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The Keening | Margaret Pinard
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For anyone in #pdx, check out our #indie #book fair, #JolabokaflodPDX!
12/30/18, 330-630 PM
8800 SW Oleson Rd (Nordic NW)

I am offering a copy of The Keening, Book 1 in my Remnants series, plus the gorgeous Celtic knot #necklace pictured!

30+ authors, 10+ #giveaways, and music, food, & crafts to boot!

#portland #oregon #book #writerscommunity #writer #writerslife #vancouver #washington #event #events #december

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Sadly inclement weather from Hurricane Florence has forced us to reschedule this event. New date TBD/TBA! I‘ll share that info across platforms as soon as I have it, or you can subscribe to my website to get updates in your email inbox: mlrio.com #events

Itchyfeetreader As ever one of those times when liking feels a bit odd ... stay safe 1y
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In-Laws and Outlaws | Kate Fulford
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UK Littens: #inlaws #events Join me on Monday, May 28 at 1000 at The Delapre Festival of Books. I will be talking about how real life events made it into print in the form of In-Laws and Outlaws. buff.ly/2I1NMpE

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The Color Purple | Alice Walker
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• Happy spring 🌷#Readathon everyone!! It‘s a beautiful day and I‘m enjoying reading outside!! I hope everyone is well and indulging themselves in the awesome world of books! Yay 😃 for today
🎉❤️📚☕️ •

#today #yayfortoday #Deweys24HourReadathon #readathon #readers #readersunite #events #books #bookish #beingbookish #bookishevents

JanuarieTimewalker13 Yayy!! I‘m going to start reading a little later, so I‘ll probably get in an 1/8 marathon!! I‘m still psyched!!⭐️ enjoy💫 2y
Readage @JanuarieTimewalker13 Awesome! Thank you and you too! 2y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Thank you🌞 2y
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Bookmarkie I'm not doing so well with the read-a-thon... Sigh...I got a sinus headache, slept for a while... Been interrupted a lot. I'll just do the best I can. 2y
Readage @Bookmarkie #Life don‘t worry about it! Feel better though 😉 2y
Jprglisa It‘s been a fun day so far! Glad you have wonderful weather to enjoy! 2y
Readage @Jprglisa Glad you‘re enjoying yourself! It‘s been a relaxing, pleasant day! 😉 2y
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Took my big 4 year old to (kite-themed) story time this morning. Then, we grabbed a few books. He told me he‘d been dreaming of The Spider and the Fly, haha! We‘ve borrowed it before. I need to just buy it already.

#litsyloveslibraries #storytime #libraryhaul #raisingreaders

LeahBergen He‘s so sweet! 💕 2y
britt_brooke @LeahBergen Thank you! ☺️ 2y
Librariana I imagine you probably have... but have y'all read 2y
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britt_brooke @Librariana No, we haven‘t! Thanks, we‘ll look for it next time. 2y
Librariana Sure thing, @britt_brooke! I don't know if they'll be the kind of thing your little one likes, but it's worth taking a look 😊 There's also, by the same author, Diary of a Fly and 2y
Branwen Looks like you guys had so much fun! 2y
readinginthedark ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Reviewsbylola My kids are in school M-F now so our story time days are over. It‘s bittersweet. 2y
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@TricksyTails & I have had a blast with you during #LetsGetGeraphicWeeklongMarathon! We don‘t want the fun to end, so we‘re starting a monthly #readalong called #LetsGetGraphicMonthlyFeature. One Saturday of the month, we‘ll hang out together celebrating a favorite comic character. No challenges! Just an all-day homage to your fave characters. February‘s feature is BATMAN!

For more details, visit this link: 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

TricksyTails BATMAN!! 🖤🖤🖤 2y
AshleyHoss820 🦇🦇🦇 Yeah! You‘ll remind us, right? I‘m bad at remembering...😊 (edited) 2y
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daena Awesome 🖤 2y
Erin7 Fun! I‘m in for sure. Doesn‘t anyone else have the urge to sing the Batman theme song?🎼🦇🎶. lol. 2y
Ruri_kaichou That sounds amazing! I won't be able to participate, but I'm looking forward to posts those day. 🤓 2y
WarpedSweetness Oh this is awesome!!! Do you plan on doing this all year? I should probably check out the link before I ask questions.lol 2y
Clwojick @AshleyHoss820 We will definitely be making posts closer to the date of, to remind everyone and to let them know who we‘re featuring ❤️ 2y
Clwojick @daena Thanks! Hope you‘ll join us! @Erin7 ahahhaha! Absolutely! 2y
Clwojick @Ruri_kaichou Hope you‘ll be able to join in on the next one than! Make sure to click the link above if you want to vote for March‘s features character. ❤️ 2y
Clwojick @WarpedSweetness ahahah! Probably until we run out of characters 😆 2y
AshleyHoss820 @Erin7 The 60‘s Batman show‘s theme song is the ringtone I have for my husband!! 😂❤️ @Clwojick Awesome!! Yay!! 2y
Clwojick @AshleyHoss820 I‘ve always preferred the classic BATMAN to this new dark knight stuff. I like both, but the original if fricken golden! 2y
AshleyHoss820 @Clwojick Gold is right!! The exaggerated villains, the *biff* *bam!* effects! Shark repellent! What‘s NOT to love!? 2y
Erin7 @AshleyHoss820 hahaha...love it! 2y
CareBear I just want to thank you and @TricksyTails for hosting #letsgetgraphicweeklongmarathon. I had so much fun seeing everyone‘s posts, and adding a bunch of new graphic novels to my TBR. You guys did a wonderful job hosting, so thank you! 💕 2y
Clwojick @CareBear Thank you so much! ❤️ I‘m glad you joined us, and I‘m so happy you enjoyed it! I‘ve added a ton of Graphics to my TBR, so I will have reading material for the next one 😉 We will definitely be doing another one in three or so months! 2y
readinginthedark Oh fun! So, you‘re going to feature villains with their superhero counterparts and not separately, or is that a “once we‘ve exhausted all of our choices” thing? 2y
TricksyTails @CareBear 😘😘😘 Aww thank you so much! My TBR has nearly doubled thanks to all of the fun posts. It‘s been so much that I wish we could do this all year long. Thank you for participating and making it the best party EVER! ♥️🎉📚 2y
Clwojick @readinginthedark So for BATMAN in February we‘ll be celebrating Batman and his villains! I know a lot of libraries are limited with what they offer, and we‘re trying to make sure everyone can join in, so if we include the featured superhero and their villains, there will be more of a chance people can get their hands on some reading material. But if we get enough requests we can definitely devote a whole day to the villains as well! 2y
readinginthedark That makes sense! 2y
GarthRanzz I know things are a little up in the air and I hope that @TricksyTails is okay but if there‘s anything I can do to help with this today please just let me know. GarthRanzz at gmail dot com. 2y
Clwojick @GarthRanzz to be 100% honest, I completely forgot about this today.... I‘ve been sick, and obviously @TricksyTails is having a bad week. I feel so bad about forgetting ( and ESPECIALLY on Batman day! Lol) 2y
GarthRanzz Well you‘re both back and okay. That‘s what matters! 2y
TricksyTails Aww you‘re so awesome @GarthRanzz !! Thank you!! 😊🙏🖤 2y
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Tells how and why Polo began his journey. Then tells of some of the wonders he saw. Many activities for kids plus explanations of society, religions, and animals seen on his travels.

Very informative and entertaining. We'll see what the students think of it.

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More reading for school. #teachersoflitsy

Peddler410 I'll have to look for that! My daughter is starting 3rd grade in Chinese Immersion and it's never to soon to introduce history. 2y
youngreadrshelf @Peddler410 just got through the first chapter and it's got history and projects. 2y
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Millenium | Steve Englehart
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With one day left, working on next year's challenges. I came up with a personal one for me which I hope will motivate me to fill some of the holes in my reading and dust off some books that have been on my shelves for years.
I decided to read a book from each century going back a thousand years (plus 100) mostly from books that I own and have been meaning to read. I think I will need more than a year but it's a start!

BookMusings Wow! Good for you! 3y
Laura317 Where is the jaw drop icon? That's amazing and awe-inspiring. Keep us posted! 3y
vivastory That is a great challenge 3y
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Eyelit Awesome! 3y
LauraBeth ❤ this! 3y
Jae Wow! They are all BIG books! It took me 6 months to read The Divine Comedy. Ulysses is on my 2017 TBR list too. 3y
Faibka @Jae I think it will take me ten years to read all of them! 😅 Ulysses and BK definitely for 2017! I will enjoy comparing notes on Ulysses with you! 3y
Faibka @vivastory Thanks! 3y
Faibka @Laura317 thanks! Though I think I've gone insane 😂 3y
Faibka @LauraBeth thank goodness I've already read Don Quixote! 😉 it's still a pretty insane endeavor 3y
Faibka @BookMusings thanks! 😊 3y
Faibka @Jae Which edition did you read for The Divine Comedy? I thought I had already but couldn't find it so I'll have to get it but want to get a good translation 3y
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Inferno: A Novel | Dan Brown
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#okay, so. #This #book was a solid, Dan Brown-like mystery. The usual #realistic tone, with the fictional details attached to #real #life places and #historical #events just #works. What I loved: the suggested solution to the world #overpopulation #problem. What threw #me #off: it was all fake? it wasn't? Wait, no it was? Does it #matter? Interesting: The #bad guys actually won. All in #all, a #good #read.

myers85 I wasn't a fan, mainly because as you said it was all fake. Also Langdon didn't actually accomplish anything. If he hadn't been involved the outcome would have been the same. Shame because I was really enjoying it till all the twists in the final third. 3y
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