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This is free today to buy and on KU.

#neverforget #neveragain

Andrew65 This book shouldn‘t even be needed 😢 but at the same time a must read. (edited) 1d
Insightsintobooks @Andrew65 I agree completely. 1d
Texreader So sad this is needed. Thanks for the heads up about it. I just “bought” it for free. 1d
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Insightsintobooks @Texreader you're welcome. 1d
TrishB Just got it too. I had a few moments of horror reading some of the reviews. If you ever thought the book wasn‘t needed, read some of the reviews. (edited) 1d
Insightsintobooks @TrishB oh no. I know it's needed. I've experienced deniers personally. It's horrible. 1d
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@Insightsintobooks True:
Sons and soldiers
Life in a Jar
One Step Ahead
Story of Irena Sendler
Irenas Children
Remember Us
Hiding in Plain Sight
anything by Louis Zamperini
War and Genocide
Last Jew of Treblinka
Nuremberg Trials

Insightsintobooks Thank you! 2d
Insightsintobooks I haven't read a lot of these. I feel so undereducated myself. I'm adding basically all of these to my TBR. 2d
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@Insightsintobooks : These are HF
Librarian of Auschwitz
The Paris Architect
The Upstairs Rrom
The Journey Back
The Huntress
Prisoner B-3087
Girl in the Blue Coat
The Bakers Daughter
The Bakers Secret
The Zookeepers Wife
Number the Stars
The Boy on the Wooden Box
Orphan Train
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
My Brothers Secret
When We Were Brothers

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It's on sale. I was a bit upset because I don't have the 3.99 for it (Tight budget this year, not much expendable income.... and I don't get paid until tomorrow), but lucky me I'd already gotten it. I knew it sounded familiar!!! 😃😅

#neverforget #neveragain

#kindledeal #kindledeals #ebooksale

Cinfhen This one sounds really good 4d
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I'm rereading the tagged book. It's heartbreaking. I have no words. There are many alive today who believe it is "Jewish propaganda" something I've been told to my face and that I'm a "lying murderous jew". We can #neverforget and we must teach our children. This can never happen again. (I know I've been posting about the holocaust lately sorry if it upsets anyone my experiance hit me hard and It impacted me greatly)


AprilMae I had a crazy intense argument in high school with a kid 3 or so grades older than me about that same thing. His parents or something basically told him that it never happened. I got so, so, so angry with him. So the people who lost family were lying? So the people who have those tattoos and the terrible scars were lying? So Germany and Poland have these giant random buildings and sites set aside BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED????? 4d
Chrissyreadit It should hit hard- and should be taught and discussed - sometimes I think we did not learn a damn thing. 4d
Insightsintobooks @AprilMae wow, I'm suprised he didn't learn at least something about it in High school. I heard more schools are making holocaust education mandatory which I believe is a good thing. 4d
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AprilMae I couldn't believe that this guy, who had to take the same history class as I would the following year, which was a huge in depth look at the Holocaust and the war, didn't believe it. After all the stories, the videos and the haunting photographs, he just didn't get it. 4d
AprilMae The following year I had the opportunity to visit Dachau on a trip to Germany. It was an (for lack of a better term) amazing yet terrifying sight to see. In the 2-3 hours we were there is would end up crying numerous times. I honestly think that if these non-believers who think it never happened had to go to one of the camps, saw the crematorium, saw the massive pile of shoes from the victims, still there! Maybe they would understand. 4d
AprilMae @Insightsintobooks my school did a great job on teaching it. And maybe I'm just a history nerd who soaks up all the history, but I think that class was one of the more well liked classes (not because of subject matter but because of how it was taught). I fully support a well taught Holocaust class be mandatory for all students. 4d
AprilMae (Also, sorry to take over your comments @Insightsintobooks !!! But I too, am passionate about people knowing about this) 4d
Insightsintobooks @AprilMae I agree, and one would only hope. 4d
Insightsintobooks @AprilMae it's okay. I understand. 4d
Insightsintobooks @Chrissyreadit I agree that sometimes it feels that way. 4d
nichollinlove In high school I hosted two girls from Germany and the very first night here they apologized with tears in their eyes for the Holocaust. At 15, I was beside myself, something that seemed like a lifetime ago to me was something these girls still felt the burden and shame of. That experience helped open my eyes and my heart more than anything I learned in a textbook at school. 4d
nichollinlove Also, I just started reading Tattoist of Auschwitz and 50 pages in, my heart is just breaking. It's hard to understand how this could happen. How men/soldiers could be so blindly cruel. I can't imagine how dense you would have to be to choose to believe this didn't happen. It's disrespectful and shameful as a thought alone. 4d
Insightsintobooks @nichollinlove I agree it is a shameful thought. 4d
Lifeisasnap I met a 20ish gal the other day that denied it ever happened & that all the historians were making it up because we are a war loving nation. I almost slapped her face! My grand uncle was liberated from Auschwitz-Birkenau & yet never returned to his family. My poor Oma didn‘t know her brother had been liberated when she died at the age of 92. My uncle found out after they went to the camp & saw his name in the book. It was a blessing & traumatic. 4d
Lifeisasnap Have you read Cilka‘s Journey yet? I found it more hopeful and yet even more heartbreaking. If you haven‘t read it I recommend it. 4d
Insightsintobooks @Lifeisasnap I'm so sorry. And yes I have read Cilka's Journey. 4d
Ddzmini 😨😰😰😰 4d
AnneCecilie That quote really is food for thought. I‘ve visited Auschwitz a while back and then the immensity of it all hit me. Rows and rows and rows of chimneys, as far as the eye can see. When I left, I was in tears 4d
Gaylagal2 Have you seen Prosecuting Evil on Netflix? The man is a hero for what he did and his perseverance to prosecute natzis👊🤙 4d
Insightsintobooks @Gaylagal2 no, I haven't. I actually don't have Netflix. 4d
Insightsintobooks @AnneCecilie I agree about the quote. I can only imagine what visting Auschwitz was like, I've never been, but maybe one day. 4d
CarolynM I've met someone who was with the first British troops into Belsen-Belsen. I suppose he was lying too😡 4d
Cinfhen Such a powerful quote! I recently read this book and I was astonished by new “material” I wasn‘t aware of. Really heartbreaking. 4d
Insightsintobooks @Cinfhen it is. Have you read Cilkas Journey yet? 3d
Cinfhen Not yet, it‘s high up on my #WishList 3d
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Historical fiction on the Holocaust.

I'd also recommend Cilkas Journey the sequel to Tattooist of Auschwitz.

#neverforget #neveragain

Kaylamburson I just bought Tattooist on a Kindle Daily Deal earlier this week! 5d
Insightsintobooks @Kaylamburson it's very moving. 5d
Kaylamburson I can't wait to read it! 5d
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Thank you @ljuliel for promoting an #EmotionalRead, I read this book at University; I was heartbroken at the evil and cruelty man can commit. There were many times I had to put the book down to absorb and think about what I had read. I think it is important to read these hard content books, so that we never forget what has happened and to learn lessons for the future. #KeepLitsyActive

Crazeedi I havent read this, but I think I need to. Thanks for sharing. #neverforget 5d
ljuliel Thank you for posting. I haven‘t read this either but I can imagine it must have been a really difficult read. 5d
jb72 Those books are always so difficult to read. Have you read ? 5d
veritysalter @jb72 no, but it‘s on my TBR. @Crazeedi Make sure you‘re in a strong place mentally before you start - it‘s a comprehensive account of the atrocities committed. @ljuliel Thank you for giving us such a good prompt. 5d
Crazeedi @veritysalter I have read other books that have made me cry from this time, but thank you for the reminder, it will have to be when I'm in a good place I know. Going to the holocaust memorial in DC was the same experience 5d
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Velvetfur Sounds powerful 👍 5d
Readswithcoffee Thanks! 5d
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Tattooist of Auschwitz | Heather Morris
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I wasn‘t sure if I wanted to read another Holocaust book but I‘m so glad I finally picked up this one. Lale‘s story was absolutely remarkable and miraculous. Luck may have a lot to do with who survived but wits and bravery are equally needed. This book offered new information I wasn‘t aware of and though many claim enhancements were made, I chose to believe that Lale recalled events the best to his own personal knowledge. #NeverForget #NeverAgain

Cinfhen I recommend @Reviewsbylola and I listened on audio via #Hoopla and I couldn‘t stop!! I thought the narration added so much to the story. #GetTissues 😭😭😭😭😭 2w
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#RedRoseSeptember I‘m always in awe and complete admiration when a survivor of any unspeakable horror is able to acknowledge that despite the trauma and hell they‘ve been through, they still see the hope and beauty that exists in this world. A reminder to each of us, every day is a blessing 🙏🏻#WonderfulLife The Choice is still on my TBR and I‘ve read Viktor Frankl‘s powerful manifesto. #NeverAgain #NeverForget

TrishB Lovely post ♥️ 2mo
Cinfhen @TrishB My guests are leaving this morning for a few days. They‘ll be back Thursday😆but today I‘m reading the book you sent me.... 2mo
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Megabooks ❤️❤️ 2mo
TrishB He is certainly one of those people you are talking about 💕 2mo
Cinfhen So I‘ll make sure to have tissues handy @TrishB 2mo
Cinfhen ❣️❣️❣️❣️ @erzascarletbookgasm @Megabooks I was being sort of “difficult” the other day, complaining to hubs about how much “work” it is to prepare for company and then I thought, how lucky am I that I‘m able to offer food and shelter to friends and I get to spend quality time with them. It‘s all about attitude readjustment. I went from being resentful to grateful and it made such a difference. 2mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I‘ve definitely been pulling a lot of breathing in “bad thing” breathing out gratitude for all I have to fix what‘s wrong in my life. Other people definitely have it worse! 2mo
Cinfhen @Megabooks perspective is vital ♥️sending you positive vibes xx 2mo
Dragonfairykats @Megabooks Never think your problems are "less" than someone else's! All of our situations are unique, and what we're going through is as important as the next person. Your pain is big to you, and, because all our situations are different, cannot be compared to others' pain. I've had to learn that God can handle everyone's problems & none are less or more important than another. The way we react to our issues definitely influences how we feel. ⬇️ 2mo
Dragonfairykats Sending love and happiness to those in need! 💗 2mo
Cinfhen Agreed @Dragonfairykats well said xx 2mo
Megabooks @Dragonfairykats Definitely well said! I am grateful for the advantages I do have, but you‘re right that my problems are real. Thank you for the love! 2mo
gradcat Oh, my heart—I love the Frankl book! Nice post! ♥️♥️ 2mo
Cinfhen @gradcat 😘😘 2mo
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