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A Fall of Marigolds | Susan Meissner
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New York City. Two women, a century apart, processing and grieving their losses due to tragedy. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in 1911, and September 11, 2001. A beautiful scarf, strewn with marigolds, connects them. What a story! Sad, but ultimately hopeful, about the time we spend in the “in-between place” between paralyzing grief and normal daily living. I loved this book.
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Librarybelle I have heard so many good things about Meissner‘s books but have not had a chance to read any. I do have some titles on my to read list, especially from Litten recommendations! 2mo
julieclair @Librarybelle This was my first book by Susan Meissner , but definitely will not be my last! 2mo
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The Rain | Virginia Bergin
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I *have* read books in the last 6 weeks, honest! Let‘s catch up with some reviews…

It‘s taken me 5 years, a pandemic & now officially a drought (so bizarre), but I finally got to The Rain. A lot of fun (in an everyone dies kind of way 🤔!). Teenage Ruby is in first-lust, and living in my hippy soggy old home town. Then the world changes. The virus is in the rain, and kills anyone who comes into contact with it… Or anyone who touches anyone…

rockpools Reading it now, the start was a little ewch (it was written in 2014) - no hugs, first attempts at isolation, and worse. But then it descended nicely into YA-Hot-Fuzz-Without-Zombies territory, and all got quite silly.

The familiar sites kept me very happy (I‘ve also spent ridiculous amounts of time in that Morrisons carpark!). Thank you @TrishB
rockpools I think this was my very first Litsy swap. Sorry it‘s taken FOREVER to read. (But I do think I appreciate it more now 😘) 3mo
rockpools And because I‘m SO good at starting things, I‘ll be using this to kick off #192025 #2014 @librarybelle and #Devon for #ReadAroundTheUK #BotherIveForgottenTheHashtag - help @jenniferw88 3mo
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squirrelbrain This whole post made me 🤣! 3mo
rockpools @squirrelbrain If you have any spare organisational skills, I could use them Helen! 3mo
rockpools @jenniferw88 THANK YOU 😁 3mo
squirrelbrain Ooh, do you need a spreadsheet? 💃 *excited dance* 3mo
rockpools 🤔 Hot Fuzz didn‘t have Zombies in in the first place, did it?! Can someone please turn the heat down? 3mo
TrishB 😂😂 every book has its day! I‘m glad it was (eventually) enjoyable. And yes, someone please turn the heat down. 3mo
Librarybelle Woohoo! This post made me laugh!! 3mo
eraderneely Is this the book the show is based on? Is the show based on a book? How could I watch an originally-a-book show WITHOUT READING FIRST? 3mo
eraderneely 😂 in looking through the other posts for this book I realized I asked @TrishB this question 3 years ago! Brain completely gone at this point 3mo
TrishB @eraderneely I‘d have probably still just answered! 3mo
rockpools @eraderneely 😂 I think you can rest easy Emily - not 100% sure, but it doesn‘t look like the two are related. Just similar. Same concept- killer virus in rain, much unpleasant deathiness, teen mcs, - but different characters, plot and location. 3mo
Centique This whole thread was the most fun part of my day. Thank you for the laughter! 3mo
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The Invention of Wings | Sue Monk Kidd
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For her 11th birthday Sarah is given the slave Handful as a birthday present. This is going to change the lives of the two girls forever.

I loved that the story is told alternating between Sarah and Handful giving us both the life of the white South and the slaves.

I had no idea that Sarah and her sister Angelina were real historical figures being among the first female abolitionists and the first to fight for women‘s rights.

AnneCecilie I‘m so happy that the #LiteraryCrew gave me push I new to read this book that I bought back in 2014. #2014 #192025 @Librarybelle 5th finish for #JubilantJuly @Andrew65 (edited) 4mo
Caroline2 I loved this book too. ❤️ 4mo
Librarybelle Yay!! So glad you liked this one! 4mo
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Multiple Choice | Alejandro Zambra
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34/22 finished this one whilst being hit on the head with cars being rolled down my hammock 😂

I was much more moved by this slim book than I thought I would be. It was bananas, yes, but it was also poignant, intriguing, funny, sad, and very clever. Chile is not a country I know that much about but this book gave me an abstract flavor. I highly recommend 4.5⭐️ #booked2022 #makeyourownprompt & first book of #192025 challenge #2014

Cinfhen I‘m looking forward to reading this one!! Glad you weren‘t knocked unconscious 😉 5mo
Librarybelle Great review! 5mo
rockpools That sounds like the ONLY way to read this book! 🚗 👦 And I loved your review. 5mo
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3 a.m. | Nick Pirog
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Need a fast, hilarious, mystery series to read? This one is fantastic and all 5 books are included in your audible membership. Henry Bins is only awake an hour a day and in the first book, he witnesses a murder that he must solve. He develops a laugh out loud relationship with a cat and works to solve a mystery with only an hour a day. Can‘t wait for the next book this summer! #19822022 #2013 #2014 #2015 #2016 #doublespin #february

Librarybelle This sounds very interesting! 8mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 8mo
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Off Kilter | Hannah Reed
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A fun cozy mystery set in the Scottish Highlands. American Eden needs a bit of a respite from her personal problems, so her BFF suggests time away in the Highlands. Eden stumbles upon murder and becomes a suspect in various deeds happening in Glenkillen. Quick pace; perfect escape reading. And, I finished this with a few of my boys resting nearby. #Zeke #SebastianKitty #Xander #CatsOfLitsy #19822022 #2014

Liatrek So cute😻😻😻 8mo
KellyK Awww… that‘s an awful lot of sweetness! ❤️ 8mo
julieclair I love a good cozy mystery! And the Scottish Highlands... who could resist? Added to my stack. 👍 8mo
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28 Summers | Elin Hilderbrand
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Judas | Amos Oz
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AmosOz‘ writing is so soothing. So soft and gentle, yet so powerful. I love this book. #amosoz #israel #novel #bestseller #jerusalem #2014

The Protected | Claire Zorn
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In 2014, I returned to complete my masters, my second son finished yr 12 at the same school as me, and both made the time difficult. I only read about 24 #loveozya novels and The Protected was my highlight. A story of grief and overcoming guilt, and the blue mountains of NSW setting was vivid and memorable. Hannah is an astonishing depiction of vulnerability. Another fav is Intruder by Chris Bongers. #tenbooksonedecade #2014

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The Beauty and the Beast | Gabrielle-Suzanna Barbot de Villenueve
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