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Just purchased my ticket! I will be there on Saturday and I hope to see some fellow littens. #bookcon

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Untitled | Unknown
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Tagged by the spectacular @Rachel.Rencher ☺️🤗!

Haven't done one of these in a while!

❤ East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
🧡 mid-30s 🤫😆
💛 “With generous donations from viewers like you” 😎... #BEA/#BookCon, library, bookstore, library book sales
💚 Bachelor
💙 He/him
💜 Good friend of mine down in Florida dubbed me thus 😁, and it‘s stuck!

@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Sharpeipup @Cinfhen @julesG @batsy @Kaylamburson @rather_be_reading

Kaylamburson Love it!!! As for me, NYC; 28 (or will be next Saturday); working in book publishing as a lot of free book perks and Overdrive is the best! In a relationship (for 4+ years) although he is not a reader. She/her pronouns. And handle is just my name. Same as my email and Instagram. 2mo
rather_be_reading ty! ❤ 2mo
julesG Mr Book definitely fits. 2mo
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Cinfhen Thanks for thinking of me 😘 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for the tag 🤗 2mo
Sharpeipup Love the generous donations line...and thanks for the tag! 2mo
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The Expo Book | Gordon Linden
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Got to see the incredible and fantastically superb @j9brown again too on the last day of #BookCon 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Never enough time to enjoy a great Litten‘s company. ☺️

#BookExpo #BEA #NYC #LitsyPhotoOp

j9brown Very nice to meet you! Littens are the best, hope to see everyone again sometime! 😁 6mo
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The Expo Book | Gordon Linden
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I was lucky enough to see @ScientistSam at #BookCon again, on the last day. 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Such a fantastic Litten and terrific friend! 🤗🤗🤗

#BookExpo #BEA #NYC #LitsyPhotoOp

The Expo Book | Gordon Linden
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More #BookExpo and #BookCon pics to share ☺️!

At BookCon, I had the absolutely delightful pleasure of seeing the outrageously wonderful @GripLitGrl !!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 She is awesome, awesome, awesome! 🤗🤗🤗

#BEA #NYC #LitsyPhotoOp

TheSpineView 😊😊😊 6mo
Herschelian For an ignoramus living in Scotland/China, please explain what Bookcom is? (edited) 6mo
Herschelian I meant Bookcon - whoops, fat finger syndrome! 6mo
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MrBook @Herschelian , great question! BookCon is part of BookExpo. BookExpo is the publishing industry‘s primary annual convention for professonials in and associated with books: booksellers, librarians, book bloggers, audiobook engineers, literary agents, etc. BookCon is the open-to-the-public portion of the convention which occurs during the weekend. Anyone can attend and meet authors, get books signed, buy merchandise, network, etc. (edited) 6mo
Herschelian Thanks for that detailed reply to my question. I presume it is for the US publishing industry? Is it held in the same place every year? What a stunning event to attend! 6mo
MrBook @Herschelian You‘re most welcome ☺️🤗! It‘s primarily the US publishing industry, but there‘s many other countries represented, especially China, Japan, and the U.K., who can have quite a few large booths. The convention‘s organizers had a plan to rotate among various large US cities, but after trying it in Chicago a couple years ago with less-than-anticipated results, the convention may wind up remaining in NYC as it has. (edited) 6mo
GripLitGrl @MrBook Thank you😀 It was great to meet you in person! 😊 6mo
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City of Ghosts | Victoria Schwab
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Why oh why did I decide to read this book AFTER #bookcon, & totally miss my chance to get an ARC for the sequel? This book is just filled with everything I love. Ghosts. History. Folklore. Also, so well written! Great MC & supporting characters. Also, a ghost BFF, a cat, & Harry Potter references ♥️ Read it in about 2h30, so a fun & breezy read.

Belly Up | Stuart Gibbs
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I was having FOMO when everyone was at #BookCon. So I treated myself to a #bookoutlet #bookhaul. It finally arrived.

This is just what I‘m keeping. Not pictured is the pile on the couch for the various swaps.

VanChocStrawberry I‘m reading Trail of Lightning right now! 6mo
marleed As well you should treat yourself! 6mo
tpixie Awesomeness!!! 6mo
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Larkken This reminds me that I'm half through three of these!! 6mo
LibrarianRyan @Larkken story thieves? Or belly up? 6mo
LibrarianRyan @VanChocStrawberry I‘m looking forward to it. I‘ve heard good things. 6mo
Larkken @LibrarianRyan actually, undead girl gang, sparrow hill road, and the p.c. Cast. The library keeps taking them back before I can finish them 6mo
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Cruisin' | Sarah Mlynowski
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When I was leaving #BookCon for the last time on Sunday, I saw this going by while waiting for the ferry. That‘s a biiiiiig ship! I‘ve never been on one. Have you?!

#BookExpo #BEA #NYC

TheSpineView Yes! A total of 6 cruise ships including one in Hawaii and a river boat on the Nile. 6mo
jb72 I‘ve been on two cruises. The snorkeling was a lot of fun! 6mo
teebe Never been on one but they‘re so huge they freak me out a little. I‘ve passed them sitting in the harbour in Vancouver and it‘s like having a whole new building on the street and then later, it‘s just gone. 6mo
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Maggie_Reads No, but I‘ve seen them in the port of Galveston (we live two hours away). They are huge and fascinating but I‘ve never had the urge to go on a cruise. Just not a fan of being ON a boat. 6mo
LibrarianRyan Josh and I did a Disney cruse. We were on the “small” ship. Loved it. Would do it again. 6mo
Peddler410 My family was an the Disney Wonder this time last year. We went to Alaska and it was wonderful! 6mo
Susanita This is the same size as the one I was on last month. Same number of life boats. 6mo
Magpiegem My husband and I took out 3YO and 9month old on a cruise from Miami around the Caribbean. It was fantastic except some (a few) of the travellers act in a pretty horrid way. But my little boy thought the Dr Seuss theme was amazing. We couldn‘t get them out of the kids club... so sometimes we just left them there and went to the beach alone- bliss! 6mo
OrangeMooseReads Never been and never plan to. I don‘t do boats. Also I find cruise ships unnerving something that big should no float and yes I find airplanes unnerving as well. 6mo
CouronneDhiver Yes!!! I just went on my 9th cruise- best type of vacation ever! 6mo
Chrissyreadit Did you move to Staten Island? My mom took the ferry every day to college a million years ago. 6mo
MrBook @Chrissyreadit No, this is the ferry terminal that goes to NJ 😁. I still live in eastern PA. 6mo
Chrissyreadit That sounds like fun though- 6mo
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After the Flood | Kassandra Montag
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June TBR! Just kidding, but that would be impressive, wouldn‘t it? This is my final haul for #bookexpo & #bookcon . Had a lovely time learning about books, hearing from awesome authors, & meeting wonderful littens...now to decide what to read first...

Briary Such an awesome haul! I'm eagerly anticipating the release of Ten Thousand Doors of January, but there are so many interesting books coming this year I am almost overwhelmed 😁 6mo
AutumnRLS I'm so incredibly jealous that you got a copy of Gideon. I tried to talk Tor into giving me a copy, but they insisted they didn't have any. Lol. 6mo
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The Convention | Robert Collins
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#BookCon 2019 Book Haul!!

Had another wonderful time in New York with my mom for BookCon this year! Met some amazing humans, including several wonderful Littens, and came home with so many exciting new books!! Already looking forward to next year!!
#bookhaul #arcs #galleys #bookcon2019

CouronneDhiver Wow! That‘s a whole lot of bookish stuff. Don‘t know if I‘d have enough patience for all that but you did great. 😍😍😍 6mo
TheRomantiCate I would like to know how that works. I‘ve never been to BookCon but I definitely want to try to go next year... can you tell me about it?? 6mo
JackOBotts Ditto to what @TheRomantiCate said. How does a BookCon work? Can anyone buy tickets? Do you have to buy all the books vs. are they being given away? Inquiring minds want to know! 😉🤗📚📚📚 6mo
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Soubhiville I have serious book envy right now! Wow! 😯 6mo
Megnogged @JackOBotts Anyone can buy a ticket to BookCon! It‘s usually a good mix of books for purchase and ARCs/Galleys that they give away. A lot of times you need a ticket (handed out by the publishers, etc. at various times over the weekend) for the ARCs, but sometimes you just have to wait in a line and hope you end up being ahead enough in line you beat the cap. Cont. 👇🏼 6mo
Megnogged It‘s definitely a lot of lines, but you also get to meet some pretty amazing book lovers while you‘re waiting!! 🥰 6mo
JackOBotts So fun! Thank you for the details! 🤗 6mo
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