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Those who rose together to begin the culture change that is #MeToo have fought the good fight - I‘m so proud of them. They could not have done it with united fists alone. It took the investigative journalistic intestinal fortitude of Jodi Kantor, her peers, and her investigative competitors (thank you Rowan) to provide the gloves for the knockout. Everyone should read this book.

Theaelizabet Such a good book. I‘m going to read Farrow‘s soon. 1w
marleed @Theaelizabet Mine was a library loan. But I decided last year to purchase one full price book a quarter from my local indie bookstore in order to support them. My thought - would I donate $100 a year to keep a local bookstore open. Yes, I would. So with that in mind my 4 books are really free ;). And if I purchase this book it‘s double free in support or investigative journalism! 1w
Theaelizabet @marleed That‘s such a great idea and a perfect bit of reasoning. I threw a lot of support to our local bookstore, but now it‘s an Arthur Murray Dance Studio. 1w
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This finally came off my hold shelf on Libby!

3 minutes in, and I‘m already crying. 😢 This will not be an easy read for me, but it is such an important book. #metoo


4thhouseontheleft Question: The audio mentions a pdf of endnotes available to 🎧 listeners, anyone know how to access that on Libby? 2w
marleed I‘ve been waiting for my copy to drop. It looks like my NFNov will extend well into December! 2w
Clwojick I pt. 2w
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The Best American Food Writing 2019 | Samin Nosrat, Silvia Killingsworth
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I enjoyed this very much. There is a wide array of topics: sugar‘s horrible history, to a couple of known and unknown foodie rockstars, to billionaire farmers and the impact they have, to Kit Kat‘s in Japan and how popular they are, to what it means to a girl who grew up in the system and what it means now that accessibility to food is under attack, to Utah what the demonumentization of lands might mean for them, and the equally great and 👇🏼

Reggie horrible ( there is a story about eggs I could have done without in here. I know why it‘s in here but still.) memories food can conjure. This book was great. 3w
Megabooks Sold! 3w
xxjenadanxx Ooh this sounds intriguing! 3w
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Eggs Sounds like a great read-hmmm eggs 🥚 🍳 are one of my fave foods 3w
Dolly Sounds good. I hope the egg story doesn‘t make me even more squeamish about eggs I have chickens and way too many eggs right now 3w
Reggie @Megabooks It won‘t let you down. 3w
Reggie @xxjenadanxx It was!!! Just be prepared to be hungry!! 3w
Reggie @Eggs @Dolly it‘s not so much squeamish as it as a persons bad memory of what the egg represents and just one more thing women go through. But seriously, the rest of the essays are great, thought provoking, and will make you want to cook and eat. 3w
Centique I‘ve been wanting to read these collections since Jenny @ReadingEnvy talked about them. Sounds so good! 3w
ReadingEnvy I'm hoping to tackle this over one of the sets of holidays! 3w
Reggie @Centique @ReadingEnvy they were more political than I was expecting but such is the world we‘re living in, and it doesn‘t make them any less powerful. 3w
ReadingEnvy @Reggie last year's were too, #metoo and more ... Makes sense to me! 2w
vivastory Reggie L, book pusher extraoirdinare. Stacked, obvs!! 2w
vivastory *Sidenote the best American series are almost always on sale on Kindle on black friday-cyber Monday 2w
charl08 My sister brought green tea kitkats home from Japan. 🤔 2w
Reggie @charl08 it‘s a real neat essay, it‘s called ‘Big in Japan,‘ and it‘s all about the different kinds of Kit Kat‘s there are and how there are chefs who come up with very interesting flavors and how they all become collectibles. It was very interesting and made me hungry for a Kit Kat!!! 2w
Reggie @vivastory thank you for the side note because I‘ll be on the lookout for them. 2w
Sace Well this is getting stacked 😁 2w
Suet624 If you‘d asked me, I would have looked at the title of this book and said, “Nope. Not for me.” But of course you have just nudged me to stack it. 2w
Maria514626 Thanks, @Reggie This sounds like a great read. Off to the library site to put it on reserve! P.S. Thank goodness for interlibrary loan. 👍 (edited) 2w
Reggie @Sace it‘s pretty good. Hope you like it. @Suet624 and a wink wink, you‘ll like it, Sue. There was a good mix of fun and very serious essays in here. 2w
Reggie @Maria514626 I made beans con chorizo because one of the essays was about how amazing beans were and it just reminded me of growing up with my grandma. 2w
Maria514626 @Reggie I love how books carry that type of magic. 🤗 2w
Suet624 @Reggie Sold. 2w
kspenmoll Sounds fascinating. A must read! 1w
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A fascinating and in-depth look at the NYT‘s breaking of the Harvey Weinstein/ #metoo story. It also discusses the way this story supported further progress in this movement and the way this experiment affected the women Harvey preyed on.

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Great collection of actual diverse experiences regarding #metoo.

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Foul Is Fair: A Novel | Hannah Capin
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A dark but hilarious mash-up of Macbeth and Heathers. Revenge porn for the #MeToo era. #netgalley

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As with most anthologies this one had some wonderful “hits” and a few “misses” for me, but overall I think this is a pretty good snapshot of that particular moment in time, and includes a range of responses very similar to those found online during the social media deluge of women telling their truth loudly and clearly all at the same time.

#Booked2019 #WithASocialMediaFocus #MeToo

Also #NFNov

rsteve388 6 pts 4w
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A gripping must-read book that can‘t provide me with pithy “who knew?” Or “fun fact!” Litsy comments to gain me points for #NFNov. Because it it stellar reporting on the crap nearly every woman has dealt with in life, in school, on jobs. It‘s not new news, just well reported confirmation of what many of us have endured. @rsteve388 @Clwojick

SamAnne And yes, I wanted a glass of wine after a 2 hour listen. I‘m listening to this right after finishing Ronan Farrow‘s Catch and Kill. The books are so complementary. I like that She Said makes the point that as bad as these actresses had it, less privileged women working menial jobs have it much worse. And while many women have been inspired by the #metoo movement, many women are still in no-win situations and have little recourse. (edited) 1mo
Hooked_on_books Sounds very validating 1mo
SamAnne And gosh, I love middle-age. Now I can grab a beer or cocktail at a bar--with my book!!!. I'm not in my 20s, 30s anymore and I'm not getting hit up. Except by other bibliophiles LOL. AM always up for a conversation about books and literature though! 1mo
Clwojick stacked. 1mo
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Next up. Hope I can finish before it‘s due back at the library! #nfnovember #metoo

TheBookAddict 🤞🏽 hope you make it! 1mo
Clwojick 1 pt. 1mo
Samplergal @TheBookAddict Made it with two days to spare! 1mo
TheBookAddict 🙌🏽 🥳 1mo
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Whisper Network: A Novel | Chandler Baker
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Sooooo many moments in Chandler Baker's Whisper Network made me sit up and huff a laugh in painful recognition. This book is, on its surface, a mystery and a suspense novel, but it's also a book about women. Much of it is about women in corporate culture, but it's also just about women: the ways that we think we're enlightened and progressive and living in a new world AND the ways that sometimes those things just aren't true. ⬇️

UnabridgedPod It's a feminist book and a true book and a #metoo book.
The suspenseful parts of the novel are solid if not revelatory. There were a few places where the book dragged a bit--I felt as if some sections could have moved faster. But the keen, observing eye of the novel, which comes packaged in a first-person-plural perspective (love it!), is brilliant, and the women at its center are compelling and flawed.
UnabridgedPod The book focuses on Sloane, Ardie, and Grace, three friends at a firm with different approaches to making it. Sloane is the always-put-together, on-the-fast-track mom/wife who is social and extroverted and sometimes oblivious (sometimes willfully so) but also caring and bold. Ardie is the recently divorced mom who has "opted out" of the high expectations for appearance and fashion, ⬇️ 1mo
UnabridgedPod t he brilliant lawyer who is an introvert but also fiercely loyal to her friends. And Grace is the new mom who is struggling with sleeplessness and the need to maintain her beauty-pageant appearance, while she's also pumping and trying to maintain her marriage. Into their midst comes Katherine, a young lawyer who seems to be susceptible to the predation of Ames, a man who plays a role in the lives of each woman. ⬇️ 1mo
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UnabridgedPod When Sloane, Ardie, and Grace band together to try to protect Katherine, they end up taking on a culture that has in the past remained a silent but obvious threat.⠀

There's a lot going on here: a secret and anonymous spreadsheet of men that women should avoid; a subplot about Sloane's daughter being bullied at school (I LOOOOVE this one), ⬇️
UnabridgedPod a cleaning lady at the office who becomes increasingly important, and complicated family dynamics for each woman that play into her decisions. It's not a perfect novel, but it is one that made me think. A lot. 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Great review! We are reading this one in 2020 for our #BotmBuddyRead 1mo
UnabridgedPod @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It will be fabulous for discussion!! 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @UnabridgedPod awesome!! I‘m looking forward to it!! 1mo
Hooked_on_books I loved this book! I felt so seen. 1mo
UnabridgedPod @Hooked_on_books Yes! That‘s the perfect way to say it 1mo
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