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Tam Lin
Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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This Scottish-based tale for adults offers a pregnant heroine who must rescue the man who seduced her in the woods from his captor, the Fairie Queen.
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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I enjoyed this immensely. I avoided all spoilers, including the Scottish ballad of Tam Lin, itself, so now I already want to go back and reread to see what I missed. I‘m a sucker for this setting: the faerie land that is a top, small liberal arts college in the U.S. and I think I got a pretty good education during my time at Blackstock. I loved the story, the characters, the angst, and the incessant quoting of classic literature.

batsy I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! ❤️ 3w
saresmoore @batsy I liked your point about the lack of screen damage. Even by the time I was in college, we had all been raised by television and dial-up web access. This was so refreshing! Also, I patted myself on the back every time I recognized a literary reference. 🙃 (It wasn‘t very often.) 3w
batsy @saresmoore I loved that aspect of it, too! Just the sheer devotion to literature that seems unimaginable now. I loved reading this while I was in college, because it was the time when I could say I'd at least heard of some of the references 😂 3w
Suet624 Ohhh, this was already stacked but now I really have to look for it. 3w
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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For those who know me, the current state of my nightstand is a chaotic aberration from my organized norm.

But, if you look closely at the clues, you might discover why I‘ve become so untidy as of late.

Sea-bands & vitamin B-6 supplements for nausea; juice, empty banana peel, & cashews because cravings...

That‘s right, friends, my Eggo is preggo! New baby reader is due July 2020!

Now excuse me while I hibernate for the rest of winter.

saresmoore As an aside, thanks to @batsy for recommending Tam Lin. I‘m really looking forward to reading it! 1mo
Grrlbrarian Congratulations & best wishes to you! 🎉 1mo
vivastory How exciting! Congrats, friend!! 🎉🙌🎊 1mo
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Owlizabeth Congrats!!! 1mo
rubyslippersreads Congratulations! A brand-new Litten! 👶📚❤️ 1mo
erinreads Congratulations! 💕 1mo
Jas16 Congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Congratulations!! A little reader on the way! ❤️ 1mo
bookishbitch Congratulations! 1mo
xicanti Congratulations! 1mo
AmyK1 Congratulations! 1mo
marleed Congratulations. I just love Litsy babies!! 1mo
Booksbymybed How awesome! Congratulations! 1mo
JessClark78 Congratulations! 1mo
Christine What lovely news! Congrats! ❤️ 1mo
sprainedbrain Congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
Cinfhen Wonderful news 💕💕💕sending much love / How are the girls embracing this??? 1mo
BookNAround Fantastic! Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy. 1mo
mrp27 Congratulations!! 1mo
Bookzombie Congratulations!!! 1mo
Reggie How exciting!! Congrats and how do the girls feel? 1mo
BarbaraBB Such great news dear Sara! I am happy for you 💜. The girls must be excited I suppose? 😘 1mo
LeahBergen OMG!!!!! How wonderful!!! Congratulations! 😘😘😘😘😘 1mo
arubabookwoman How exciting! Congratulations! 1mo
batsy Oh my god!! That is so exciting! Congratulations, friend ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! 1mo
saresmoore @Reggie @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen The girls are beyond excited! As far as they‘re concerned, I‘m having a baby just for them. 1mo
saresmoore @batsy @LeahBergen Thank you, sweet friends! It‘s a welcome redemption for 2019, the year from hell. 😬 1mo
Liz_M Fantastic, congrats! 1mo
ValerieAndBooks What!! Congratulations, so exciting 😍!! 1mo
youneverarrived Eee how exciting! Congratulations 😘😘 I‘m due the end of March so that‘s two little readers being welcomed to the world in 2020 ❤️❤️ 1mo
Cinfhen Sara, So glad to hear the girls are thrilled 🤗🤗and congrats to you @youneverarrived 💕 1mo
britt_brooke Awww! Exciting. Congratulations to your family! 1mo
saresmoore @youneverarrived Yay!!! Wishing you health, peace, and strength in the coming months! 1mo
youneverarrived Thank you @Cinfhen ❤️ and same to you Sara, hope you have a smooth pregnancy. 1mo
MaureenMc Congratulations! 1mo
Suet624 Sara!!!! How wonderful. I‘m so happy for you. 4w
emilyhaldi WOW congratulations!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 So exciting ☺️ 4w
janeycanuck Congrats! 4w
saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly It‘s still fresh! Baby‘s due in July! 4w
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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I have been searching for this book—specifically this cover, specifically in hardcover—for so long. And then, out of the blue, after a truly terrible day, it was on the shelf of my local indie, used, pristine, for $7.99. I‘m not going to lie, I cried.

I love that books have the power to do that.


batsy Oh, what a find! 🙌🏽 One of my favourites. 1mo
Texreader Hope all continues to get better for you 1mo
quirkyreader I read this in paperback years ago. From what I remember it‘s a good story. 1mo
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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I #cherish this book & it has held up to several re-readings. It's basically my fantasy of academia. Set in the 1970s in a small liberal arts college, people genuinely quote Shakespeare & Pope & Aristophanes & Keats at each other & discuss books & art with the seriousness they deserve. It's the 70s, so no one suffers from screen damage. They genuinely REMEMBER quotes! To add to that, dark fairy lore & Scottish ballads. Perfect. #MOVember @Cinfhen

Cathythoughts This sounds good ... I‘m not into YA ... but I‘ve taken a screenshot as it may come in handy for #booked2020 👍😁... I hear the prompts are coming our way soon (edited) 3mo
Cinfhen Did you get a sneak peek @Cathythoughts this book will definitely work for a #booked2020 prompt!!!!! 3mo
Cinfhen Great photo and review @batsy 💚 3mo
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Cathythoughts @Cinfhen No sneak peek 🙈. Glad I mentioned it now though (edited) 3mo
Chrissyreadit I read this in the 80‘s, but sadly do not remember the story. 3mo
batsy @Cathythoughts @Cinfhen LOL you two 😁 I've been doing buddy reads and no challenges this year but look forward to seeing the prompts unveiled! 3mo
batsy @Cinfhen Thank you 😘 3mo
batsy @Chrissyreadit The nice part is I always forget certain elements of the plot as well, so it's always a pleasure to rediscover particular aspects 🙂 3mo
readordierachel Sold and #stacked 🧡 3mo
Centique That sounds fantastic. Stacked! 3mo
Graywacke Intrigued... and, for what it‘s worth I‘ve never heard of this and would have glanced past the cover and title without a second thought without your review. But sounds really good... 3mo
batsy @Graywacke It's a pretty terrible cover! 😆 There's another edition that's much prettier. The novel is very much in the fantasy vein, but I love it the most for the detailed and obsessive conversations about literature by the undergrads who think reading means something. A novel like that won't be written in 2019, I think. It'll be seen as quaint and way too nerdy! 3mo
Graywacke @batsy a novel of its time. The fantasy implication of the cover turned me off. But after reading your review, which was of interest and did not leaveany sense of fantasy, I looked up more info. I‘m definitely interested. Onto the infinite list ...☺️ it‘s a big list...it goes. 3mo
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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I'm pretty late with this but I love the idea of a #weeklyforecast @Cinfhen 💜

🎃 I'm hoping to finish my reread of Tam Lin to coincide with Halloween & the end of October. I love this book 🥰

🎃 Need to finish Act 2 of King Lear for #ShakespeareReadAlong It's dense & complex & good!

🎃 Hoping to welcome November by taking a bite out of Dracula 🧛🏽‍♂️😬😂 My first time reading it & I'm looking forward! @erzascarletbookgasm @Sace @LapReader

Cinfhen Never too late to share your #WeeklyForecast 🧛‍♂️ 3mo
RachelO Well that sounds fun! 3mo
merelybookish I just ordered a copy of Tam Lin! Read it a few years ago and then purged it in a Kondo fit of tidying up. (I guess it didn't spark joy that day.) But have been wanting to re-read it lately, so purchased a new copy. 😬 3mo
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Sace This will be my first time for Dracula too! 3mo
batsy @Cinfhen 🙂 3mo
batsy @RachelO I'm looking forward to this week of reading :) 3mo
batsy @merelybookish I hope it sparks joy this time around! 😆 But I get that it's the kind of book that might drive some people nuts if they don't like the excessive talkiness about literature 😬 3mo
batsy @Sace Yay! 🦇 3mo
Cinfhen Hahahahaha @merelybookish glad you got your spark back ✨⚡️✨⚡️✨ 3mo
merelybookish I did like it. But it didn't seem like a keeper that day...but I've been thinking about it for a while. 🤷 obviously Kondo's method doesn't work for wafflers like me. 3mo
merelybookish @Cinfhen Thanks! 😀 3mo
Earlene I am trying to finish Dracula before Halloween. First time reading it and I am enjoying it. 3mo
batsy @merelybookish I'm too much of a waffler for the Kondo method, as well! That's probably why I need it the most but it's never going to work 😆 3mo
batsy @Earlene I'm glad to hear that! I've been keen to read it for so long but didn't manage to fit it in for October. 3mo
rubyslippersreads @batsy @merelybookish I‘ve had Tam Lin on my TBR for ages. Maybe in 2020. 3mo
batsy @rubyslippersreads 😁🤞🏽 3mo
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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Book: Tam Lin
Author: Donna Tartt
TV: The Twilight Zone
Food: Tea

A week late again 😅

#manicmonday #lettert

JoScho Better late than never 😊🖤 14mo
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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I have two favourite books, and this is one of them. It's a retelling of the ballad Tam Lin and I love how it starts feeling just like a realistic novel about Janet in college (I will forever wish for a similar college experience; mine was nowhere near as fun) but when the fantastic elements appear it's as if it's been there all along and now we're just seeing another layer of the story.

#marinekolibrary #fantasy #youngadult

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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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Thanks for the giveaway @mrozzz ! Pamela Dean's Tam Lin, an old fave that I never tire of. Something about the darkness, fall setting, & the 70s college vibes where English majors read & seriously discuss Shakespeare (no doubt this turns some of you off 😂). Wish I spent this much time reading Elizabethan poetry in uni instead of getting drunk with housemates & crawling up the stairs on all fours 😬 Anyway. ❤️ this book! #ClearTheShelvesGiveaway

readinginthedark This sounds amazing! 2y
batsy @readinginthedark It's so good! I'm trying to get people to read it 😁 2y
BarbaraBB Haha I wish that too when I think of my time at University 2y
batsy @BarbaraBB On the bright side we are model student readers now 😁 2y
BarbaraBB Definitely! 😀 2y
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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Did I buy two different retellings of Tam Lin today? Yes. Yes, I did.

Do @RavenRenegade and I choose brunch locations based in part on proximities to bookstores? Yes. Yes, we do.

thegirlwiththelibrarybag Oh my! Fire and Hemlock in hardcover 🤤🤤🤤 2y
aeeklund @thegirlwiththelibrarybag It was only $4.99!! I about fell over!! 2y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag And I'm dying of jealousy (I have a beautiful paperback version but still) excellent find! 2y
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batsy I love Fire & Hemlock and Pamela Dean's Tam Lin 💜 2y
elkeo_TheBookDragon I approve 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Kalalalatja I would do the same thing tbh 👌 2y
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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This might one of my favourite novels of all time. And it has the ugliest cover. This article sums it up nicely http://the-toast.net/2014/02/25/tam-lin-pleasures-of-reading/ (warning: it has SPOILERS). This book has Shakespeare and Elizabethan verse and the classics and myths and mystery and ghosts and enigmatic, kind, beautiful boyfriends; what's not to love, really? #AprilBookShowers #badcovergoodbook #bookishnerdecstasy

MayJasper 😂 3y
elkeo_TheBookDragon Agreed - I like the cover on my edition MUCH better! 3y
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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#funfridayphoto set in a university = Tam Lin. Ignore the uninspiring Litsy description. First, I love this Fairy Tales series Terri Windling created in the 1990s. If you ever see any, buy them. This one is a modern retelling of Tam Lin set in a midwestern university in Vietnam-era America. It's filled with college life & friends and plenty of academia. And then the Queen of Faery shows up and Janet has to kick her ass for her man's soul.

batsy Oh yes, this edition is stunning ☺ I'm so mad at the ugly edition that I have lol ️ 3y
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Tam Lin | Pamela Dean
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So for #FunFridayPhoto, my favorite book set at a college is deffo this one. The lead character is a girl who goes to college expressly to study literature (like I did), and one of her closest friends is studying science but loves to read (like one of my closest friends). So reading this was basically like reading an idealized version of my college life, with a touch of fae magic and cute boys who quote Shakespeare as easily as kiss you ;).

kammartinez As an aside: I would very much like to meet a boy who can quote Shakespeare as easily as kiss me, but alas, Tom Hiddleston does not know I exist, and so I am going to have to go without, for now. 3y
Yamich49 @kammartinez 😆😆 There's still time - there's no way he and Taylor are in a real relationship. Just wait it out 😉 3y
kammartinez @Yamich49 Lol! I was thinking more that he's a globe-trotting world-famous celebrity, and I'm just a book nerd from a Third World country, but hey: a girl can dream, yeah ;D? 3y
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