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The first tragedy I ever read. 😭

ElizaMarie This one hit me so hard! I can still remember balling in class when we read this! 9h
dabbe @ElizaMarie #metoo! 4th grade reading right after lunch (to supposedly calm us down). The teacher cried so hard she had to leave the room to compose herself! 🤩 4h
Eggs Well played! 2m
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I loved this memoir from a supermodel and #metoo activist. Cameron charts her career from her discovery onward delving into physical and sexual boundaries both big and small crossed by photographers, stylists, and agents. They frequently treated her and other models as objects rather than teens and young adults. Her deep intelligence was rarely acknowledged either. One of my favorite #metoo memoirs so far!

Chelsea.Poole Adding to the list! Also that clematis 🤩 3d
Megabooks @Chelsea.Poole great! Thanks, this was a prior Mother‘s Day present, and I just love it. It blooms earlier every year! (edited) 2d
fredthemoose What @Chelsea.Poole said. Great review, and look at that clematis!! 2d
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TheSpineView Love Tom Petty. Saw him in concert about 25 years ago. He was awesome!🎶💜🎵 3d
lil1inblue Yes! 3d
dabbe @TheSpineView He sure was! 💜🧡💜 3d
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dabbe @lil1inblue 💜🧡💜 3d
Eggs 🩵🎶RIP 3d
dabbe @Eggs 💜🧡💜 3d
Leftcoastzen Love this song. 3d
dabbe @Leftcoastzen #metoo! 🤩🤗😀 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love this one! 3d
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#TLT #ThreeListThursday @dabbe

1. Vivien Leigh. Favorite movie: THAT HAMILTON WOMAN. Olivier and she are magnificent together. 🤩
2. Nicole Kidman. Favorite movie: a toss-up between DEAD CALM and THE OTHERS. 😱
3. Lauren Bacall. Favorite movie: THE BIG SLEEP, but my favorite line is from TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT: “You know how to whistle, don't you Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.“ 😀
Play and tag 3? @AmyG @TheBookHippie @bthegood

ImperfectCJ I love The Others! 4d
AmyG I was going to pick Vivian Leigh. 4d
dabbe @ImperfectCJ 🤩🤗😀 4d
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dabbe @AmyG You can still pick her! Another thing we have in common! #greatminds 🤩🤗😘 4d
Leftcoastzen That Hamilton Woman is so good! 4d
slategreyskies I was so pleased with myself for being the person who introduced my husband to that movie and that iconic line. Come to think of it, we watched that film again not too long ago. I love it! 4d
dabbe @Leftcoastzen Yes! Love them together, too! 🤩🤗😀 4d
dabbe @slategreyskies Those two were magic together. My husband and I rewatch the two I mentioned and KEY LARGO all the time. 🤩🤗😀 4d
Dragon Key Largo is my favourite performance ❤️🐉 4d
slategreyskies Agreed! They‘re probably my favorite on screen pairing. 🥰 @dabbe (edited) 4d
slategreyskies @dragon it‘s so good! 4d
Dragon 👍❤️🐉 4d
Texreader Vivien Leigh 🩷 4d
dabbe @Dragon 🤩🤗😀 3d
dabbe @slategreyskies 🤩🤗😀 3d
dabbe @Texreader 🤩🤗😘 3d
IMASLOWREADER love nicole kidman 3d
dabbe @IMASLOWREADER #metoo I'm so happy she's with Keith and not the other guy. 🤩😂🤩 3d
Dragon Thanks @slategreyskies still one of my favourite hurricane/storm movies 🍿 💚🐉 2d
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Ah, the early 80's. 💚🩷💚

Susanita Lost in love and I don‘t know much… 3w
Bklover I‘m all out of love, I‘m so lost without you, I know you were right, believing for so long🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶 3w
dabbe @Susanita ... Was I thinking aloud and fell out of touch?
But I'm back on my feet and eager to be what you wanted. 🎶
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dabbe @Bklover I'm all out of love, what am I without you?
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong. 🎵
Bklover Played my favorite side of this album over and over. And over. A looong time ago! 3w
Eggs Classic 80s 😍 3w
Aimeesue Oh dear, the ear worm I have now! 😂 3w
dabbe @Eggs 💚🩷💚 3w
dabbe @Aimeesue Sorry about that! 🤩😂😘 3w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love these oldies 💿 3w
SpellboundReader School bus radio nostalgia. 🎶 Here I am, the one that you love. Asking for another day. 🎵 3w
UwannaPublishme I‘ll be humming this one all day now! 😆🎶 3w
dabbe @BeeCurious Understand the one that you love /
Loves you in so many ways ... 🎶 #nostalgieindeedy! 🤩😂🤗
dabbe @UwannaPublishme Same here! 🤩😂🤗 2w
SpellboundReader If only they'd turned my school lessons into lyrics set to late 70s and 80s music. I'd probably have a much better recall of history, social science, etc. 🤓 😬 2w
dabbe @BeeCurious Lordy ain't that the truth! 🤩😂🤗 2w
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Rebeca / Rebecca | Daphne Du Maurier
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Here we go, April! 💚🩷💚

Mollyanna Rebecca is one of my favorites! 3w
willaful @Mollyanna We're doing a buddy read of it for April, if you want to join. 3w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Enjoy!! 3w
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dabbe @TheAromaofBooks Thanks for hosting us! 💚🩷💚 3w
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I‘ve listened to this book while driving or when I couldn‘t sleep and enjoyed the short stories of two women who work as editors for daily talkshows. There‘s a lot to do at the moment about the atmosphere behind the scenes of those productions, think #metoo, sexism, long hours, unfair employment contracts etc. The authors write about their experiences with wit and humor. Without getting sarcastic they nail the subject.

CarolynM Sound interesting. And another lovely photo😍 3w
BarbaraBB @CarolynM Thank you 😊 3w
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squirrelbrain Great review! 3w
Ruthiella I like a good look at something like this that I know little about! 3w
Aimeesue What a gorgeous pic! 3w
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#TLT @dabbe

I love rereading, so this could be a very long list, but the first 3 that come to mind are:

Northanger Abbey
Little Women

dabbe 1: #metoo! 2: one JA I haven't read; now on the TBR. 3: #metoo! Yeah, ask this tomorrow, and we'd have 3 different ones, right? 😂 Thanks for sharing. 💚💙💚 4w
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1. My complete PEANUTS collection; I reread them every summer. They make me happy. 😃
2. JANE EYRE. Always. 💚
3. THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. Surprise, surprise. #sherlocked

I'm symbolically tagging EVERYONE who reads this in the hopes that you'll play and share. I am compiling a list that I will also share with everyone soon. NOBODY has better recommendations than Littens! 🤩

Deblovestoread Jane 💜 Every time I read it I catch something new. 4w
IndoorDame Yes to all of these, but especially #2!!! 4w
dabbe @Deblovestoread #metoo! It just has everything: the moors of England, the time period, the Gothic-ness, the crazy lady in the attic, the tortured Byronic hero/villain ... 🤩 4w
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dabbe @IndoorDame YES! Yours were awesome, too! 🤩 4w
Leftcoastzen Yay, Peanuts! 4w
dabbe @Leftcoastzen Of all the Charlie Brown's in the world, he's our Charlie Brownest! 🤩😘😃 4w
batsy Yes to the Hound! 4w
batsy Also Jane Eyre!!! 4w
tpixie Peanuts!!! it‘s great you have the whole collection!! I still have a few of the comic strip books from childhood, but I never had the whole collection!! 4w
dabbe @batsy 🤩😘😃 3w
dabbe @batsy 🤩😘😃 3w
dabbe @tpixie Fantagraphics published every single comic in sequential order starting in 2015. Each book contains 2 years in the strip. I started collecting them in 2015 until I had them all. 🤩😘😃 3w
tpixie @dabbe that‘s fun!!! 3w
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