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Puzzled: Secrets and clues from a life in words | David Astle
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As a child, David Astle's hero was the Riddler. Figuring out brainteasers like 'Where is a man drowned but still not wet?' (quicksand) and 'How many sides has a circle?' (two - the inside and the outside) became an obsession and, eventually, his life: his cryptic crosswords now appear in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald every week, to the delight and frustration of thousands. In Puzzled, Astle offers a helping hand to the perplexed and the infatuated alike, taking us on a personal tour into the secret life of words. Beginning with a Master Puzzle, he leads us through each of the clues, chapter by chapter, revealing the secrets of anagrams, double meanings, manipulations, spoonerisms and hybrid clues. More than a how-to manual and more than a memoir, Puzzled is a book for word junkies everywhere.
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Finished my puzzle! Received this 2 Christmas' ago, figured it was finally time to put it together😁 #teamstoker #scarathlon @TheReadingMermaid

TheReadingMermaid It's gorgeous! 🧟‍♀️ 1mo
Tamra Beautiful! 1mo
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Watching the new season of Haunted on Netflix and doing a Halloween themed puzzle!! #scarathon #teamstoker @TheReadingMermaid

TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 2mo
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#booked2019 @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft
Hello all, i am just planning summer books for the challenge. Im just a bit stumped by genre busting. Im sure it's pretty obvious but could someone enlighten me!

mreads I picked a book that was a blend of genres, graphic novel, memoir, political essay. 6mo
saresmoore I interpret it to mean a book that the sellers can‘t decide where to shelve it. I read the tagged book and even after finishing, I can‘t solve the bookseller‘s dilemma. “Is it literary fiction or fantasy or experimental or prose poetry??” 6mo
Cinfhen @saresmoore and @mreads are both correct!! It‘s a book that can‘t be clearly labeled one genre ❤️ (edited) 6mo
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andrew61 @Cinfhen @saresmoore @mreads thanks, I'll put my thinking cap on ☺ 6mo
LiterRohde I was considering this for awhile and am planning to read it in the future. 5mo
LiterRohde I needed up reading this book for the prompt. My review is the first post (as of right now) when you click on the link. (edited) 5mo
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And bookish puzzle is done!

BethM 😍 10mo
Linsy Beautiful! Jealous! 💚💚💚 10mo
hermyknee I love this! 10mo
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megnews Love it! 10mo
bookish_wookish This is amazing! 10mo
Tamra Wow! 10mo
shellleigh33 Beautiful ❤️ 10mo
iread2much That is a super cool puzzle! 9mo
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Big weekend, folks 🧩. Excited to frame and hang this over our new bookcase 💙 📚

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Well, we finished our puzzle. We double checked the box, but pieces were definitely missing. First time that‘s happened. Certainly made things exciting for a while.

Years ago a paperback was missing the last few pages. Wrote the publisher and they sent a new copy. Don‘t think we‘ll worry about the puzzle though. Rather just start a new one.

rather_be_reading 😍😍 11mo
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Started this last night and just finished it. It‘s a really nice puzzle for The Dollar Tree

Bibliogeekery Lovely! 11mo
Marina_h That's gorgeous! 11mo
OrangeMooseReads @Bibliogeekery @Marina_h it is, the picture doesn‘t do it justice. I was very pleasantly surprised. 11mo
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MaleficentBookDragon Ohhhh. I like that one. 11mo
Faibka It‘s lovely! 💕 I love puzzles 11mo
CometReadings That's fantastic! Love puzzles.😄 11mo
TNbookworm ❤ this! 11mo
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My oldest and I complete lots of puzzles over the kids‘ holiday break. Our latest is a bookish one. We bought a B&N one that is made up of covers of sci-fi/fantasy books. That one is up next.

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@Kayla.Adriena I put it on the inside of my normal one and fold these flaps down. @Crewgurl I think you asked about it the other day too?

Crewgurl Awesome!!! 11mo
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Puzzle fun on a Friday! 🧩🧩

Leftcoastzen Cool ! Love the New Yorker puzzles! 11mo
ephemeralwaltz 😍😍 I love this! 11mo
Bookzombie So cute! 11mo
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Look @Heideschrampf .... The next jigsaw 🤩😍

EH2018 So cool!! 12mo
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Just finished it yesterday evening 😍 @Heideschrampf

Now I need to look, where I hide the second jigsaw. 😂😂😂

aprilpohren Wow! Love it!! 12mo
rather_be_reading 😍😍 12mo
julesG 😍👍 12mo
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julesG BTW, still have 3 or 4 undone jigsaw puzzles in my closet. I need one of these puzzle rolls. 12mo
Heideschrampf Woha. How long did it take you??? 12mo
readordierachel That's so cool! 12mo
Buechersuechtling @Sarah83 Sorry, but I just developed a crush on your jigsaw 🧩. Well done. 👍🏼 12mo
Sarah83 @julesG they are really great. 😍🤩 12mo
Sarah83 @Heideschrampf yesterday or you mean the whole time? 12mo
Sarah83 @Buechersuechtling yes it is so great 😍 12mo
Kaye Do you have a guess how long it took from start to finish ? 12mo
Sarah83 @kaye in hours? I mostly did it on Sundays... Maybe ten hours?! 12mo
Kaye I like doing puzzles but I‘m not very good at them. It‘d take me 10 weeks. That‘s if my husband was home to help. I sit and stare for hours looking for a piece, and he walks by and picks one up and puts it in the right spot ! 🧐 12mo
Sarah83 @kaye I did a lot of jigsaws, when I was little, so I always use a strategy to puzzle it. 😉 12mo
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My jigsaw looks already pretty good. 😁😍 @Heideschrampf I finally do my jigsaw. 😊

Heideschrampf And you‘re pretty far along at it! Well done! 12mo
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Just needed a break from reading. Starting the puzzle season for this year. 🤩😍

Tamra They make such good puzzles. 12mo
Moony Ist das eine Puzzle-Matte? 12mo
Sarah83 @Moony japp. Ist es. 😁 Sehr praktisch. 12mo
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Moony Oh cool, ich überlege mir auch eine anzuschaffen. Kannst du mir evtl. die Firma nennen? 12mo
Sarah83 @Moony ich hab den Vorgänger, da war es noch keine Plastikröhre sondern eine zum aufblasen, aber allein das mit der Filzmatte ist schon sehr cool. 12mo
Moony Super! Dankeschön! 12mo
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Does this book list familiar to anyone? I don‘t remember printing it off and there‘s only a few books in here that I would read. #puzzled #lists #help

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I thought this would be a good snow day project! 😊

emilyhaldi Fun!! ❄️ 2y
LeahBergen Perfect! 😍 2y
Mommamanzi This puzzle makes me so happy! Enjoy! 2y
JulAnna I am looking forward to working on it during the Olympics! 2y
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Last night some of my family sat around the dining room table and put together this puzzle I received from @Reviewsbylola from my #secretsantapostalexchange. I really enjoyed our time spent together 😍😍

Dolly What literary fun! We‘ve been doing lots of puzzles this week too but unfortunately none are book related. 📚 2y
MinDea That is an awesome puzzle!!!! 2y
Reviewsbylola Yay!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2y
L_auren @Reviewsbylola nice choice 2y
Ehbooklover I got this puzzle for Christmas! 😍 2y
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My husband isn‘t helping any. I asked him to help and he said I Already Did. I said Do You Have Anything Better To Do ? He said Clean the Toilets. He said Why do all that work ? Just look at the box. You can see what it‘ll look like. 😂😂😂. I‘m laughing so hard I can‘t concentrate.

robinb Clean the toilets???!!!! 😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣 2y
erinreads Husbands are always so helpful. 😂 2y
Kaye He said since I bought it then I must want to do it. He‘s just funny like that. A very dry sense of humor. He‘s always got a comeback. And to think he rarely spoke when we first met 😳 2y
AmyG Beware the quiet ones. ;) 2y
Kaye Yea, once they learn how to talk, you never hear the end of it. An answer for everything. 😳😲🤫 2y
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This is enough to make a Preachercuss and probably the Pope too. I have patience about as long as a tsetse fly. I keep trying to figure out whether to go with the letters or colors. Someone set a time clock to see how long before I blow a gasket.

SkeletonKey Good luck!! Slow and steady! 2y
robinb That looks like a Nancy Drew cover...?! 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️ 2y
Kaye Yes it‘s got Nancy Drew covers on it. 57 of them. Wonder how many books she wrote ? @robinb 2y
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robinb @Kaye inquiring minds want to know...I just looked it up! The first 56 (published by Grosset & Dunlap) are often called the “classic” series. 57-175 were published by Simon & Schuster. 😳😳😳😳 I had no idea there were so many! I think I must have stopped at 56 when I was growing up! 🤣 2y
Kaye Thanks @robinb That must be the ones on the puzzle. I didn‘t know there were that many either ! 2y
Suetara The Hardy Boys puzzle drove me a bit bonkers. I swear, at least one of those boys wore a red shirt and khaki pants on every cover. 2y
Kaye Thanks for the heads up @suetara. That‘s what is hard about this one. If I try to go by colors, almost every one has some yellow and red and a bit of blue and green. It‘s driven me half bonkers already so we will see if I keep it up or not. My patience is almost at zero so I give up sometimes when I get too annoyed with things I can‘t do quickly. Something tells me this won‘t be quick. 2y
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Almost done.........,.?

Cathythoughts 🤔be sure to post the finished picture 😉 2y
Kaye Yea, I will. You guys will still be a member of Litsy in 2019, won‘t you ? @cathythoughts 2y
Cathythoughts 😂😂😂ofcorse! We‘ll be waiting 👍 2y
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Kaye Better pack a lunch. Pack like you‘re going Around the World in 80 Days. I might have a corner done by then. My husband helped me put the outside together. He is hilarious. I said. You Know What We Should Do Now ? He said Put It In The Trash. 😂. @cathythoughts (edited) 2y
Cathythoughts 😂😂😂at least ye are having a laugh ! That‘s the best 😍 2y
AmyG Ha!! 2y
SkeletonKey LOL. When we are doing a really hard one every piece that connects to something deserves a happy dance. 2y
Kaye Does it count if I haven‘t danced for 27 minutes ? @skeletonkey 2y
SkeletonKey @Kaye - Even more reason to dance 💃 🤸‍♀️🕺 2y
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Hey all you puzzle and Nancy Drew lovers 🌟 Look what I got. This may be as far as I get with it. You guys all doing puzzles made me want to get one. I‘m not good at them so I may post progress reports when I get one more piece added. 😄

AmyG That looks fun! And hard. (edited) 2y
Kaye Amen on the hard. We will see how long this lasts before I toss it back in the box. 2y
ReadingSusan Oh love it! Love Nancy Drew. 2y
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Kaye Me too @readingsusan 🙂 2y
silentrequiem Oooh, I want this. 2y
Mollyanna Very cool! I need to find this one. 2y
Kaye They had a Hardy Boys one too plus one that was all different crocheted squares. @mollyanna (edited) 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @LeahBergen just posted about starting the same puzzle! 2y
Kaye Thanks @Riveted_Reader_Melissa 😁. @AmyG just sent me s note about it too. Instead of Dueling Banjos it‘s Dueling Jigsaws. 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Kaye Hahahaha! Well you‘re in the lead with a head start. Tell your husband you need help now, maybe a bit of competition will get his competitiveness going.😂 2y
Kaye I won‘t be leading for long. I like doing these but I‘m pretty doggone slow at them. Your family will be working on an Easter one before I get this one finished. It seems hard to me. Not like matching sky And grass and water. Just a whole bunch of colors and letters jumbled together. I‘ll keep an eye out on yours. Let me know if you figure out whether to go by letters or colors. Good luck. 🍀 @Riveted_Reader_Melissa (edited) 2y
AmyG Ha! @kaye @Riveted_Reader_Melissa What‘s the over/under on who finishes the puzzle first? I‘m going to start booking bets. ;) 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @AmyG I don‘t have this one, I was just trying to get her husband going too since @LeahBergen got this one as well and I believe I read earlier he wasn‘t helping you @Kaye 2y
Kaye He helped do the border then he quit. @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @AmyG I believe odds are in favor of the others. 2y
LeahBergen I‘m betting you win, @Kaye ! I‘m going to force the visiting family members to work on it. 😂 @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @AmyG 2y
AmyG Ha. @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I am all confused. 2y
Reviewsbylola 🙌🏻🙌🏻 amazing. 2y
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My mom just got this puzzle for her bday so I know what we‘ll be doing over Christmas!

AceOnRoam That's awesome! 2y
TrishB Lovely ❤️ 2y
BookMaven407 💜 2y
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Tamra 👏🏾 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 I love this puzzle! 2y
Bostonmomx2 @ForeverNerdy I can‘t wait to start it. 2y
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“This would definitely bring on the apocalypse in my home “. That‘s my #quotsynovember quote for #puzzles 😂😂

Leniverse That alarm clock would get smashed to pieces on the first day. 😵 2y
JoeStalksBeck @Leniverse right!?!! Lmao! 2y
DGRachel That wouldn‘t work for me. I tried the “put the alarm on the other side of the room” thing in high school. I could walk across the room, hit the snooze button, and fall right back asleep. 😂 2y
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Gina That is pure evil! 2y
tournevis 👍👍👍 2y
SilversReviews Oh my!! 2y
PerksOfBeingABookworm Hell to the no. I prefer the way my wife wakes me up--unleashing the hyper puppy in the bedroom. 😆 2y
RadicalReader @JoeStalksBeck makes me think about the alarm clock that hides itself until you wake up and find it to turn it off 2y
JoeStalksBeck @RadicalReader I‘d burn my house down to kill it lol 2y
mjdowens Sledgehammer first time! 2y
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LGTB 🏳️‍🌈 pride parade today in Munich and look, holy shit, US General Consulate sends own truck supporting gay marriage. Official US policy? Window dressing? Subversive Obama holdouts? Russian hack? Deep state? Does Mike Pence know?

MayJasper Good for them 2y
Sydsavvy 😂😂😂 that's funny. There's loads of subversives way out in the open. Lol! 2y
Izai.Amorim @Sydsavvy Yes! The consulate was flying the LGTB flag a few days ago, now that... They did this kind of stuff in the Obama years but I never thought it would continue under Trump/Pence. A bow 🙇 to whoever is behind it! 👍 2y
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MariaW 👍👍👍 2y
RaimeyGallant Nice! 2y
Suet624 Wow! Thank you for sharing this. It made me very happy this morning. 💕 2y
Izai.Amorim @Suet624 Not all is lost! 2y
readinginthedark This makes me so happy! ❤️ 2y
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Discovered all of these puzzle books in my room and am going to work my way through them! So satisfying to finish one!

Megabooks 😎 3y
drbethandherkindle Please keep us posted on that American Girl game book 😂😂 3y
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I'm puzzled. Does Litsy ever merge duplicate titles? For example there are 3 of Ivey's Snow Child in the data base, plus a fourth off screen. Two of To The Bright Edge of the World. How do we know where to post?

BookishMarginalia Yes, they do. I think the email is librarian at Litsy.com but I'm sure if you shake the phone and leave them a message they will confirm what you need to do to report duplicates and inaccuracies 👍🏼 3y
DivineDiana I too have found this confusing! 3y
Betty @BookishMarginalia Thanks! Shook my phone--amazing technique! 3y
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