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Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/cydneybuchholz and Storygraph: https://app.thestorygraph.com/profile/cydbee
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Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Finney Boylan
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Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche
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Finished my November favorite yesterday, just in time 😊♥️ #readingbracket @chasjjlee

Cinfhen Woohoo!! 18h
Amiable I am gobsmacked that another book beat out “A Constellation of Vital Phenomenon” because that one absolutely gutted me and I still think about it years later. I‘m going to have to run out and get “Fresh Water for Flowers” now! (edited) 2h
CBee @Amiable it was a hard choice between those two, believe me! I cannot recommend Fresh Water enough - it could be my favorite of the year. I hope you read it, and love it as I do! 2h
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“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time; and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life‘s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

CBee #bookspin complete, just in time 😂 @TheAromaofBooks 2d
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I've seen mixed reviews for this one, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! 1d
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BookSpinBingo | Untitled
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If I ever get to the point where I can read 20 books in a month, I‘ll be a happy camper 😂🤪😳 @TheAromaofBooks #bookspin #doublespin

RaeLovesToRead I'm please with myself if I manage 4 😆 2d
RaeLovesToRead *pleased 2d
CBee @RaeLovesToRead that‘s me. 3-4 is about all I can do 😂🤷‍♀️ 2d
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TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! I used to think I was a pretty fast reader until I joined Litsy 😂 2d
CBee @TheAromaofBooks me too 😂😂😂 2d
vivastory I hope you read Transcendent Kingdom. I actually shaved my beard for the first time in many many years in protest over it not winning the Women's Prize. If you scroll down a bit in the posts for TK, I posted about it 😂 (edited) 10h
CBee @vivastory I definitely plan to as it will help me finish the #booked2022 challenge! I loved Homegoing. That‘s pretty serious business if you shaved your longtime beard in protest 😂 2h
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Monday, Monday, #manicmonday!! Tag me, tag friends, have fun! #LetterQ #thiswashard
📚 Queen of Nothing
🖊️ Kirstin Valdez Quade, Anna Quindlen
🎥 ??? 📺 Quantum Leap
🎤 Queen, Q-Tip, QuestLove
🎵 Quiet (Smashing Pumpkins)

persephone1408 @CBee we have the same favorite Q book 2d
CBee @persephone1408 that whole series was amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2d
persephone1408 @CBee the best 2d
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Took a detour from the other book I was reading and started this one - I needed something a little less heavy 😅 I recommend this series to everyone! If you haven‘t read these, you should! 🤩🤩🤩

Dragon Totally agree 👍 great series 💚🐉 6d
AmyG I just started this on audio as my hold came in. Love this series. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family! 6d
CBee @AmyG I also discovered that there‘s a 4th one coming out next year 👏🏻👏🏻 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too 😘 6d
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Today was truly a manic Monday, so let‘s just call this #manicmondayonatuesday ?? Sorry about the late post!
? (A) Prayer for Owen Meany, (The) Prettiest Star
?️ Ann Patchett, Valérie Perrin
? Philadelphia ? Planet Earth
? Pearl Jam, Phoenix
? Plateau (Nirvana), Plume (Smashing Pumpkins), Paranoid Android (Radiohead)

AmyG I forgot all about it. 🤣 1w
CBee @AmyG so did I, obviously 😂😂🤪🤪 1w
TheBookHippie 😂😂😂😵‍💫same 1w
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CBee @TheBookHippie tomorrow will be better! Better be 🤪🤪🤪 1w
TheBookHippie @CBee OY VEY. 1w
CBee @TheBookHippie 😘😘😘 1w
vivastory Pearl Jam 🤘 1w
Cinfhen I went to bed last night wondering if I mixed up my days again 🤭😜Glad you‘re ok!!! And now I‘m off to post xxx 1w
CBee @vivastory always Pearl Jam ♥️♥️ 1w
CBee @Cinfhen ha! I totally did that yesterday 😂😂 1w
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The Five Wounds: A Novel | Kirstin Valdez Quade
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How can I describe this book? It is at its core a novel about redemption. The five wounds refer to those that Jesus suffered during his crucifixion and play a big part; at the beginning we see a broken man, who truly believes that his embodiment of Jesus during the procession, and even the taking of the nails, will “fix” his mediocre life. He doesn‘t want to do the work and expects something miraculous. What he discovers throughout the book ⬇️

CBee Cont‘d - is that, well, all you need is love. Jesus was love, and Jesus taught love. No grand gestures needed, no self-flagellation. Show those in your life that you love them, not only in words, but in actions. The culture in the book is fascinating - I‘ve read a lot about the penitentes and how important the five wounds are in religious culture. Lots to learn! (edited) 2w
CBee We also see the other characters coming into their own, taking responsibility, the child becomes the parent….. it just encompasses so much and I loved it. 2w
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CBee @AmyG you‘d love this one! 2w
AmyG Ooooo stacked! 2w
CBee This is also my #doublespin, @TheAromaofBooks 😊 2w
TheAromaofBooks Great review!!! 2w
Tamra Really intriguing! 2w
bibliothecarivs Sounds interesting. BTW, Franciscans are Catholic. 2w
CBee @bibliothecarivs thanks for clarifying that. 2w
CBee @TheAromaofBooks thank you! 2w
CBee @Tamra I highly recommend it!! 2w
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Tarot Card Killer | Greg Strandberg
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Hi friends! Thanks to those who‘ve completed books for November‘s prompt and tagged me! Please do remember to tag me and use the hashtag #TBRtarot, as there is a possible prize drawing in the future 😊 I do need to ask that if you‘d rather not participate ongoing, let me know and I will remove you from the tag list. Thanks friends ♥️😊

AmyG I am good. Loved reading Betty. Fabulous, yet sad, story. And I found a new favorite author in Tiffany McDaniel! 2w
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CBee @AmyG yes! I‘m so glad that book fit the prompt. And of course that you loved it as much as I did - I‘m reading a book right now that you‘d love too - I‘ll tag you in my review 2w
PageShifter I have choosed books for both prompts but... I have not yet read them. 🤣🤣🤣 2w
CBee @PageShifter ha, I understand! Just tag me when you do read them, it still counts! I‘ll keep you on the tag list 😊😊 2w
julieclair Please keep me on the tag list. I love choosing the book based on the monthly prompt. One of my reading goals for 2023 is to read more books I already own, and this is perfect for that. My book for this month, which I haven't read yet, is 2w
CBee @julieclair will do 😊 2w
RainyDayReading I‘d love to stay on the tag list! Somehow I missed November‘s announcement. I‘ll dig through my shelves and see what I can find! 2w
Ann_Reads I started to read the one and only book I own with a sticker on it and discovered a few pages in, that part of it is set during Christmas. Now I'm in a quandry as to whether I should save To School Through the Fields for my December holiday reading, etc. Hmmm, maybe I'll just keep going, as I have lots of other holiday books to read. 2w
candc320 If I can stay on the tag list that would be great! I haven‘t been able to physically read as much as I‘d like lately but I‘m really hoping to be able to participate soon! 2w
CBee @RainyDayReading hopefully it wasn‘t a tagging thing - I couldn‘t seem to get that to work the first time! 2w
CBee @Ann_Reads even if you read it next month, it still counts! 😊 2w
CBee @candc320 absolutely! Hope you‘ll be able to read more soon ♥️ 2w
Ann_Reads @CBee Thank you so much for letting me know. 😁 I thought the book had to be read during the month the prompt was drawn. So either way, November or December, I'll come back here and post when I complete 2w
Read4life I‘m still reading my book but will post review when I‘m done 🤓 2w
IndoorDame Can you take me off the tag list please? I‘m in a place where I need to cut back on challenges. 2w
CBee @Ann_Reads you‘re fine! It‘s no pressure, sort of like the #bookspin challenge - if you read the book anytime, it counts 😊 If you want to make a note that the book you read is for a certain month, that would help me keep track! Thanks for playing along with me ♥️ 2w
CBee @IndoorDame absolutely! 2w
Meshell1313 Halfway through my pick! Will post soon. I love this game- it ensures every month I‘m reading one book from my never ending TBR. Keep the cards coming! 🤗📖 2w
CBee @Meshell1313 I‘m so glad! I still haven‘t started mine but will tomorrow 😊 2w
Librariana Sis! I am almost done with my October pick 😳 and hope to start my November pick this week! I love #TBRtarot! Please don't erase my name from the tag list! 😭 1w
CBee @Librariana I won‘t! I knew you‘d started October and you tagged me for November. We‘re good 😊😊 1w
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Happy #manicmonday, friends! Tag me, tag friends, have FUN! #LetterO
📚 Once There Were Wolves, Olive Kitteridge, On the Come Up
🖊️ Nnedi Okorafor, Mary Oliver, George Orwell
🎥 Office Space 📺 (The) Octonauts (super cute kid‘s show)
🎤 Otis Redding, Oasis, Outkast
🎶 Ode to Divorce (Regina Spektor), Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish), One Day (Matisyahu), Only You (Yaz), Omaha (Counting Crows)

TheSpineView Thanks for the tag! 2w
Cinfhen First, I totally forgot today was even Monday and second….I LOVE the song by Matisyahu 🎶 All my life I've been waitin' for
I've been prayin' for
For the people to say
That we don't wanna fight no more
There'll be no more war
And our children will play
One day, one day🎶
(edited) 2w
CBee @Cinfhen YES!! I used to listen to it constantly and forgot about it until I was browsing through Spotify last night - and I‘m like HOW did I forget that song? 2w
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Cinfhen Thank GD for Spotify 🙏🏼 2w
CBee @Cinfhen not sure what we‘d do without it! 2w
vivastory Olive Kitteridge & Regina Spektor 👏🤘 (Have I told you about when I saw Spektor?) 2w
CBee @vivastory omg now I am CRAZY jealous - I adore her. I wish she would do a tour with Tori Amos, wouldn‘t that be incredible?? Sigh 😌 2w
vivastory That would be incredible! Earlier today I was listening to a Jane's Addiction song on the radio and they announced that they have been touring with the Smashing Pumpkins. I assume that they are the opening act, but that seems blasphemous somehow. 2w
CBee @vivastory whattttt?? That seems like a weird pairing too. Maybe just me 🤷‍♀️ but I never liked Jane‘s as much as the Pumpkins…. (edited) 2w
vivastory I love both of them. I was fortunate enough to see SP during their Mellon Collie tour. It was after their drummer had passed away. I remember that they rescheduled for several months later & played for close to 3 hours. I had never experienced anything like it at that point. 2w
CBee @vivastory sounds amazing 🤩 2w
fredamans Thanks for the tag! 2w
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Dispatches | Michael Herr
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Thanks to all who served and continued to serve ♥️ @TheBookHippie here‘s my dad. Coincidentally, his birthday was yesterday 💔 Tagged book is one he asked me to buy him (for Christmas I think) years ago. He‘d watch and read things about Vietnam, but would never talk about it.

AmyG Great photo. My step-father was in the Phillipines in WW II. NEVER EVER said one word about it. 3w
TheBookHippie My dad never says one word about it. He won‘t watch or read about it either. What a great photo. (((( hugs)))) to you. 3w
CBee @AmyG thank you! Yep, he ended up talking about it a little with my husband, so I‘m grateful for that. My grandpa fought in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. He was never the same 💔😕 3w
CBee @TheBookHippie hugs back ♥️ 3w
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I honestly have no idea what half of those proposed amendments meant 🫢😂 BUT, I voted! Now to *try* to ignore CNN blaring from the kitchen (silly hubby needs the play by play 😳). @monalyisha will also send you an e-mail now!

AmyG Hahahaha, I also need a play by play. I am a glutton for punishment. 3w
Susanita I‘ll sit here watching anything else as long as possible, then retire to the bedroom when hubby gets home and turns on the faux channel. 3w
CBee @AmyG ohhhhhh friend…. I admire it, but I just can‘t do it 😂😂 3w
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CBee @Susanita I feel that on a deep level 🙌🏻🙌🏻 3w
KathyWheeler I read somewhere that Alabama has the worst constitution, not just in the US, but in the world. I was confused about those amendments too. 3w
CBee @KathyWheeler I can‘t say that I‘m surprised. I‘m always partially confused by the amendments - it‘s always about half that I understand and half that I don‘t 🤷‍♀️ 3w
KathyWheeler @CBee Yeah. I just always pray that my vote means what I think it means with those. 3w
CBee @KathyWheeler same here 😊 3w
JenniferEgnor I think the way they‘re written is meant to confuse voters. 3w
CBee @JenniferEgnor I think that is definitely a possibility! 🤦‍♀️ 3w
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The Weight of Blood | Tiffany D. Jackson
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I‘ll be honest - I like Stephen King, but the only book of his I‘ve read is The Stand. I‘m a scaredy cat, mmmkay? But THIS BOOK! Y‘all. It‘s the homage to Carrie that we NEED in this day and time. Violent, sure, but not overly so and really not until the end (and ok, I was rooting for Maddy and those assholes got what they….you get my meaning). LOVED IT.
Only tiny complaint is I wanted a little more resolution at the end. Phew 😅

CBee @MatchlessMarie PERFECT choice for the swap, I flew through this one. So dang good. Thanks again 😘 3w
MatchlessMarie Confession: I‘ve never read any King novels only his On Writing Memoir and his short story collections *so far*. Glad it was a page turner for you! (edited) 3w
CBee @MatchlessMarie I‘ve just never wanted to read much horror, I can‘t watch scary movies either 😳😂 Have you read this? Can‘t recommend enough! 3w
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MatchlessMarie @CBee I haven‘t! But this was the second book by this author I saw wished for by other people this swap season. Will have to check her out! 3w
CBee @MatchlessMarie you should!! And if you‘re at all squeamish like me, it‘s not bad at all. 3w
Hooked_on_books Yes! I loved this one, too! 3w
CBee @Hooked_on_books I have this book hangover and have no idea what to read next 😂 3w
Hooked_on_books Yeah, that‘s the downside! 😆 3w
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What time is it? It‘s #manicmonday time!! Tag me, tag friends, have FUN! #LetterN
📚 Namesake, (The) Night Circus, Neverwhere
🖊️ Naomi Novik, Celeste Ng
🎥 Napoleon Dynamite 📺 (The) Nevers
🎤 Nirvana, (The) Notorious B.I.G
🎶 Northern Lights (DCFC), No Time to Die (Billie Eilish), Never Ending Story (Limahl), No Depression (Uncle Tupelo)

Cinfhen Woohoo!!! 3w
OriginalCyn620 Love No Time To Die! It‘s the second best Bond theme 🤣 3w
Larkken So many great Ns!! 3w
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wanderinglynn Thanks for the tag! 3w
AmyG I picked the same movie. 🤣 3w
RaeLovesToRead Oh yeah... it's Monday 🤔 3w
Eggs Thanks🥰 3w
CBee @OriginalCyn620 I‘d never heard it until recently and it‘s so good!! 3w
CBee @AmyG 👯‍♀️😘 3w
The_Penniless_Author @CBee Hey, your dog picture looks kind of like my cat picture! 🐶😺 3w
CBee @The_Penniless_Author I know, you‘re totally right! That‘s Izzy 😊 she‘ll be 15 next month! 3w
Librariana We picked the same 📺 show!! 😁😊🥰 3w
CBee @Librariana oh my gosh we did! I hope they do another season soon, I really loved it 😊 3w
fredamans Thanks for the tag!
LOVE Nirvana!! They would've been my choice but one other band beat them out as a fave. So close though.
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Unlikely Animals | Annie Hartnett
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I loved Annie‘s book, Rabbit Cake, and I loved Unlikely Animals even more! I didn‘t even think of it being historical fiction until I read her note at the end. Loved the parts that were narrated by the (dead) folks in the cemetery. Loved the cast of flawed and eccentric characters! Dysfunctional family fiction at its best with ALLL the animals. Super duper good and I want more ♥️😊

CBee @AmyG you‘ve read this, right? It‘s right up your alley. We are the dysfunctional family fiction twins, after all 😂😂 4w
Deblovestoread Loved this one so much it likely has a spot on my best of 2022 list. 4w
CBee @Deblovestoread I agree with you! Absolutely a favorite of the year. 4w
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jlhammar Yes! Such a wonderful, funny, heartwarming book. So glad you enjoyed it! 4w
CBee @jlhammar 😊😊 4w
AmyG Hahaha. I saw this and thought-another book I now need to read! Thank you! Stacked. 4w
CBee @AmyG yes, yes you do. You will love it! 4w
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Untitled | Unknown
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I lost both of my parents, in 2020 (Mom to COVID), and 2021 (Dad to cancer), respectively. Nothing prepared me for losing one parent, and I never expected to lose both in such a short amount of time.
My beloved Mom was my best friend - she was a teacher (and a great one), a singer (the most beautiful voice), and a devoted mother to me. I miss her voice and I miss the way she always made me feel like I was the most important person ⬇️

CBee In the world. My dad was a goofball - he always looked on the bright side of life. He and my mom were so different but perfectly matched ♥️ I‘m happy they‘re together again but wow, it‘s been pretty staggering. #thoughtfulthursday 4w
CBee Tagging anyone else who‘d like to share memories ♥️ 4w
Maria514626 I am so sorry! Sending you good thoughts and hugs. ❤️❤️❤️ My story echoes yours. 2020 was horrible. Some days I miss them so much it hurts. 4w
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Librarybelle ❤️❤️❤️ 4w
jlhammar Wow, that's a lot to endure in just a couple of years. So sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your lovely memories. Sounds like you had some wonderful parents. 4w
CBee @Maria514626 my heart goes out to you, truly. A day really doesn‘t go by when I don‘t think of them - this morning I got choked up twice because of things that reminded me of Mom. It just comes and goes. I am so sorry for your losses - if you‘d ever like to e-mail with me, I‘m available ♥️ 4w
Rissa1 ❤️❤️❤️ 4w
CBee @jlhammar thank you ♥️ they were the best. 4w
lele1432 Oh my goodness I‘m so sorry to hear this! As I get older and know that I‘ll lose more loved ones I‘ve been reading more books involving the navigation of grief. Your parents sound like they were very special! ❤️❤️❤️ 4w
LeeRHarry I‘m so sorry ❤️❤️❤️ 4w
Smrloomis 💗💗💗 4w
melissajayne I‘m so sorry 💔💔💔 4w
Reggie What a hard couple of years. I‘m so sorry. 4w
Eggs Thank you for the tag-I‘m so sorry for your loss of both your dear parents in such a short time❤️❤️❤️ 4w
sarah-bear I am so sorry. They sound like lovely people, and I‘m sure they are looking down on you with love💗 4w
CBee @lele1432 that‘s a good idea. I read one called Grief Therapy years ago that was helpful. It‘s still such a nonlinear process though - some days it‘s better, some days it hits me like a truck. 4w
CBee @Reggie thanks ♥️ 4w
CBee @Eggs thank you. They were so dear ♥️ 4w
CBee @sarah-bear I hope so ♥️ 4w
CBee @LeeRHarry @melissajayne thank you ♥️ 4w
DebbieGrillo Cydney, no one should have to lose both parents in such a short time period. My wish for you is that you are able to hold your grief lightly and your fond memories tightly. ❤️ 4w
CBee @DebbieGrillo thank you. It is lighter than it was, and I‘m much more able to remember the happier times and smile ♥️ 4w
Cinfhen Wow, this just broke me. I‘m really sorry for your losses but hopefully knowing your parents are together again offers you some comfort. 💕💕💕 4w
Librariana Oh, sweet Cydney 💜 I am wrapping my arms around you in a gentle hug complete with an extra squeeze. This... this is heartbreaking. I am so deeply sorry for the loss of both your parents, people who sound like phenomenal human beings. I am sorry you're feeling their absence. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing something so personal. May your joyful memories of them continue to be a blessing and a source of comfort to you ✨️ 4w
batsy I'm so sorry. That's a lot to go through in a short period of time, losing both parents 💔 Sharing your memories of them is the lovely tribute 💕 4w
TrishB 💔❤️ your love for them shines through and nothing can take that away. Losing your parents like that is so awful and you will always miss them. Sending love and hugs. 4w
Chelsea.Poole ♥️♥️ 4w
CBee @Cinfhen it does ♥️ 4w
CBee @Librariana thank you ♥️ normally I wouldn‘t share so much but Litsy has become such a safe place for me, because of people like you and so many others. I‘m feeling the support and love 💗 4w
CBee @batsy thank you ♥️ 4w
CBee @TrishB thank you ♥️ 4w
MaureenMc 💗💗💗 4w
Dragon Thanks for sharing 💚🐉 4w
DanaManiac That‘s a lot of loss to endure. They sound so wonderful and I‘m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing a little piece of them with us. 💜 4w
CBee @DanaManiac they were ♥️ thank you so much 😊 4w
vivastory I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost both of my parents. My father passed away last year. Its really hard to express how it feels. One of the best things you can do is help keep them alive by continuing to honor their memories as you are with posts like this 💔 💙 4w
CBee @vivastory I‘m sorry for your loss as well, Scott 😞 You‘re right - it really is so hard to explain how it feels. And grief is such a roller coaster. I‘m finally able now to think more about the happy memories than the sad ones, which I‘m grateful for ♥️ (edited) 4w
Mitch Today I raise a glass to your family. And most importantly to your bravery. You‘re beautiful and a daughter they were both very very proud of xxx 4w
CBee @Mitch thank you ♥️♥️♥️ 4w
TheBookHippie My word. I am so sorry. Grief is difficult to explain. It‘s like riding waves, and sometimes it just smacks you on shore hard. Sending love. 3w
CBee @TheBookHippie thank you ♥️♥️♥️ 3w
DivineDiana I am so sorry. May your beautiful memories comfort you. ❤️❤️❤️ 3w
CBee @DivineDiana thank you ♥️ 3w
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BookSpinBingo | Untitled
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Happy #bookspin day! Here are my picks for November 😊 @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Enjoy!!! 4w
MatchlessMarie I‘m trying to finish Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow this month too. Finally got it back from library purgatory 😅 4w
CBee @MatchlessMarie are you liking it so far? 4w
MatchlessMarie @CBee I‘m about 65% in and I am liking it. It‘s a book I probably wouldn‘t normally have picked up but I got sucked in by the cover and title 😍🌊 3w
CBee @MatchlessMarie it gets a lot of love and the cover is ♥️♥️ 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Damnation Spring was my October favorite, then between it and When Women Were Dragons, the dragons won out! #readingbracket @chasjjlee

BookSpinBingo | Untitled
post image

Here‘s my (ever changing) list! #bookspin #doublespin #TBRtarot @TheAromaofBooks

Librariana My list might need to change too, sis ? I saw the TBRtarot prompt this morning ? and ya gurl might have to get creative cause the *first* thing I do is take off those horrendous shop stickers and BOGO labels! ? Maybe I can count those atrocious, "Book Club Pick" monstrosities that they are now so fond of PRINTING on the jackets?? 1mo
CBee @Librariana I usually do too, but Thriftbooks is a sneaky sneak because I inevitably forget their stickers are on the spine! You can totally use something with a “printed” sticker 😊 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Lots of good ones!! 1mo
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TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 1mo
BarbaraBB Have you already drawn an tarot card for November? 1mo
CBee @BarbaraBB I did! I tagged you 😊 Hopefully it worked - I‘m still a little funky with this tagging thing so let me know if it didn‘t. 1mo
Allylu Great books on this list! 4w
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Tarot Card Killer | Greg Strandberg
post image

Friends! It‘s #TBRtarot time again! Hubby chose the card this time 😊
This could be a toughie - “choose a book….that still has the shop sticker on the front.” I‘m going to make a couple of tweaks to this one because we all know stickers could be anywhere on a book, SO if the sticker is also on the spine (a la Thrift Books), the front (i.e., a Target 30% off sticker), OR on the back (like a BN or BAM price sticker maybe), it can be a pick! ⬇️

CBee I haven‘t chosen mine yet but will post when I do. Last heads up - there might be a prize drawing at some point 👏🏻 so make sure to tag me and use the hashtag when you post! If you want to be added or removed from the tag list, let me know. Have fun! (edited) 1mo
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AmyG This was an easy one. My book is Betty. I am going to post a picture as it‘s covered in horrible stickers (I got it used). 1mo
tdrosebud I should have plenty of options for this. I'll take a look when I get home 1mo
TheKidUpstairs Ooh, interesting... 1mo
candc320 Yay!! I‘ll look through my stack and find one! 1mo
PathfinderNicole Ooooh I have plenty that I keep forgetting to peel the Thriftbooks sticker off the spine so this should be a good one! 1mo
CBee @PathfinderNicole same! I‘ve already found four contenders, all with Thriftbooks stickers 😂 1mo
MoonWitch94 Ohhhh fun! 1mo
CBee @Liz_M thank you! I always forget to tag the events page 🤦‍♀️ 1mo
jenniferw88 Can we use ex-library books? My choice still has it's 'genre' sticker on! 1mo
CBee @jenniferw88 absolutely! I was going to suggest that actually. Those are perfect! 1mo
RaeLovesToRead Haha, do I get extra points for having bought the book maaaaaany years ago? So many years ago that it has become one with the cover and any attempts to remove it are likely to be disastrous?? 😅😅 1mo
CBee @RaeLovesToRead ha! I know this pain 😂😂 1mo
Deblovestoread Please tag me going forward 😊 1mo
CBee @Deblovestoread I was just looking for you on my list, I don‘t know how I missed you - it‘s very possible I accidentally deleted something 🤦‍♀️ All set now! 1mo
batsy I believe I might have more than a few, if I can find them 😂 1mo
CBee @batsy just look for the stickers 😂😂 1mo
Meshell1313 Love this and love the idea of a prize!!! 📚❤️ I‘m going to search through my stack for this months read with a sticker on it! Will update soon! 1mo
CBee @Meshell1313 looking forward to seeing your pick 😊 1mo
CBee @BarbaraBB tagging you again just in case 🤞🏻 1mo
BarbaraBB It didn‘t work the first time, no idea why, but I found you anyway 🧡 and I have my book ready! (edited) 1mo
CBee @BarbaraBB thanks for letting me know! I‘m going to try and tweak it to make sure everyone is tagged! 1mo
Ann_Reads @CBee Could you please add me to your tag list? 🙂🍁❄
I have several Thriftbook choices, as I recall being annoyed because the stickers wouldn't come off.
(edited) 1mo
BookwormAHN My book will be New Orleans Ghosts 2, it's an exlibrary book and still has its catalog number on it 👻 1mo
CBee @Ann_Reads yes, absolutely! 😊😊 1mo
CBee @BookwormAHN that works! Yay! 1mo
Bklover I was tagged but didn‘t get this for some reason! I‘ll start looking now! (I really liked last month‘s The Stroke of Winter!) 4w
CBee @Bklover ugh, so sorry! I even went back and tried to fix it. I‘m glad you checked my page! Glad you‘re enjoying it 😊 4w
Bklover Picked my book- The House on the Strand. Thank goodness for ThriftBooks! 4w
batsy I've got my pick! Has been on my shelf for years, sticker on the front, and works for #NonfictionNovember 🙂 4w
CBee @Bklover hooray! Yep, mine will be a Thriftbooks pick too 👍🏻 4w
CBee @batsy awesome! It‘s great when a book works for more than one challenge 😊 4w
MatchlessMarie This sounds like a great excuse to head to the bookstore if I can‘t find one 😆 4w
CBee @MatchlessMarie I‘m happy to give you an excuse to go to a bookstore 😊😊 4w
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Happy #manicmonday and Halloween 🎃 Tag me, tag friends, have fun 👻 #LetterM
📚 Migrations, (A) Man Called Ove, (The) Mercies
🖊️ Charlotte McConaghy, Tiffany McDaniel, John Marrs
🎥 Maleficent 📺 Mildred Pierce
🎤 Marvin Gaye, Mumford & Sons, Mutemath, Missy Elliott
🎶 Meet Me in The Woods (Lord Huron), Mama Werewolf (Brandi Carlile), Mouthful of Cavities (Blind Melon), Mrs. Potter‘s Lullaby (Counting Crows), Masters of War (Bob Dylan)

AmyG Hey, when do you pick a tarot card for this month‘s book? 1mo
CBee @AmyG tomorrow 😊 1mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for the tag! 💚 1mo
See All 16 Comments
Leftcoastzen Masters of War 👏 1mo
AmyG Thanks. I am trying not to start a new book. 🤣 1mo
CBee @Leftcoastzen ♥️ People talk about the “GOAT” but Bob Dylan is serious the goat when it comes to lyrics! 1mo
CBee @AmyG ha! I already did. Maybe it‘ll miraculously fit! 😂😂 1mo
jlhammar I still need to read Migrations. Maybe in 2023! I really enjoyed Once There Were Wolves. 1mo
Leftcoastzen @CBee indeed! 1mo
CBee @jlhammar YES! You absolutely do! A favorite of all time for me I think ♥️ 1mo
Cinfhen Yay!!!! It‘s #ManicMonday 1mo
CBee @Cinfhen I was excited because I got to do a Halloween theme 🎃🎃🎃 1mo
Cinfhen I 🧡it 👻 1mo
fredamans Thanks for the tag! 1mo
Librariana Fabulous, fabulous job on the thematic imagery, sis! 😁 And we didn't have a whole lotta similarities this time around, but having Mumford & Sons 🥰 more than makes up for it! 1mo
CBee @Librariana thanks, sis! I was stoked to get to use all the cool Halloween backgrounds and colors on Pic Collage 🎃🎃🎃 Mumford and Sons - they make up for anything don‘t they 😍😍😍 1mo
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Happy Halloween! | Melissa Lagonegro
post image

Eek! Love this package! Thank you, Amanda! I‘ve only read one McManus book and have been wanting to read more! Cannot WAIT to read the Tiffany Jackson 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Yummy chocolates, pretzels, lip balm, and the card is perfect! Happy Halloween 🎃 👻 #allhallowsreadswap #ahrs @MatchlessMarie @MaleficentBookDragon

MatchlessMarie Happy reading!! 👻📚🖤 1mo
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Daisy Darker | Alice Feeney
post image

This was the PERFECT spooky Halloween read. Different from the other books I‘ve read by her, but with the same twists she‘s known for! I was FLOORED by the twist at the end, didn‘t see it coming at all.
She also dedicated this book to her dog and that makes me love her even more ♥️
This was my #bookspin, @TheAromaofBooks (just in time!)

67 likes2 stack adds2 comments
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Happy #manicmonday!! Anyone can play 😊
Tag me, tag friends, have FUN! #LetterL
📚 (A) Little Life, Lore Olympus, Lessons in Chemistry, (The) Last Days of Ptolemy Grey
🖊️ Anne Lamott, John Lewis, Wally Lamb
🎥 Labyrinth 📺 Loki
🎤 Lemonheads, Led Zeppelin, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Lorde
🎵 Lake of Fire (Nirvana), Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons), (A) Long December (Counting Crows), Little Bird (Annie Lennox)

Cinfhen Ohhhhh, thanks!!! I almost forgot today is #ManicMonday 1mo
RaeLovesToRead Labyrinth 🍆🙌🏻 1mo
vivastory Lake of Fire🤘 1mo
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CBee @vivastory I‘ll never not love that song - so much of that unplugged album is just gold. 1mo
vivastory @CBee 💯 It's one of the best live albums of all time. I love how many songs are covers. 1mo
CBee @vivastory yes! And when I first heard it, the covers they did were a bit obscure, at least to me, so broadened my horizons a bit ♥️ 1mo
vivastory Yeah I remember going to my music store looking for cds by Meat Puppets & Lead Belly. 1mo
fredamans Thanks for the tag! 1mo
Leniverse This whole week has been too manic for manic Monday. I'll catch up today. 🤪😅 1mo
CBee @Leniverse ha! No worries! Hope the weekend is less manic 😊 1mo
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I adore Lucy and her outlook on life. I remember LOVING Olive K, and didn‘t love this quite as much - BUT I know these are two very different characters and I can‘t really compare them. Anyway, I‘ll continue the series for sure - very much invested in Lucy now ♥️

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A Man Called Ove: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
post image

Y‘ALL!!!! How did I not KNOW about this?!? One of my favorite books, one of my favorite actors - I am so excited about this. Watch the trailer, it looks so great ♥️♥️♥️

lele1432 Ohhh perfect casting!! 1mo
CBee @lele1432 he could play any character, I swear. I adore him 😊 1mo
peanutnine Ahh yay! This looks so good! 1mo
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CBee @peanutnine seriously can‘t wait! 1mo
Sargar114 Crap this has been on my shelf since last Christmas…I better get cracking! 1mo
CBee @Sargar114 yes, you must! It‘s an amazing book ♥️ 1mo
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Damnation Spring | Ash Davidson
post image

And with that, my #TBRtarot choice is done! @AmyG (my book twin), you were absolutely right that I would love this. I admit being lost with all of the logging terms, and incensed at the disgusting behavior by some of the logging crew - BUT at the heart is a wonderfully researched story about the effect that herbicides had on water sources, human life, and how it tore communities apart (I admit I would‘ve sided with the “long hairs” ☮️). ⬇️

CBee Also at the heart is the story of a family, each of whom I ADORED. I cried at the end - this book really isn‘t for the weary, it‘s heartbreaking. But worth it. 1mo
Soubhiville I really loved this one too. 💔 1mo
Leftcoastzen I need to get to this one. 1mo
See All 7 Comments
CBee @Leftcoastzen I hope you do, it‘s really such a powerful book! 1mo
CBee @Soubhiville so much heartbreak 💔 1mo
AmyG I am so glad tou enjoyed it! 👊🏻🎉 1mo
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Halloweenies | David Wisniewski
post image

Amanda, I got this in the mail today! Can‘t wait to open 😊 #allhallowsreadswap @MaleficentBookDragon @MatchlessMarie 🍁🎃🍁🎃

MatchlessMarie Yayyy 🖤🦇🧡 1mo
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Tarot Card Killer | Greg Strandberg
post image

Hi friends! I‘m halfway through Damnation Spring, my #TBRtarot pick. Just thought I‘d do a quick check in and see how things are going (no pressure ☺️). Kudos to those who finished their books already or are about to start! Thanks for playing with me 😊♥️

tdrosebud Lol, I don't even know what I'm going to read yet. I think what I have on my shelf were all winter and I'm not ready for that yet 😅 1mo
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MoonWitch94 I loved my pick this month 🖤 It was fantastic & perfect for the prompt! 1mo
LeeRHarry I‘m too stuck into my witchy reads this month but if something later in the month works that will be perfect 😊 1mo
candc320 I haven‘t picked one yet 😬!! I need to figure out a book I have that fits 🤔 1mo
CBee @tdrosebud no worries! Can always wait and see what I pick for November 😊 1mo
CBee @LeeRHarry totally! And if not, November is almost here! 1mo
CBee @MoonWitch94 yay! I remember thinking it looked like a good one 😊 1mo
CBee @candc320 that‘s okay! November is coming fast so who knows what card I‘ll pick! 1mo
batsy I haven't started 🙈 But I will soon! I hope 😂 1mo
julieclair I have decided to hold off on mine (tagged) until November. My new #LMPBC group is doing a Winter theme - Winter in the title, or set in Winter. So it will be perfect! Last I checked, there were still openings in the group, if anyone wants to join us. Check out @suvata ‘s post for details. 😀❄️ 1mo
BarbaraBB I am in the midst of my Fall-read and glad I finally picked it up! 1mo
CBee @julieclair sounds great 😊 1mo
CBee @batsy no worries 😊😊 1mo
CBee @BarbaraBB hooray! 1mo
Read4life I really enjoyed mine. I‘m listening to the series and it‘s so good. 💙🤓 My book was 1mo
BookwormAHN I haven't started mine yet 👻 1mo
CBee @Read4life hooray! 1mo
CBee @BookwormAHN no worries 😁 1mo
CBee @AmyG I know and I can‘t wait to read that one….. someday 😂😂😂 1mo
Allylu I'm planning to read this one: Fall for Murder by Kathleen Suzette. Haven't started it yet though. 1mo
Meshell1313 Just picked up my choice! Will def finish before the month is up! Love this! 1mo
CBee @Meshell1313 awesome 👏🏻 1mo
Bklover Currently reading my choice, which is 1mo
CBee @Bklover great! 😊 1mo
Meshell1313 @CBee Also I already can‘t wait to see what next month‘s Tarot card will be! 1mo
CBee @Meshell1313 me too!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
Allylu @Cbee I finished Fall for Murder by Kathleen Suzette on 10/31/22! So, November TBRTarot? No pressure. 😊 1mo
CBee @Allylu just posted it! 😊 1mo
Allylu Yay! 1mo
Deblovestoread Finished this one but it was a bit of a slog for me, at least it is of my TBR 1mo
CBee @Deblovestoread hooray! 1mo
Ann_Reads My choice was The Autumn House by Alison May (nonfiction). 1mo
CBee @Ann_Reads hooray! 1mo
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I woke up with a fever so not quite on my A game today 🤦‍♀️ But here y‘all go! #LetterK #manicmonday
📚 (The) Kite Runner, (The) Kingdom of Back
🖊️ Barbara Kingsolver, TJ Klune
🎥 The King‘s Speech 📺 The Killing
🎤 Keane, Kendrick Lamar, The Killers
🎵 Knives Out (Radiohead), King of Carrot Flowers (Neutral Milk Hotel)

Librariana Sis! ☺️ So delighted to see your responses 😊 (because of course we're gonna have some of the samesies!) but very sad to hear you woke up feverish 😔 I'm sorry you're not feeling your best and hope you get some much needed rest to recuperate 💜 1mo
RaeLovesToRead The Killers are my absolute FAVOURITES!!! 🥰🥰🥰 1mo
Ann_Reads Hope you feel better soon! 1mo
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CBee @Librariana I plan to rest as much as possible today! No idea where this fever came from 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ 1mo
CBee @RaeLovesToRead thanks to you and a few other folks, I‘ve rediscovered them ♥️ 1mo
CBee @Ann_Reads thank you much ♥️ 1mo
The_Penniless_Author Big shout out for the Neutral Milk Hotel mention 🤩 1mo
vivastory I hope you recover quickly! 1mo
CBee @The_Penniless_Author 🙌🏻🙌🏻 1mo
CBee @vivastory thanks Scott 😊 1mo
AmyG Feel better! 1mo
Deblovestoread Hope you are on the mend soon. 1mo
CBee @AmyG I‘m feeling better now 😊 1mo
CBee @Deblovestoread thank you, I am a bit better now! Had a good long nap. 1mo
AmyG Ah, glad to hear you are feeling better. 😘 1mo
CBee @AmyG me too! 😊 1mo
eeclayton Anything by Radiohead ❤️ 1mo
CBee @eeclayton 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I hope you‘re feeling better!!! ❤️‍🩹 1mo
CBee @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks much! Thank you 😊 1mo
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Cozy Halloween: Cozy Mystery Boxed Set | Addison Moore, Bellamy Bloom
post image

Mailing my #allhallowsreadswap tomorrow 😊😊 @MaleficentBookDragon 🎃🎃🎃

Rewind | Catherine Ryan Howard
post image

WOW this was an incredible thriller! I liked it more than 56 Days and absolutely must read all of her books now. Multiple POVs are becoming a huge favorite, especially when they come together so perfectly. Who else loves this one? @Megabooks @vivastory ? 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Oh yeah, this was my #doublespin 🙂🙂🙂 @TheAromaofBooks

Megabooks Scott and I both had this on our #NYWD lists this year! I need to read the rest of her backlist because I have really enjoyed what I‘ve read so far. 2mo
CBee @Megabooks awesome! I grabbed another - The Liar‘s Girl - when it was on sale for Kindle. I wish she‘d put all of them on Kindle Unlimited 🤷‍♀️ 2mo
vivastory I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I also really liked 2mo
CBee @vivastory have heard good things about that one too! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2mo
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It‘s #manicmonday! Tag me, tag friends, have fun! #LetterJ
? (The) Joy Luck Club, Jabberwocky (not a book, but I love the poem), Just Kids
?️ Lisa Jewell, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Marrs
? Jurassic Park, Juno ? Jeopardy!
? John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Jack White, Vance Joy
? Jolene (Dolly Parton), Joga (Björk), Jack-Ass (Beck), Jacksonville Skyline (Whiskeytown)

TheSpineView Thanks for the tag! 2mo
vivastory At one point I had memorized Jabberwocky. I read this one years ago & remember chuckling a few times while reading it 2mo
CBee @vivastory it‘s such a cool weird poem. My precious (ancient) Latin teacher would recite it in class, and the other kids would laugh but I secretly loved it (and her 😊). 2mo
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vivastory That's wonderful! I have recently returned to incorporating poetry into my reading life after not reading very much of it for several years & it has really revitalized it. 2mo
CBee @vivastory I used to read it a lot more, I (kinda) used to write it? I always forget how much I love poetry 😊 (edited) 2mo
fredamans Thanks for the reminder, I did look yesterday but it must have been right before you posted. 😊 2mo
CBee @fredamans no problem! I posted later than usual yesterday 🤦‍♀️ 2mo
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I'm Glad My Mom Died | Jennette McCurdy
post image

So much to unpack and not much space to do it! Wow, so this was FULL of trauma, abusive situations, a million triggers and cringey moments. That being said, how can I not applaud JM for writing this? She is brutally honest, shockingly frank, and has gotten to the point in her journey where she can find humor in the trauma. It‘s hard to say I enjoyed this because it was TOUGH to listen to. I also had issues with how fast she talks/reads. ⬇️

CBee Overall though, it‘s a pick and I just admire her like crazy. Kudos to anyone who can go through what she did and do the HARD work of getting to the other side ♥️ 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Just for you, @AmyG 😘😂

AmyG 🙌🏻❤️ 2mo
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We Were Liars | E Lockhart
post image

That twist was shocking! I thought I knew and very quickly realized I had no idea. Wow. Good read! This was my September #doublespin too 😊 just a little late 😂 @TheAromaofBooks

Librariana I thoroughly enjoyed this one too, sis, and did not see the end coming either! I picked up the prequel 2mo
CBee @Librariana if it‘s got more twists like this one, I‘m down 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
bookaholic1 I so loved this book 2mo
See All 7 Comments
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2mo
CBee @bookaholic1 it was great! 2mo
AvidReader25 The twist shocked me too! 1mo
CBee @AvidReader25 total jaw dropping moment!! 1mo
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First #manicmonday of October! Tag me, tag friends, have fun! #LetterI
📚 (The) Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, (The) Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
🖊️ Washington Irving (yay Sleepy Hollow), John Irving
🎥 Inception, Independence Day 📺 (The) Incredible Hulk
🎤 Indigo Girls, Imogen Heap, Iron & Wine
🎼 In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel), Illusions (Cypress Hill), If I Ever Feel Better (Phoenix), I Will Wait (Mumford & Sons)

CBee Also - Into the Great Wide Open (Tom Petty) 😊 2mo
RaeLovesToRead I'll get onto it once I'm back home! 😁😁 2mo
CBee @RaeLovesToRead no rush 😊♥️ 2mo
See All 11 Comments
La_Cori I will wait 💟 love that song!!! 2mo
CBee @La_Cori yes! I love Mumford and Sons so much ♥️ 2mo
vivastory 💙Sleepy Hollow. I was lucky enough to see Neutral MIlk Hotel during their reunion tour. It was great! 2mo
CBee @vivastory oh wow!! That‘s incredible!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
ozma.of.oz Thanks for the tag! 🧡 2mo
Librariana I started reading Addie LaRue and had made decent progress on it... and I know this is gonna sound crazy... but I was loving it so much, that I started to get anxiety about the direction it was headed in and worried that it would break my heart... so I stopped 😳 I know! I know!I'm bananas. 2mo
Librariana Also, LOVE me some Mumford & Sons!! 🥰🥰 2mo
CBee @Librariana I felt the same, but it actually took a different direction than I expected and it broke my heart a tiny bit but not in a million pieces….. so, I don‘t know if that helps but it wasn‘t absolutely traumatic 😂🤷‍♀️ 2mo
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I see why this gets lots of love, but can also understand why it‘s a little frustrating 😂 Personally, I was fine with the ending - I really thought it was kind of perfect. I saw mentions of a sequel, but I don‘t really think there is much more of a story to tell - unless it focuses more on Henry maybe? Anyway, great read ♥️

NikkiM5 I‘m in the “loved the ending” group. But I understand the stress it could cause 🤣 2mo
CBee @NikkiM5 definitely! I really thought it ended where it needed to end - it didn‘t feel like a cliffhanger at all 🤷‍♀️ 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Yay #bookspin and #doublespin! @TheAromaofBooks I started the #TBRtarot challenge and have almost 40 folks to tag - as I was doing it I was already thinking of ways to not have to tag everyone every time 😂 I applaud you for your patient tagging skills 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Good luck with your spins!! For tagging, I've made a Word document with everyone that I need to tag, and I actually have everyone divided into comment-sized paragraphs so I can just copy/paste each batch of names every month. However, when I tag that many people in one comment, Litsy takes its sweet time deciding whether or not the comment should post 😂 2mo
CBee @TheAromaofBooks I‘ve got a note on my phone so I think I‘ll try the copy paste thing again. Litsy can definitely be weird about taking its time when you tag a bunch of people 😂😂 2mo
TheAromaofBooks It's true - I used to be able to fill the comment box as full as I could, but then Litsy decided it didn't like that and wouldn't post my comment. I seem to be able to get about 2/3 full now and stay in the “green“ zone 😂 But it still takes a hot minute with things flashing and contemplating before it posts!!! 2mo
CBee @TheAromaofBooks ha! Temperamental Litsy 😂😂😂 2mo
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When Women Were Dragons | Kelly Barnhill
post image

September favorite read! #readingbracket @chasjjlee

Untitled | Unknown
post image

It‘s October 1, which means the first round of #TBRtarot! I shuffled the cards, fanned them out, and had my kiddo pick one. He got nervous because he thought it was also his job to pick the book 😂
**The card for this month is: choose a book which has a season in the title!** So, fall/autumn, winter, spring, summer 😊 My choice (it‘s on my #bookspin list, score): Damnation SPRING! Please tag me and use the hashtag when you post your review ⬇️

CBee Doesn‘t necessarily have to be season related! “Fall” can mean different things, so can “spring” - you get my meaning. Have fun!! 😊😊😊 (edited) 2mo
CBee Am trying to figure out the best tagging system - would everyone be okay with me only tagging in the original post? I‘ll keep thinking on it 🤔 2mo
Allylu Hmmmm… 2mo
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MatchlessMarie Oooh I think I‘m going to use this prompt to finally read Wintering. That counts right 😂 (edited) 2mo
CBee @MatchlessMarie absolutely counts!! 2mo
CBee Tagging my book choice: 2mo
CBee If I forgot anyone in the tag list, let me know! 2mo
AmyG That‘s a wonderful book! 2mo
CBee @AmyG you gave it to me 😘 2mo
candc320 Ohhh gonna think on this one a bit and come up with something good! 2mo
AmyG 🤣I know! 2mo
CBee @AmyG ooo I want to read that! 2mo
CBee @BooksNBowls want me to tag you in future posts? That‘s a perfect choice! 2mo
MoonWitch94 Ohhhh good one! Excellent choice! 🍁🍂 2mo
BooksNBowls @CBee yes most definitely! This is fun! 😁 2mo
CBee @candc320 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
CBee @BooksNBowls awesome, will do 😊😊 2mo
CBee @MoonWitch94 😊😊 2mo
batsy Oh, nice! Will have a think about which one I'll go with 🙂 2mo
sprainedbrain I think I‘ll do Billy Summers… or is that cheating? 😂 2mo
Deblovestoread Seems like a good time to finally read 2mo
CBee @sprainedbrain that‘s fine with me 😊😊 2mo
CBee @Deblovestoread perfect timing! 🍁 2mo
BarbaraBB Nice! I‘ll get back to you with my choice! 2mo
CBee @batsy @BarbaraBB looking forward to seeing your choices 😊 2mo
Amandajoy I need to see what I have on my shelves 🤓 2mo
Meshell1313 I‘m loving this already!! Can‘t wait to get reading some of my TBR pile. Thanks so much! My choice is 2mo
CBee @Meshell1313 a Nutcracker retelling!! Sounds fantastic! 2mo
CBee @Amandajoy have fun!! 😊😊😊 2mo
CBee @MidnightBookGirl here you go 😊 2mo
RaeLovesToRead Luckily I just bought "Autumn" by Ali Smith ?? 2mo
CBee @RaeLovesToRead perfect! @Deblovestoread is reading that one too 🍁🍁🍁 2mo
RainyDayReading This sounds like a lot of fun! 2mo
CBee @RainyDayReading want me to add you to my tag list? 2mo
BookwormAHN My pick will be A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons. 2mo
RainyDayReading @CBee Yes please! 2mo
CBee @BookwormAHN sounds like a spooky one 👻 2mo
Bklover I think it‘s going to be Winter World by AG Riddle or if that doesn‘t work out then Wolf Winter. 2mo
TheKidUpstairs I'm also thinking Damnation Spring! Or else 2mo
CBee @Bklover I‘m sensing a winter theme 😂😊 2mo
CBee @TheKidUpstairs I‘ve been meaning to read it for months! 2mo
Bklover Yes, and I was going to go for Autumn🍂 2mo
CBee @Bklover you have a month, so plenty of time to change your mind 🍁🍁 2mo
RainyDayReading @CBee Thank you!! 😁 2mo
BarbaraBB It‘s a bit of a cheat but I‘m going for 2mo
batsy Found what I needed on my shelf :) 2mo
Allylu I found this one: 2mo
CBee @BarbaraBB that‘s not a cheat 😊 2mo
CBee @batsy yay! 2mo
CBee @jenniferw88 sounds fantastic! 2mo
CBee @Allylu perfect! 2mo
julieclair I'm going with 2mo
CBee @julieclair fab choice!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
kspenmoll I am going to try 2mo
CBee @kspenmoll that‘s a popular one! 2mo
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post image

I don‘t know why it took me so long to read this. It‘s wonderful though I‘m nervous the ending might be sad….. guess we‘ll see 😬

Allylu I'm reading this, too!! 2mo
CBee @Allylu I‘m really enjoying it! 2mo
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I‘m sticking with reading both of my “spin” books and that‘s my plan for next month as well! #bookspin #doublespin @TheAromaofBooks

Librariana This one looks like a fabulous pick for October and I also have it on my TBR! 😁 Curious if it might fit the #TBRtarot prompt. Hhmmm... 🤔 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2mo
CBee @Librariana oooo I hope so! Excited to see what that first card is 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
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Monday, you say? Not just any Monday, but #manicmonday 👏🏻👏🏻 Tag me, tag friends, have fun! #LetterH

📚 Harry Potter series, Homegoing, (The) House in the Cerulean Sea, Homefire
🖊️ Holly Black, Jane Harper, Colleen Hoover
🎥 Heathers 📺 Homeland
🎤 Heart, Hole, Hozier, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams
🎼 Hummer (Smashing Pumpkins), Hide and Seek (Imogen Heap), Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley), Honey Pie (Beatles)

CBee @Reggie want to play? I‘d love to see your choices 😊 But no pressure ♥️ 2mo
Allylu So many choices!!! 2mo
vivastory Great answers 👏 Love Homegoing 2mo
CBee @vivastory thanks! Yep, Homegoing will always be a favorite ♥️ 2mo
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@BookBosomed1 😍😍😍😍😍 I am in love with this package! So many books! The seeds to help save the bees! The book sleeve with my Litsy username embroidered on it! The gnome, I adore gnomes! The candle is amazing. I just love EVERYTHING and thank you so very much. My day is made ♥️♥️♥️ #fffs #fallingforfallswap @Avanders

CBee There is also this amazing blanket, bookmarks (can never have too many), the cup is fab! Thank you thank you, Lindsey. ♥️ @BookBosomed1 2mo
Avanders 🍁🍂♥️🫶🏽 2mo
BookBosomed1 Yea! So glad you liked it. I had big plans to wrap everything in Fall themed paper, but Covid had other ideas. I‘m just grateful it got to you in time! 2mo
CBee @BookBosomed1 someone said to me today that these are the ongoing days of Covid and we just have to roll with it - she‘s right! No worries at all about the wrapping! I adore everything ♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
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Posting again about the Spotify playlist! I update it constantly - check it out!


vivastory 👏👏I was looking at it yesterday. Thanks for doing this! 2mo
sarah-bear So good!🤩 2mo
batsy Nice! 🎶💜 2mo
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I am both frustrated and in awe. This was EXCELLENT. Without giving too much away, let‘s just say that the bad guy doesn‘t get what he deserves. Might be the first book I‘ve read where that happens. It‘s atmospheric, beautifully written, and honestly quite spooky. Just a general sense of unease but in the best way (if that‘s possible). @Megabooks WOW I loved this!!

AmyG I just got this book. I hve heard such great things. 2mo
BarbaraBB Ah yes, such a good read! I think you‘ll enjoy it too @AmyG 2mo
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CBee @AmyG I think you‘ll like it! 😘 2mo
lele1432 I‘m waiting to read this during the winter months. I‘ve had my copy for years! 2mo
Megabooks So glad you loved this too!!!! 2mo
CBee @lele1432 oooo, it‘s a perfect choice for winter!! Hope you enjoy it. 2mo
CBee @Megabooks yes! I‘m finding that I really love books where the climate/weather could almost be its own character. And a ghost story to boot! So good. (edited) 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2mo
Librariana I love me an atmospheric read! I knew ZERO about this book, but am intrigued by both its synopsis here AND your review 👏🧐 2mo
CBee @Librariana oh girl. It‘s super atmospheric. Really a perfect book for this time of year, even better in winter I think. Hope you like! 2mo
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Hey, my people! Monday is here and y‘all know what that means 😊 Tag me, tag friends, have fun! #manicmonday #LetterG
📚 Good Girl‘s Guide to Murder series, The Giver, Girl Interrupted
🖊️ John Green, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Gorman
🎥 Grease, Guardians of the Galaxy 📺 Game of Thrones
🎤 George Michael, Peter Gabriel, The Go-Go‘s
🎼 Get it Together (Beastie Boys), The Ghost in You (Psychedelic Furs), Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac)

CBee Can y‘all tell I‘m ready for fall? 🍁 🎃 2mo
Chrissyreadit Love all your choices!!! 2mo
CBee @Chrissyreadit thank you! For some reason I struggled a bit more with this one 🤷‍♀️ 2mo
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Cazxxx @CBee I‘m more than ready for some nice chilly Autumn weather! 🍂 2mo
Librariana Yay @CBee! 🍁🍂🙌 ⬅️ Autumnal high five! (High ten??) As always, love your choices and will def have a few in common 😁😊 2mo
CBee @Cazxxx me too! I‘m so tired of the Alabama heat 🥵 2mo
CBee @Librariana hey, sister from another mister! High tens right back to you 🥰🥰 2mo
vivastory Fantastic choices, as always! Beastie Boys 👏🤘 2mo
CBee @vivastory thank you! 😊 2mo
AmyG So many great G choices all over the board! 2mo
Read4life Love your picks. Great choices. Thanks for the tag. 2mo
CBee @Read4life thank you! 2mo
Deblovestoread George MIchael🙌 2mo
CBee @Deblovestoread I loved him so much as a kid, he was amazing ♥️♥️ 2mo
maxfolsom How do I do that? 2mo
CBee @maxfolsom you don‘t have to, I just tagged some of my newer followers. But, if you do want to, take a screenshot of it and make a new post (blurb) with your choices. You can search the #manicmonday hashtag too for help 😊 2mo
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It‘s here, @BookBosomed1 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Hope all is better in your household? ♥️♥️♥️ #fffs #fallingforfallswap @Avanders

BookBosomed1 Yea! The other package should arrive in the next couple of days. 3mo
CBee @BookBosomed1 I‘ll let you know when it does 😊♥️ 3mo
CBee @BookBosomed1 hey! The 2nd package arrived yesterday! 🍁 2mo
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BookBosomed1 @CBee Yea! The second package contains the books. The first package contains the gifts. I miscalculated the size of the first box I chose. 😬 2mo
CBee @BookBosomed1 ha! It happens 🙂 Hope everyone is better at your house! 2mo
Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽🍁🍂🎃♥️ 2mo
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I‘ve read SO many great books so far this year: All the Light We Cannot See, The Change, Lessons in Chemistry, The Seed Keeper, The Mercies, Under the Whispering Door, Remarkably Bright Creatures, Fresh Water for Flowers, Hamnet, Burial Rites, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena.
#littenswanttoknow @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Lots of great ones! 📚😊 3mo
SilversReviews I will have to look at all of them. There‘s so many it‘s difficult to choose. 3mo
CBee @SilversReviews it will be very difficult to pick my absolute favorite, but I‘ve a feeling it will be Fresh Water for Flowers (Valèrie Perrin)! 3mo
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SilversReviews @CBee 😀😀😀 3mo
maxfolsom Loved All the Light We Cannot See. You would probably like The Baker's Secret by Stephen Kierns too. 3mo
CBee @maxfolsom thanks for the rec! And welcome to Litsy 😊 2mo
maxfolsom Having a hard time figuring out how to do stuff on here so getting of to a slow start. the Baker‘s Secret was a great read. 2mo
CBee @maxfolsom check out @Chrissyreadit - she has a Google doc in her profile description that gives you tons of tips! Also, some folks to follow: @LitsyEvents @suvata @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @MoonWitch94 @sprainedbrain @Cinfhen @Megabooks @Andrew65 @julesG @Eggs @RaeLovesToRead 😀 2mo
maxfolsom Thanks so much! 2mo
Megabooks Thanks for the tag @CBee ! Welcome to litsy @maxfolsom ! 2mo
julesG @maxfolsom Welcome to Litsy! 2mo
Eggs Thanks for tag! @CBee 2mo
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Time to play, friends! Tag me, tag others, have fun! 😊 #LetterF #manicmonday
📚 Fresh Water for Flowers, Fable, Fellowship of the Ring
🖊 Fredrik Backman, William Faulkner (for my mom)
🎥 Fantasia, Forrest Gump 📺 Fraggle Rock
🎤 Florence and the Machine, Fleetwood Mac, Freddie Mercury, Aretha Franklin
🎼 Fast Slow Disco (St. Vincent), Fallingwater (Maggie Rogers), Fell in Love With a Girl (White Stripes), Fidelity (Regina Spektor)

CBee @vivastory you have me in a Regina Spektor rabbit hole. Have you listened to her newest album? It‘s so good!! 3mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for the tag! 3mo
RaeLovesToRead Yay! Monday F time!!!! 😁😁 3mo
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RaeLovesToRead P.S. you can go your own waaaaaaaaaay (go your own wa-aaa-aaaay) 🎶 3mo
CBee @RaeLovesToRead you can call it anoooooother lonely day-ay 🎶 🎵 (I‘ve been doing these lyrics wrong all this time 😂) (edited) 3mo
Cinfhen Thanks for thinking of me 💜 3mo
AmyG A highlight of Monday! 3mo
Librariana Yay Manic Monday! 🥰 3mo
The_Penniless_Author Thanks for the tag! 3mo
Deblovestoread Thanks for the tag! 3mo
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