I guess I give Frey some artistic license. 😬😬 Awful, I know. 10mo
TheFunkyBookworm Omg wow this is truly wild!!! I‘ll def be skipping his next book...I wonder how people think they can get away with hiding these “skeletons” 10mo
TNbookworm Wow! I'm glad I never jumped on the bandwagon and read his book! What a liar! Crazy that he could get away with alI that! 10mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jess7 I haven‘t read it... it sounded too much like The Girl In The Train and I did not like that book!! So glad I didn‘t spend money on this one!! 10mo
The_Heeler_Booklife He sounds crazy. It‘s just horrible he loves to dupe and manipulate. Won‘t read his next book. 10mo
GripLitGrl Whoa! Thanks for tag. I am definitely anti liar I pretty must have a zero tolerance level for liars. He's quite the pathological liar & about health issues too, that is the worst! Thinking his book sales will suffer for this & I definitely won't be giving him any support going forward. I do think to lie in the ways he did something is not quite right & he may need some help so he can stop.😳audiobook library loan for me the hype was understood 10mo
Jennifer3 I have no words and my phone died before I finished it. Holy sh*t! That amount of lying is insanity. And how no one has called him on it for years! And that author Hannah and what she knows and does. My mind is blown by this whole situation @Jess7 10mo
ShariEstaLeando 😱😱😱 10mo
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“ Yes?” I call. Less inviting than hello. More gracious than Who The Hell?! #AJFinn #Fiction #TheWomanInTheWindow

BookBabe 😂👌🏻 10mo
RadicalReader @BookBabe seriously couldn‘t continue listening because I was laughing too hard 10mo
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Propanol can lead to migraine, heart arithmeia, shortness of breath, depression, hallucinations, severe skin reactions, nausea, diarrhea, decreased libido, insomnia and drowsiness. What this medication needs is more side effects Ed remarks. Spontaneous combustion I thought #Fiction #AJFinn #TheWomanInTheWindow


The rat bastard husband, his little ruin of a wife. A mistress, a murder, a vanished corpse #Fiction #AJFinn #TheWomanInTheWindow


Half the guys on these apps are using five year old photos, and the other half are married and the other half are single for reason. “That‘s three Halves!”You don‘t debate math with someone who‘s rotating your spine. #AJFinn #Fiction #TheWomanInTheWindow


“A yuppie clan it what used to be a real neighborhood. “ Ed fumed. Olivia named her stuffed rabbit Yuppie #AJFinn #Fiction #TheWomanInTheWindow

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I press the camera to my eye and zoom in. The Today Show. I might head down and switch on my own tv. Watch alongside my neighbor. Or I might view it right here, on his set through the lens. I decide to do that. #Fiction #AJFinn #TheWomanInTheWindow